ComiXology initiates 26 week creator information harvest

by Jeff

ComiXology-Logo-Dark-Grey ComiXology initiates 26 week creator information harvestMedia Release — ComiXology, the revolutionary digital comics platform with over 75 million comic and graphic novel downloads to date, continues their digital charge with a virtual “call” to all professional comic creators everywhere! This weekend at the 13th annual Baltimore Comic Con comiXology is launching a twenty-six week initiative to gather creator photos and info to complete the comiXology database of nearly 6,000 professional comic creators whose work is featured on the platform.

During each of the next twenty-six weeks, comiXology will focus on creators with last names that start with each letter in the alphabet — with week one starting with letter “A” and ending with the letter “Z”

Professional comic creators with books on the comiXology platform are invited to submit their pictures and biographies to comiXology by first contacting comiXology through comiXology’s twitter account here: Once verified, creators will be provided with an email address to submit their information to be used on the comiXology platform.

“Providing the best consumer experience possible is the core part of our mission to bring comics to everyone,” said comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger. “Creators are the lifeblood of the comic industry and having the most complete info about creators will create a fuller experience for our customers. In twenty-six weeks we plan to cover everyone from Aaron to Zuzelo.”

ComiXology was most recently in the news during the week of Comic-Con International, when they announced the launch of their all-new Windows 8 reader, followed by unveiling the addition of three new publishers to the comiXology platform — ABRAMS, Bongo and Fantagraphics Books. ComiXology and Bongo also launched the Simpsons Comics iOS app that week.

About comiXology
Founded in 2007with the mission of bringing comics to people everywhere, comiXology — in just five short years — has revolutionized the comic book and graphic novel world. From creating the industry leading platform for digital comics to tools and services for brick and mortar retailers, comiXology has lead the charge in exposing new audiences to the rich history and culture of comic books. With the development of the Comics by comiXology digital comics platform — available across iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and the Web— comiXology provides the easiest way worldwide for people to enjoy comics at just the click of a button! Regularly ranking as the top grossing iPad app in the entire iTunes App Store, Comics by comiXology was recently selected as a preloaded app on Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Providing digital comics across multiple platforms, comiXology will not stop until everyone on the face of the earth has been turned into a comic book fan.

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