Comicsfix releases Animated Panel Editor for publishers and readers

by Jeff

1e2e56f1-89ef-4707-98d3-6c7cb04cbdd4 Comicsfix releases Animated Panel Editor for publishers and readersMedia Release — Comicsfix is happy to announce a new and exciting feature: Animated Panel Editor. It is a set of tools which allows publishers and readers who want to participate to quickly and easily tap-and-drag to create animated panels for books on the Comicsfix iPad app.

The tool is very simple and intuitive. Panel creation is as easy as tapping the screen and dragging your finger to create simple rectangles around the artwork. As cool and as innovative as this is, the tool does not stop there.

Each panel can be enhanced with features such as timing and special effects. By using the time editor, panels can be set to scroll automatically at a custom pace. Each panel can also be assigned a visual effect such as shaking and turning to black and white. These are the features available today, but many more are coming: fading to black, lightning, vibration, blur and even sound effects such as gun fire, explosions, heavy breathing and of course helicopter. Special effects and animation can be turned on an off by the reader.

Hundreds of publishers who have submitted their books to Comicsfix will now be able to add an unprecedented level of experience to them. Also, Comicsfix readers who want to take part in this creative process can make their own panels and share them with their friends and the entire Comicsfix community. The Comicsfix team imagines that it will be a real hit among kids and adults alike.

Currently, the Animated Panel Editor is available in beta on iPad 2 or newer. As time goes on, more features are being added.

For a full tutorial on how to use this tool, please watch the below video. This video includes all you’ll need to know to use the Editor.

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