Comics Gems from Hakes’ January 17th Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

011723A-1024x536 Comics Gems from Hakes' January 17th AuctionIt’s a new year, and that can mean one thing: new auctions from Hake’s! They’re kicking off 2023 with a banger of an auction, featuring comics, political memorabilia, video games, and toys. On January 17th, their first comic auction of the year is set to end, and there are some hidden gems in this auction. Here’s my pick of books you should keep your eyes on.

Aquaman #29

image-38-192x300 Comics Gems from Hakes' January 17th Auction

Aquaman is one of the strongest heroes in the DC Universe — plus, he can talk to fish. But not everyone is wowed by Aquaman’s abilities. Ocean Master, also known as Orm Marius, is the half-brother of Aquaman. Yet, unlike his heroic brother, Orm possesses no superhero abilities. This leads Orm to be jealous and leads him into a life of crime. Post-Crisis Orm was given superhero abilities, and this is the version of Orm the modern era has stuck with. Orm did make his appearance in the DCEU in the Aquaman (2018) movie, where he was portrayed by Patrick Wilson.

This blue label CGC 4.0 with off-white pages is a great copy. Interest in this book fluctuates, but right now it is trending up, likely due to the upcoming Aquaman film. The one-year average for a 4.0 is $125, making this an affordable minor key. While I don’t believe this will hit a new price peak in the near future, this is a great time to buy this book.

Life With Archie #1 

image-39-191x300 Comics Gems from Hakes' January 17th Auction

Life with Archie is a personal favorite series of mine. The series originally ran from 1958 – 1991 and was then revived in 2010 after the Archie Marries…? storyline. The second round ended in 2014 with the death of Archie, a stunning move on Archie Comics’ part. I do believe if they had not taken a chance with the Archie Marries…? series, we wouldn’t have the Archie Comics we have today.

This blue label CGC 3.5 with off-white to white pages features an iconic Harry Lucey. The last sale for a similarly priced book was in March 2021, when a copy sold for $195. Interest in this book has waned, but Lucey has a dedicated following that has only become more popular over time. This could be your opportunity to get this book at a great price.

Marvel Spotlight #32

image-40-191x300 Comics Gems from Hakes' January 17th Auction

Spider-Woman just might be one of Marvel’s underrated heroes, and her first appearance in Marvel Spotlight #32 is currently an underrated key. That could change in just a few mere weeks, as Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman will be appearing in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the 2023 follow-up to the popular Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse from 2018. Prices on this book are still low but are steadily climbing possibly due to spectators.

This universal blue CGC 6.5 features off-white to white pages and presents well. Cover artist Gil Kane (who co-created the modern Green Lantern) was truly on his A-game with this dynamic and exciting cover. The current one-year average for 6.5 copies is $175/ By comparison, the one-year average for a blue label 9.8 is $3,406. If you’re looking to add this key to your collection, now is likely the best time to buy.

Upgrade2_Footer Comics Gems from Hakes' January 17th Auction*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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