Comico Reforms On The Web As CO2 Comics

by Jeff

12106 Comico Reforms On The Web As CO2 ComicsMedia Release — CO2 Comics, an upstart web comics publishing site developed by former Comico partners and publishers, Bill Cucinotta and Gerry Giovinco, is celebrating the freedom of publishing comics on the World Wide Web.

Making the jump from print to pixels is an exciting adventure for the pair who were instrumental in laying the groundwork for Comico the Comic Company which was one of the most dynamic and influential independent comic publishers during the 1980’s featuring such titles as Mage, Grendel, Elementals, Robotech, Jonny Quest, Gumby, Starblazers, and Space Ghost just to name a few.

The dramatic website,, is quickly turning into a reunion of Comico artists. Besides works by Cucinotta and Giovinco, great comics are presented featuring the talents of Chris Kalnick, Joe Williams, Andrew C. Murphy, Reggie Byers, Bernie Mireault, Bill Anderson, Rich Rankin and Neil Vokes.

With more projects waiting in the wings for debut on the site, CO2 Comics is already promising to be a site that is a must bookmark in every comic fan’s browser.

Weekly updates of ongoing features ensure that new material is available free to readers on a near-daily basis. Blog features keep readers in touch with the happenings within the site while often reminiscing about Comico history and creator biographies.

Open to public dialogue, the site is intended to become a creative playground for select comic creators and fans alike. At its core, however, CO2 Comics is a Comics Artist Cooperative offering creators an opportunity to cross-promote their properties with the intent of self-marketing their works as they develop into printed product. All creators have exclusive ownership of their works and the chance to benefit by the support of other artists on the site.

Is CO2 Comics a unique window into the future of comics with a strong tradition in the history of the medium?

See for yourself.

Visit now.

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