ComicList: Manga for 12/28/2007

by Jeff

Our friends at MangaCast write The boss is in Tokyo, so it’s up to me to post this week’s list. It’s a little late because of Christmas, and it’s a light week:

Newtype English Edition W/DVD Vol 7 #1 Jan 2008

***Empty Empire Vol 6 TP***
Tower Of The Future Vol 9 TP

Dark Horse
Yoshitaka Amano Collected Art Of Vampire Hunter D Slipcase

Del Rey Manga

31NaRrZO7aL ComicList: Manga for 12/28/2007

***Negima Vol 16 GN***

Palbot Come To America Vol 1

Giant Robot Magazine
Giant Robot #51

Blood Alone Vol 3 GN (resolicited), $10.95
Ichigeki Sacchu Hoihoi-San GN, $10.95
Ninin Ga Shinobuden Vol 3 GN, $9.95
Protoculture Addicts #94


31ppa3pz-ML ComicList: Manga for 12/28/2007

Death Jr Vol 1 Pandora GN, $9.99
First Love Sisters GN Vol 01, $11.99
***He Is My Master Vol 3 GN, $9.99***
Kashimashi GN Vol 04, $10.99
***Strawberry Panic Manga, $9.99***
Voiceful GN Vol 01, $11.99

Arcana Vol 7 GN
Cherry Juice Vol 2 GN
Chibi Vampire Novel Vol 4
Chronicles Of The Cursed Sword Vol 20 GN
Dazzle Vol 7 GN
Deja Vu Spring Summer Fall Winter GN
Dragon Head Vol 9 GN
Gatcha Gacha Vol 6 GN
Good Luck Vol 4 GN
Gothic Sports Vol 3 GN
Judas Vol 5 GN
Knockout Makers Vol 1 GN
Lagoon Engine Vol 4 GN
Monochrome Factor Vol 1 GN
Phantom Vol 4 GN Manga
Rebirth Vol 21 GN
Riding Shotgun Vol 2 GN
Short Sunzen Vol 1 GN
Slayers Novel Vol 7
Slayers Novel Vol 8
Ultra Cute Vol 9 GN

Viz Media
***Yurara Vol 3 TP ***

ComicList: Manga for Friday, December 28, 2007, by Charles LePage.

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PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores. Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong.

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