ComicList: Manga for 05/09/2007

by Jeff

Our friends at MangaCast write Slim pickings this week over at And if Del Rey’s books were not re-solicited the list would have been even shorter.

Dinowars Extinction Files #1, $3.50
GD Sourcebook Off Handbook to the GD Universe #5, $3.95
Gold Digger #84, $2.95

Fumi Yoshinagas Lovers in the Night GN, $9.99

Blade of the Immortal #125: Barefoot part 4, $2.99

Devil Does Exist Vol. 10, $9.99
Musashi #9 Vol. 11, $9.99

***Parasyte Vol 1 GN (of 8), $12.95*** Talk to the Hand Pick of the Week
Guru Guru Pon Chan Vol 8 GN, $10.95

0345496248.01.MZZZZZZZ ComicList: Manga for 05/09/2007
Parasyte 1
by Hitoshi Iwaaki

Miki Falls Vol. 1 Spring GN, $7.99

Serenity Companion TPB, $19.95

***Pearl Pink Vol 2 GN (of 4), $9.99*** Idol Pick of the Week
***Gothic Sports Vol 1 GN (of 3), $9.99*** Would Rozen Maiden fanboys Like Goth-Loli soccer? Pick of the Week
Chibi Vampire Vol 2 Novel (of 7), $7.99
Loveless Vol 5 GN (of 7) (TKP), $9.99
Peach Girl Vol 3 Saes Story GN (of 3), $9.99
Planet Blood Vol 6 GN (of 11), $9.99
Psycomm Vol 2 GN (of 3), $9.99
Rhysmyth GN, $9.99
Samurai Deeper Kyo Vol 22 GN (of 38), $9.99

1598169920.01.MZZZZZZZ ComicList: Manga for 05/09/2007
Gothic Sports Volume 1
by Anike Hage

Tezukas Buddha Vol 7 Prince Ajatasattu SC, $14.95

Shojo Beat June 07 Vol 3 #6, $5.99

Other Fandom
***Bleach Illustrations Works All Color But the Black, $27.99*** All Color-safe BLEACH Pick of the Week
Asian Cult Cinema #54, $6.00
Bleach Memories of Nobody Movie Guide, $10.99
Dirty Pair Complete Artworks, $39.99
Mai Otome Otome Graph, $45.99
Ouran High School Host Club Animation Fan Bk, $25.99
Robot #7, $37.99
Xxx Holic Official Guide Book, $18.99
HTDM Sketching Manga Style Vol. 1, $24.99

ComicList: Manga for Wednesday, May 9, 2007, by Charles LePage.

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