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by Jeff

ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, January 9, 2008.

ComicList headquarters:

PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores.
Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong.
Items ending in “**” are possible releases unconfirmed by Diamond Distribution.

01/09/08,”ACTION FIGURE NEWS & TOY REVIEW”,”Lees Toy Review Jan 2008 #183**”,$5.95
01/09/08,”ADVENTURE HOUSE”,”Secret Agent X Aug 1934 Replica Ed #1″,$14.95
01/09/08,”AIRSHIP ENTERTAINMENT”,”Myth Adventure Collection Another Fine Myth”,$39.95
01/09/08,”AIRSHIP ENTERTAINMENT”,”Myth Adventures Collection Another Fine Myth HC”,$54.95
01/09/08,”ALTERNATIVE COMICS”,”Hickee Vol 3 #4″,$2.95
01/09/08,”AMAZE INK (SLAVE LABOR GRAPHICS)”,”Little Scrowlie TP Vol 03 Apocalypse Scrowl”,$12.95
01/09/08,”ANARCHY STUDIOS/HARRIS COMICS”,”Vampirella Bruce Timm Dynamite Deluxe Art Print”,$19.95
01/09/08,”ANARCHY STUDIOS/HARRIS COMICS”,”Vampirella Deluxe Art Print Chiodo Untamed”,$19.95
01/09/08,”ANARCHY STUDIOS/HARRIS COMICS”,”Vampirella Deluxe Art Print Jusko Blood Red Queen”,$19.95
01/09/08,”ANARCHY STUDIOS/HARRIS COMICS”,”Vampirella Joe Jusko Deadly Beauty Deluxe Art Print”,$19.95
01/09/08,”ARCANA STUDIO”,”Kade Shivas Sun #1 (of 4)”,$3.95
01/09/08,”ARCHAIA STUDIOS PRESS”,”Killing Pickman #2 (of 6)”,$3.50
01/09/08,”ARCHAIA STUDIOS PRESS”,”Starkweather Immortal #2 (of 4)”,$3.95
01/09/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Archie #581″,$2.25
01/09/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Archie Double Digest #185″,$3.69
01/09/08,”ARON NELS STEINKE”,”Big Plans #3**”,$5.00
01/09/08,”ATOMIC POP ART ENT LLC”,”Phantom Jack Vol 1 Absolute Ed TP**”,$19.95
01/09/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Lady Death 2007 Swimsuit Sp Incv”,” AR”
01/09/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Lady Death 2007 Swimsuit Sp Leather Cover”,$24.99
01/09/08,”BLATANT COMICS”,”Last Blood #4″,$2.99
01/09/08,”BLUE DREAM STUDIOS”,”Dreamland Chronicles Vol 2 TP”,$19.95
01/09/08,”BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS”,”Jason & The Argonauts Kingdom Of Hades #1 (of 4)”,$3.50
01/09/08,”BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS”,”Ray Harryhausen Presents 20 Million Miles More #4**”,$3.50
01/09/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Fall Of Cthulhu #9 (Cover A)”,$3.99
01/09/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Fall Of Cthulhu #9 (Cover B)”,$3.99
01/09/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Foundation #1 (of 5)(resolicited)”,$3.99
01/09/08,”BORDERLANDS PRESS”,”Adversary Cycle The Touch Ltd Ed HC”,$60.00
01/09/08,”BROCCOLI INTERNATIONAL USA”,”Galaxy Angel II GN Vol 3**”,$9.99
01/09/08,”CHRONICLE BOOKS”,”Playboy 50 Years HC (AA)”,$50.00
01/09/08,”CHRONICLE BOOKS”,”Playboy the Celebrities HC (AA)”,$40.00
01/09/08,”CINEBOOK”,”Fascinating Madame Tussaud GN”,$19.95
01/09/08,”CLASSICAL COMICS”,”Henry V GN Original Text Version”,$19.99
01/09/08,”CLASSICAL COMICS”,”Henry V GN Quick Text Version”,$19.99
01/09/08,”CLIENT DISTRIBUTION SERVICES”,”Playboy Cover To Cover The 50s W / DVD”,$100.00
01/09/08,”CLIENT DISTRIBUTION SERVICES”,”Rolling Stone Cover To Cover First 40 Years W / DVD”,$125.00
01/09/08,”COMIC CAVALCADE”,”Lady Death 2007 Swimsuit Sp Gold Foil Cover”,$5.99
01/09/08,”COMIC SHOP NEWS INC”,”Comic Shop News #1073″,” AR”
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”BPRD 1946 #1″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”BPRD TP Vol 07 Garden of Souls”,$17.95
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus TP Vol 03″,$24.95
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Conan Blood Stained Crown and Other Stories TP”,$14.95
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Criminal Macabre Complete Cal Mcdonald Stories TP”,$12.95
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Evil Dead #1 (of 4)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Frazetta Moon Maid Statue”,$175.00
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Goon #20″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Lenore Vinyl Figure”,$24.99
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 TP”,$17.95
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Star Wars Dark Times Vol 1 Path To Nowhere TP”,$17.95
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Star Wars Knights O/T Old Republic Vol 3 TP”,$18.95
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Star Wars Legacy #0 1/2 One Shot”,$2.99
01/09/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Umbrella Academy Button 4 Pack”,$5.99
01/09/08,”DAYDREAM GRAPHICS”,”Art Of Gallegos SC”,$19.95
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”52 Aftermath The Four Horsemen #6 (of 6)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Bat Lash #2 (of 6)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Batman Strikes #41″,$2.25
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Canon Vol 04″,$9.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Cartoon Network Action Pack #21″,$2.25
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Countdown To Final Crisis #16″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Exterminators #25″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Friday The 13th Bad Land #1 (of 2)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Gen 13 #16″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Green Arrow Black Canary #4″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Green Lantern Corps #20″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Grifter And Midnighter TP”,$17.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Infinite Crisis Action Figure Box Set”,” AR”
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Infinity Inc #5″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”JLA Classified #50″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”JSA Presents TP Vol 02 Stars And STRIPES”,$17.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Justice League Series 7 Aquaman Action Figure”,” AR”
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Justice League Series 7 Balanced Inner Assortment”,” AR”
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Justice League Series 7 Balanced Master Assortment”,” AR”
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Justice League Series 7 Green Lantern Action Figure”,” AR”
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Justice League Series 7 Superman Action Figure”,” AR”
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Justice League Series 7 Weighted Inner Assortment”,” AR”
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Justice League Series 7 Weighted Master Assortment”,” AR”
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Nightwing #140″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Salvation Run #3 (of 7)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Scalped #13″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Showcase Presents Robin The Boy Wonder TP Vol 01″,$16.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Simon Dark #4″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Spirit #12″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Suicide Squad Raise The Flag #5 (of 8)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Superman #672″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Teen Titans The Lost Annual”,$4.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Un-Men #6″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Variante Vol 02″,$12.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Wildstorm Fine Arts Spotlight On Wildcats”,$3.50
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Women Of The DCU Series 2 Wonder Woman Bust”,$49.99
01/09/08,”DC COMICS”,”Wonder Girl #5 (of 6)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”Shiki Tsukai GN Vol 2″,$10.95
01/09/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”The Wallflower GN Vol 14″,$10.95
01/09/08,”DENIS KITCHEN PUBLISHING CO.”,”Capitol Hell Postcard Book”,$11.95
01/09/08,”DENNIS PUBLISHING”,”Fortean Times #231″,$11.25
01/09/08,”DESPERADO PUBLISHING”,”Necessary Evil #3**”,$3.99
01/09/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Atomik Mike (DP) #3 (Of 4)**”,$3.99
01/09/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Sheena #4″,$3.50
01/09/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Sheena Sketch Incv #4 (of 5)(Tim Seeley Sketch Cover)”,$3.50
01/09/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Xombie #5 (of 5)(Cover B – Farr)”,$5.50
01/09/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Xombie #5 (of 5)(Cover A – Seeley)”,$5.50
01/09/08,”DR MASTER PUBLICATIONS INC”,”Iron Wok Jan GN #27**”,$9.95
01/09/08,”DR MASTER PUBLICATIONS INC”,”Junk Record Of The Last Hero Vol 5 GN**”,$9.95
01/09/08,”DR MASTER PUBLICATIONS INC”,”Purgatory Kabuki GN Vol 1**”,$9.95
01/09/08,”DYNAMIC FORCES”,”Ultimates 3 #1 Sgn Ed”,$29.99
01/09/08,”DYNAMIC FORCES”,”What If X-Men Sgn Ed”,$29.99
01/09/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Army Of Darkness From Ashes #5″,$3.50
01/09/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Battlestar Galactica Origins Foil Cover #1″,” AR”
01/09/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Boys #14″,$2.99
01/09/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Highlander Way O/T Sword Foil Cover #1″,” AR”
01/09/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Mercenaries #2″,$3.99
01/09/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Mercenaries Turner Virgin Cvr Incv #2″,$3.99
01/09/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”New Battlestar Galactica Season Zero Foil Cover #4″,” AR”
01/09/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Painkiller Jane Foil Cover #4″,” AR”
01/09/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Red Sonja Adrian Foil Cover #28″,” AR”
01/09/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Sword Of Red Sonja Doom O/T Gods #4″,$3.50
01/09/08,”HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE”,”Heavy Metal March 2008 #115″,$5.99
01/09/08,”HILL & WANG”,”Graphic Biography J Edgar Hoover GN”,$16.95
01/09/08,”HILL & WANG”,”Students For A Democratic Society GN”,$22.00
01/09/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Children Of Grave TP New Printing”,$19.99
01/09/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Cory Doctorows Futuristic Tales Here And Now #4 (of 6)”,$3.99
01/09/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Gene Simmons Dominatrix #6″,$3.99
01/09/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Transformers Beast Wars The Ascending #4″,$3.99
01/09/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Transformers Best Of UK Dinobots #5″,$3.99
01/09/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Zombies Vs Robots HC”,$19.99
01/09/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”El Panda Original Vinyl Figure”,$59.99
01/09/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Infinite Horizon #2 (of 6)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Mini Gobi Original Vinyl Figure”,$14.99
01/09/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Walking Dead HC Vol 03 Sgn Ed”,$59.99
01/09/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Youngblood #1″,$2.99
01/09/08,”LAST GASP”,”Abject Expressionism Art Of Ron English HC”,$39.95
01/09/08,”LAST GASP”,”Adventures Of Herge Creator Of Tintin HC”,$29.95
01/09/08,”MARRS MEDIA INC”,”Rue Morgue Magazine #75″,$8.95
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Alex Ross Silver Surfer Head Bust”,$45.00
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Amazing Spider-Man #546 (Regular Steve McNiven Cover)”,$3.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Amazing Spider-Man #546 Hitch Var Bnd (Incentive Bryan Hitch Variant Cover)”,$3.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Beyond TP”,$14.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Civil War Chronicles #7″,$4.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Essential Captain America TP Vol 04″,$16.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Ghost Rider #19″,$2.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Ghost Rider TP Vol 03 Apocalypse Soon”,$10.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Hulk #1 (Regular Ed McGuinness Cover)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Hulk #1 Acuna Var (Incentive Daniel Acuna Variant Cover)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Hulk #1 Mcguinness Retailer Var (Incentive Ed McGuinness Variant Cover)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Adventures Hulk #7″,$2.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Universe Civil War Spider-Man Bust”,$55.00
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Universe Civil War Wolverine Bust”,$55.00
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Universe Firestar Bust”,$50.00
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Mighty Avengers #7 SII (Secret Invasion Infiltration Tie-In)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”New Captain America By Alex Ross Poster”,$7.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”New Warriors TP Vol 01 Defiant”,$14.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Nextwave Agents Of HATE TP Vol 02 I Kick Your Face”,$14.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Nova #10″,$2.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Onslaught Reborn #5 (of 5)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Punisher War Journal #15″,$2.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Twelve #1 (of 12)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Ultimate X-Men TP Vol 17 Sentinels”,$17.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Wolverine #61″,$2.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Factor #27 Cheung Var MC”,$2.99
01/09/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Factor #27 MC”,$2.99
01/09/08,”MIRAGE”,”Tales of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #41″,$3.25
01/09/08,”OH YES VERY NICE COMICS”,”Television #1″,$3.00
01/09/08,”ONI PRESS”,”Maintenance #7″,$3.50
01/09/08,”PANINI PUBLISHING”,”Dr Who Magazine #390″,$7.99
01/09/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Classics Illustrated Deluxe Vol 1 Wind In The Willows SC**”,$13.95
01/09/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Classics Illustrated Deluxe Vol 1 Wind In The Willows HC**”,$17.95
01/09/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Nancy Drew Vol 12 Dress Rehearsal SC**”,$7.95
01/09/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Nancy Drew Vol 12 Dress Rehearsal HC**”,$12.95
01/09/08,”PLATINUM STUDIOS”,”Incursion #2″,$2.99
01/09/08,”RANDOM HOUSE”,”Black Hole Collected SC”,$17.95
01/09/08,”RANDOM HOUSE”,”Heroes HC Novel Saving Charlie”,$24.00
01/09/08,”REBELLION”,”2000 AD #1567″,$4.50
01/09/08,”REBELLION”,”2000 AD Prog 2008″,$10.99
01/09/08,”REBELLION”,”Judge Dredd Complete Case Files Vol 9 TP”,$30.99
01/09/08,”REBELLION”,”Judge Dredd Megazine #266″,$7.50
01/09/08,”REBELLION”,”Red Seas Vol 1 TP”,$25.50
01/09/08,”RED 5 COMICS”,”Atomic Robo #4 (of 6)”,$2.95
01/09/08,”SCHOLASTIC INC.”,”Encyclopedia Horrifica HC”,$14.99
01/09/08,”SCRAP PICTURES”,”Blazin Brandy #0″,$0.99
01/09/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”Death Jr Vol 1 Pandora GN”,$9.99
01/09/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”First Love Sisters GN Vol 01″,$11.99
01/09/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”He Is My Master Vol 3 GN”,$9.99
01/09/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”Kashimashi GN Vol 04″,$10.99
01/09/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”Voiceful GN Vol 01″,$11.99
01/09/08,”SHANDA FANTASY ARTS”,”Giant Shanda Animal #12**”,$4.99
01/09/08,”SUPERREALGRAPHICS.COM”,”Super Real Collected Pack”,$9.99
01/09/08,”TASCHEN AMERICA L.L.C”,”Film Posters Art SC Horror”,$14.99
01/09/08,”TASCHEN AMERICA L.L.C”,”Film Posters Art SC Science Fiction”,$14.99
01/09/08,”TASCHEN AMERICA L.L.C”,”Playboy Book HC Updated (AA)”,$39.99
01/09/08,”TESHKEEL MEDIA GROUP”,”99 #4″,$2.99
01/09/08,”TWILIGHT CREATIONS”,”Zombies 6.66 Fill in the Blank”,$9.99
01/09/08,”TWILIGHT CREATIONS”,”Zombies Midevil 3 Subterranean Homesick Blues”,$14.99
01/09/08,”TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING”,”Alter Ego #75**”,$6.95
01/09/08,”VIPER COMICS”,”Lost Books Of Eve #4 (of 4)”,$3.25
01/09/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”India Authentic Garuda #8″,$2.99
01/09/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Jenna Jamesons Shadow Hunter #0″,$0.25
01/09/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”John Woos Seven Brothers Series 2 #4″,$2.99
01/09/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Ramayan 3392 AD Reloaded #3″,$2.99
01/09/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Snakewoman Vol 2 Tale Of The Snake Charmer #6 (of 6)”,$2.99
01/09/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Bastard TP Vol 16″,$9.99
01/09/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Cheeky Angel GN Vol 20″,$9.99
01/09/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Inu Yasha TP Vol 32″,$8.95
01/09/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Project Arms TP Vol 18″,$9.99
01/09/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Red River GN Vol 20″,$9.99
01/09/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Togari TP Vol 04″,$9.99
01/09/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Yakitate Japan TP Vol 09″,$9.99
01/09/08,”WILDSIDE PRESS”,”Black Mask 2 May 1920 TP”,$19.95
01/09/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Toyfare Heroes Toys Cover #127″,$4.99
01/09/08,”ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Grimm Fairy Tales Return To Wonderland #5″,$2.99
01/09/08,”cards – BENCHWARMERS”,”Benchwarmer 2007 Edition Trading Card Box”,” AR”
01/09/08,”cards – PLAYOFF CORP”,”Donruss 2007 Studio Americana Trading Card Box”,” AR”
01/09/08,”cards – PLAYOFF CORP”,”Playoff 2007 Contenders NFL Trading Card Box”,” AR”
01/09/08,”cards – TOPPS”,”Topps 2007 08 Co-Signers NBA Trading Card Box”,” AR”
01/09/08,”cards – UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT”,”Upper Deck 2007 08 Trilogy NHL Trading Card Box”,” AR”
01/09/08,”games – POKEMON USA”,”Pokemon TCG Diamond & Pearl Secret Wonders 3 Blster Pck”,$10.99
01/09/08,”games – POKEMON USA”,”Pokemon TCG Lucario Tin”,$14.99
01/09/08,”games – UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT”,”Yu Gi Oh TCG Gx Next Generation Blister Carton”,” AR”
01/09/08,”games – WINNING MOVES”,”Doctor Who Season 3 Top Trumps”,$9.99
01/09/08,”T-Shirts”,”Joker & Harley Quinn T/S LG (AA)”,$17.95
01/09/08,”T-Shirts”,”Joker Countdown T-Shirt LG”,$17.95
01/09/08,”T-Shirts”,”Joker Countdown T-Shirt MED”,$17.95
01/09/08,”T-Shirts”,”Joker Countdown T-Shirt XL”,$17.95
01/09/08,”T-Shirts”,”Joker Countdown T-Shirt XXL”,$20.95
01/09/08,”Videos”,”Bleach Vol 08 DVD”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Videos”,”FMA Vol 07 DVD Viridian Coll”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Videos”,”FMA Vol 08 DVD Viridian Coll”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Videos”,”Glass Fleet Vol 03 DVD”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Videos”,”Hell Girl Vol 03 DVD”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Videos”,”Marvel Civil War Complete Coll Px DVD”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Videos”,”Marvel House of M Complete Coll Px DVD”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Videos”,”Mushishi Vol 05 Uncut DVD”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Videos”,”Prince of Tennis Vol 04 DVD Box Set”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Videos”,”Simpsons Comp Season 10 DVD Box Set”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Videos”,”Suzuka Vol 06 DVD”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Videos”,”Trinity Blood Vol 05 DVD Viridian Coll”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Videos”,”Trinity Blood Vol 06 DVD Viridian Coll”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Art of Pixar Collectible Postcards (AA)”,$16.95
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Batman Animated Ultra Action Figure Assortment”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Brave Gokin 10 Gyakuten Oh Action Figure”,$174.99
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”BTTF Previews Exclusive Minimates 2-pk 50s Marty Prom George Mcfly”,$7.99
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Capcom Girls Collection Poison Figure”,$69.99
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Creators Labo #013 Air Gear Simca PVC Statue”,$69.99
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Creators Labo #14 Shunya Yamashita Arisa PVC Fig”,$79.99
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Cthulhu Plush Wreath”,$34.99
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Cyborg 009 Francoise Arnoul PVC Figure”,$109.99
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Disney Pixar Cars Movie Moments Assortment”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Emily Strange Skele-Posse Miles Plush”,$25.00
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Emily Strange Skele-Posse Mystery Plush”,$25.00
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Emily Strange Skele-Posse Nee Chee Plush”,$25.00
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Emily Strange Skele-Posse Sabbath Plush”,$25.00
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Excellent Model Tsukasa Bullet 02 Hanako-san Fig”,$66.99
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Frank Cho Previews Exclusive Monkey Boy Vinyl Figure”,$65.00
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Ghost In The Shell Tachikoma Coll Figure Set”,$49.99
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Hybrid Dragon Slayer Painted Statue”,$89.95
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Lis Robot B9 Giant Pez”,$23.99
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Macross Maximillian Jenius 12-in Action Figure Doll”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Minigod Brazil 16in Vinyl Figure W/speaker Previews Exclusive Midnight Ed”,$120.00
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Revoltech Gaiking Action Figure”,$23.99
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Revoltech Shin Getter 1 Action Figure”,$23.99
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Sif Ex Ikki Tousen Sonsaku Hakufu Fighting PVC Fig”,$69.95
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Spider-Man #1 Comic Book Cvr Plastic Replica (AA)”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”ST TNG 20th Anniv Cpt Picard In Chair Action Figure”,$25.00
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”ST TOS 40th Anniv Amok Time Mccoy Statue”,$85.00
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Street Fighter Ryu Statue”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Wars First Day Covers Stamp Set”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Luke Scaled Helmet Replica”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Tomb Raider Anniv Lara Croft 7-in Action Figure”,” AR”
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Top Collection #1 Mazinkaiser PVC Figure”,$89.99
01/09/08,”Merchandise”,”Top Collection #2 Shin Getter 1 PVC Figure”,$84.99
01/09/08,”adult products (ComicList neither recommends or condones the following titles. Read and use this information at your own risk.)”,,
01/09/08,”ICARUS PUBLISHING”,”A G Super Erotic Anthology #73 (adult)”,$4.99
01/09/08,”ICARUS PUBLISHING”,”A G Super Erotic Anthology Mega Bundle #7 (adult)”,$18.00
01/09/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Manga Sutra GN Vol 01 Futari H (adult)”,$19.99

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