ComicList Thanks YOU For A Great 2008

by Jeff

2008 has certainly been a year we won’t soon forget. National economies all over the world weakened and faltered. Here in the U.S., we had one of the most contentious and ridiculous Presidential elections I can remember. Through it all, the comics industry took some hits, companies slowed down, changed, or disappeared, and ComicList flourished. As for the latter, I have a lot of people to thank, including anyone who is reading this message. Without the support, interest and readership of people like you, ComicList wouldn’t exist. You make the late nights at home and the lunch breaks at Office Depot (they provide free wifi and a quiet spot to work) all worth it.

To begin, I have to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who for one more year granted me the strength and skill to keep ComicList running. Everything good thing I received this past year was due to Him. To anyone who wonders why there is a Biblical quote at the top of the ComicList web site, to be frank, it’s the least I can do in return.

Thank you to my lovely wife and children. They continue to show great patience with me when I need time to work on the various aspects of the ComicList site, especially on Monday nights when I am putting together the week’s new releases list. Extra kudos to my wife, who gave me a subscription to Marvel Comics Digital Unlimited for Christmas. I’m already losing sleep, staying up late reading comics I missed or haven’t read in a long time.

Thank you to Brandon Borzelli, who writes Geek Goggle Reviews. His reviews are a great asset, and the main compensation Brandon receives is your replies, positive, negative or otherwise. So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, after you’ve read his contributions, respond! And of course, thank you to everyone who provides content for the site, whether it be press releases or other writings.

Thank you to our friends at Things From Another World. They provide much of the information I need to put together all the new releases lists and other lists I write. Also, I am a TFAW affiliate, so the comics and graphic novels you buy from them via my site help finance items like web hosting, domain names, Internet access, and so on. I was honored to help them develop and improve their affiliate program. Of course, I should not forget other companies I am affiliated with, such as Comic Collectorz, who now use my list to update their Comic Collector program. All of the advertising and affiliate programs we are associated with are greatly appreciated.

A special thanks to people who responded to my question over on Mahalo Answers. Their replies regarding the appearance of the site (colors, menus, advertisements) helped me arrange a makeover for the ComicList site that will officially debut on January 1, 2009. So, if you don’t like the new look, blame them. 🙂

If I forgot anyone, please forgive me! There’s so many good people in so many places who have done and do so much for me. One of these days I need to put together a “friends of ComicList” page that explains all the assistance I’ve received throughout the years. A goal for 2009, perhaps?

I look forward to 2009 as a year of improvement and growth; a year where the lists get more accurate, the web site gets easier to use, the features like RSS feeds and social networking expand… most of all, a year where, once again, we celebrate the indigenous American art form* we cherish, the comic book. I hope to see you all on the other side!

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