ComicList Previews: THE LONG CON #8

by Jeff

FEB191889 ComicList Previews: THE LONG CON #8Flix Bixby has always had a chip on his shoulder… specifically, Midshipman “Chip” Nimitz, the spunky wunderkind he played on SkylarksMAX.

So it’s no surprise when a cult obsessed with his performance kidnaps Flix and Dez, and he becomes a bargaining chip in their high-stakes canon purity trial. When a challenger enters the courtroom, Flix must fight to save his life’s work from being written out of the timeline… or let the chips fall where they may. Meanwhile, Dez chips away at an escape plan with a little help from some of her favorite Afrofuturist lesbian space-angels…

The Long Con #8
(W) Dylan Meconis, Ben Coleman (A) E.A. Denich
(C) Fred C. Stresing (CA) EA Denich with Fred C. Stresing
Age Rating: Young Adult Audiences — Genre: Humor/Action-Adventure
Price: $3.99 — Page Count: 32

About Oni Press, Inc.:

Oni Press is a premier comic book and graphic novel publisher located in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1997, Oni Press is run by Founder Joe Nozemack and Publisher James Lucas Jones. Oni Press’s curated line includes a variety of best-selling, award-winning, original and licensed comic books and graphic novels, including: [adult swim]’s Rick and Morty™, Nickelodeon’s Invader ZIM, Scott Pilgrim, The Tea Dragon Society, Queen & Country, Courtney Crumrin, My Boyfriend is a Bear, The Sixth Gun, Sci-Fu, Wet Moon, Letter 44, The Coldest City, and Kaijumax.

About Limerence Press:

Limerence Press, an imprint of Oni Press, publishes quality erotica, sex education, and gender and sexuality studies comics. Limerence Press focuses on positive, inclusive, and approachable books that reflect a wide variety of emotional and intimate experiences, including the Eisner-nominated Small Favors, and the bestselling A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns.

Preview-LONGCON-8-1 ComicList Previews: THE LONG CON #8

Preview-LONGCON-8-2 ComicList Previews: THE LONG CON #8

Preview-LONGCON-8-3 ComicList Previews: THE LONG CON #8

Preview-LONGCON-8-4 ComicList Previews: THE LONG CON #8

Preview-LONGCON-8-5 ComicList Previews: THE LONG CON #8

Preview-LONGCON-8-6 ComicList Previews: THE LONG CON #8

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