ComicList Previews: MARAUDERS #1

by Charles LePage

NEW TEAM! NEW VILLAINS! NEW MYSTERIES! Captain Pryde and the Marauders are rededicating themselves to rescuing mutants, wherever they may be, and no matter how dangerous the odds against them are. But Captain Pryde’s crew is not yet complete! Against her better judgment, Pryde comes face-to-face with the final Marauder: Cassandra Nova! One of the most infamous villains in mutant history might be the Marauders’ only chance to unravel a mystery stretching two billion years into the past!

Steve Orlando, Eleonora Carlini, Kael Ngu
$4.99 US
Apr 06, 2022

MARAUDERS2022001_Preview-1-1 ComicList Previews: MARAUDERS #1
MARAUDERS2022001_Preview-2-1 ComicList Previews: MARAUDERS #1
MARAUDERS2022001_Preview-3-1 ComicList Previews: MARAUDERS #1
MARAUDERS2022001_Preview-4-1 ComicList Previews: MARAUDERS #1

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