ComicList Previews: GUMBALLS GN

by Jeff

MAR180561 ComicList Previews: GUMBALLS GNGumballs dispenses an array of bright, candy-colored short comics about Erin’s gender transition, anecdotal tales of growing up as a triplet, and fictional stories of a socially inept love-struck teenager named Tobias. The wide-ranging series is filled with single-page gag cartoons, visual diaries of everyday life, funny faux personal ads, and real-life horror stories from customers at his day job. Gumballs offers a variety of flavors that will surely delight anyone with a taste for candid self-reflection and observations of humanity. This book collects Gumballs #1-4, plus 32 pages of brand-new content!

Gumballs tips its hat to the classic alt-comic tradition of Eightball, Optic Nerve, and Box Office Poison, but speaks with a delightfully fresh voice for the modern age.

Bullet points:
• Cover by Erin Nations
• “Gumballs is funny, sincere, and just generally brilliant—when dealing with autobiography, fake personal ads, or any number of other events. Nations is a promising new voice in comics, and you need to read Gumballs.” –ComicsVerse
• “Gumballs lays bare a lot of serious, complicated stuff and presents it with a frankness and humor that really moved me to my core.” –Multiversity Comics

Erin Nations (w & a)
TPB • FC • $19.99 • 160 pages • ISBN: 978-1-60309-431-3

Gumball_TPB-pr-1 ComicList Previews: GUMBALLS GN

Gumball_TPB-pr-2 ComicList Previews: GUMBALLS GN

Gumball_TPB-pr-3 ComicList Previews: GUMBALLS GN

Gumball_TPB-pr-4 ComicList Previews: GUMBALLS GN

Gumball_TPB-pr-5 ComicList Previews: GUMBALLS GN

Gumball_TPB-pr-6 ComicList Previews: GUMBALLS GN

Gumball_TPB-pr-7 ComicList Previews: GUMBALLS GN

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