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HuBNxHfm ComicList Preview: WARLASH ZOMBIE MUTANT GENESIS #1Media Release — Asylum Press announces the preview and release of Warlash:Zombie Mutant Genesis #1 (of 3) a digital first comic book. The mini-series is written by Frank Forte and Eric Rochford and illustrated by Alek Sotirovski with colors by Milan Antanasijevic. The cover art was painted by illustrator Ben Olson.

Warlash: Zombie Mutant Genesis #1 takes place in a not so distant futuristic Pittsburgh where, Warlash, an armored vigilante, fights for justice in a city gone bad. After a mysterious mutilation death baffles police, Warlash puts himself on the case only to discover evidence of an insidious new threat to the citizens of Pittsburgh; the rise of the Zombie Mutants.

Warlash: Zombie Mutant Genesis #1 (of 3) can be found here on Comixology.

It is also available on Kindle, Googleplay, Kobo, Nook, iBooks, and over 300 other digital retailers worldwide, just search “Warlash:Zombie Mutant Genesis #1”.

About Asylum Press

Asylum Press is a publishing company that produces premium comic books and graphic novels within the horror, science fiction, and action genres. Some of Asylum’s titles include: Fearless Dawn, Zombie Terrors, Black Powder, EEEK!, Asylum of Horrors, Undead Evil, DTOX and Satan’s Powder Room.

Asylum Press delivers high-concept books via a business model that focuses on digital publishing and new distribution outlets in both the American and international markets.

About Frank Forte

Frank Forte is an accomplished designer, storyboard artist and comic book artist. He has worked in animation for feature films, TV and gaming. Some of the shows Frank has worked on include: Bob’s Burgers, Despicable Me 2, The Emoji Movie, LEGO: Star Wars, The Super Hero Squad Show, Marvel Heroes 4D, Lego Hero Factory, Lego Bionicle:The Legend Reborn, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi,The Mr. Men Show, Bionicle: The Legend Reborn (DVD-2009), Lego Clutch Powers 4D ride at Legoland and Lego Atlantis. He co-created The Cletus and Floyd Show with Gene McGuckin, a tribute to animation directors Tex Avery, Bob Clampett and Chuck Jones. Frank is also the publisher at Asylum Press (, an indy graphic novel and comic book publisher. Since its inception in 1999, Frank has written, illustrated and published such comics as, The Vampire Verses, Warlash, Fearless Dawn, Billy Boy, The Cletus and Floyd Show. Frank is a regular contributor and editor at Heavy Metal Magazine.

Frank can be found on the web at:


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