ComicList Preview: THE BUNKER #15

by Jeff

678425_320 ComicList Preview: THE BUNKER #15Media Release — As Heidi and Billy rot in jail, Daniel spirals into the darkest corners of his mind, and Natasha must reexamine just who she wants to be, it seems that all hope is lost for the future. The two Gradys have a plan… it just might cost everyone else their lives.

Why it’s Neat:

The beginning of the fourth arc in the critically-acclaimed series by Eisner, Harvey, and Emmy Award-nominated writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and Eisner Award-nominated artist Joe Infurnari.

Introduces new series colorist Gonzalo Duarte (Hellbreak, Big Trouble in Little China).

What the creators have to say:

“This is a story I’ve wanted to tell from the beginning. In fact, there was an early version of The Bunker that STARTED with the story we’re telling here. But, I’m glad we waited, because Infurnari is just bringing it like no other. His work is just plain brilliant, every page better than the one before. If you’ve had the misfortune to not check out The Bunker yet, now is the time, people.” Joshua Hale Fialkov

“You thought things were maddeningly suspenseful when these friends were trying to CHANGE the future!? Well, in this arc, they did. Things are even more messed up than before.” Joe Infurnari

What people are saying:

“One of my favorite reads.” Scott Snyder (Batman, American Vampire, The Wake)

“A great high concept, expertly done.” Ed Brubaker (Fatale, The Fade Out, Velvet)

“A gripping suspense story.” Entertainment Weekly

“There are shades of The Twilight Zone, Lost and Stand by Me in The Bunker, but it’s also a bit of a reverse Back to the Future situation: They’re told what will happen, but each character will prime themselves differently.” USA Today

“THE BUNKER tells the story of five friends who find mysterious letters inside a time capsule they buried long ago. And it’s no wonder none of them remember writing the letters; they’re written by their future selves. To add to the mystery, each one warns of an impending apocalypse, which they apparently caused. . . . . Stellar.” The Nerdist

“Nothing less than a visit from your future self should prevent you from picking this up.” IGN

“THE BUNKER is a smart, challenging comic book from two creators taking a risk.” The A.V. Club

“The Bunker remains an excellent choice for those of us who like our speculative fiction shady and engrossing.” Multiversity Comics

“…[a] complex and rewarding series.” Comics Nexus

(W) Joshua Hale Fialkov
(A/CA) Joe Infurnari with Gonzalo Duarte
Price: $3.99
Age Range: 18 and up
Genre: Sci-fi


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