ComicList Preview: RICK AND MORTY #12

by Jeff

680413_320 ComicList Preview: RICK AND MORTY #12Media Release — In a very special issue of RICK AND MORTY, the family finds RICK’S SEVERED HEAD! Unable to find Morty, they assume both are dead and begin the somber steps of funeral arrangement.

Meanwhile, Rick and Morty… have bigger problems.

Why It’s Neat:

Written by artist Tom Fowler (Jim Henson’s The Storyteller, The Thrilling Adventure Hour)! Check out Paste Magazine’s interview with Tom Fowler about the change from artist to writer and his experience writing the RICK AND MORTY comic!
What people are saying:

Oooo-wee! Are-are you g-g-guys as far into Rick and Morty withdrawal as I am? Oh wow, yeah, that show’s pretty great, huh? The good news is the comics are funny too! Huh? I said-I said that the comics are really funny too! Yeah, and you can just, kinda, pick ’em up anywhere. It’s okay that this one’s #12! Every issue’s full of g-g-great adventures from your pals Rick (burrrrp) and-and-and Morty! It’ll fill up that dark, dark hole in your soul that’s missing them! I miss them so much, you guys. Ooo-wee yeah!” Paste Magazine, “Comics We’re Excited About for 3/30/2016”

9 OUT OF 10 REVIEW: “Rick and Morty is a property that is quickly becoming a sure thing […] the kind of story that would be right at home on your TV screens and one that you give to any reader on the fence about this property and have them be converted.” Newsarama, “Best Shots Reviews”

“[…] a fun adventure with plenty of laughs and imaginative situations.” Comicsverse

“Part gross out comedy and part family drama, […] we can never have enough of these characters and their insanity.” Nothing But Comics

Don’t miss out on this awesome space pirate-themed alternate cover illustrated by
Nicole Rodriguez!

Writer: Tom Fowler
Artists / Cover Artists: CJ Cannon with Ryan Hill
Alternate cover illustrated by Nicole Rodriguez
Age Range: 15 and up
Genre: Humor
Price: $3.99


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