ComicList Preview: MUNCHKIN VOLUME 1 TP

by Jeff

oct151228 ComicList Preview: MUNCHKIN VOLUME 1 TPMedia Release — What’s to Love: As longtime fans of the Munchkin card game, we’re jazzed to weave stories out of that world, whether it’s from the perspective of one Munchkin, a gang of them, or even one of the monsters that live behind the doors!

What It Is: Based on the immensely popular card game, Munchkin comes to comics! Munchkin takes place in a very flexible mashup of genres. What do Munchkins do? They play for the win. They backstab. They gloat. They whine when someone else backstabs or gloats. If a Munchkin seems to show mercy, it’s because he was bored or distracted. After all, even stomping an ant helps you level up. Collects issues #1-4 and contains an offer for an exclusive new Munchkin playable item!

Munchkin Vol. 1 TP
Imprint: BOOM! Box
Writers: Tom Siddell, Jim Zub, John Kovalic
Artists: Ian McGinty, Rian Sygh, Mike Holmes, John Kovalic


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