ComicList Preview: MIDNIGHT OF THE SOUL #1

by Jeff

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Set in 1950, MIDNIGHT OF THE SOUL follows Joel Breakstone, a former G.I., one of the liberators of Auschwitz, and a walking pile of seriously damaged goods. He hasn’t exhaled a sober breath in five years—until the sheltered life he’s created for himself unravels and he begins the long night that will change his life forever.

“Midnight of the Soul is a labor of love,” said Chaykin. “A dream project I’ve been working on for nearly twenty years—and I’m thrilled to finally get the chance to put it on paper.”

MIDNIGHT OF THE SOUL #1 (Diamond Code APR160655) will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, June 8th. The final order cutoff deadline for comic book retailers is Monday, May 16th.


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