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687045_320 ComicList Preview: JEFF STEINBERG CHAMPION OF EARTH #2Media Release — It’s time for Jeff Steinberg to knuckle down and learn how to be Champion of Earth—except his head’s not really in the game. Sure, his new Voltron-style mech suit is pretty sweet, and he gets his own alien badass trainer to teach him the ropes, and he’s in outer space! But he’s still hung up on his responsibilities—and girlfriend, Shelley—back on Earth. But hold up, now that all of Earth has seen their “great” Champion (and his not-so-impressive, uh, assets), are they even happy to welcome Jeff back?

(W) Joshua Hale Fialkov and Tony Fleecs
(A/CA) Tony Fleecs
(C) Luigi Anderson
AGE RANGE: 15 and up
GENRE: Humor, Sci-fi
PRICE: $3.99


9 OUT OF 10 REVIEW: “This comic hits exactly what it wants to do perfectly, from the sheer stupidity of everyone involved—included Barack Obama himself who’s a major highlight—to the sad, sweetness that is Jeff Steinberg. He’s stupid, and his life sucks, and, well, I feel for him. He’s like if Spongebob Squarepants were a bit more self aware about his life.” We The Nerdy

4.5 OUT OF 5 REVIEW: “[…] Jeff Steinberg offers up a hilariously irreverent look at what would happen if that one unremarkable guy you sorta know somehow became planet Earth’s only hope to avoid destruction. And I think that’s a concept we can all get behind.” Big Comic Page

4 OUT OF 5 REVIEW: “In the midst of all this grittiness in film, TV, and comics, Jeff Steinberg is an at times absurd but always hilarious breath of fresh air.”

4 OUT OF 5 REVIEW: “[…] the book feels like the creators are having a lot of fun, and it will easily bring a smile to the reader’s face. […] What sets this book apart from those other similar stories is that it has this adult animated feel to it. Think of it more in the tone of early Adult Swim shows more than anything else.” Comic Vine

“Kicking off with a double sized issue, Jeff Steinberg: Champion of Earth is a solid entry into the slacker comedy genre. From the rather hilarious inclusion of Steinberg as a video store clerk, to some solid visual jokes, the first issue had me laughing and kept the smile on my face throughout.” Graphic Policy

“This is a ridiculous comic, and I mean that in the best possible way. This is silly and crude and damn did I find myself laughing way too hard at jokes that my seventh grade self would have pissed himself over. ” Multiversity Comics

“Fialkov and Fleecs story telling through hits all the right notes that you would want in a Sci-Fi comedy. […] If you think that too many dark books exist in the comic book realm and you are looking to laugh a bit, this is the book for you.” Rogues Portal

29590916595_738d04063b ComicList Preview: JEFF STEINBERG CHAMPION OF EARTH #2

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