ComicList Preview: INVADER ZIM VOLUME 1 TP

by Jeff

Wak3SeBm ComicList Preview: INVADER ZIM VOLUME 1 TPMedia Release — “Never has a comic so purposefully stupid lied on a foundation of comedic skill so honed and smart.” You said it, Paste Magazine. From the far reaches of weird space to the incomprehensible world of underground art, ZIM is back! And his thirst for world domination has only grown! Collects the first five issues of the comic series based on the hit TV show, INVADER ZIM!

(W) Jhonen Vasquez and Eric Trueheart
(A) Aaron Alexovich and Megan Lawton with Simon Troussellier and Rikki Simons
(CA) Aaron Alexovich with Simon Troussellier (retail cover), Jhonen Vasquez (Fried Pie Comics variant), Aaron Alexovich (Hot Topic variant), Jhonen Vasquez and J.R. Goldberg (Oni Press exclusive variant)

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