ComicList Preview: INVADER ZIM #8

by Jeff

678696_320 ComicList Preview: INVADER ZIM #8Media Release — Dib wears the wrong pants… WITH DEADLY CONSEQUENCES!! Can the Earth survive an invasion from the waist down? (Spoiler: Maybe!)

Why It’s Neat:

  • “PANTS!” is a legendary “LOST EPISODE” of Invader ZIM. A story that finds Dib battling an invasion of disgusting alien pants with mind-control powers, it was originally shot-down for reasons that are now lost in the mists of time. But writer Eric Trueheart never gave up carrying the torch for the trousers. Now Trueheart, series-creator Jhonen Vasquez, and artists Aaron Alexovich and Dave Crosland finally bring the pants out of the closet and onto the page. A tale as funny as it is creepy, “PANTS!” will delight old-school ZIM fans and newcomers alike, and make you never look at your legs the same way again.
  • Variant cover illustrated by Invader ZIM inker Megan Lawton!

What people are saying:

  • 9 OUT OF 10 REVIEW: “So yeah, for all of you curious, Oni Press’s Invader Zim is still good. Still really good, in fact. If you’re a Zim fan and you aren’t reading it yet, I just don’t get you. I just don’t GET you.” AIPT!
  • 4 OUT OF 5 REVIEW: “Well, I’m happy to report that this goddamn book made me laugh out loud and not give a damn who heard.” Big Comic Page
  • “So far, Oni’s Invader Zim comic has done an excellent job of capturing the unique vibe and sense of humor of the short-lived but much-beloved animated series.” IGN
  • “There is humor, exaggeration, sci-fi realness, and a design that sticks to the original Zim. It’s definitely worth the read for any and all Invader Zim fans.” ComicWow!

(W/A) Eric Truheart
(A) Dave Crosland with Aaron Alexovich and Warren Wucinich
(CA) Dave Crosland with Warren Wucinich
Variant cover illustrated by Megan Lawton
Age Range: 8 and up
Genre: Sci-fi, Humor
Price: $3.99


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