ComicList Preview: HEARTTHROB #1

by Jeff

681635_320 ComicList Preview: HEARTTHROB #1Media ReleaseA new series about bank heists and thieving hearts from writer Christopher Sebela (Welcome Back), artist Robert Wilson IV (Bitch Planet), and colorist Nick Filardi (Powers). Callie Boudreau hasn’t been herself lately. After a lifetime sidelined by illness, she’s rescued by a miracle cure in the form of heart transplant surgery, but the life she returns to doesn’t fit her anymore. Besides the morally questionable job, the crappy boyfriend and the crippling hospital bills, Callie finds herself developing new tastes, unfamiliar urges and a mouth like a sailor. As she balances what she has to do with what she wants to do, a mystery man shows up to teach her that instead of waiting for her new life, she should go out and steal it.

(W) Christopher Sebela
(A/CA) Robert Wilson IV with Nick Filardi
Retailer incentive alternate cover illustrated by Jamie McKelvie
Fried Pie Comics variant cover illustrated by Robert Wilson IV
Age Range: 15 and up
Genre: Crime
Price: $3.99

Why It’s Neat:

A new crime series that’s one part Fight Club, one part Bonnie & Clyde, and one part True Romance.

This heist romance comic is a perfect series for fans of Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s Sex Criminals or Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s The Wicked + The Divine.

A crime epic starring thieving lovers, Heartthrob mixes bullets, bank jobs, and David Bowie in equal measure.

Fans of Robert Wilson IV’s Penny Rolle issue of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Bitch Planet will love heroine Callie Boudreau. She’s sick and tired of being sick and tired, and transforms into a moltov cocktail of piss and vinegar after learning how to take scores.

What the creators have to say:

Writer Christopher Sebela says,”I think if people are just looking for a crime book, this will totally scratch that itch, if people just want a romance book, same deal, and the weird mutants like us who want both, they’re going to be super happy.”

Artist Robert Wilson IV says, “Heartthob is like Fight Club if Jack was Jill, and she made out with Tyler Durden a lot.”
Colorist Nick Filardi says, “I’m going to try to give the readers who appreciate color hints and rewards as much as possible.”

What people are saying:

“Heartthrob is a crime romance with a lot of heart. See what I did there? No, seriously: it’s great. And from two of today’s top talents, you should expect no less.” Kelly Sue DeConnick (Bitch Planet, Pretty Deadly)

“Crime, romance and open heart surgery. Highly (cardiac) arresting.” Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine, Star Wars: Darth Vader)

“Heartthrob takes you to the 70s and someplace completely new at the same time. Really dig this book!” Michael Allred (iZombie, Madman)

“Heartthrob is the deeply twisted, 100%-****** up, black-hearted, funny-as-hell, and strong as a mother****** love story that comics deserves. No one loves you like this, weirdo. DIG IT.” Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals)

“Heartthrob is like a person you shouldn’t fall in love with—it might seem wrong but it feels so right.” Sam Humphries (Citizen Jack, Star-Lord)

“Heartthrob is an irresistible crime story filled with madness, makeouts and a protagonist you can’t help falling for… even when you should absolutely know better. Sebela and Wilson are a dream team. The ’70s visuals and references are the perfect backdrop for a retro crime drama, but the story is timeless—that love can and will rip your heart out.” Kate Leth (Fresh Romance, Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat)

“I like when creators take a high concept higher and pull more out of the premise than readers expect. Sebela and Wilson go their own way, and I want to see where they take Callie Boudreau.” Jeff Parker (Meteor Men, Batman ’66)

“Heartthrob tells a terrific story that is both moving and creepy: a refreshingly difficult protagonist whose situation is literally heart-wrenching, paired with the half-man-half-metaphor who—twice—offers her a chance for a new life. The setup for adventure is intriguing, and I can’t wait to see how the leads’ relationship unfolds!” Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages, Prima)

“Heartthrob is unlike anything else right now. The set up is just as brilliant as the execution.” Ryan Ferrier (D4VE, Kennel Block Blues)

“Heartthrob marks the next enthralling, truly original crime series from writer Christopher Sebela and this time he’s teamed up with one of my favorite artists working today, Robert Wilson IV, and the killer color skills of Nick Filardi. I can’t get enough.” Joe Keatinge (Shutter, Ringside)

“Heartthrob is yet another terrific example of why Christopher Sebela is such a powerful and exciting voice in comics. Wilson, Filardi, and Sebela deliver a ferocious issue one, with the promise of even better to come.” Greg Rucka (Queen & Country, Lazarus)

“Heartthrob is a wickedly satisfying tale of anger, frustration and love. Gorgeously produced, from first beat to last.” Declan Shalvey (Injection, Moon Knight: From the Dead)
“Heartthrob is everything indie comics should be. It’s beautiful, unique, has a ton of humanity, and is the perfect amount of ****** up.” Matt Rosenberg (We Can Never Go Home)

“I regret, every day, that Chris Sebela was not born early enough to write episodes of QUINCY M.E. This is the next best thing. Heartthrob is smartly written, wryly drawn, and pitch-perfectly told. I’m hooked.” Chelsea Cain, New York Times-bestselling author of the Archie & Gretchen series
“Heartthrob is a strange, funny comic, one that forges a deep connection between the characters and readers—and it’s clearly is a personal work for Sebela in particular.” ComicsAlliance

5/5 REVIEW: “Heartthrob #1 thoroughly sets up its world, which is equal parts the beginning of Wanted, mixed with the damaged and careless character of Jessica Jones. […] Wilson IV art shows as much character as the writing does. He brings the same amount of intensity he had on Bitch Planet #3.” Comics Bastards

9/10 REVIEW: “The clear cut story and gorgeous, clean art make this an easy read that transplants itself into your head, telling you to read it just once more.” Comicosity
“There’s an influence of Love and Rockets, and even some Underground Comix in these pages, and it serves the story very very well, enhanced by Nick Filardi’s moody colors.” The Pullbox


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