ComicList Preview: EXODUS THE LIFE AFTER #5

by Jeff

681718_320 ComicList Preview: EXODUS THE LIFE AFTER #5Media Release — With reality bent to the whims and wishes of America’s greatest writer, it seems like all of existence will be rewritten. More than a few people have a big problem with that, including THE DEVIL HIMSELF.

(W) Joshua Hale Fialkov
(A/C/CA) Gabo
Age Range: 15 and up
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Price: $3.99

Why It’s Neat:

The climatic finale of the the first arc of EXODUS: THE LIFE AFTER!

Dire consequences arise for our intrepid team when they mess with the balance of heaven and hell!

What people are saying:

“With so many comic books coming out on a weekly basis, the terms underrated and overlooked can be applied to a lot of titles. However, rarely does this truly apply to every single underselling title. That’s not the case with “The Life After.” Gabo and Joshua Hale Fialkov’s Oni Press series is wickedly funny and a really fresh take on the afterlife with characters you’re instantly attached to. […] Ernest Hemingway, of all people, is given the power to control what happens here. If that’s not enough to demonstrate how wild this afterlife is, then I don’t know what is. […] There’s a lot of world building taking place with some very solid character work and it has a killer sense of humor.” Multiversity Comics


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