ComicList Preview: DOCTOR WHO 2015 FOUR DOCTORS TP

by Jeff

aug151715 ComicList Preview: DOCTOR WHO 2015 FOUR DOCTORS TPMedia Release — THE UNIVERSE-SHATTERING CROSSOVER… …THE LAWS OF TIME SAID SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN! Don’t miss this unforgettable first meeting between the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, with guest cameos from past incarnations, and an astonishing mystery at its heart!

Written with style by Paul Cornell, Hugo Award-winning author of Doctor Who episodes ‘Father’s Day’ and ‘Human Nature/The Family of Blood’, and drawn by superstar Neil Edwards (Iron Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Legion of Superheroes), this five-part crossover adventure, collected for the first time in softcover, will take you from the Time War to 1920s Paris, and on to the ends of the universe! Three Doctors, three companions… and a whole host of heated discussions, flailing arms, and perfectly-phrased insults between immortal Time Lords who really should know better!

This one has it all!

Writer: Paul Cornell
Art/Colors: Neil Edwards
Colorist: Ivan Nunes
Lettering: Comicraft
Cover: Neil Edwards & Ivan Nunes
FC – 128pp – $14.99 – ISBN: 978-1785855238
On sale in comic stores: Aug 24
On sale in comic stores: Sept 20

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