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FEB150904 ComicList Preview: BLOOD AND ROSES PARADOX WARS VOLUME 1BLOOD and ROSES SAGA is the story about two strong-willed women that are from different time periods. They travel through out time collecting pieces of the time-stone to restore balance to the time stream. These time “shards” are very powerful and other people decide that they want them for their own purposes. So not only do they travel in time to collect the shards but also must fight to keep the

Introducing many new characters including Tam Rose, Christiana Blood, Skorch, Huntaar all play a major role in the PARADOX WARS.

by Robert W. Hickey, Brad Gorby, Bill Nichols, Jerry Foley
Cover by Brad Gorby

BLOOD & ROSES: PARADOX WARS #1 – Full color, 54 pages, perfect binding comic size, limited collection series.
Available in: April, 2015 Diamond Code (FEB150904)

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With over 25+ years of manufacturing and publishing history, Robert W. Hickey, along with his brother Mike and co-creator Bill Nichols, has started AFTERBURN, a publishing arm that offers comics books, graphic novels and special items to stores in print and digital formats.

Robert is the co-founder of Blue Line Art, the original manufacturer of professional comic book art boards. Blue Line has supplied thousands of artists over the years with quality art boards and supplies. Blue Line was the first to package and offer art boards to retail outlets with over 40 different products that support comic creators.

Creating Sketch Magazine Robert along with Bill Nichols as the current senior editor, offering comic creators their own magazine to learn and share tips and creative techniques of the industry.

The founding force for his SkyStorm Studio where Robert has created comics for over 25 years. Within that time he has created top-selling comic for distribution into mainstream outlets such as Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and comic shops around the world.

AFTERBURN goal is pulling together new and established talents such as Tom & Mary Bierbaum (Legion of Superheroes, Legionnaires), Greg Land (Iron Man, Avengers), Beau Smith (Guy Gardner, Wildcat from DC) and Chris Dreier just to name a few to create quality and entertaining stories.

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