ComicList Preview: ANOTHER CASTLE #4

by Jeff

688825_320 ComicList Preview: ANOTHER CASTLE #4Media Release — Things are looking dire for our valiant heroes. Badlug is on their trail, Misty’s father is marching to battle, and Thrawgg the Unconquered is very close to conquering Gorga and Pete. Will they prevail over the forces of darkness, or will Misty be forced to marry Badlug in order to avert a full-out war?

(W) Andrew Wheeler
(A/C) Paulina Ganucheau
(CA) Paulina Ganucheau (Cover A), Trungles (Cover B)
AGE RANGE: 8 and up
GENRE: Fantasy
PRICE: $3.99

Why We Love It:

We learn more about Robin and Fogmoth’s past relationship!
Gorga and Pete are trapped in the Thrawgg’s lair and must find a way to defeat it!
It turns out there really ARE monsters that feed on boys who are rude to their mothers.
Misty and Badlug’s wedding draws near… and he brings on THE DRAGON.


9.25 OUT OF 10 REVIEW: “Man, just when I thought I had Another Castle figured out, it does something else that makes me appreciate it more.” Graphic Policy

4.5 OUT OF 5 REVIEW: “In my review of the last issue, I said that while it wasn’t necessarily for me, I absolutely loved the fact that comics like Another Castle were on the shelves. Well, after this latest issue, I’m starting to think that this comic might actually be for me after all. It’s sharply written, gorgeously illustrated and packed with humour, intelligence and important messages that never come across as preachy. Seek this one out, check your preconceptions at the door, and thank me later.” Big Comic Page

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