ComicList Preview: ANOTHER CASTLE #2

by Jeff

681670_320 ComicList Preview: ANOTHER CASTLE #2Media Release — Pete, while steadfast and good-hearted, is not the best at defeating monsters. He does, however, have the only sword that can kill Badlug and free Grimoire from tyranny. Misty and Gorga need to clear the way for Pete; thankfully, they meet Zurrd, a witch with (somewhat) impressive powers and the key to Pete’s deliverance. Unfortunately, it’s in the Dark Treasury, which is nigh impossible to break into. Nigh impossible is still technically possible, though!

(W) Andrew Wheeler
(A/C/CA): Paulina Ganucheau
Retailer incentive alternate cover illustrated by Kevin Wada
Age Range: 8 and up
Genre: Fantasy
Price: $3.99

Why It’s Neat:

The gorgeous retailer incentive alternate cover illustrated by Kevin Wada shows off the hunkalicious Prince Babe—I mean Pete, PRINCE PETE.

Princess Misty takes her fate in her own hands and forms a plan of escape!

You asked for it, and you got it—more of the fan favorite characters, the beloved Fogmoth and Gorga!

Badass old lady witches, tough as dragon scales lady ogres, AWESOME LADIES BEING AWESOME!

What the creators have to say:

Writer Andrew Wheeler says, “Issue #2 features a bank heist, so there’s probably more to this story than you’re expecting! Also, we have a rat-headed minotaur. He’s called the verminotaur.”

Artist Paulina Ganucheau says, “There’s also a bar scene full of lady ogres. If that’s not a draw I don’t know what is.”
What people are saying:

5/5 REVIEW: Jake Lionheart raps a recap and review of ANOTHER CASTLE #1!

5/5 REVIEW: “It is a good comic, plain and simple. And you should be reading it and every issue to follow until the inevitable ever-loving ever after.” Kabooooom

9/10 REVIEW: “[…] refreshingly progressive, refreshingly kid-friendly, and most importantly, refreshingly fun. Buy this for a prince or princess in your life—just be sure to treat yourself to it first.” AIPT!

9/10 REVIEW: “[…] [Another Castle] has just as much in common with books like Princeless and shows like Adventure Time as it does with The Legend of Zelda. […] the story fits well along the line of women-centric fantasy comic books like Princeless, Princess Ugg and Rat Queens while still being its own thing. Wheeler and Ganucheau have created a bright and fun universe that is easy to get lost in and makes you root for your heroes right off the bat. No apologies here, the princess you seek is in Another Castle.” Graphic Policy

“Hire Paulina Ganucheau for all of the books. Her charming style and rich color work make Another Castle #1 worth picking up almost for the art alone. […] Wheeler’s writing is solid, bolstered by Ganucheau’s beautiful artwork and character designs.” Newsarama, “Best Shots: Advanced Reviews”

“[…] smart, funny, and subversive […] The stylish and colorful art already makes it stand out from a bulk of what’s on the shelf, and the story is equally refreshing. […] Princess Misty of Beldora is no typical damsel, as she actually has to keep up appearances that she’s a helpless prisoner as she secretly plots to undermine the evil villain. It’s a story that could not come at a more relevant time in geekdom.” IGN, “Top Comics to Buy This Week”

“If you’re looking for a book that’s fun and light-hearted, but with some significant depth to its characters, you really might want to give Another Castle #1 a try.”

“[Another Castle] is not your usual prince-hating Disney princess tale. […] The art is beautiful and full of rich primary colors and deep pastels.” 13th Dimension, “Reviews! 4 Comics We Dig This Week”

“Verdict? Buy it, of course! Are you enjoying comics like Batgirl, Patsy Walker or Zodiac Starforce? You will definitely be hooked […] Looking for a comic that portrays a strong heroine who is both girly and tough with fantastic art? Another Castle is perfect for you!” Talking Comic Books

“Misty is not portrayed as a one-dimensional, helpless little girl, but an intelligent and strong-willed woman determined to save her kingdom. What’s incredibly refreshing, however, is that Misty bears all these characteristics whilst rocking a ball gown! Time and time again, women are portrayed as either ‘weak but glamorous’, or ‘strong but entirely unfamiliar with the concept of make-up’. One of the book’s key strengths is recognising that women can be both […]” Big Comic Page

“The book’s look is a dream. A clean, colorful, better-than-Nintendo retro aesthetic takes the girly and makes it androgyne. Not with pixels, but with a rainbow Zelda sticker book. Another Castle is heavy channeling the cereal box simplicity of Saturday morning cartoons from the 80s—and I want an action figure of Gorga, the blue-skinned, Medusean handmaiden with the golden (and scone eating!) corn snake hair so badly.” Doom Rocket


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