ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 10/28/2020 (CSV)

by Charles LePage

ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, October 28, 2020. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, and is © 1995-2020 Charles S. LePage.

STL164421 ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 10/28/2020 (CSV)

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PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will arrive in all stores. Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong. Items with release dates not verified by Diamond Distribution are individually noted. Some of the DC Comics titles listed may have arrived in stores already through Lunar Distribution and UCS Comic Distributors.

10/28/20,APR201765,007 MAGAZINE AND ARCHIVE,007 Magazine Bond Girls Omnibus,$25.99
10/28/20,DEC191613,007 MAGAZINE AND ARCHIVE,007 Magazine Special Daniel Craig James Bond,$25.99
10/28/20,AUG201207,A WAVE BLUE WORLD,American Terrorist GN,$19.99
10/28/20,MAR201421,AARDVARK VANAHEIM,Cerebus Volume 2 High Society TP (Remastered I Vote For Cerebus Edition),$40.00
10/28/20,MAR201420,AARDVARK VANAHEIM,Cerebus Volume 2 High Society TP (Remastered Red State Edition),$40.00
10/28/20,AUG201039,AARDVARK VANAHEIM,Vault Of Cerebus #1 (One Shot),$4.00
10/28/20,AUG201084,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Sympathy For No Devils #1 (Cover A Lee Ferguson),$4.99
10/28/20,AUG201085,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Sympathy For No Devils #1 (Cover B Georges Jeanty),AR
10/28/20,AUG201098,AHOY COMICS,Captain Ginger Volume 2 TP,$16.99
10/28/20,AUG201103,ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS,Grumble Memphis And Beyond the Infinite #4 (Of 5),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201110,ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS,Unholy Bastards Vs The Future #1 (One Shot),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201125,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Zorro In The Land That Time Forgot #1 (Cover A Roy Allen Martinez),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201126,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Zorro In The Land That Time Forgot #1 (Cover B Miriana Puglia),$4.99
10/28/20,AUG201127,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Zorro In The Land That Time Forgot #1 (Cover C Alessandro Ranaldi),$9.99
10/28/20,AUG201114,AMULET BOOKS,Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Volume 15 The Deep End HC,$14.99
10/28/20,AUG201176,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie Giant Comics Leap GN,$9.99
10/28/20,AUG201180,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Betty And Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #288,$7.99
10/28/20,AUG201219,AWA STUDIOS,Old Haunts #5 (Of 5),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201221,BALZER + BRAY,Emmie And Friends Four Book Box Set,$51.96
10/28/20,AUG201225,BEHEMOTH COMICS,Found Footage Volume 1 GN,$9.99
10/28/20,FEB201589,BIG FINISH,Doctor Who Gallifrey Time War Volume 3 Audio CD,$58.99
10/28/20,JAN201615,BIG FINISH,Doctor Who The Diary Of River Song Volume 7 Audio CD,$58.99
10/28/20,MAR201703,BIG FINISH,Doctor Who The First Doctor Adventures Volume 4 Audio CD,$58.99
10/28/20,JAN201616,BIG FINISH,Doctor Who The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 9 Volume 2 Audio CD,$49.99
10/28/20,APR201706,BIG FINISH,Doctor Who The Lives Of Captain Jack Volume 3 Audio CD,$49.99
10/28/20,JAN201617,BIG FINISH,Doctor Who The Monthly Adventures Volume 261 The Psychic Circus Audio CD,$24.99
10/28/20,APR201703,BIG FINISH,Doctor Who The Monthly Adventures Volume 262 Subterfuge Audio CD,$24.99
10/28/20,APR201705,BIG FINISH,Doctor Who The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 6 Audio CD,$58.99
10/28/20,FEB201588,BIG FINISH,Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles Audio CD,$58.99
10/28/20,APR201704,BIG FINISH,Doctor Who The Worlds Of Doctor Who Susan’s War Audio CD,$58.99
10/28/20,JAN201619,BIG FINISH,Torchwood The Sins Of Captain John Audio CD,$58.99
10/28/20,JAN201618,BIG FINISH,Torchwood Volume 35 Fortitude Audio Audio CD,$16.99
10/28/20,FEB201590,BIG FINISH,Torchwood Volume 36 Dissected Audio CD,$16.99
10/28/20,APR201707,BIG FINISH,Torchwood Volume 37 Tropical Beach Sounds And Other Relaxing Seascapes #4 Audio CD,$18.99
10/28/20,MAR201704,BIG FINISH,Worlds Of Doctor Who Donna Noble Kidnapped Audio CD,$58.99
10/28/20,AUG201232,BLISS ON TAP,Weed Magic #4 (Of 4),$4.20
10/28/20,AUG201237,BLUE JUICE COMICS,Accelerators #19 (Forwards And Backwards Part 4 Of 5),$3.99
10/28/20,DEC191578,BOOK PALACE,Fleetway Picture Library Classics Presents Air War Stories TP,$34.99
10/28/20,DEC191579,BOOK PALACE,Fleetway Picture Library Classics Presents John Steel TP,$34.99
10/28/20,JAN201630,BOOK PALACE,Illustrators Magazine #29,$24.99
10/28/20,DEC191577,BOOK PALACE,Illustrators Special #7 (Pirates),$34.99
10/28/20,AUG200987,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel And Spike #15 (Cover A Christopher Mitten),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200988,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel And Spike #15 (Cover B Gleb Melnikov Character Spotlight Variant),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200989,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel And Spike #15 (Cover C Rob Bowyer),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200990,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel And Spike #15 (Cover D Christopher J. Mitten Black & White Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUN200784,BOOM! STUDIOS,Encyclopedia Lumberjanica An Illustrated Guide To The World Of Lumberjanes SC,$9.99
10/28/20,JUN200790,BOOM! STUDIOS,Firefly The Unification War Deluxe Edition HC,$75.00
10/28/20,AUG201019,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mega Man Fully Charged #3 (Cover A Toni Infante),$4.99
10/28/20,AUG201020,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mega Man Fully Charged #3 (Cover B Miguel Mercado Level Up Variant),AR
10/28/20,AUG201021,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mega Man Fully Charged #3 (Cover C Jonboy Meyers),$4.99
10/28/20,AUG208857,BOOM! STUDIOS,Once And Future #9 (Dan Mora 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201014,BOOM! STUDIOS,Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn #3 (Cover A Jung-Geun Yoon Secret Variant),$4.99
10/28/20,AUG201015,BOOM! STUDIOS,Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn #3 (Cover B Goni Montes Foil Variant),$5.99
10/28/20,AUG201016,BOOM! STUDIOS,Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn #3 (Cover C Christian Ward),AR
10/28/20,AUG201017,BOOM! STUDIOS,Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn #3 (Cover D Christian Ward),AR
10/28/20,JUN200773,BOOM! STUDIOS,Power Rangers Sins Of The Future GN,$19.99
10/28/20,AUG200975,BOOM! STUDIOS,Unkindness Of Ravens #2 (Cover A Dan Panosian),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200976,BOOM! STUDIOS,Unkindness Of Ravens #2 (Cover B Qistina Khalidah Raven Variant),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200977,BOOM! STUDIOS,Unkindness Of Ravens #2 (Cover C Dani),AR
10/28/20,AUG200973,BOOM! STUDIOS,Wynd #5 (Of 5)(Cover A Michael Dialynas),$4.99
10/28/20,AUG200974,BOOM! STUDIOS,Wynd #5 (Of 5)(Cover B Peach Momoko),AR
10/28/20,,BOOM! STUDIOS,Wynd #5 (Of 5)(Cover C Michael Dialynas Thank You Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUL201108,BROADSWORD COMICS,Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #118 (Deluxe Halloween Edition),$19.99
10/28/20,JUN200998,BROADSWORD COMICS,Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #123 (Alternate Paths Raven Hex The Swordmaiden #2)(Cover D Cosplay Photo Variant),$31.99
10/28/20,AUG201242,BROADSWORD COMICS,Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #124 (Alternate Paths Boo Cat #1)(Cover A Jim Balent),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201242,BROADSWORD COMICS,Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #124 (Alternate Paths Boo Cat #1)(Cover B Jim Balent),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201245,BROADSWORD COMICS,Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #124 (Alternate Paths Boo Cat #1)(Cover C Jim Balent),AR
10/28/20,JUN201000,BUNO BOOKS,Lost HC,$14.99
10/28/20,AUG201246,CALIBER ENTERTAINMENT,Geek Of The Gods SC,$14.99
10/28/20,SEP201153,CAPSTONE – PICTURE WINDOW BOOK,Amazing Adventures Of The DC Super-Pets Cave Of Kryptonite SC,$6.95
10/28/20,SEP201154,CAPSTONE – PICTURE WINDOW BOOK,Amazing Adventures Of The DC Super-Pets Crime-Fighting Cat SC,$6.95
10/28/20,SEP201155,CAPSTONE – PICTURE WINDOW BOOK,Amazing Adventures Of The DC Super-Pets The Ice Cream Caper SC,$6.95
10/28/20,SEP201156,CAPSTONE – PICTURE WINDOW BOOK,Amazing Adventures Of The DC Super-Pets Trouble On Paradise Island SC,$6.95
10/28/20,SEP201157,CAPSTONE PRESS,Save The Day Wonder Woman HC,$17.99
10/28/20,AUG201278,COMIC SHOP NEWS,Comic Shop News #1732,AR
10/28/20,AUG201280,COMICMIX,Deadbeats Omnibus Volume 3 TP,$25.00
10/28/20,AUG200392,DARK HORSE COMICS,Colonel Weird Cosmagog #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Tyler Crook),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200393,DARK HORSE COMICS,Colonel Weird Cosmagog #1 (Of 4)(Cover B Jeff Lemire & Dave Stewart),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200402,DARK HORSE COMICS,Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. The Return Of Effie Kolb #2 (Of 2)(Cover A Zach Howard),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200398,DARK HORSE COMICS,Stranger Things Science Camp #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Viktor Kalvachev),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200399,DARK HORSE COMICS,Stranger Things Science Camp #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Tula Lotay),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200400,DARK HORSE COMICS,Stranger Things Science Camp #2 (Of 4)(Cover C Eric Nguyen),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200417,DARK HORSE COMICS,X-Ray Robot #3 (Of 4)(Cover A Mike Allred),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200418,DARK HORSE COMICS,X-Ray Robot #3 (Of 4)(Cover B Greg Smallwood),$3.99
10/28/20,UCS20030610,DC COMICS,Absolute Swamp Thing By Alan Moore Volume 1 HC (New Edition),$99.99
10/28/20,UCS20030608,DC COMICS,Absolute Swamp Thing By Alan Moore Volume 2 HC,$99.99
10/28/20,UCS20080071,DC COMICS,Action Comics #1026 (Cover A John Romita Jr. & Klaus Janson),$3.99
10/28/20,UCS20080072,DC COMICS,Action Comics #1026 (Cover B Lucio Parrillo),AR
10/28/20,UCS20080014,DC COMICS,Batgirl #50 (Cover A Joshua Middleton),$5.99
10/28/20,UCS20080015,DC COMICS,Batgirl #50 (Cover B Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson),AR
10/28/20,UCS20070114,DC COMICS,Batman 80 Years Of The Bat Family TP,$29.99
10/28/20,UCS20080080,DC COMICS,Batman Beyond #48 (Cover A Dan Mora),$3.99
10/28/20,UCS20080081,DC COMICS,Batman Beyond #48 (Cover B Francis Manapul),AR
10/28/20,UCS20080084,DC COMICS,Batman Superman #13 (Cover A David Marquez),$3.99
10/28/20,UCS20080085,DC COMICS,Batman Superman #13 (Cover B Mark Brooks Card Stock Variant),AR
10/28/20,UCS20070136,DC COMICS,Batman The Man Who Laughs The Deluxe Edition HC,$29.99
10/28/20,UCS20080031,DC COMICS,Batman Three Jokers #3 (Of 3)(Cover A Jason Fabok),$6.99
10/28/20,UCS20080032,DC COMICS,Batman Three Jokers #3 (Of 3)(Cover B Jason Fabok Red Hood Variant),AR
10/28/20,UCS20080033,DC COMICS,Batman Three Jokers #3 (Of 3)(Cover C Jason Fabok Purple Variant),AR
10/28/20,UCS20080034,DC COMICS,Batman Three Jokers #3 (Of 3)(Cover D Jason Fabok Black & White Variant),AR
10/28/20,UCS20080035,DC COMICS,Batman Three Jokers #3 (Of 3)(Cover E Jason Fabok The Killing Joke Hawaiian Shirt And Camera Variant),AR
10/28/20,UCS20080036,DC COMICS,Batman Three Jokers #3 (Of 3)(Cover F Jason Fabok Stand-Up Comedian Variant),AR
10/28/20,UCS20080037,DC COMICS,Batman Three Jokers #3 (Of 3)(Cover G Jason Fabok Endgame Mohawk Variant),AR
10/28/20,UCS20080038,DC COMICS,Batman Three Jokers #3 (Of 3)(Cover H Contact Cover Variant),AR
10/28/20,UCS20080045,DC COMICS,Dark Nights Death Metal Rise Of The New God #1 (Cover A Ian Bertram),$5.99
10/28/20,UCS20080046,DC COMICS,Dark Nights Death Metal Rise Of The New God #1 (Cover B Bosslogic Card Stock Variant),AR
10/28/20,UCS20030636,DC COMICS,DC Poster Portfolio DCeased TP,$24.99
10/28/20,UCS20080012,DC COMICS,Detective Comics #1029 (Cover A Kenneth Rocafort),$3.99
10/28/20,UCS20080013,DC COMICS,Detective Comics #1029 (Cover B Lee Bermejo Card Stock Variant),AR
10/28/20,UCS20080098,DC COMICS,Flash #764 (Cover A Bernard Chang),$3.99
10/28/20,UCS20080099,DC COMICS,Flash #764 (Cover B In-Hyuk Lee),AR
10/28/20,UCS20070123,DC COMICS,House Of Whispers Volume 3 Watching The Watchers TP,$19.99
10/28/20,UCS20080104,DC COMICS,John Constantine Hellblazer #11,$3.99
10/28/20,UCS20080105,DC COMICS,Justice League Dark #27 (Cover A Yanick Paquette),$3.99
10/28/20,UCS20080106,DC COMICS,Justice League Dark #27 (Cover B Kael Ngu),AR
10/28/20,UCS20080058,DC COMICS,Last God Songs Of Lost Children #1,$4.99
10/28/20,UCS20080109,DC COMICS,Legion Of Super-Heroes #10 (Cover A Ryan Sook),$3.99
10/28/20,UCS20080110,DC COMICS,Legion Of Super-Heroes #10 (Cover B Darko Lafuente),AR
10/28/20,UCS20080114,DC COMICS,Red Hood Outlaw #50 (Cover A Dexter Soy),$5.99
10/28/20,UCS20080115,DC COMICS,Red Hood Outlaw #50 (Cover B Philip Tan),AR
10/28/20,UCS20070140,DC COMICS,Shazam The Deluxe Edition HC,$34.99
10/28/20,UCS20080117,DC COMICS,Suicide Squad #10 (Cover A Bruno Redondo),$3.99
10/28/20,UCS20080118,DC COMICS,Suicide Squad #10 (Cover B Travis Moore),AR
10/28/20,UCS20070129,DC COMICS,Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen Who Killed Jimmy Olsen? TP,$29.99
10/28/20,UCS20080064,DC COMICS,Wonder Woman #765 (Cover A David Marquez),$4.99
10/28/20,UCS20080065,DC COMICS,Wonder Woman #765 (Cover B Joshua Middleton Card Stock Variant),AR
10/28/20,SEP200009,DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS,Game Trade Magazine #249,$3.99
10/28/20,SEP200001,DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS,Previews #386 (November 2020),$3.99
10/28/20,SEP201188,DK PUBLISHING,I Am C-3PO The Inside Story SC,$16.99
10/28/20,NOV191084,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound Volume 1 TP,$19.99
10/28/20,AUG200873,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,George R.R. Martin’s A Clash Of Kings #8 (Cover A Mike S. Miller),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200874,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,George R.R. Martin’s A Clash Of Kings #8 (Cover B Mel Rubi),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200875,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,George R.R. Martin’s A Clash Of Kings #8 (Cover C Mel Rubi Virgin Variant),AR
10/28/20,AUG200876,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,George R.R. Martin’s A Clash Of Kings #8 (Cover D Mel Rubi Black & White Variant),AR
10/28/20,AUG200877,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,George R.R. Martin’s A Clash Of Kings #8 (Cover E Copy Mike S. Miller Virgin Variant),AR
10/28/20,NOV191119,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,James Bond 007 Volume 2 HC,$24.99
10/28/20,NOV191173,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica Volume 1 TP,$19.99
10/28/20,JUL200825,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover A Jae Lee),$3.99
10/28/20,JUL200826,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover B Lauren Walsh),$3.99
10/28/20,JUL200827,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover C Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire),$3.99
10/28/20,JUL200828,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover D Giulietta Zawadzki Cosplay Variant),$3.99
10/28/20,JUL200829,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover E Drew Moss),$3.99
10/28/20,JUL208763,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover F Roberto Castro Bonus Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUL200830,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover G Brent Peeples Rob Liefeld Homage Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUL208764,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover H Roberto Castro Black & White Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUL200831,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover I Drew Moss Black & White Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUL208765,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover J Drew Moss Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUL200832,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover K Brent Peeples Rob Liefeld Homage Black & White Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUL208766,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover L Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUL200833,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover M Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire Virgin Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUL208767,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover N Jae Lee Black & White Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUL208768,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover O Jae Lee Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUL200834,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover P Drew Moss Virgin Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUL200835,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #11 (Cover Q Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire Black & White Variant),AR
10/28/20,SEP201774,FAKKU BOOKS,Mogudan Illutstrated Works SC (adult),$39.95
10/28/20,JUN201075,FANFARE PRESENTS PONENT MON,Michigan On The Trail Of A War Bride HC,$24.00
10/28/20,AUG201344,FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS,Prince Valiant Volume 22 1979-1980 HC,$34.99
10/28/20,SEP201260,FIRST COMICS,Inspector Oh GN,$19.99
10/28/20,SEP201261,FIRST COMICS,Tales Of The S.S. Junky Star HC,$19.99
10/28/20,JUL201593,GHOST SHIP,Parallel Paradise Volume 3 GN,$13.99
10/28/20,JUL201594,GHOST SHIP,World’s End Harem Fantasia Volume 3 GN,$13.99
10/28/20,AUG201395,HARPER ALLEY,Measuring Up GN,$12.99
10/28/20,AUG201396,HARPER ALLEY,Measuring Up HC,$22.99
10/28/20,AUG201397,HARPER ALLEY,PopularMMOs Presents Zombies’ Day Off HC,$19.99
10/28/20,AUG201398,HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS,Sapiens Volume 1 The Birth Of Humankind GN,$25.99
10/28/20,JUN201162,HERMES PRESS,Dark Shadows Paperback Library Novel Volume 10 The Phantom And Barnabas Collins SC,$14.99
10/28/20,JUN201161,HERMES PRESS,Dark Shadows Paperback Library Novel Volume 9 The Foe Of Barnabas Collins SC,$14.99
10/28/20,AUG201425,HORRORHOUND,HorrorHound #85,$6.99
10/28/20,AUG201428,HUMANOIDS,Dog Days GN,$17.99
10/28/20,JUL201244,HUMANOIDS,Wings Of Light GN,$17.99
10/28/20,AUG200564,IDW PUBLISHING,Canto II The Hollow Men #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Drew Zucker),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200565,IDW PUBLISHING,Canto II The Hollow Men #3 (Of 5)(Cover B Natasha Alterici),AR
10/28/20,JUL208890,IDW PUBLISHING,Crow Lethe #1 (Peach Momoko 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/28/20,JUL208892,IDW PUBLISHING,Crow Lethe #2 (Peach Momoko 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/28/20,JUL208891,IDW PUBLISHING,Crow Lethe #3 (Peach Momoko 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/28/20,APR200780,IDW PUBLISHING,Dying Is Easy HC,$19.99
10/28/20,MAR200812,IDW PUBLISHING,G.I. Joe #9 (Cover A Chris Evenhuis),$3.99
10/28/20,MAR200813,IDW PUBLISHING,G.I. Joe #9 (Cover B Freddie E. Williams II),$3.99
10/28/20,MAR200814,IDW PUBLISHING,G.I. Joe #9 (Cover C Scott Drummond),AR
10/28/20,JAN200754,IDW PUBLISHING,Monkey Vs Robot The Complete Epic TP,$29.99
10/28/20,APR200788,IDW PUBLISHING,Redbone la Verdadera Historia de una Banda de Rock Nativa Americana HC,$19.99
10/28/20,APR208874,IDW PUBLISHING,Redbone The True Story Of A Native American Rock Band HC,$19.99
10/28/20,APR200769,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Trek Year Five #15 (Cover A Stephen Thompson),$3.99
10/28/20,APR200770,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Trek Year Five #15 (Cover B J.J. Lendl),AR
10/28/20,JUN200557,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Last Ronin #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Esau Escorza & Isaac Escorza),$8.99
10/28/20,JUN200558,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Last Ronin #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Kevin Eastman),AR
10/28/20,JUN200559,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Last Ronin #1 (Of 5)(Cover C Mateus Santolouco),AR
10/28/20,,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Last Ronin #1 (Of 5)(Cover D Kevin Eastman Thank You Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUN200585,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers ’84 Secrets And Lies #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Guido Guidi),$3.99
10/28/20,JUN200586,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers ’84 Secrets And Lies #4 (Of 4)(Cover B Casey W. Coller),$3.99
10/28/20,JUN200587,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers ’84 Secrets And Lies #4 (Of 4)(Cover C Nick Roche),AR
10/28/20,JUL200561,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers Galaxies #11 (Cover A Andrew Griffith),$3.99
10/28/20,JUL200562,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers Galaxies #11 (Cover B Alex Milne),$3.99
10/28/20,JUL200563,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers Galaxies #11 (Cover C Brendan Cahill),AR
10/28/20,JUN200251,IMAGE COMICS,A Man Among Ye #3,$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200330,IMAGE COMICS,Ascender #14,$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200333,IMAGE COMICS,Bliss #4 (Of 8),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200050,IMAGE COMICS,Blue In Green GN,$17.99
10/28/20,AUG200334,IMAGE COMICS,Chu #4,$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200336,IMAGE COMICS,Dead Body Road Bad Blood #5 (Of 6),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200339,IMAGE COMICS,Department Of Truth #2 (Cover A Martin Simmonds),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200340,IMAGE COMICS,Department Of Truth #2 (Cover B Christian Ward),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG209043,IMAGE COMICS,Department Of Truth #2 (Cover C Francesco Francavilla),AR
10/28/20,AUG209044,IMAGE COMICS,Department Of Truth #2 (Cover D David Romero),AR
10/28/20,AUG209045,IMAGE COMICS,Department Of Truth #2 (Cover E Martin Simmonds),AR
10/28/20,AUG200087,IMAGE COMICS,Exorsisters Volume 2 Kick At The Darkness TP,$16.99
10/28/20,AUG200351,IMAGE COMICS,Killadelphia #9 (Cover A Jason Shawn Alexander),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200352,IMAGE COMICS,Killadelphia #9 (Cover B Francesco Mattina),$3.99
10/28/20,JUN200247,IMAGE COMICS,Lazarus Risen #5,$7.99
10/28/20,AUG200061,IMAGE COMICS,Nailbiter Returns #6,$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200095,IMAGE COMICS,Nailbiter Volume 7 Nailbiter Returns TP,$16.99
10/28/20,JUL200041,IMAGE COMICS,Sex Criminals #69 (Cover A Chip Zdarsky),$3.99
10/28/20,JUL200042,IMAGE COMICS,Sex Criminals #69 (Cover B Jamie McKelvie XXX Variant),$4.69
10/28/20,JUL200043,IMAGE COMICS,Sex Criminals #69 (Cover C Photo XXX Variant),$4.69
10/28/20,AUG200368,IMAGE COMICS,Spawn #311 (Cover A Francesco Mattina),$2.99
10/28/20,AUG200369,IMAGE COMICS,Spawn #311 (Cover B Todd McFarlane),$2.99
10/28/20,AUG200370,IMAGE COMICS,Spawn #311 (Cover C Carlo Barberi),$2.99
10/28/20,AUG200062,IMAGE COMICS,Tartarus #6 (Cover A Andrew Krahnke),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200063,IMAGE COMICS,Tartarus #6 (Cover B Artyom Trakhanov),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200374,IMAGE COMICS,Undiscovered Country #9 (Cover A Giuseppe Camuncoli),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200375,IMAGE COMICS,Undiscovered Country #9 (Cover B Dave Johnson),$3.99
10/28/20,JUN201181,INSIGHT COMICS,Harmony Volume 1 GN,$29.99
10/28/20,AUG201436,INSIGHT EDITIONS,Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Bestiary HC,$29.99
10/28/20,JUL201259,IT’S ALIVE,Air War Stories #2,$9.99
10/28/20,AUG201446,IT’S ALIVE,Breathers #4 (Cover A Justin Madson),$7.99
10/28/20,AUG201447,IT’S ALIVE,Breathers #4 (Cover B Justin Madson),$7.99
10/28/20,AUG201448,IT’S ALIVE,Holler #2 (Cover A Jeremy Massie),$5.99
10/28/20,AUG201449,IT’S ALIVE,Holler #2 (Cover B Jeremy Massie),$5.99
10/28/20,AUG201453,JY,Gabby And Gator GN,$11.00
10/28/20,APR201918,KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT,Ninjas And Robots #2 (Cover A Erik Klaus),$4.99
10/28/20,APR201919,KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT,Ninjas And Robots #2 (Cover B Minkyu Jung),$4.99
10/28/20,APR201920,KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT,Ninjas And Robots #2 (Cover C GoChi),$4.99
10/28/20,APR201921,KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT,Ninjas And Robots #2 (Cover D Jon Lankry),$4.99
10/28/20,APR201926,KENZER AND COMPANY,Knights Of The Dinner Table #277,$5.99
10/28/20,AUG201816,KODANSHA COMICS,Cells At Work Code Black Volume 6 GN,$12.99
10/28/20,JUL201613,KODANSHA COMICS,Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Volume 5 GN,$10.99
10/28/20,SEP201619,KODANSHA COMICS,Fate Grand Order mortalis:stella Volume 2 GN,$12.99
10/28/20,AUG201797,KODANSHA COMICS,Fire Force Volume 20 GN,$10.99
10/28/20,AUG201801,KODANSHA COMICS,Heroic Legend Of Arslan Volume 13 GN,$10.99
10/28/20,JUL201607,KODANSHA COMICS,If I Could Reach You Volume 5 GN,$12.99
10/28/20,APR202242,KODANSHA COMICS,Kiss Me At The Stroke of Midnight Volume 11 GN,$12.99
10/28/20,APR202244,KODANSHA COMICS,Love And Lies Volume 9 GN,$12.99
10/28/20,AUG201827,KODANSHA COMICS,Sue And Tai-chan Volume 2 GN,$12.99
10/28/20,AUG201813,KODANSHA COMICS,That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Trinity In Tempest Volume 1 GN,$12.99
10/28/20,AUG201809,KODANSHA COMICS,UQ Holder Volume 20 GN,$10.99
10/28/20,AUG201814,KODANSHA COMICS,Witch And The Beast Volume 1 GN,$12.99
10/28/20,JUL201268,LEGENDARY COMICS,Dracula Starring Bela Lugosi HC,$29.99
10/28/20,APR201930,LO SCARABEO,Little Big Horn GN,$42.50
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10/28/20,AUG201469,MAGNETIC PRESS,Pistouvi GN,$19.99
10/28/20,APR202228,MANGA CLASSICS,Manga Classics Anne Of Green Gables GN,$19.99
10/28/20,AUG201838,MANGA CLASSICS,Manga Classics Frankenstein GN,$19.99
10/28/20,AUG201468,MANUSCRIPT PRESS,Comics Revue Presents October 2020,$19.95
10/28/20,SEP201339,MARRS MEDIA,Rue Morgue Magazine #197 (November/December 2020),$9.95
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10/28/20,AUG200646,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Spider-Man #51 (Cover B In-Hyuk Lee),AR
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10/28/20,JAN201042,MARVEL COMICS,Daredevil The Man Without Fear Marvel Select HC,$24.99
10/28/20,AUG200749,MARVEL COMICS,Dawn Of X Volume 9 TP,$17.99
10/28/20,MAR201038,MARVEL COMICS,Doctor Doom #8 (Cover A Salvador Larroca),$3.99
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10/28/20,AUG200678,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four Antithesis #3 (Of 4)(Cover B Greg Land),AR
10/28/20,AUG200679,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four Antithesis #3 (Of 4)(Cover C Alex Ross Medusa Timeless Virgin Variant),AR
10/28/20,JUN208926,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four Antithesis #3 (Of 4)(Cover D Alex Ross Medusa Timeless Virgin Sketch Variant),AR
10/28/20,AUG200756,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four Epic Collection Volume 6 At War With Atlantis TP,$39.99
10/28/20,AUG200693,MARVEL COMICS,Immortal Hulk #39 (Cover A Alex Ross),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200694,MARVEL COMICS,Immortal Hulk #39 (Cover B Joe Bennett Spoiler Variant),AR
10/28/20,APR201079,MARVEL COMICS,Incredible Hulk By Peter David Omnibus Volume 2 HC (Dale Keown Anniversary Direct Market Cover),$125.00
10/28/20,APR201078,MARVEL COMICS,Incredible Hulk By Peter David Omnibus Volume 2 HC (Dale Keown Hulk Vs Hulk Book Market Cover),$125.00
10/28/20,MAR201082,MARVEL COMICS,Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus HC (George Perez Book Market Cover)(New Printing),$125.00
10/28/20,MAR201083,MARVEL COMICS,Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus HC (Jim Starlin Direct Market Variant)(New Printing),$125.00
10/28/20,JUL200693,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man 2020 Robot Revolution Force Works TP,$17.99
10/28/20,JUL200703,MARVEL COMICS,Ironheart Meant To Fly TP,$12.99
10/28/20,FEB201072,MARVEL COMICS,League Of Legends Zed TP,$15.99
10/28/20,MAR201106,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Art Of Mondo Poster Book TP,$24.99
10/28/20,FEB201041,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Art Of Savage Sword Of Conan HC,$50.00
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10/28/20,MAR201079,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Masterworks The Defenders Volume 7 HC (Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 295),$75.00
10/28/20,SEP200002,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Previews Volume 5 #5 (November 2020),$1.25
10/28/20,FEB201000,MARVEL COMICS,Runaways #32,$3.99
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10/28/20,AUG200684,MARVEL COMICS,Savage Avengers #13 (Cover B Boss Logic),AR
10/28/20,AUG200685,MARVEL COMICS,Shang-Chi #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Philip Tan),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200686,MARVEL COMICS,Shang-Chi #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Marcus To),AR
10/28/20,AUG200687,MARVEL COMICS,Shang-Chi #2 (Of 5)(Cover C Alex Ross Shang-Chi Timeless Virgin Variant),AR
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10/28/20,FEB201044,MARVEL COMICS,She-Hulk By Dan Slott Omnibus HC,$100.00
10/28/20,AUG200649,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Man Noir #5 (Of 5),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200725,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Doctor Aphra #5 (Cover A Valentina Remenar),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG200726,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Doctor Aphra #5 (Cover B Terry Dodson),AR
10/28/20,APR201115,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars From The Journals Of Obi-Wan Kenobi TP,$19.99
10/28/20,APR200962,MARVEL COMICS,Strange Academy #4 (Cover A Humberto Ramos),$3.99
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10/28/20,FEB200845,MARVEL COMICS,True Believers Black Widow And The Thing #1,$1.00
10/28/20,FEB200844,MARVEL COMICS,True Believers Black Widow Yelena Belova #1,$1.00
10/28/20,AUG200630,MARVEL COMICS,X Of Swords Stasis #1 (Cover A Pepe Larraz),$4.99
10/28/20,AUG200631,MARVEL COMICS,X Of Swords Stasis #1 (Cover B Pepe Larraz Design Variant),AR
10/28/20,AUG200632,MARVEL COMICS,X Of Swords Stasis #1 (Cover C Coax),AR
10/28/20,AUG200633,MARVEL COMICS,X Of Swords Stasis #1 (Cover D Michael Del Mundo),AR
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10/28/20,AUG200635,MARVEL COMICS,X Of Swords Stasis #1 (Cover F Humberto Ramos),AR
10/28/20,SEP201341,MOORDAM COMICS,Hully Gee It’s The Yellow Kid #1,$10.00
10/28/20,JUL201305,ONI PRESS,Backtrack Volume 1 TP,$19.99
10/28/20,JUL201316,ONI PRESS,Drawn To Sex Volume 2 Our Bodies And Health GN,$19.99
10/28/20,JUL201311,ONI PRESS,Gudetama Surviving The Holidays HC,$9.99
10/28/20,JUL201302,ONI PRESS,Odessa GN,$19.99
10/28/20,JUL201304,ONI PRESS,Quick And Easy Guide To Consent TP,$7.99
10/28/20,JUL201315,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty Deluxe Edition Volume 5 HC,$49.99
10/28/20,AUG201481,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty Ever After #1 (Cover A Sarah Stern),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201482,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty Ever After #1 (Cover B Emmett Helen),$3.99
10/28/20,JUN201232,ONI PRESS,This Is A Flying Rat HC,$15.99
10/28/20,FEB201892,PANINI PUBLISHING,Doctor Who Magazine #550,$19.99
10/28/20,FEB201893,PANINI PUBLISHING,Doctor Who Magazine #551,$11.99
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10/28/20,AUG201497,PAPERCUTZ,Loud House Winter Special HC,$12.99
10/28/20,AUG201496,PAPERCUTZ,Loud House Winter Special SC,$7.99
10/28/20,JUN201270,PAPERCUTZ,Sisters Volume 6 Hurricane Maureen GN,$9.99
10/28/20,JUN201271,PAPERCUTZ,Sisters Volume 6 Hurricane Maureen HC,$14.99
10/28/20,AUG201499,PAPERCUTZ,X-Venture Xplorers Volume 1 The Kingdom Of Animals Lion Vs Tiger HC,$16.99
10/28/20,AUG201498,PAPERCUTZ,X-Venture Xplorers Volume 1 The Kingdom Of Animals Lion Vs Tiger SC,$12.99
10/28/20,FEB201937,PS ARTBOOKS,Eerie Tales Magazine #1,$11.99
10/28/20,FEB201931,PS ARTBOOKS,Pre-Code Classics Beware Terror Tales Volume 2 HC,$46.99
10/28/20,FEB201932,PS ARTBOOKS,Pre-Code Classics Beware Terror Tales Volume 2 HC (Slipcase Edition),$56.99
10/28/20,JAN201929,PS ARTBOOKS,Pre-Code Classics Operation Peril Volume 3 HC,$46.99
10/28/20,JAN201930,PS ARTBOOKS,Pre-Code Classics Operation Peril Volume 3 HC (Slipcase Edition),$56.99
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10/28/20,MAR202045,PS ARTBOOKS,PS Artbooks Strange Mysteries Softee Volume 1 TP,$24.99
10/28/20,FEB201933,PS ARTBOOKS,Silver Age Classics Space Adventures Volume 4 HC,$46.99
10/28/20,FEB201934,PS ARTBOOKS,Silver Age Classics Space Adventures Volume 4 HC (Slipcase Edition),$56.99
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10/28/20,JAN201933,PS ARTBOOKS,Silver Age Classics Strange Mysteries Volume 1 HC (Slipcase Edition),$56.99
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10/28/20,FEB201936,PS ARTBOOKS,Weird Mysteries Magazine #1,$11.99
10/28/20,JAN201939,REBELLION / 2000AD,2000 AD March 2020 Prog Pack,$27.96
10/28/20,APR202011,REBELLION / 2000AD,2000 AD Summer Sci-Fi Special 2020 TP,$14.99
10/28/20,FEB201948,REBELLION / 2000AD,Battle Of Britain War Picture Library HC,$18.99
10/28/20,JAN201940,REBELLION / 2000AD,Judge Dredd Megazine #418,$13.00
10/28/20,AUG201552,RED 5 COMICS – STONEBOT,Legacy Of Mandrake The Magician #1,$3.95
10/28/20,AUG201553,RENEGADE ARTS ENTERTAINMENT,Gothic Tales Of Haunted Futures GN,$19.99
10/28/20,JUL209521,SCOUT COMICS,Grit #2 (Te’Shawn Dwyer 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201570,SCOUT COMICS,It Eats What Feeds It #3,$3.99
10/28/20,DEC191856,SCREAM HORROR MAGAZINE,Scream Magazine #60,$9.99
10/28/20,JAN201964,SCREAM HORROR MAGAZINE,Scream Magazine #61,$9.99
10/28/20,JUL201786,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Fairy Tale Battle Royale Volume 4 GN,$12.99
10/28/20,JUL201795,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Legend Of Dororo And Hyakkimaru Volume 2 GN,$12.99
10/28/20,JUL201808,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Shomin Sample I Was Abducted By An Elite All-Girls School As A Sample Commoner Volume 13 GN,$12.99
10/28/20,JUL201815,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Who Says Warriors Can’t Be Babes Volume 2 GN,$12.99
10/28/20,JUL201829,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Yes No Or Maybe Light Novel SC,$14.99
10/28/20,JUN201335,SOARING PENGUIN PRESS,Breaks Volume 2 GN,$19.99
10/28/20,JAN201973,SOLO PUBLISHING,Cinema Retro #47,$11.99
10/28/20,AUG201586,SOURCE POINT PRESS,Broken Gargoyles #3 (Of 3),$3.99
10/28/20,SEP201446,SOURCE POINT PRESS,Misplaced The Collected Edition TP,$24.99
10/28/20,AUG201591,SOURCE POINT PRESS,Monstrous Witch Hunt #4 (Of 4),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201596,SOURCE POINT PRESS,Touching Evil #9,$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201599,SQUARE ENIX BOOKS,NieR:Automata YoRHa Boys SC,$14.99
10/28/20,AUG201998,SQUARE ENIX MANGA,Hi Score Girl Volume 4 GN,$12.99
10/28/20,SEP201459,STONE ARCH BOOKS,Batman And The Missing Punchline SC,$6.95
10/28/20,SEP201455,STONE ARCH BOOKS,DC Super Heroes Origins Batgirl An Origin Story SC,$4.95
10/28/20,SEP201456,STONE ARCH BOOKS,DC Super Heroes Origins Cyborg An Origin Story SC,$4.95
10/28/20,SEP201457,STONE ARCH BOOKS,DC Super Heroes Origins Robin An Origin Story SC,$4.95
10/28/20,SEP201458,STONE ARCH BOOKS,DC Super Heroes Origins Supergirl An Origin Story SC,$4.95
10/28/20,SEP201460,STONE ARCH BOOKS,Flash And The Storm Of The Century SC,$6.95
10/28/20,SEP201461,STONE ARCH BOOKS,Superman And The Toxic Troublemaker SC,$6.95
10/28/20,SEP201462,STONE ARCH BOOKS,Wonder Woman And The Cheetah Challenge SC,$6.95
10/28/20,AUG201601,STORM KING PRODUCTIONS,John Carpenter’s Tales Of Science Fiction Vortex 2.0 #5 (Of 8),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201602,STRANGER COMICS,Niobe She Is Death Volume 2 TP,$19.99
10/28/20,AUG201605,TASCHEN AMERICA,Marvel Age Of Comics 1961-1978 Taschen 40th Anniversary Edition HC,$25.00
10/28/20,JUL208781,TEN SPEED PRESS,Dungeons And Dragons Heroes’ Feast The Official D&D Cookbook HC,$35.00
10/28/20,APR202067,TH3RD WORLD STUDIOS,Stuff Of Legend Volume 5 A Call To Arms TP,$16.95
10/28/20,AUG201651,TITAN COMICS,Adler #5 (Cover A Gary Erskine),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201652,TITAN COMICS,Adler #5 (Cover B Paul McCaffrey),$3.99
10/28/20,JUL201637,TOKYOPOP,Nightmare Before Christmas Zero’s Journey TP (Ultimate Manga Edition),$19.99
10/28/20,AUG201694,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,Back Issue #123,$9.95
10/28/20,JUN201409,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,BrickJournal #64,$9.95
10/28/20,JUN201408,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,RetroFan Magazine #11,$9.95
10/28/20,AUG208062,VAULT COMICS,Autumnal #1 (Martin Simmonds 2nd Printing Foil Variant Cover),$9.99
10/28/20,AUG208061,VAULT COMICS,Autumnal #1 (Martin Simmonds 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201709,VAULT COMICS,Autumnal #2 (Cover A Chris Shehan),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201710,VAULT COMICS,Autumnal #2 (Cover B Nathan Gooden),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201724,VAULT COMICS,Finger Guns TP,$17.99
10/28/20,AUG201706,VAULT COMICS,Giga #1 (Cover A John Le),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201707,VAULT COMICS,Giga #1 (Cover B Nathan Gooden & Tim Daniel),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201708,VAULT COMICS,Giga #1 (Cover C Adam Gorham),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG208832,VAULT COMICS,Giga #1 (Cover D David Mack),AR
10/28/20,AUG208833,VAULT COMICS,Giga #1 (Cover E David Mack Foil Variant),AR
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10/28/20,AUG201711,VAULT COMICS,Heavy #2 (Cover A Eryk Donovan),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201712,VAULT COMICS,Heavy #2 (Cover B Tim Daniel),$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201722,VAULT COMICS,Wasted Space #16,$3.99
10/28/20,AUG201832,VERTICAL COMICS,Bakemonogatari Volume 5 GN,$12.95
10/28/20,AUG201837,VERTICAL COMICS,Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Volume 4 GN,$12.95
10/28/20,SEP201711,VIZ MEDIA,Black Clover Volume 23 GN,$9.99
10/28/20,SEP201708,VIZ MEDIA,Bleach Can’t Fear Your Own World Light Novel Volume 2 SC,$17.99
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10/28/20,SEP201706,VIZ MEDIA,Dr. Stone Volume 14 GN,$9.99
10/28/20,SEP201710,VIZ MEDIA,Haikyu Volume 41 GN,$9.99
10/28/20,SEP201692,VIZ MEDIA,JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 Diamond Is Unbreakable Volume 7 HC,$19.99
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10/28/20,SEP201709,VIZ MEDIA,My Hero Academia Vigilantes Volume 8 GN,$9.99
10/28/20,SEP201693,VIZ MEDIA,Promised Neverland Volume 17 GN,$9.99
10/28/20,SEP201716,VIZ MEDIA,Rin-Ne Volume 36 GN,$9.99
10/28/20,SEP201696,VIZ MEDIA,Samurai 8 The Tale Of Hachimaru Volume 4 GN,$9.99
10/28/20,SEP201700,VIZ MEDIA,Shortcake Cake Volume 10 GN,$9.99
10/28/20,SEP201699,VIZ MEDIA,Snow White With The Red Hair Volume 10 GN,$9.99
10/28/20,SEP201715,VIZ MEDIA,World Trigger Volume 21 GN,$9.99
10/28/20,AUG201941,YEN ON,Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon Familia Chronicle Light Novel Volume 2 Episode Freya SC,$15.00
10/28/20,AUG201940,YEN ON,I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level Light Novel Volume 8 SC,$14.00
10/28/20,AUG201946,YEN ON,Konosuba Light Novel Volume 12 SC,$14.00
10/28/20,AUG201942,YEN ON,May These Leaden Battlegrounds Leave No Trace Light Novel Volume 2 SC,$15.00
10/28/20,AUG201951,YEN ON,Sister’s All You Need Light Novel Volume 8 SC,$15.00
10/28/20,AUG201947,YEN ON,Strike The Blood Light Novel Volume 16 SC,$14.00
10/28/20,AUG201943,YEN ON,That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Light Novel Volume 9 SC,$15.00
10/28/20,AUG201909,YEN PRESS,Final Fantasy Lost Stranger Volume 5 GN,$13.00
10/28/20,JUL201727,YEN PRESS,Happy Sugar Life Volume 6 GN,$13.00
10/28/20,AUG201908,YEN PRESS,Heterogenia Linguistico Volume 1 An Introduction To Interspecies Linguistics GN,$15.00
10/28/20,JUL201725,YEN PRESS,I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level Volume 3 GN,$13.00
10/28/20,JUL201746,YEN PRESS,Kemono Friends a La Carte Volume 4 GN,$13.00
10/28/20,AUG201906,YEN PRESS,Sword Art Online Progressive Transient Barcarolle Of Froth Volume 1 GN,$13.00
10/28/20,AUG201911,YEN PRESS,That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Monster Nation Volume 2 GN,$13.00
10/28/20,JUL201568,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Van Helsing Vs The League Monsters #6 (Cover A Igor Vitorino),$5.99
10/28/20,JUL201569,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Van Helsing Vs The League Monsters #6 (Cover B Igor Vitorino),$5.99
10/28/20,JUL201570,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Van Helsing Vs The League Monsters #6 (Cover C Michael DiPascale),$5.99
10/28/20,JUL201571,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Van Helsing Vs The League Monsters #6 (Cover D Derlis Santacruz),$5.99
10/28/20,AUG208063,Cards – STELLAR COLLECTIBLES,Playboy Sexy Centerfolds Trading Card Set (adult),AR
10/28/20,FEB208244,Cards – TOPPS COMPANY,Topps 2020 Gold Label Baseball Trading Card Box,AR
10/28/20,FEB208728,Cards – TOPPS COMPANY,Topps 2020 WWE Undisputed Trading Card Box,AR
10/28/20,JUL209232,Games – FUNKO,Funko Marvel Battleworld Game 16 Piece PDQ,AR
10/28/20,JUL209323,Games – FUNKO,Signature Games Disney The Haunted Mansion Call Of The Spirits Game,AR
10/28/20,JUL209324,Games – FUNKO,Signature Games Elf Snowball Showdown Card Game,AR
10/28/20,JUL209325,Games – FUNKO,Signature Games Frosty The Snowman Card Game,AR
10/28/20,JUL209326,Games – FUNKO,Signature Games Gremlins Holiday Havoc Card Game,AR
10/28/20,AUG208678,Games – NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Mini Air Elemental,AR
10/28/20,AUG208679,Games – NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Mini Beholder,AR
10/28/20,AUG208680,Games – NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Mini Beholder Zombie,AR
10/28/20,AUG208681,Games – NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Mini Bulette,AR
10/28/20,AUG208682,Games – NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Mini Drider,AR
10/28/20,AUG208683,Games – NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Mini Ettin,AR
10/28/20,AUG208685,Games – NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Mini Green Slaad,AR
10/28/20,AUG208686,Games – NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Mini Maralith,AR
10/28/20,AUG208690,Games – NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Mini Water Elemental,AR
10/28/20,AUG208691,Games – NECA/WIZKIDS,Pathfinder Deep Cuts Mini Bone Golem,AR
10/28/20,AUG208692,Games – NECA/WIZKIDS,Pathfinder Deep Cuts Mini Genie Efreeti,AR
10/28/20,AUG208694,Games – NECA/WIZKIDS,WizKids Deep Cuts Mini Catapult,AR
10/28/20,AUG202532,Games – USAOPOLY,Operation Rudolph Red Nosed Reindeer Board Game,AR
10/28/20,APR208567,Games – WIZARDS OF THE COAST,Dungeons And Dragosn RPG Ice Wind Dale Rime Of The Frost Maiden Dice Set,AR
10/28/20,FEB208554,Merchandise,Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown X-02S Osea Plastic Model Kit,AR
10/28/20,APR208289,Merchandise,Armored Puppet Industry Type 3 1/24 Scale Plastic Model Kit,AR
10/28/20,SEP202384,Merchandise,Avatar The Last Airbender Aang Full Body Avatar Pin,AR
10/28/20,SEP202385,Merchandise,Avatar The Last Airbender Aang Portrait Series Pin,AR
10/28/20,SEP202386,Merchandise,Avatar The Last Airbender Katara Portrait Series Pin,AR
10/28/20,SEP202387,Merchandise,Avatar The Last Airbender Sokka Portrait Series Pin,AR
10/28/20,SEP202388,Merchandise,Avatar The Last Airbender Toph Portrait Series Pin,AR
10/28/20,SEP202389,Merchandise,Avatar The Last Airbender Zuko Portrait Series Pin,AR
10/28/20,UCS20080154,Merchandise,Batman Three Jokers #3 (Of 3) Playing Cards,AR
10/28/20,OCT198799,Merchandise,Code Geass Lelouch Of Rebel Espresto Fluffy Karen Kozuki Figure,AR
10/28/20,JAN208401,Merchandise,DC Comics Black Canary Bishoujo Statue (2nd Edition Version),AR
10/28/20,JAN208402,Merchandise,DC Comics Huntress Bishoujo Statue (2nd Edition Version),AR
10/28/20,UCS20090110,Merchandise,DC Connect Checklist Poster #5,AR
10/28/20,FEB202402,Merchandise,DC Premier Collection The Animated Series Wonder Woman Statue,AR
10/28/20,JAN208823,Merchandise,Demon Slayer Kimetsu Q-Posket Tanjiro Kamado V1 Figure,AR
10/28/20,SEP198404,Merchandise,Demon Slayer Zenitsu Agatsuma ARTFX J Statue,AR
10/28/20,OCT198813,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Glitter And Glamour Lunchi II V1 Figure,AR
10/28/20,OCT198814,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Glitter And Glamour Lunchi II V2 Figure,AR
10/28/20,DEC198343,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Chosenshiretsuden II Goku Black Figure,AR
10/28/20,DEC198344,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Chosenshiretsuden II Super Saiyan Trunks Figure,AR
10/28/20,DEC198345,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Creator X Creator Ultra Instinct Sign Son Goku Figure,AR
10/28/20,DEC198346,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Creator X Creator Ultra Instinct Son Goku Figure,AR
10/28/20,DEC198349,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Gohan Masenko Figure,AR
10/28/20,OCT198802,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Super Master Stars Son Goku Figure,AR
10/28/20,OCT198803,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Super Master Stars Son Goku Manga Dimensions Figure,AR
10/28/20,DEC198350,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Z Banpresto World Colosseum V5 Figure,AR
10/28/20,JAN208292,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Z Creator X Creator Bardock Figure,AR
10/28/20,OCT198816,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Z Maximatic The Son Goku III Figure,AR
10/28/20,FEB208088,Merchandise,Evangelion 3.0 Eva No 13 Awake Ver Plastic Model Kit,AR
10/28/20,FEB208555,Merchandise,Evangelion Eva Test Type-01 Awake Version Plastic Model Kit,AR
10/28/20,NOV198177,Merchandise,Frame Action Meister Psycho Armor Govarian 1/12 Scale Action Figure (Ne,AR
10/28/20,FEB208556,Merchandise,Frame Arms Girl Hand Scale Prime Body Plastic Model Kit,AR
10/28/20,JUN192604,Merchandise,Gigan Hyper Solid Series PVC Statue,AR
10/28/20,MAY198807,Merchandise,Godzilla 2016 Hyper Solid Series Godzilla 2nd Form PVC Statue,AR
10/28/20,SEP192743,Merchandise,Godzilla 2019 Hyper Solid Series Godzilla PVC Statue,AR
10/28/20,JAN208115,Merchandise,Hexa Gear Aerial Fighter Woodpecker Plastic Model Kit,AR
10/28/20,FEB208090,Merchandise,Hexa Gear Block Base 01 DX Head Quarters 1/24 Scale Kit,AR
10/28/20,FEB208092,Merchandise,Hexa Gear Block Base 03 Lift Option A 1/24 Scale Kit,AR
10/28/20,FEB208678,Merchandise,Hexa Gear Block Bulkarm Jungle Type 1/24 Scale Kit,AR
10/28/20,APR202643,Merchandise,John Wick 3 Select Casual Figure,AR
10/28/20,OCT199168,Merchandise,Marvel Gamerverse Spider-Man 1/12 Scale PVC Statue,AR
10/28/20,JAN208558,Merchandise,Marvel Universe Scarlet Witch ARTFX Premier Statue,AR
10/28/20,FEB209131,Merchandise,Model Support Goods Flying Base Neo Model Display Stand,AR
10/28/20,SEP198857,Merchandise,My Hero Academia Deku Entertainment Earth Exclusive Glow In The Dark POP,AR
10/28/20,JAN208306,Merchandise,My Hero Academia Texture Katsuki Bakugo Figure,AR
10/28/20,JAN208117,Merchandise,My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Bishoujo Statue,AR
10/28/20,JUL209174,Merchandise,Mystery Minis Disney 65th Anniversary 12 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
10/28/20,FEB208557,Merchandise,NGE 3.0 Vertical Take-Off YAGR-N1 01 Plastic Model Kit,AR
10/28/20,DEC198367,Merchandise,One Piece Battle Record Collection Monkey D Luffy Figure,AR
10/28/20,DEC198370,Merchandise,One Piece Sweet Style Pirates Boa Hancock Figure,AR
10/28/20,JUL209410,Merchandise,Pocket Disney 1955 Flying Dumbo Ride With Minnie Figure Keychain,AR
10/28/20,JUL209412,Merchandise,Pocket Disney 65th Anniversary Mr Toad Figure Keychain,AR
10/28/20,NOV198227,Merchandise,Pocket POP PIXAR Alien As Bullseye Keychain,AR
10/28/20,NOV198228,Merchandise,Pocket POP PIXAR Alien As Buzz Keychain,AR
10/28/20,NOV198231,Merchandise,Pocket POP PIXAR Alien As Woody Keychain,AR
10/28/20,JUL208093,Merchandise,POP Deluxe Peanuts Snoopy On Doghouse Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,JAN209269,Merchandise,POP Disney PIXAR Alien As Eve Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,SEP198792,Merchandise,POP Games Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand Crouch Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,SEP198797,Merchandise,POP Games Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand With Gun Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,SEP198794,Merchandise,POP Games Cyberpunk 2077 Takemura Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,SEP198796,Merchandise,POP Games Cyberpunk 2077 V-Female Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,SEP198795,Merchandise,POP Games Cyberpunk 2077 V-Male Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208247,Merchandise,POP Games Pokemon Flareon Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208246,Merchandise,POP Games Pokemon Jolteon Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208245,Merchandise,POP Games Pokemon Vaporeon Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208250,Merchandise,POP Heroes DC Holiday Scrooge Batman Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208251,Merchandise,POP Heroes DC Holiday Superman With Sweater Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,NOV198287,Merchandise,POP Movie Back To The Future Marty In Puffy Vest Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208277,Merchandise,POP NBA Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208278,Merchandise,POP NBA Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208281,Merchandise,POP NBA L.A. Clippers Kawhi Leonard Alternate Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208282,Merchandise,POP NBA L.A. Clippers Paul George Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208284,Merchandise,POP NBA Mavericks Luka Doncic Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208285,Merchandise,POP NBA Memphis Grizzlies Jamorant Alternate Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208286,Merchandise,POP NBA Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell Alternate Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208292,Merchandise,POP NFL Seattle Seahawks DK Metcalf Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208294,Merchandise,POP NHL Boston Bruins Tuukka Rask Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208295,Merchandise,POP NHL Calgary Flames Matthew Tkachuk Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208296,Merchandise,POP NHL Legends Bobby Hull Blackhawks Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208297,Merchandise,POP NHL Legends Luc Robitaille L.A. King Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208298,Merchandise,POP NHL Legends Mark Messier Oilers Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208299,Merchandise,POP NHL Legends Ray Bourque Bruins Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208300,Merchandise,POP NHL N.Y. Rangers Artemi Panarin Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208301,Merchandise,POP NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Kris Letang Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR208303,Merchandise,POP NHL Washington Capitals John Carlson Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,JUN208960,Merchandise,POP NHL Wayne Gretzky L.A. Kings 10 Inch Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,JUL209418,Merchandise,POP Rides Disney 65th Anniversary Mr Toad In Car Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,JUL209202,Merchandise,POP Rides Donald With Matterhorn Vinyl Figure,AR
10/28/20,DEC198372,Merchandise,Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World EXQ Ram V2 Figure,AR
10/28/20,JUL208758,Merchandise,Star Wars Celebrate The Saga 3-3/4 Inch Jedi Order 5 Piece Action Figure Set,AR
10/28/20,NOV198215,Merchandise,Star Wars Force Awakens Kylo Ren Cloaked In Shadows ARTFX,AR
10/28/20,MAR208102,Merchandise,Star Wars Rebels Black Series 6 Inch Sabine Ren Action Figure,AR
10/28/20,DEC198486,Merchandise,Star Wars Return Of The Jedi Scout Trooper ARTFX+ Statue,AR
10/28/20,JAN208316,Merchandise,Sword Art Online Alicization War Chibikyun Alice Figure,AR
10/28/20,JAN208317,Merchandise,Sword Art Online Alicization War Chibikyun Asuna Figure,AR
10/28/20,JAN208318,Merchandise,Sword Art Online Alicization War Chibikyun Kirito Figure,AR
10/28/20,DEC198374,Merchandise,Sword Art Online Memory Defrag EXQ Leafa V3 Figure,AR
10/28/20,JAN208319,Merchandise,That Time I Got Reincarnated Espresto Texture Shuna Figure,AR
10/28/20,MAR198426,Merchandise,Transformers Bumblebee Movie Premium Scale Figure,AR
10/28/20,JAN208534,Merchandise,Transformers Generations WFCE Deluxe Action Figure Assortment 202002,AR
10/28/20,JUL208116,Merchandise,Tubbz Borderlands Brick Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUL208117,Merchandise,Tubbz Borderlands Lilith Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUL208118,Merchandise,Tubbz Borderlands Maya Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUL208119,Merchandise,Tubbz Borderlands Moxxi Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUL208120,Merchandise,Tubbz Borderlands Psycho Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUL208121,Merchandise,Tubbz Borderlands Tina Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUL208122,Merchandise,Tubbz Borderlands Troy Calypso Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUL208123,Merchandise,Tubbz Borderlands Tyreen Calypso Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUN209027,Merchandise,Tubbz DC Batman Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUN209028,Merchandise,Tubbz DC Harley Quinn Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUN209029,Merchandise,Tubbz DC Joker Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUN209030,Merchandise,Tubbz DC Robin Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUN209213,Merchandise,Tubbz Fallout Nuka Cola Pin-Up Girl Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUN209214,Merchandise,Tubbz Fallout T-51 Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUN209215,Merchandise,Tubbz Fallout Vault Boy Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUN209216,Merchandise,Tubbz Fallout Vault Girl Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUL208045,Merchandise,Tubbz Ghostbusters Ray Stantz Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUL208046,Merchandise,Tubbz Ghostbusters Winston Zeddemore Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUN209093,Merchandise,Tubbz God Of War Atreus Cosplay Duck,AR
10/28/20,JUN209094,Merchandise,Tubbz God Of War Kratos Cosplay Duck,AR

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