ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 10/21/2020 (CSV)

by Charles LePage

ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, October 21, 2020. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, and is © 1995-2020 Charles S. LePage.

STL164535 ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 10/21/2020 (CSV)

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PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will arrive in all stores. Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong. Items with release dates not verified by Diamond Distribution are individually noted. Some of the DC Comics titles listed may have arrived in stores already through Lunar Distribution and UCS Comic Distributors.

10/21/20,AUG201208,A WAVE BLUE WORLD,Phantom Of The Opera GN,$16.99
10/21/20,JUN200827,ABRAMS,Magic The Gathering Legends A Visual History HC,$19.99
10/21/20,AUG201047,ABRAMS APPLESEED,Black Widow My Mighty Marvel First Book Board Book HC,$10.99
10/21/20,AUG201087,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Dead Day #4,$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201088,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Miles To Go #2 (Cover A Stephen Molnar),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201089,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Miles To Go #2 (Cover B Jeremy Haun),AR
10/21/20,AUG201095,AHOY COMICS,Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter Of Blood #1,$4.99
10/21/20,AUG201104,ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS,King Tank Girl #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Brett Parson),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201105,ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS,King Tank Girl #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Eric Powell Cardstock Variant),$5.99
10/21/20,APR201517,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Rocky And Bullwinkle Show #1 (Cover D Retro Animation Variant)(CGC 9.8 Graded Edition),$99.99
10/21/20,AUG201128,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Zorro Galleon Of Dead #2 (Cover A Roy Allen Martinez),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201129,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Zorro Galleon Of Dead #2 (Cover B Roy Allen Martinez Pulp Variant),$9.99
10/21/20,AUG201118,ANDREWS MCMEEL,Baby Blues Collection BB3X TP,$19.99
10/21/20,AUG201122,ANDREWS MCMEEL,Jumpstart Treasury Volume 1 On A Roll TP,$19.99
10/21/20,AUG201174,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie And Katy Keene TP,$12.99
10/21/20,AUG201179,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #314,$7.99
10/21/20,AUG201169,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Presents Madame Satan #1 (One Shot)(Cover A Julius Ohta),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201170,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Presents Madame Satan #1 (One Shot)(Cover A Robert Hack),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201218,AWA STUDIOS,Devil’s Highway #4 (Of 5),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201227,BEHEMOTH COMICS,Hotline Miami Wildlife #2 (Of 8),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201229,BEHEMOTH COMICS,Necromorfus #1 (Cover B Magenta King Homage Variant),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200952,BOOM! STUDIOS,Dune House Atreides #1 (Of 12)(Cover A Jae Lee),$4.99
10/21/20,AUG200953,BOOM! STUDIOS,Dune House Atreides #1 (Of 12)(Cover B Dan Mora),$4.99
10/21/20,AUG200954,BOOM! STUDIOS,Dune House Atreides #1 (Of 12)(Cover C Miguel Mercado Die-Cut Variant),$6.99
10/21/20,AUG200955,BOOM! STUDIOS,Dune House Atreides #1 (Of 12)(Cover D Blank Variant),$4.99
10/21/20,AUG200956,BOOM! STUDIOS,Dune House Atreides #1 (Of 12)(Cover E Jae Lee Black & White Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200957,BOOM! STUDIOS,Dune House Atreides #1 (Of 12)(Cover F Dan Mora Black & White Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200958,BOOM! STUDIOS,Dune House Atreides #1 (Of 12)(Cover G Paul Pope Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208478,BOOM! STUDIOS,Dune House Atreides #1 (Of 12)(Cover H Jae Lee Thank You Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200978,BOOM! STUDIOS,Faithless II #5 (Cover A Maria Llovet),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200979,BOOM! STUDIOS,Faithless II #5 (Cover B Tula Lotay Connecting Erotica Variant),$4.99
10/21/20,AUG200980,BOOM! STUDIOS,Faithless II #5 (Cover C Paul Pope),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201001,BOOM! STUDIOS,Firefly #21 (Cover A Marc Aspinall),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201002,BOOM! STUDIOS,Firefly #21 (Cover B George Kambadais Animated Series Variant),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201003,BOOM! STUDIOS,Firefly #21 (Cover C Ben Harvey),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201004,BOOM! STUDIOS,Firefly #21 (Cover D Qistina Khalidah),AR
10/21/20,JUN200804,BOOM! STUDIOS,Giant Days Volume 14 TP,$14.99
10/21/20,AUG201022,BOOM! STUDIOS,Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance #12 (Cover A Mona Finden),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201023,BOOM! STUDIOS,Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance #12 (Cover B Kelly Matthews & Nichole Matthews Connected Variant),$3.99
10/21/20,JUN208170,BOOM! STUDIOS,Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance #12 (Cover C David Petersen),AR
10/21/20,JUN200805,BOOM! STUDIOS,Just Beyond Welcome To Beast Island GN,$9.99
10/21/20,AUG201010,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #55 (Cover A Jamal Campbell),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201011,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #55 (Cover B Goni Montes Foil Variant),$4.99
10/21/20,AUG201012,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #55 (Cover C Kris Anka Trading Card Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG201013,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #55 (Cover D Jamal Campbell),AR
10/21/20,JUN200781,BOOM! STUDIOS,Sacrifice Of Darkness HC,$24.99
10/21/20,AUG201007,BOOM! STUDIOS,Something Is Killing The Children #11 (Cover A Werther Dell’Edera),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201008,BOOM! STUDIOS,Something Is Killing The Children #11 (Cover B Jenny Frison),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201009,BOOM! STUDIOS,Something Is Killing The Children #11 (Cover C Jenny Frison Black & White Variant),AR
10/21/20,,BOOM! STUDIOS,Something Is Killing The Children #11 (Cover D Werther Dell’Edera Thank You Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208014,BOOM! STUDIOS,Something Is Killing The Children #11 (Cover E Blank Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208015,BOOM! STUDIOS,Something Is Killing The Children #11 (Cover F Bengal),AR
10/21/20,AUG208016,BOOM! STUDIOS,Something Is Killing The Children #11 (Cover G Martin Simmonds Department Of Slaughter Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208856,BOOM! STUDIOS,We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #1 (Simone Di Meo 4th Printing Variant Cover),AR
10/21/20,JUN200997,BROADSWORD COMICS,Alternate Paths Raven Hex The Swordmaiden #1 (Deluxe Lithograph Edition),$31.99
10/21/20,JUL201107,BROADSWORD COMICS,Jim Balent Key Conjurings Tarot Art Book SC,$20.00
10/21/20,AUG201257,CHRONICLE BOOKS,Art Of PIXAR The Complete Colorscripts From 25 Years Of Feature Films HC (Revised & Expanded Edition),$60.00
10/21/20,AUG201258,CHRONICLE BOOKS,Art Of Soul HC,$40.00
10/21/20,AUG201259,CHRONICLE BOOKS,DC Christmas Carols We Wish You A Harley Christmas HC,$14.95
10/21/20,JUL201123,COFFIN COMICS,Lady Death Scorched Earth #2 (Of 2)(Cover A Mike Krome),$4.99
10/21/20,JUL201124,COFFIN COMICS,Lady Death Scorched Earth #2 (Of 2)(Cover B Ken Hunt Skull Storm Variant),$4.99
10/21/20,JUL201125,COFFIN COMICS,Lady Death Scorched Earth #2 (Of 2)(Cover C Jamie Tyndall Premium Foil Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL201126,COFFIN COMICS,Lady Death Scorched Earth #2 (Of 2)(Cover D Ale Garza Naughty Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL201127,COFFIN COMICS,Lady Death Scorched Earth #2 (Of 2)(Cover E Paul Green),AR
10/21/20,AUG201277,COMIC SHOP NEWS,Comic Shop News #1731,AR
10/21/20,AUG200401,DARK HORSE COMICS,Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Song Of Glory #1 (Of 3),$3.99
10/21/20,JUN200323,DARK HORSE COMICS,Avatar The Last Airbender The Search Omnibus TP,$24.99
10/21/20,FEB200300,DARK HORSE COMICS,Disney PIXAR Finding Nemo And Finding Dory The Story Of The Movie In Comics HC,$14.99
10/21/20,AUG200424,DARK HORSE COMICS,Hidden Society #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Rafael Albuquerque),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200425,DARK HORSE COMICS,Hidden Society #4 (Of 4)(Cover B Gabriel Ba),$3.99
10/21/20,JUL208719,DARK HORSE COMICS,Mass Effect The Complete Comics TP,$39.99
10/21/20,JUN200314,DARK HORSE COMICS,Minecraft Volume 2 GN,$10.99
10/21/20,APR200367,DARK HORSE COMICS,Papaya Salad HC,$24.99
10/21/20,AUG200422,DARK HORSE COMICS,Skulldigger And Skeleton Boy #5 (Of 6)(Cover A Tonci Zonjic),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200423,DARK HORSE COMICS,Skulldigger And Skeleton Boy #5 (Of 6)(Cover B Sam Keith),$3.99
10/21/20,JUN200336,DARK HORSE COMICS,Starship Down TP,$19.99
10/21/20,JUN200319,DARK HORSE COMICS,Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy Volume 8 TP,$10.99
10/21/20,AUG200394,DARK HORSE COMICS,Stranger Things Halloween Special (One Shot),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200386,DARK HORSE COMICS,You Look Like Death Tales From The Umbrella Academy #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Gabriel Ba),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200387,DARK HORSE COMICS,You Look Like Death Tales From The Umbrella Academy #2 (Of 6)(Cover B I. N. J. Culbard),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200388,DARK HORSE COMICS,You Look Like Death Tales From The Umbrella Academy #2 (Of 6)(Cover C Matthew Allison),$3.99
10/21/20,UCS20080078,DC COMICS,Aquaman #64 (Cover A Robson Rocha & Daniel Henriques),$3.99
10/21/20,UCS20080079,DC COMICS,Aquaman #64 (Cover B Gilbert Vigonte),AR
10/21/20,UCS20080005,DC COMICS,Batman #101 (Cover A Guillem March),$3.99
10/21/20,UCS20080006,DC COMICS,Batman #101 (Cover B Francesco Mattina Card Stock Variant),AR
10/21/20,UCS20080008,DC COMICS,Batman #101 (Cover C Jorge Jimenez Card Stock Variant),AR
10/21/20,UCS20070116,DC COMICS,Batman Volume 1 Their Dark Designs HC,$29.99
10/21/20,UCS20080023,DC COMICS,Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1 (Of 8)(Cover A Sean Murphy),$5.99
10/21/20,UCS20080024,DC COMICS,Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1 (Of 8)(Cover B Matteo Scalera),AR
10/21/20,UCS20080025,DC COMICS,Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1 (Of 8)(Cover C Blank Variant),AR
10/21/20,UCS20080016,DC COMICS,Catwoman #26 (Cover A Joelle Jones),$3.99
10/21/20,UCS20080017,DC COMICS,Catwoman #26 (Cover B Jenny Frison Card Stock Variant),AR
10/21/20,UCS20080047,DC COMICS,Dark Nights Death Metal Robin King #1 (Cover A Riley Rossmo),$5.99
10/21/20,UCS20080048,DC COMICS,Dark Nights Death Metal Robin King #1 (Cover B Jeremy Roberts),AR
10/21/20,UCS20030672,DC COMICS,DC Graphic Novels For Kids Box Set Volume 1,$39.99
10/21/20,UCS20030673,DC COMICS,DC Graphic Novels For Young Adults Box Set Volume 1 Resist Revolt Rebel,$49.99
10/21/20,UCS20070121,DC COMICS,Fables Compendium Volume 1 TP,$59.99
10/21/20,UCS20070124,DC COMICS,JSA By Geoff Johns Volume 4 TP,$39.99
10/21/20,UCS20080052,DC COMICS,Justice League #55 (Cover A Liam Sharp),$3.99
10/21/20,UCS20080053,DC COMICS,Justice League #55 (Cover B Simone Bianchi),AR
10/21/20,UCS20080112,DC COMICS,Metal Men #11 (Of 12)(Cover A Shane Davis),$3.99
10/21/20,UCS20080113,DC COMICS,Metal Men #11 (Of 12)(Cover B Jose Luis García-Lopez),AR
10/21/20,UCS20080018,DC COMICS,Nightwing #75 (Cover A Travis Moore),$5.99
10/21/20,UCS20080019,DC COMICS,Nightwing #75 (Cover B Alan Quah),AR
10/21/20,UCS20080116,DC COMICS,Scooby-Doo Where Are You #106,$2.99
10/21/20,UCS20080119,DC COMICS,Teen Titans #46 (Cover A Bernard Chang),$3.99
10/21/20,UCS20080120,DC COMICS,Teen Titans #46 (Cover B Peach Momoko Card Stock Variant),AR
10/21/20,UCS20070130,DC COMICS,Young Justice Volume 5 TP,$34.99
10/21/20,JUN200011,DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS,Diamond Bookshelf #32,AR
10/21/20,JUL200755,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover A Jung-Geun Yoon),$3.99
10/21/20,JUL200756,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover B Kano),$3.99
10/21/20,JUL200757,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover C Joseph Michael Linsner),$3.99
10/21/20,JUL200758,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover D Riki LeCotey Cosplay Variant),$3.99
10/21/20,JUL200759,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover E Photo),$3.99
10/21/20,JUL200760,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover F Brent Peeples Rob Liefeld Homage Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL200761,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover G Kano Black & White Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL209307,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover H Joseph Michael Linsner Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL209308,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover I Jung-Geun Yoon Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL200762,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover J Brent Peeples Rob Liefeld Homage Black & White Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL209309,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover K Photo Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL200763,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover L Jung-Geun Yoon Black & White Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL209310,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover M Kano Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL200764,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover N Riki LeCotey Cosplay Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL200765,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover O Joseph Michael Linsner Black & White Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL209311,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover P Brent Peeples Rob Liefeld Homage Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL200770,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #3 (Cover U Black Bag Photo Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL200780,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Green Hornet #3 (Cover F Lee Weeks Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200850,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Mars Attacks Red Sonja #3 (Cover A Arthur Suydam),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200851,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Mars Attacks Red Sonja #3 (Cover B Luca Strati),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200852,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Mars Attacks Red Sonja #3 (Cover C Barry Kitson),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG208745,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Mars Attacks Red Sonja #3 (Cover D Luca Strati Black & White Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200853,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Mars Attacks Red Sonja #3 (Cover E Barry Kitson Black & White Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208746,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Mars Attacks Red Sonja #3 (Cover F Luca Strati Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208747,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Mars Attacks Red Sonja #3 (Cover G Arthur Suydam Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200854,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Mars Attacks Red Sonja #3 (Cover H Barry Kitson Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208748,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Mars Attacks Red Sonja #3 (Cover I Arthur Suydam Tint Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208749,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Mars Attacks Red Sonja #3 (Cover J Arthur Suydam Tint Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200855,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Mars Attacks Red Sonja #3 (Cover K Luca Strati Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200867,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #20 (Cover R Jae Lee Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200868,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #20 (Cover S Joseph Michael Linsner Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,DEC191040,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja Age Of Chaos #2 (Cover A Lucio Parillo)(CGC Graded Edition),AR
10/21/20,JUN200705,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Sacred Six #3 (Cover Q Jae Lee Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUN200706,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Sacred Six #3 (Cover R Lucio Parillo Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,DEC191067,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella #8 (Cover L Lucio Parrillo)(CGC Graded Edition),AR
10/21/20,JAN201103,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella #9 (Cover A Lucio Parrillo)(CGC Graded Edition),AR
10/21/20,AUG200894,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover A Lucio Parrillo),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200895,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover B Ben Oliver),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200896,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover C Stephen Segovia),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200897,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover D Krista Lee Cosplay Variant),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG208750,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover E Roberto Castro Bonus Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200898,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover F Stephen Segovia Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208751,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover G Roberto Castro Black & White Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208752,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover H Roberto Castro Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200899,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover I Krista Lee Cosplay Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208753,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover J Roberto Castro Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208754,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover K Lucio Parrillo Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200900,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover L Ben Oliver Black & White Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208755,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover M Lucio Parrillo Tint Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208756,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover N Lucio Parrillo Tint Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200901,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #11 (Cover O Ben Oliver Tint Variant),AR
10/21/20,JAN201262,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #6 (Cover A Lucio Parillo)(CGC Graded Edition),AR
10/21/20,JAN201263,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #6 (Cover B Ben Oliver)(CGC Graded Edition),AR
10/21/20,APR201325,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #9 (Cover A Lucio Parrillo)(CGC Graded Edition),AR
10/21/20,AUG201354,EPIC INK,Wakanda Files A Technological Exploration Of The Avengers And Beyond HC,$60.00
10/21/20,JUN201101,FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS,Disney Masters Volume 12 Donald Duck The Forgetful Hero HC,$29.99
10/21/20,AUG201333,FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS,George Herriman Library Volume 2 Krazy And Ignatz 1919-1921 HC,$35.00
10/21/20,JUL201167,FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS,Walt Disney’s Donald Duck 2020 Gift Box Set (Volumes 18-19),$59.99
10/21/20,AUG201339,FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS,What Cartooning Really Is The Major Interviews With Charles M. Schulz HC,$24.99
10/21/20,AUG201365,FIRST SECOND,History Comics The Challenger Disaster GN,$12.99
10/21/20,AUG201366,FIRST SECOND,History Comics The Challenger Disaster HC,$19.99
10/21/20,AUG201377,GOLDEN BOOKS,Soul Little Golden Book HC,$4.99
10/21/20,JUL201237,HERMES PRESS,Phantom The Complete Sundays Volume 8 1963-1966 HC,$70.00
10/21/20,AUG201427,HUMANOIDS,Barbarella TP,$22.99
10/21/20,NOV190725,IDW PUBLISHING,Home Time Volume 2 Beyond The Weaving HC,$29.99
10/21/20,JUN200628,IDW PUBLISHING,Pearl Jam Art Of Do The Evolution HC,$39.99
10/21/20,AUG200576,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #110 (Cover A Jodie Nishijima),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200577,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #110 (Cover B Kevin Eastman),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200578,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #110 (Cover C Ben Bates),AR
10/21/20,AUG200331,IMAGE COMICS,Big Girls #3,$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200072,IMAGE COMICS,Bitter Root Volume 2 Rage And Redemption TP (not verified by Diamond),$19.99
10/21/20,AUG200332,IMAGE COMICS,Black Magick #15,$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200060,IMAGE COMICS,Family Tree #9,$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200089,IMAGE COMICS,Family Tree Volume 2 Seeds TP,$14.99
10/21/20,AUG200347,IMAGE COMICS,Gideon Falls #26 (Cover A Andrea Sorrentino & Dave Stewart),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200348,IMAGE COMICS,Gideon Falls #26 (Cover B Patrick Reynolds),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200360,IMAGE COMICS,Nomen Omen #10 (Of 15)(Cover A Jacopo Camagni),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200361,IMAGE COMICS,Nomen Omen #10 (Of 15)(Cover B Marco Checchetto),$3.99
10/21/20,JUN200172,IMAGE COMICS,November Volume 3 HC,$16.99
10/21/20,AUG200365,IMAGE COMICS,Rat Queens #22,$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200366,IMAGE COMICS,Savage Dragon #253 (Cover A Erik Larsen),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG208695,IMAGE COMICS,Savage Dragon #253 (Cover B Erik Larsen),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200010,IMAGE COMICS,Scumbag #1 (Cover A Lewis LaRosa & Moreno Dinisio),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200011,IMAGE COMICS,Scumbag #1 (Cover B Andrew Robinson),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG208188,IMAGE COMICS,Scumbag #1 (Cover C Blank Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208008,IMAGE COMICS,Scumbag #1 (Cover D Tula Lotay),AR
10/21/20,AUG208009,IMAGE COMICS,Scumbag #1 (Cover E Yanick Paquette),AR
10/21/20,AUG208010,IMAGE COMICS,Scumbag #1 (Cover F Jerome Opena & Moreno Dinisio Silver Foil Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208191,IMAGE COMICS,Scumbag #1 (Cover G Jerome Opena & Moreno Dinisio Gold Foil Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200372,IMAGE COMICS,Stillwater By Zdarsky And Perez #2,$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201437,INSIGHT EDITIONS,Gremlins Gizmo’s 12 Days Of Christmas Board Book HC,$16.99
10/21/20,AUG201441,INSIGHT EDITIONS,Star Wars The Complete Marvel Comics Covers Miniature Art Book Volume 2 HC,$11.99
10/21/20,AUG201443,INSIGHT EDITIONS,Star Wars The Lightsaber Collection HC,$29.99
10/21/20,AUG201445,INSIGHT KIDS,Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Touch And Feel Book Of Opposites Board Book,$9.99
10/21/20,AUG201452,JY,Witch Part 7 New Power Volume 1 GN,$15.00
10/21/20,AUG201454,JY,Zo Zo Zombie Volume 9 GN,$12.00
10/21/20,JUL201600,KODANSHA COMICS,Chobits 20th Anniversary Edition Volume 2 HC,$24.99
10/21/20,JUL201599,KODANSHA COMICS,Heaven’s Design Team Volume 1 GN,$12.99
10/21/20,AUG201823,KODANSHA COMICS,Perfect World Volume 3 GN,$12.99
10/21/20,AUG201806,KODANSHA COMICS,Rent-A-Girlfriend Volume 3 GN,$12.99
10/21/20,AUG201807,KODANSHA COMICS,Sailor Moon Eternal Edition Volume 10 GN,$27.99
10/21/20,APR208968,KODANSHA COMICS,Sweat And Soap Volume 4 GN,$12.99
10/21/20,JUL201610,KODANSHA COMICS,Wave Listen To Me Volume 4 GN,$12.99
10/21/20,JUL201603,KODANSHA COMICS,Whisper Me A Love Song Volume 1 GN,$12.99
10/21/20,APR202249,KODANSHA COMICS,Wotakoi Love Is Hard For Otaku Volume 4 GN,$17.99
10/21/20,JUN201520,KODANSHA COMICS,Yuzu The Pet Volume 3 GN,$10.99
10/21/20,AUG201463,MAD CAVE STUDIOS,Dry Foot #2 (Of 4),$3.99
10/21/20,APR201036,MARVEL COMICS,Aero #12,$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200643,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Spider-Man #50.LR (Cover A Sara Pichelli),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200644,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Spider-Man #50.LR (Cover B Federico Vicentini),AR
10/21/20,AUG208253,MARVEL COMICS,Cable #4 (Phil Noto 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/21/20,FEB201014,MARVEL COMICS,Conan The Barbarian #15 (Cover A E.M Gist),$3.99
10/21/20,FEB201015,MARVEL COMICS,Conan The Barbarian #15 (Cover B Skan),AR
10/21/20,AUG200717,MARVEL COMICS,Daredevil #23 (Cover A Marco Checchetto),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200718,MARVEL COMICS,Daredevil #23 (Cover B Alex Ross Daredevil Timeless Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUN208917,MARVEL COMICS,Daredevil #23 (Cover C Alex Ross Daredevil Timeless Virgin Sketch Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208258,MARVEL COMICS,Excalibur #12 (Mahmud A. Asrar 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200623,MARVEL COMICS,Excalibur #13 (Cover A Mahmud A. Asrar),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200624,MARVEL COMICS,Excalibur #13 (Cover B Lee Garbett),AR
10/21/20,AUG200625,MARVEL COMICS,Excalibur #13 (Cover C Alex Ross Nightcrawler Timeless Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUN208919,MARVEL COMICS,Excalibur #13 (Cover D Alex Ross Nightcrawler Timeless Virgin Sketch Variant),AR
10/21/20,MAR201030,MARVEL COMICS,Falcon And Winter Soldier #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Dan Mora),$3.99
10/21/20,MAR201031,MARVEL COMICS,Falcon And Winter Soldier #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Takashi Okazaki),AR
10/21/20,AUG200671,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four #25 (Cover A Mark Brooks),$5.99
10/21/20,AUG200672,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four #25 (Cover B Nick Bradshaw),AR
10/21/20,AUG200673,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four #25 (Cover C Alex Ross Black Bolt Timeless Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200674,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four #25 (Cover D Skottie Young),AR
10/21/20,AUG200675,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four #25 (Cover E Stanley Artgerm Lau),AR
10/21/20,AUG200676,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four #25 (Cover F Stanley Artgerm Lau Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUN208924,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four #25 (Cover G Alex Ross Black Bolt Timeless Virgin Sketch Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200709,MARVEL COMICS,Guardians Of The Galaxy #7 (Cover A Rafael Albuquerque),$3.99
10/21/20,JUL208877,MARVEL COMICS,Guardians Of The Galaxy #7 (Cover B Javier Garron Fortnite Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL200696,MARVEL COMICS,Hellstrom Prince Of Lies TP,$24.99
10/21/20,JUL209239,MARVEL COMICS,Immortal Hulk #35 (TBD 3rd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200668,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man #2 (Cover A Alex Ross),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200669,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man #2 (Cover B Skan),AR
10/21/20,AUG200670,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man #2 (Cover C Mattia De Iulis Iron Man-Thing Horror Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL208878,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man #2 (Cover D Marco Checchetto Fortnite Variant),AR
10/21/20,APR200889,MARVEL COMICS,Juggernaut #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Geoff Shaw),$3.99
10/21/20,APR200890,MARVEL COMICS,Juggernaut #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Superlog),AR
10/21/20,AUG200688,MARVEL COMICS,Maestro #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Dale Keown),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200689,MARVEL COMICS,Maestro #3 (Of 5)(Cover B Tony Moore),AR
10/21/20,AUG208254,MARVEL COMICS,Marauders #12 (Russell Dauterman 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/21/20,APR200924,MARVEL COMICS,Marvels X #6 (Of 6)(Cover A Alex Ross),$4.99
10/21/20,APR200925,MARVEL COMICS,Marvels X #6 (Of 6)(Cover B Well-Bee),AR
10/21/20,AUG208255,MARVEL COMICS,Miles Morales Spider-Man #18 (Carmen Carnero 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/21/20,JAN209137,MARVEL COMICS,Punisher Presents Barracuda TP (New Printing)(not verified by Diamond),$17.99
10/21/20,JUL200697,MARVEL COMICS,Silver Surfer Black TP,$15.99
10/21/20,AUG200650,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #5 (Cover A Greg Land),$4.99
10/21/20,AUG200651,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #5 (Cover B Jung-Geun Yoon),AR
10/21/20,AUG200652,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #5 (Cover C Greg Land Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200653,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #5 (Cover D Sana Takeda Villain Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200654,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #5 (Cover E Alex Ross Spider-Woman Timeless Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200655,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #5 (Cover F Stanley Artgerm Lau Black Costume Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200656,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #5 (Cover G Stanley Artgerm Lau Black Costume Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200657,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #5 (Cover H Patrick Gleason Spider-Woman Night Horror Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200658,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #5 (Cover I Skottie Young),AR
10/21/20,JUN208935,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #5 (Cover J Alex Ross Spider-Woman Timeless Virgin Sketch Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUN209237,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #5 (Cover K Peach Momoko),AR
10/21/20,JUN209238,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #5 (Cover L Peach Momoko Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200722,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Bounty Hunters #6 (Cover A Lee Bermejo),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200723,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Bounty Hunters #6 (Cover B Chris Sprouse Empire Strikes Back Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200724,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Bounty Hunters #6 (Cover C John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG208259,MARVEL COMICS,Thor #7 (Nic Klein 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/21/20,FEB200841,MARVEL COMICS,True Believers Black Widow And Darkstar #1,$1.00
10/21/20,FEB200842,MARVEL COMICS,True Believers Black Widow And The Avengers #1,$1.00
10/21/20,FEB200843,MARVEL COMICS,True Believers Black Widow Taskmaster #1,$1.00
10/21/20,AUG200707,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #29 (Cover A Ryan Stegman),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200708,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #29 (Cover B Ryan Stegman),AR
10/21/20,JUL208882,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #29 (Cover C Aaron Kuder Fortnite Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL209590,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #29 (Cover D Ryan Stegman Sketch Variant),AR
10/21/20,FEB200856,MARVEL COMICS,Werewolf By Night #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Mike McKone),$3.99
10/21/20,FEB200857,MARVEL COMICS,Werewolf By Night #1 (Of 4)(Cover B Takashi Okazaki),AR
10/21/20,FEB200858,MARVEL COMICS,Werewolf By Night #1 (Of 4)(Cover C Mike Ploog Hidden Gem Variant),AR
10/21/20,FEB200859,MARVEL COMICS,Werewolf By Night #1 (Of 4)(Cover D Jeffrey Veregge),AR
10/21/20,AUG208256,MARVEL COMICS,Wolverine #5 (Adam Kubert 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG208257,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men #12 (Leinil Francis Yu 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200626,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men #13 (Cover A Leinil Francis Yu),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG200627,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men #13 (Cover B Mahmud Asrar),AR
10/21/20,AUG200628,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men #13 (Cover C Alex Ross Cyclops Timeless Virgin Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG200629,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men #13 (Cover D Russell Dauterman Legion Of X-Monsters Horror Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUN208942,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men #13 (Cover E Alex Ross Cyclops Timeless Virgin Sketch Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL208871,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men #13 (Cover F Joe Quesada Fortnite Variant),AR
10/21/20,JUL208821,MICROCOSM PUBLISHING,GG Allin Rock And Roll Terrorist Activity And Coloring Book,$14.95
10/21/20,APR201963,ONI PRESS,Frankie Comics HC,$17.99
10/21/20,MAR202004,ONI PRESS,Invader Zim Deluxe Edition Volume 4 HC,$49.99
10/21/20,APR201959,ONI PRESS,Invisible Differences A Story Of Aspergers Adulting And Living Life In Full Color HC,$19.99
10/21/20,JUN201230,ONI PRESS,My Riot GN,$17.99
10/21/20,AUG201483,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty Go To Hell #5 (Cover A Constanza Oroza),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201484,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty Go To Hell #5 (Cover B Marie Enger,$3.99
10/21/20,JUN201229,ONI PRESS,Smoove City GN,$19.99
10/21/20,JUL201347,PERMUTED PRESS,Blood GN,$19.99
10/21/20,JUL201371,RANDOM HOUSE BOOKS FOR YOUNG READERS,Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Screen Comix SC,$14.99
10/21/20,AUG201537,RANDOM HOUSE BOOKS FOR YOUNG READERS,Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Screen Comix Volume 1 SC,$14.99
10/21/20,AUG201539,RANDOM HOUSE GRAPHIC,Magic Fish HC,$23.99
10/21/20,AUG201547,RED 5 COMICS,Butcher Queen Planet Of The Dead #1 (Cover A Ben Sawyer),$3.95
10/21/20,AUG201548,RED 5 COMICS,Butcher Queen Planet Of The Dead #1 (Cover B Tim Bradstreet),$3.95
10/21/20,AUG201549,RED 5 COMICS,Riptide Draken #2 (Of 4),$3.95
10/21/20,AUG201550,RED 5 COMICS,Zero Day Threat #5,$3.95
10/21/20,JUL201389,RED 5 COMICS – STONEBOT,Angela Della Morte Volume 1 Unleash The Beast TP,$12.95
10/21/20,AUG201551,RED 5 COMICS – STONEBOT,Angela Della Morte Volume 2 #2,$3.95
10/21/20,AUG201555,RIZZOLI UNIVERSE PROMOTIONAL,Chris Ware Monograph HC,$29.98
10/21/20,JUN201316,RUNNING PRESS,Back To The Future Magnetic Hoverboard Kit SC,$12.95
10/21/20,JUN201317,RUNNING PRESS,Jaws Were Going to Need Bigger Boat Kit SC,$12.95
10/21/20,AUG201569,SCOUT COMICS,Electric Black Presents #1,$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201574,SCOUT COMICS,Phantom Starkiller #1,$3.99
10/21/20,JUL201818,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Buck Naked In Another World Novel Volume 2 SC,$14.99
10/21/20,JUL201789,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Girl From The Other Side Siuil a Run Volume 9 GN,$12.99
10/21/20,JUL201824,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Light Novel Volume 3 SC,$13.99
10/21/20,JUL201798,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Volume 9 GN,$12.99
10/21/20,JUL201825,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Light Novel Volume 7 SC,$13.99
10/21/20,JUL201802,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Nicola Traveling Around The Demon’s World Volume 3 GN,$12.99
10/21/20,JUL201805,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Pandora In The Crimson Shell Ghost Urn Volume 13 GN,$12.99
10/21/20,JUL201828,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Roll Over And Die Light Novel Volume 1 SC,$13.99
10/21/20,JUL208782,TEN SPEED PRESS,World Of Critical Role The History Behind The Epic Fantasy HC,$35.00
10/21/20,AUG201612,TINTO PRESS,Goiter #5,$5.99
10/21/20,AUG201629,TITAN COMICS,Blade Runner 2019 #11 (Cover A Fernando Dagnino),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201630,TITAN COMICS,Blade Runner 2019 #11 (Cover B Syd Mead),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201631,TITAN COMICS,Blade Runner 2019 #11 (Cover C Andres Guinaldo),$3.99
10/21/20,JAN202008,TITAN COMICS,Ms. Tree Volume 2 Skeleton In The Closet TP,$29.99
10/21/20,JUN201545,TOKYOPOP,Ossan Idol Even At 36 It’s Never Too Late Volume 1 GN,$12.99
10/21/20,APR202138,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Rai #8 (Cover A Walter Simonson),$3.99
10/21/20,APR202139,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Rai #8 (Cover B Bret Blevins),$3.99
10/21/20,APR202141,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Rai #8 (Cover C Kano Pre-Order Edition Variant),AR
10/21/20,AUG201720,VAULT COMICS,Engineward #4 (Cover A Joe Eisma),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201721,VAULT COMICS,Engineward #4 (Cover B Jen Hickman),$3.99
10/21/20,APR202163,VAULT COMICS,Heist Or How To Steal A Planet #7,$3.99
10/21/20,FEB202101,VAULT COMICS,Sera And The Royal Stars #8,$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201715,VAULT COMICS,Shadow Service #3 (Cover A Corin Howell & Triona Farrell),$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201716,VAULT COMICS,Shadow Service #3 (Cover B Rebekah Isaacs),$3.99
10/21/20,MAR202223,VAULT COMICS,Vagrant Queen A Planet Called Doom #5,$3.99
10/21/20,AUG201833,VERTICAL COMICS,Daily Lives Of High School Boys Volume 2 GN,$12.95
10/21/20,AUG201895,VIZ MEDIA,Persona 5 Volume 4 GN,$9.99
10/21/20,AUG201897,VIZ MEDIA,Radiant Volume 13 GN,$9.99
10/21/20,AUG201729,WILLIAM MORROW,Neil Gaiman Reader HC,$50.00
10/21/20,JUL201727,YEN PRESS,Happy Sugar Life Volume 6 GN,$13.00
10/21/20,JUL201726,YEN PRESS,Our Last Crusade Or The Rise Of A New World Volume 3 GN,$13.00
10/21/20,JUL201724,YEN PRESS,Restaurant To Another World Volume 2 GN,$13.00
10/21/20,AUG201903,YEN PRESS,Star Wars Leia Princess Of Alderaan Volume 1 GN,$13.00
10/21/20,AUG192393,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide Case Files TP,$12.99
10/21/20,AUG201740,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Tales Of Terror Quarterly 2020 Halloween Special #1 (Cover A Igor Vitorino),$8.99
10/21/20,AUG201741,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Tales Of Terror Quarterly 2020 Halloween Special #1 (Cover B Keith Garvey),$8.99
10/21/20,AUG201742,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Tales Of Terror Quarterly 2020 Halloween Special #1 (Cover C Nelly Jimenez),$8.99
10/21/20,AUG208483,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Tales Of Terror Quarterly 2020 Halloween Special #1 (Cover D Eric Basaldua),AR
10/21/20,FEB208729,Cards – TOPPS COMPANY,Topps 2020 Heritage Minor League Baseball Trading Card Box,AR
10/21/20,MAR208122,Cards – TOPPS COMPANY,Topps 2020 Triple Threads Baseball Trading Card Box,AR
10/21/20,APR208678,Cards – TOPPS COMPANY,Topps 2020-21 NHL Sticker Collection Album,AR
10/21/20,JUN208002,Games – FUNKO,Funko Footloose Party Game,AR
10/21/20,JUN208003,Games – FUNKO,Funko Last Defense Game,AR
10/21/20,JUL208193,Games – FUNKO,Funko Marvel Battleworld Game 12 Piece PDQ,AR
10/21/20,JUL208192,Games – FUNKO,Funko Marvel Battleworld Game Battle Ball Capsule,AR
10/21/20,JUL208194,Games – FUNKO,Funko Marvel Battleworld Game Mega Pack,AR
10/21/20,JUL209208,Games – SUPER IMPULSE,Tiny Arcade Frogger Game,AR
10/21/20,JUL209209,Games – SUPER IMPULSE,Tiny Arcade Tetris Game,AR
10/21/20,JUL209210,Games – SUPER IMPULSE,Tiny Arcade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game,AR
10/21/20,AUG201608,Games – TEN SPEED PRESS,Beasts And Behemoths A Young Adventurer’s Guide Dungeons And Dragons HC,AR
10/21/20,AUG202477,Games – TOP TRUMPS USA,Top Trumps Friends Quiz Game,AR
10/21/20,JUN209069,Merchandise,Avengers Gamerverse 6 Inch Iron Man Taskmaster Action Figure 2 Pack,AR
10/21/20,FEB209209,Merchandise,Back To The Future 11 Inch Time Machine Plush,AR
10/21/20,JUN198368,Merchandise,Dark Knight Returns Batman MAFEX Action Figure,AR
10/21/20,JAN209026,Merchandise,Demon Slayer Chimimega Buddy Series Zenitsu & Inosuke 2 Piece Set,AR
10/21/20,JAN209027,Merchandise,Demon Slayer Kimetsu Fluffy Squeeze Bread Wave 2 8 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
10/21/20,JAN209028,Merchandise,Demon Slayer Kimetsu Fluffy Squeeze Bread Wave 3 8 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
10/21/20,JAN208119,Merchandise,Dragon Quest V Bring Arts Hero Action Figure,AR
10/21/20,SEP198731,Merchandise,Final Fantasy IX Bring Arts Kuja And Amarant Coral Action Figure Set,AR
10/21/20,FEB208454,Merchandise,Final Fantasy Remake Pin Badge 10 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
10/21/20,DEC198380,Merchandise,Final Fantasy Tonberry Jumbo Plush,AR
10/21/20,FEB208455,Merchandise,Final Fantasy VII Polygon PVC Figure 8 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
10/21/20,JAN208120,Merchandise,Final Fantasy VII Red XIII Plush Action Doll,AR
10/21/20,FEB208296,Merchandise,Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith Gainsborough Statuette,AR
10/21/20,FEB208297,Merchandise,Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Strife Statuette,AR
10/21/20,FEB208298,Merchandise,Final Fantasy VII Remake Sephiroth Statuette,AR
10/21/20,APR200294,Merchandise,Fire Power Fireball T-Shirt LG,AR
10/21/20,APR200293,Merchandise,Fire Power Fireball T-Shirt MED,AR
10/21/20,APR200292,Merchandise,Fire Power Fireball T-Shirt SM,AR
10/21/20,APR200295,Merchandise,Fire Power Fireball T-Shirt XL,AR
10/21/20,APR200296,Merchandise,Fire Power Fireball T-Shirt XXL,AR
10/21/20,APR200297,Merchandise,Fire Power Fireball T-Shirt XXXL,AR
10/21/20,AUG202476,Merchandise,Friends Playing Cards,AR
10/21/20,JAN208065,Merchandise,GEM Series Demon Slayer Kimetsu Zenitsu Palm PVC Figure,AR
10/21/20,JAN208066,Merchandise,GEM Series Demon Slayer Kimetsu Zenitsu Palm PVC Figure (With Gift),AR
10/21/20,FEB208654,Merchandise,Gundam Guys Generation Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack Amuro Ray PVC Figure,AR
10/21/20,JUN201801,Merchandise,Halloween ComicFest 2020 Marvel Gallery Glow In The Dark Carnage PVC Statue,AR
10/21/20,AUG202465,Merchandise,Harry Potter Hogwarts 1000 Piece Puzzle,AR
10/21/20,AUG202466,Merchandise,Harry Potter Horcrux 1000 Piece Puzzle,AR
10/21/20,AUG202468,Merchandise,Harry Potter House Crests 500 Piece Puzzle,AR
10/21/20,AUG202469,Merchandise,Harry Potter Magical Creatures 500 Piece Puzzle,AR
10/21/20,AUG202467,Merchandise,Harry Potter Quidditch 1000 Piece Puzzle,AR
10/21/20,APR208186,Merchandise,King Kong 7 Inch Action Figure,AR
10/21/20,JUL199158,Merchandise,Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts Roxas Action Figure,AR
10/21/20,APR208279,Merchandise,Living Dead Dolls Saw Billy Doll,AR
10/21/20,FEB208656,Merchandise,Look Up Series Series Demon Slayer Kimetsu Nezuko PVC Figure,AR
10/21/20,FEB208657,Merchandise,Look Up Series Series Demon Slayer Kimetsu Tanjiro PVC Figure,AR
10/21/20,JAN208067,Merchandise,Lucrea Persona 5 The Royal Kasumi Yoshizawa PVC Figure,AR
10/21/20,OCT198079,Merchandise,Mobile Police Patlabor Robo-Dou Ingram Unit 1 1/35 Scale Figure,AR
10/21/20,JAN209035,Merchandise,Naruto Chimimega Buddy Series Sakura And Sasori 2 Piece Set,AR
10/21/20,OCT198330,Merchandise,Nascar Cup 2019 Champ Busch M&M 1/24 Scale Car,AR
10/21/20,JUL209329,Merchandise,Nintendo 2-1/2 Inch Figure Wave 26 Assortment,AR
10/21/20,DEC198042,Merchandise,One Piece Portrait Of Pirates Miss All Sunday PVC Figure,AR
10/21/20,SEP198653,Merchandise,One-12 Collective DC Harley Quinn Playing For Keeps Edition Previews Exclusive Action Figure,AR
10/21/20,AUG199079,Merchandise,One-12 Collective Marvel Gambit Action Figure,AR
10/21/20,FEB209326,Merchandise,Phunny Hungry Pac-Man 15 Inch Plush,AR
10/21/20,AUG202464,Merchandise,PIXAR Soul Find Your Spark Journal,AR
10/21/20,JAN209304,Merchandise,POP Disney PIXAR Alien As Sulley Vinyl Figure,AR
10/21/20,NOV198084,Merchandise,POP Specialty Series One Punch Man Garou Flowing Water Vinyl Figure,AR
10/21/20,JUN208174,Merchandise,Popmart Chino Lam Fish Of The World 12 Piece Figure Blind Mystery Box,AR
10/21/20,JUN208175,Merchandise,Popmart Duckoo Home Training Series 8 Piece Figure Blind Mystery Box,AR
10/21/20,JUN208178,Merchandise,Popmart Minions On Holiday 12 Piece Figure Blind Mystery Box,AR
10/21/20,JUN208179,Merchandise,Popmart Molly Steampunk Series 12 Piece Figure Blind Mystery Box,AR
10/21/20,JUN208180,Merchandise,Popmart Vivicat Lying Series 3 9 Piece Figure Blind Mystery Box,AR
10/21/20,JUN208181,Merchandise,Popmart Yuki Interfusion Series 12 Piece Figure Blind Mystery Box,AR
10/21/20,JAN208793,Merchandise,Predator 2 Ultimate Lost Predator 7 Inch Action Figure,AR
10/21/20,JUL208551,Merchandise,Soul Eater Blackstar Enamel Pin,AR
10/21/20,JUL208552,Merchandise,Soul Eater Death The Kid Enamel Pin,AR
10/21/20,JUL208553,Merchandise,Soul Eater Lord Death Enamel Pin,AR
10/21/20,JUL208554,Merchandise,Soul Eater Maka Albarn Enamel Pin,AR
10/21/20,JUL208555,Merchandise,Soul Eater Professor Stein Enamel Pin,AR
10/21/20,JUL208556,Merchandise,Soul Eater Soul Evans Enamel Pin,AR
10/21/20,JUL208557,Merchandise,South Park Big Balls Randy Enamel Pin,AR
10/21/20,JUL208559,Merchandise,South Park Face Palm Stan Enamel Pin,AR
10/21/20,JUL208560,Merchandise,South Park Nice Enamel Pin,AR
10/21/20,JUL208562,Merchandise,South Park They Took Our Jerbs Enamel Pin,AR
10/21/20,JUL208760,Merchandise,Star Wars Celebrate The Saga 3-3/4 Inch Republic 5 Piece Action Figure Set,AR
10/21/20,JAN208511,Merchandise,Star Wars Episode 6 Vintage 3-3/4 Inch Jedi Luke Skywalker Action Figure,AR
10/21/20,JAN208735,Merchandise,Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Animatronic Figure,AR
10/21/20,JUN209256,Merchandise,Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Life Sized 16 Inch Statue,AR
10/21/20,JUN209257,Merchandise,Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Shoulder Accessory,AR
10/21/20,OCT198133,Merchandise,Threezero X Ryu Oyama Ultraman Dark Baltan 1/6 Scale Figure,AR
10/21/20,APR209001,Merchandise,Venom Legends BAF Toxin Deluxe Action Figure,AR
10/21/20,APR208420,Merchandise,Vinyl Soda It Movie Pennywise Vinyl Figure With Chase,AR

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Hannibal Tabu October 19, 2020 - 7:19 pm

What have you done?

This is virtually unusable compared to the clean, easy to read lists you did in the past!

Why? WHY?!??

Grrr, this will add a lot of time to my week.

Charles LePage October 19, 2020 - 8:54 pm

I’d be glad to assist and/or accommodate, so… the CSV version is still comma separated. What would make the CSV version more useful for you?


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