ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 08/19/2020 (CSV)

by Charles LePage

JUN201441_5 ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 08/19/2020 (CSV)ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, August 19, 2020. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, and is © 1995-2020 Charles S. LePage.

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PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will arrive in all stores. Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong. Items with release dates not verified by Diamond Distribution are individually noted. Some of the DC Comics titles listed may have arrived in stores already through Lunar Distribution and UCS Comic Distributors.

08/19/20,APR201396,ABLAZE,Cagaster Volume 1 GN,$12.99
08/19/20,APR201397,ABLAZE,Kidz #6 (Cover A Nicolas Petrimaux),$3.99
08/19/20,APR201398,ABLAZE,Kidz #6 (Cover B Vittoria Macioci Super 8 Homage Variant),$3.99
08/19/20,APR201399,ABLAZE,Kidz #6 (Cover C Boris Mirroir),$3.99
08/19/20,APR201400,ABLAZE,Kidz #6 (Cover D Simon D’Armini),$3.99
08/19/20,APR201401,ABLAZE,Kidz #6 (Cover E Nicolas Petrimaux Foil Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR201443,ACTION LAB – DANGER ZONE,Zombie Tramp #72 (Cover A Marco Maccagni),$4.99
08/19/20,APR201444,ACTION LAB – DANGER ZONE,Zombie Tramp #72 (Cover B Marco Maccagni Risque Variant),$4.99
08/19/20,APR201445,ACTION LAB – DANGER ZONE,Zombie Tramp #72 (Cover C Michael McComb),$4.99
08/19/20,APR201446,ACTION LAB – DANGER ZONE,Zombie Tramp #72 (Cover D Michael McComb Risque Variant),$4.99
08/19/20,APR201447,ACTION LAB – DANGER ZONE,Zombie Tramp #72 (Cover E Megan Huang),$4.99
08/19/20,APR201448,ACTION LAB – DANGER ZONE,Zombie Tramp #72 (Cover F Megan Huang Risque Variant),$4.99
08/19/20,APR208720,ADHOUSE BOOKS,Mtsryr Octobriana 1976 #1 (One Shot),$10.00
08/19/20,JUN200883,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Artemis And Assassin #4,$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200877,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Dead Day #2 (Cover A Andy Clarke),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200878,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Dead Day #2 (Cover B Szymon Kudranski),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200885,AHOY COMICS,Ash And Thorn #4,$3.99
08/19/20,MAR201564,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Casper’s Spooksville #1 (Of 4)(Mike Wolfer Signed Edition,$19.99
08/19/20,DEC191385,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Land That Time Forgot 1975 Readers Set,$7.99
08/19/20,DEC191379,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Mark Of Zorro 100 Years Of The Masked Avenger HC (James Kuhoric Kickstarter Signed Edition),$59.99
08/19/20,JAN201483,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Widow Progeny Reader Set #1-3,$13.99
08/19/20,JUL201015,AMP! COMICS FOR KIDS,Peanuts The Gang’s All Here TP,$14.99
08/19/20,DEC191400,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Gold Digger #274,$3.99
08/19/20,MAR201575,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Horror Comics #3 (Cover A TBD),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR201576,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Horror Comics #3 (Cover B David Hutchison Skinless Cell Variant),$9.99
08/19/20,AUG191607,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Leave On The Light #3 (Of 3)(Cover A Helmut Racho & Oscar Pinto),$3.99
08/19/20,AUG191608,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Leave On The Light #3 (Of 3)(Cover B Helmut Racho & Oscar Pinto Foil Variant),$9.99
08/19/20,NOV191448,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Strong Box The Big Bad Book Of Boon #8 (Of 8),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200950,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #312,$7.99
08/19/20,JUN200949,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,B & V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest #283,$7.99
08/19/20,APR201587,ASPEN COMICS,Dead Man’s Run #0 (Tony Parker NYCC 2011 Variant Cover),$9.99
08/19/20,APR201588,ASPEN COMICS,Dead Man’s Run #1 (Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2012 Variant Cover),$14.99
08/19/20,MAR201602,ASPEN COMICS,Dellec Beginnings (Wizard World Philadelphia 2009 Variant Cover),$9.99
08/19/20,MAR201603,ASPEN COMICS,Dellec Volume 1 #1 (Micah Gunnell SDCC 2009 Variant Cover),$14.99
08/19/20,MAR201604,ASPEN COMICS,Dellec Volume 2 #2 (Pasquale Qualano NYCC 2018 Variant Cover),$14.99
08/19/20,JUN200963,ASPEN COMICS,Jirni Volume 2 #2 (Long Beach Comic Con 2015 Blank Variant Cover),$14.99
08/19/20,JUN200962,ASPEN COMICS,Jirni Volume 2 #2 (V Ken Marion Dragon Con 2015 Variant Cover,$14.99
08/19/20,JUN200964,ASPEN COMICS,Mindfield #0 (Alex Konat C2E2 2010 Variant Cover),$9.99
08/19/20,JUN200965,ASPEN COMICS,Mindfield #2 (Alex Konat SDCC 2010 Variant Cover),$14.99
08/19/20,JUN200966,ASPEN COMICS,Mindfield #2 (SDCC 2010 Blank Variant Cover),$14.99
08/19/20,JUN200961,ASPEN COMICS,Nu Way #1 (Alex Konat SDCC 2018 Variant Cover),$14.99
08/19/20,APR201589,ASPEN COMICS,Scourge #0 (SDCC 2010 Variant Cover),$9.99
08/19/20,APR201590,ASPEN COMICS,Scourge #1 (Eric Battle Canadian National Comic Book Expo 2010 Variant Cover),$14.99
08/19/20,MAR201608,ASPEN COMICS,Shrugged #1 (Michael Turner & Micah Gunnell Wizard World Philadelphia 2006 Variant Cover B),$14.99
08/19/20,MAR201607,ASPEN COMICS,Shrugged #1 (Michael Turner Wizard World Philadelphia 2006 Variant Cover A),$14.99
08/19/20,MAR201606,ASPEN COMICS,Shrugged Beginnings (Michael Turner Pittsburg Comic Con 2006 Variant Cover),$9.99
08/19/20,MAR201605,ASPEN COMICS,Shrugged Preview (Wizard World Los Angeles 2006 Variant Cover),$9.99
08/19/20,MAR201609,ASPEN COMICS,Shrugged Volume 1 #2 (Michael Turner Wizard World Chicago 2006 Variant Cover),$14.99
08/19/20,MAR201610,ASPEN COMICS,Shrugged Volume 1 #4 (Michael Turner/Marcus To/Micah Gunnell/Koi Turnbull Aspenstore 2006 Variant Cover),$14.99
08/19/20,MAR201611,ASPEN COMICS,Shrugged Volume 1 #5 (Michael Turner Wizard World Los Angeles 2007 Variant Cover),$14.99
08/19/20,MAR201612,ASPEN COMICS,Shrugged Volume 1 #8 (Aspenstore 2008 Variant Cover),$14.99
08/19/20,MAR201613,ASPEN COMICS,Shrugged Volume 3 #1 (Siya Oum Emerald City Comic Con 2018 Variant Cover),$14.99
08/19/20,JAN201554,AVATAR PRESS,Anna Mercury #2 (Design Sketch Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201555,AVATAR PRESS,Anna Mercury #3 (Design Sketch Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201556,AVATAR PRESS,Anna Mercury #4 (Design Sketch Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201557,AVATAR PRESS,Anna Mercury #5 (Design Sketch Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201639,AVATAR PRESS,Caliban #1 (Design Sketch Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201640,AVATAR PRESS,Caliban #2 (Design Sketch Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201641,AVATAR PRESS,Caliban #3 (Design Sketch Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201642,AVATAR PRESS,Caliban #4 (Design Sketch Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201643,AVATAR PRESS,Caliban #5 (Design Sketch Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201644,AVATAR PRESS,Caliban #6 (Design Sketch Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201645,AVATAR PRESS,Caliban #7 (Design Sketch Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201654,AVATAR PRESS,Chronicles Of Wormwood #1 (Platinum Foil Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201655,AVATAR PRESS,Chronicles Of Wormwood #2 (Platinum Foil Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201656,AVATAR PRESS,Chronicles Of Wormwood #3 (Platinum Foil Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201657,AVATAR PRESS,Chronicles Of Wormwood #4 (Platinum Foil Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201658,AVATAR PRESS,Chronicles Of Wormwood #5 (Platinum Foil Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201659,AVATAR PRESS,Chronicles Of Wormwood #6 (Platinum Foil Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201660,AVATAR PRESS,Chronicles Of Wormwood Last Battle #1 (Anti-Christ Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201661,AVATAR PRESS,Chronicles Of Wormwood Last Battle #2 (Anti-Christ Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201662,AVATAR PRESS,Chronicles Of Wormwood Last Battle #3 (Anti-Christ Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201663,AVATAR PRESS,Chronicles Of Wormwood Last Battle #4 (Anti-Christ Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201664,AVATAR PRESS,Chronicles Of Wormwood Last Battle #5 (Anti-Christ Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR201665,AVATAR PRESS,Chronicles Of Wormwood Last Battle #6 (Anti-Christ Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201590,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #1 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201599,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #10 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201600,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #11 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201601,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #12 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201602,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #13 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201603,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #14 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201604,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #15 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201605,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #16 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201606,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #17 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201607,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #18 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201591,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #2 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201592,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #3 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201593,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #4 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201594,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #5 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201595,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #6 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201596,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #7 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201597,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #8 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201598,AVATAR PRESS,Ferals #9 (Slashed Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201559,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel #0 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201560,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel #1 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201569,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel #10 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201570,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel #11 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201571,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel #12 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201561,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel #2 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201562,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel #3 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201563,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel #4 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201564,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel #5 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201565,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel #6 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201566,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel #7 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201567,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel #8 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201568,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel #9 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201572,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel Combat Magician #0 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201573,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel Combat Magician #1 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201574,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel Combat Magician #2 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201575,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel Combat Magician #3 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201576,AVATAR PRESS,Gravel Combat Magician #4 (Black Magic Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201584,AVATAR PRESS,Wolfskin Hundredth Dream #1 (Blood & Bronze Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201585,AVATAR PRESS,Wolfskin Hundredth Dream #2 (Blood & Bronze Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201586,AVATAR PRESS,Wolfskin Hundredth Dream #3 (Blood & Bronze Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201587,AVATAR PRESS,Wolfskin Hundredth Dream #4 (Blood & Bronze Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201588,AVATAR PRESS,Wolfskin Hundredth Dream #5 (Blood & Bronze Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JAN201589,AVATAR PRESS,Wolfskin Hundredth Dream #6 (Blood & Bronze Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JUN200981,AWA STUDIOS,Archangel 8 #4 (Of 5),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200983,AWA STUDIOS,Hotell #4 (Of 4),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200990,BEHEMOTH COMICS,Cardinal Dagon #1 (Of 3),$3.99
08/19/20,JAN201622,BLACK MASK COMICS,Jade Street Protection Services TP,$16.99
08/19/20,DEC191510,BLACK MASK COMICS,Last Song #3,$4.99
08/19/20,JUL201103,BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT,Art Of Spyro Reignited Trilogy HC,$45.00
08/19/20,JAN201335,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel Season 11 Library Edition HC,$29.99
08/19/20,APR201364,BOOM! STUDIOS,Faithless II #3 (Of 6)(Cover A Maria Llovet),$3.99
08/19/20,APR201365,BOOM! STUDIOS,Faithless II #3 (Of 6)(Cover B Tula Lotay Connecting Erotic Variant),$4.99
08/19/20,FEB209010,BOOM! STUDIOS,Faithless II #3 (Of 6)(Cover C Jen Bartel),AR
08/19/20,JUN200787,BOOM! STUDIOS,Firefly #19 (Cover A Marc Aspinall),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200788,BOOM! STUDIOS,Firefly #19 (Cover B George Kambadais Animated Series Variant),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200789,BOOM! STUDIOS,Firefly #19 (Cover C Dan McCaid Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR201373,BOOM! STUDIOS,Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance #10 (Of 12)(Cover A Mona Finden),$3.99
08/19/20,APR201374,BOOM! STUDIOS,Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance #10 (Of 12)(Cover B Kelly Matthews & Nichole Matthews Connecting Variant),$3.99
08/19/20,FEB209176,BOOM! STUDIOS,Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance #10 (Of 12)(Cover C Christian Ward),$3.99
08/19/20,APR201371,BOOM! STUDIOS,Once And Future #10 (Cover A Dan Mora),$3.99
08/19/20,FEB201340,BOOM! STUDIOS,Over The Garden Wall Soulful Symphonies TP,$14.99
08/19/20,JUN200764,BOOM! STUDIOS,Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Jung-Geun Yoon),$4.99
08/19/20,JUN200767,BOOM! STUDIOS,Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn #1 (Of 3)(Cover B Goni Montes Foil Variant),$5.99
08/19/20,JUN200765,BOOM! STUDIOS,Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn #1 (Of 3)(Cover C Dan Mora),AR
08/19/20,JUN200766,BOOM! STUDIOS,Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn #1 (Of 3)(Cover D Dan Mora Black & White Variant),AR
08/19/20,,BOOM! STUDIOS,Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn #1 (Of 3)(Cover E Jung-Geun Yoon One Per Store Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN208619,BOOM! STUDIOS,Power Rangers Ranger Slayer #1 (Jen Bartel 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$7.99
08/19/20,MAR201359,BOOM! STUDIOS,Quotable Giant Days GN,$14.99
08/19/20,FEB201290,BOOM! STUDIOS,Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers Volume 7 TP,$16.99
08/19/20,JUN208620,BOOM! STUDIOS,Something Is Killing The Children #7 (Werther Dell’Edera 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/19/20,FEB201634,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Vixens #1 (Of 2)(Juan Jose Ryp Kickstarter Century Nude Variant Cover A)(adult),$24.99
08/19/20,FEB201635,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Vixens #1 (Of 2)(Juan Jose Ryp Kickstarter Century Nude Variant Cover B)(adult),$24.99
08/19/20,FEB201636,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Vixens #1 (Of 2)(Juan Jose Ryp Kickstarter Century Nude Variant Cover C)(adult),$24.99
08/19/20,APR201752,COMIC SHOP NEWS,Comic Shop News #1722,AR
08/19/20,APR200392,DARK HORSE COMICS,Art Of The Dragon Prince HC,$39.99
08/19/20,JUN200310,DARK HORSE COMICS,Dragon Age Blue Wraith HC,$17.99
08/19/20,UCS20060479,DC COMICS,Aquaman #62 (Cover A Robson Rocha),$3.99
08/19/20,UCS20060480,DC COMICS,Aquaman #62 (Cover B Tyler Kirkham),AR
08/19/20,UCS20060449,DC COMICS,Batman #97 (Cover A Guillem March),$3.99
08/19/20,UCS20060450,DC COMICS,Batman #97 (Cover B Francesco Mattina Card Stock Variant),AR
08/19/20,UCS20038051,DC COMICS,Batman #97 (Cover C Jorge Jimenez Harley Quinn Card Stock Variant),AR
08/19/20,UCS20030618,DC COMICS,Batman Adventures Batgirl A League Of Her Own TP,$9.99
08/19/20,UCS20030689,DC COMICS,Catwoman #23 (Sean Murphy 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/19/20,UCS20060492,DC COMICS,Catwoman #24 (Cover A Sean Murphy),$3.99
08/19/20,UCS20060493,DC COMICS,Catwoman #24 (Cover B Junggeun Yoon),AR
08/19/20,UCS20060438,DC COMICS,Dark Nights Death Metal Guidebook #1 (Cover A Yasmine Putri),$5.99
08/19/20,UCS20060439,DC COMICS,Dark Nights Death Metal Guidebook #1 (Cover B Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson),AR
08/19/20,UCS20020551,DC COMICS,DC Poster Portfolio James Jean TP,$24.99
08/19/20,UCS20060457,DC COMICS,Harley Quinn #75 (Cover A Guillem March),$5.99
08/19/20,UCS20060458,DC COMICS,Harley Quinn #75 (Cover B Frank Cho),AR
08/19/20,UCS20060506,DC COMICS,Justice League #51 (Cover A Philip Tan),$3.99
08/19/20,UCS20060507,DC COMICS,Justice League #51 (Cover B Nick Derington),AR
08/19/20,UCS20060513,DC COMICS,Metal Men #9 (Of 12)(Cover A Shane Davis),$3.99
08/19/20,UCS20060514,DC COMICS,Metal Men #9 (Of 12)(Cover B Brian Bolland Card Stock Variant),AR
08/19/20,UCS20060459,DC COMICS,Nightwing #73 (Cover A Travis Moore),$3.99
08/19/20,UCS20060460,DC COMICS,Nightwing #73 (Cover B Alan Quah),AR
08/19/20,UCS20038003,DC COMICS,Power Of Shazam Volume 1 In The Beginning HC,$49.99
08/19/20,UCS20060517,DC COMICS,Scooby-Doo Where Are You #105,$2.99
08/19/20,UCS20060523,DC COMICS,Teen Titans #44 (Cover A Bernard Chang),$3.99
08/19/20,UCS20060524,DC COMICS,Teen Titans #44 (Cover B Khary Randolph),AR
08/19/20,UCS20040701,DC COMICS,Wonder Woman #759 (David Marquez 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/19/20,UCS20060528,DC COMICS,Wonder Woman Annual #4,$4.99
08/19/20,UCS20060526,DC COMICS,Wonder Woman Dead Earth #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Daniel Warren Johnson),$6.99
08/19/20,UCS20060527,DC COMICS,Wonder Woman Dead Earth #4 (Of 4)(Cover B Daniel Warren Johnson),AR
08/19/20,UCS20030667,DC COMICS,Wonder Woman The Hiketeia Deluxe Edition HC,$29.99
08/19/20,UCS20029260,DC COMICS,Wonder Woman Volume 2 Love Is A Battlefield TP,$19.99
08/19/20,DEC191609,DESIGN STUDIO PRESS,Call Of Cthulhu Illustrated HC,$29.95
08/19/20,JUL201140,DK PUBLISHING,Corpse Talk Ground-Breaking Scientists GN,$12.99
08/19/20,JUL201141,DK PUBLISHING,Corpse Talk Ground-Breaking Scientists HC,$19.99
08/19/20,JUL201142,DK PUBLISHING,Corpse Talk Ground-Breaking Women GN,$12.99
08/19/20,JUL201143,DK PUBLISHING,Corpse Talk Ground-Breaking Women HC,$19.99
08/19/20,JUL201144,DK PUBLISHING,LEGO Batman Vs The Joker HC (With Mini Figures),$16.99
08/19/20,APR201138,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #1 (Cover R Jung-Geun Yoon Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR201139,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #1 (Cover S Kano Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR201140,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page #1 (Cover T Joseph Michael Linsner Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR201266,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,George R.R. Martin’s A Clash Of Kings #6 (Cover A Mike S. Miller),$3.99
08/19/20,APR201267,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,George R.R. Martin’s A Clash Of Kings #6 (Cover B Mel Rubi),$3.99
08/19/20,APR201268,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,George R.R. Martin’s A Clash Of Kings #6 (Cover C Mel Rubi Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR201269,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,George R.R. Martin’s A Clash Of Kings #6 (Cover D Mel Rubi Black & White Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR201270,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,George R.R. Martin’s A Clash Of Kings #6 (Cover E Mike S. Miller Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR201153,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Green Hornet #1 (Cover O Lee Weeks Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR201154,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Green Hornet #1 (Cover P Dave Johnson Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201221,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,James Bond #6 (Cover G Afua Richardson Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201231,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Killing Red Sonja #3 (Cover A Christian Ward),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR201232,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Killing Red Sonja #3 (Cover B Juan Gedeon Jim Lee Homage Variant),$3.99
08/19/20,APR208956,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Killing Red Sonja #3 (Cover C Roberto Castro Bonus Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR208957,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Killing Red Sonja #3 (Cover D Roberto Castro Black & White Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201233,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Killing Red Sonja #3 (Cover E Christian Ward Grayscale Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR208958,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Killing Red Sonja #3 (Cover F Roberto Castro Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR208959,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Killing Red Sonja #3 (Cover G Roberto Castro Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201234,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Killing Red Sonja #3 (Cover H Christian Ward Color Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR208960,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Killing Red Sonja #3 (Cover I Christian Ward Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201235,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Killing Red Sonja #3 (Cover J Christian Ward Virgin Color Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR201283,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #17 (Cover T Jae Lee Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR201284,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #17 (Cover U Joseph Michael Linsner Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN200746,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover A Jae Lee),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200747,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover B Joseph Michael Linsner),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200748,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover C Bob Q),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200749,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover D Marc Laming),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200750,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover E Katy DeCobray Cosplay Variant),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN208354,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover F Roberto Castro Bonus Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN200751,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover G Alessandro Miracolo America Together Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN200752,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover H Andrew Pepoy Seduction Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN208355,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover I Roberto Castro Black & White Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN200753,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover J Alessandro Miracolo America Together Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN208356,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover K Roberto Castro Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN200754,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover L Joseph Michael Linsner Black & White Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN208357,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover M Jae Lee Tint Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN208358,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover N Joseph Michael Linsner Tint Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN200755,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover O Jae Lee Black & White Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN208359,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover P Joseph Michael Linsner Tint Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN208360,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover Q Jae Lee Tint Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN200756,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover R Bob Q Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN200757,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #18 (Cover S Andrew Pepoy Seduction Black & White Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201178,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja Age Of Chaos #5 (Cover U Lucio Parrillo Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201179,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja Age Of Chaos #5 (Cover V Alan Quah Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201180,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja Age Of Chaos #5 (Cover W Ale Garza Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201181,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja Age Of Chaos #5 (Cover X Kunkka Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,FEB201216,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #11 (Of 12)(Cover N Fay Dalton Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,FEB201217,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #11 (Of 12)(Cover O Cat Staggs Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201263,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #12 (Of 12)(Cover K Fay Dalton Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201264,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #12 (Of 12)(Cover L Cat Staggs Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201142,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Sacred Six #1 (Cover O Jae Lee Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201143,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Sacred Six #1 (Cover P Lucio Parrillo Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201163,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella #11 (Cover U Lucio Parrillo Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201164,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella #11 (Cover V Fay Dalton Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201165,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella #11 (Cover X Juan Gedeon Jim Lee Homage Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201281,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #9 (Cover R Jae Lee Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201282,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #9 (Cover S Mayara Sampaio Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201283,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #9 (Cover T Juan Gedeon Virgin Jim Lee Homage Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR201327,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #9 (Cover P Lucio Parrillo Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR201328,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #9 (Cover Q Lucio Parrillo Virgin Variant),AR
08/19/20,JAN200024,FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS,Disney Masters Donald Duck (FCBD 2020 Edition),AR
08/19/20,JAN200005,FIRST SECOND,InvestiGators Take The Plunge Sneak Peek (FCBD 2020 Edition),AR
08/19/20,JUL201195,FLESK PUBLICATIONS,Art Of Frank Cho 20 Year Retrospective SC,$39.95
08/19/20,JUL201196,FLOATING WORLD COMICS,All Time Comics Season Two Zerosis Deathscape TP,$29.99
08/19/20,JUL201197,GALLERY,Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein HC,$29.99
08/19/20,JAN200049,GEMSTONE PUBLISHING,Overstreet Guide To Collecting 2020 (FCBD 2020 Edition),AR
08/19/20,MAR201898,GRAPHIC UNIVERSE,Cassandra Animal Psychic Volume 2 Out On A Limb GN,$8.99
08/19/20,APR201891,HERMES PRESS,Dark Shadows Paperback Library Novel Volume 7 The Secret Of Barnabas Collins SC,$14.99
08/19/20,APR201892,HERMES PRESS,Dark Shadows Paperback Library Novel Volume 8 The Demon Of Barnabas Collins SC,$14.99
08/19/20,JUL201236,HERMES PRESS,Phantom The Complete Newspaper Dailies Volume 19 1964-1966 HC (not verified by Diamond),$60.00
08/19/20,MAR201925,HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT,Act GN,$12.99
08/19/20,MAR201926,HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT,Act HC,$24.99
08/19/20,JAN200737,IDW PUBLISHING,G.I. Joe #7 (Cover A Chris Evenhuis),$3.99
08/19/20,JAN200738,IDW PUBLISHING,G.I. Joe #7 (Cover B Sara Richard),AR
08/19/20,APR200763,IDW PUBLISHING,Haunted Mansion GN,$9.99
08/19/20,APR200812,IDW PUBLISHING,My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Volume 19 TP,$17.99
08/19/20,MAR200756,IDW PUBLISHING,Sonic The Hedgehog #30 (Cover A Adam Bryce Thomas),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR200757,IDW PUBLISHING,Sonic The Hedgehog #30 (Cover B Diana Skelly),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR200758,IDW PUBLISHING,Sonic The Hedgehog #30 (Cover C Nathalie Fourdraine),AR
08/19/20,MAR200761,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Trek Deep Space Nine Too Long A Sacrifice #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Ricardo Drumond),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR200762,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Trek Deep Space Nine Too Long A Sacrifice #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Photo),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR200763,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Trek Deep Space Nine Too Long A Sacrifice #2 (Of 4)(Cover C J. K. Woodward),AR
08/19/20,FEB200636,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Trek Picard Countdown Volume 1 TP,$15.99
08/19/20,APR200717,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends #26 (Cover A Frank Fosco),$3.99
08/19/20,APR200718,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends #26 (Cover B Andy Kuhn),$3.99
08/19/20,APR200719,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends #26 (Cover C Kevin Eastman),AR
08/19/20,APR200729,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers #22 (Cover A Anna Malkova),$3.99
08/19/20,APR200730,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers #22 (Cover B Andrew Griffith),$3.99
08/19/20,APR200731,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers #22 (Cover C Winston Chan),AR
08/19/20,MAR200703,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers ’84 Secrets And Lies #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Guido Guidi),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR200704,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers ’84 Secrets And Lies #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Casey W. Coller),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR200705,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers ’84 Secrets And Lies #2 (Of 4)(Cover C Nick Roche),AR
08/19/20,MAR200697,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers Vs The Terminator #3 (Of 4)(Cover A Gavin Fullerton),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR200698,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers Vs The Terminator #3 (Of 4)(Cover B Andrew Griffith),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR200699,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers Vs The Terminator #3 (Of 4)(Cover C Freddie E. Williams II),AR
08/19/20,JUN200613,IDW PUBLISHING,Voyage To The Stars #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Freddie E. Williams II),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200614,IDW PUBLISHING,Voyage To The Stars #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Connie Daidone),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200615,IDW PUBLISHING,Voyage To The Stars #1 (Of 5)(Cover C Freddie E. Williams II Black & White Variant),AR
08/19/20,APR200268,IMAGE COMICS,A Man Among Ye #2,$3.99
08/19/20,JUN208563,IMAGE COMICS,Adventureman #2 (Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200151,IMAGE COMICS,Birthright Volume 9 TP,$14.99
08/19/20,JUN208562,IMAGE COMICS,Chu #1 (Dan Boultwood 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200241,IMAGE COMICS,Decorum #4 (Of 8)(Cover A Mike Huddleston),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200242,IMAGE COMICS,Decorum #4 (Of 8)(Cover B Mike Huddleston),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200243,IMAGE COMICS,Die!Die!Die! #12,$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200244,IMAGE COMICS,Gideon Falls #24 (Cover A Andrea Sorrentino & Dave Stewart),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200245,IMAGE COMICS,Gideon Falls #24 (Cover B Giuseppe Camuncoli),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN208564,IMAGE COMICS,Goddamned The Virgin Brides #1 (Of 5)(R. M. Guera 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200248,IMAGE COMICS,Low #24 (Cover A Greg Tocchini & Dave McCaig),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200249,IMAGE COMICS,Low #24 (Cover B Max Fiumara),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200250,IMAGE COMICS,Ludocrats #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Jeff Stokely),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN208312,IMAGE COMICS,Ludocrats #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Mirka Andolfo),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN200267,IMAGE COMICS,Savage Dragon #251,$3.99
08/19/20,JUL201252,INSIGHT EDITIONS,Harry Potter Film Vault Volume 11 Hogwarts Professors And Staff HC,$16.99
08/19/20,JUL201253,INSIGHT EDITIONS,Harry Potter Film Vault Volume 12 Celebrations Foods And Publications Of The Wizarding World HC,$16.99
08/19/20,FEB201824,KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT,Ninjas And Robots #1 (Cover A Erik Klaus),$4.99
08/19/20,FEB201825,KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT,Ninjas And Robots #1 (Cover B Owen Gieni),$4.99
08/19/20,FEB201826,KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT,Ninjas And Robots #1 (Cover C Hirano Piyotycho),$4.99
08/19/20,FEB201827,KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT,Ninjas And Robots #1 (Cover D Blank Variant),$9.99
08/19/20,FEB201828,KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT,Ninjas And Robots #1 (Cover E Erik Klaus Lenticular Animation Variant),AR
08/19/20,FEB201829,KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT,Ninjas And Robots #1 (Cover F Erik Klaus & Kevin Eastman),AR
08/19/20,JUN201510,KODANSHA COMICS,Attack On Titan Volume 31 GN,$10.99
08/19/20,JUN201512,KODANSHA COMICS,Drifting Dragons Volume 5 GN,$12.99
08/19/20,JUN201522,KODANSHA COMICS,Fire Force Volume 19 GN,$10.99
08/19/20,JUN201515,KODANSHA COMICS,In/Spectre Volume 12 GN,$10.99
08/19/20,JUN201525,KODANSHA COMICS,Rent-A-Girlfriend Volume 2 GN,$12.99
08/19/20,JUN201518,KODANSHA COMICS,Wave Listen To Me Volume 3 GN,$12.99
08/19/20,FEB201856,MANGO,Back From The Future A Celebration Of The Greatest Time Travel Story Ever Told SC,$19.95
08/19/20,APR201096,MARVEL COMICS,Aero And Sword Master Origins And Odysseys TP,$17.99
08/19/20,MAR201046,MARVEL COMICS,Ant-Man #5 (Of 5),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN208317,MARVEL COMICS,Avengers #34 (Javier Garron 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/19/20,APR201019,MARVEL COMICS,Avengers #35 (Cover A Matteo Scalera),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR200911,MARVEL COMICS,Cable #3 (Cover A Phil Noto),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR200912,MARVEL COMICS,Cable #3 (Cover B Tom Muller Design Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR200914,MARVEL COMICS,Cable #3 (Cover C Javier Rodriguez Days Of Future Past Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201025,MARVEL COMICS,Captain America #22 (Cover A Alex Ross),$3.99
08/19/20,APR200882,MARVEL COMICS,Captain Marvel #20 (Cover A Jorge Molina),$3.99
08/19/20,APR200883,MARVEL COMICS,Captain Marvel #20 (Cover B Jeff Dekal Empyre Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201064,MARVEL COMICS,Conan Battle For The Serpent Crown #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Mahmud A. Asrar),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR201065,MARVEL COMICS,Conan Battle For The Serpent Crown #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Eduard Petrovich),AR
08/19/20,MAR201066,MARVEL COMICS,Conan Battle For The Serpent Crown #4 (Of 5)(Cover C Philip Tan),AR
08/19/20,APR200877,MARVEL COMICS,Empyre X-Men #4 (Of 4)(Cover A TBD),$4.99
08/19/20,APR200878,MARVEL COMICS,Empyre X-Men #4 (Of 4)(Cover B Salvador Larroca),AR
08/19/20,MAR200915,MARVEL COMICS,Excalibur #11,$3.99
08/19/20,MAR201101,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four Volume 5 Point Of Origin TP,$19.99
08/19/20,NOV190947,MARVEL COMICS,Guardians Of The Galaxy Somebody’s Got To Do It Marvel Select HC,$24.99
08/19/20,APR200869,MARVEL COMICS,Lords Of Empyre Swordsman #1 (Cover A Rod Reis),$4.99
08/19/20,APR200870,MARVEL COMICS,Lords Of Empyre Swordsman #1 (Cover B Salvador Larocca),AR
08/19/20,JUN200648,MARVEL COMICS,Maestro #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Dale Keown),$4.99
08/19/20,JUN200649,MARVEL COMICS,Maestro #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Joe Bennett),AR
08/19/20,JUN200650,MARVEL COMICS,Maestro #1 (Of 5)(Cover C Ed McGuinness),AR
08/19/20,JUN200651,MARVEL COMICS,Maestro #1 (Of 5)(Cover D Ron Garney),AR
08/19/20,JUN200652,MARVEL COMICS,Maestro #1 (Of 5)(Cover E George Perez),AR
08/19/20,JUN200653,MARVEL COMICS,Maestro #1 (Of 5)(Cover F Ron Lim),AR
08/19/20,JUN200654,MARVEL COMICS,Maestro #1 (Of 5)(Cover G Yoon Lee Game Variant),AR
08/19/20,MAR201102,MARVEL COMICS,Revenge Of The Cosmic Ghost Rider TP,$15.99
08/19/20,JUN200664,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Man #1 (Facsimile Edition),$3.99
08/19/20,APR201119,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Man Spider-Verse Spider-Ham TP,$9.99
08/19/20,MAR200984,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #3 (Cover A Jung-Geun Yoon),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR200985,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Woman #3 (Cover B David Nakayama Villain Variant),AR
08/19/20,FEB200987,MARVEL COMICS,Star #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Carmen Nunez Carnero),$3.99
08/19/20,FEB200988,MARVEL COMICS,Star #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Jen Bartel),AR
08/19/20,MAR201075,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Bounty Hunters #4 (Cover A Lee Bermejo),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR201076,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Bounty Hunters #4 (Cover B Chris Sprouse Empire Strikes Back Variant),AR
08/19/20,FEB201058,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Legends Epic Collection The Rebellion Volume 4 TP,$44.99
08/19/20,MAR201009,MARVEL COMICS,Thor #6 (Cover A Olivier Coipel),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR201010,MARVEL COMICS,Thor #6 (Cover B Gabriele Dell’Otto),AR
08/19/20,MAR201012,MARVEL COMICS,Thor #6 (Cover C Steve Skroce Spoiler Variant),AR
08/19/20,FEB201001,MARVEL COMICS,Valkyrie Jane Foster #10 (Cover A Mahmud A. Asrar),$3.99
08/19/20,FEB201002,MARVEL COMICS,Valkyrie Jane Foster #10 (Cover B Robbi Rodriguez Marvel Zombies Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN208318,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #25 (Mark Bagley 3rd Printing Variant Cover),$5.99
08/19/20,JUN208565,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #25 (Ryan Stegman 3rd Printing Wraparound Sketch Variant Cover),AR
08/19/20,JUN208319,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #26 (Iban Coello 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR200900,MARVEL COMICS,Wolverine #4 (Cover A Adam Kubert),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR200901,MARVEL COMICS,Wolverine #4 (Cover B Patrick Gleason),AR
08/19/20,MAR200903,MARVEL COMICS,Wolverine #4 (Cover C Javier Rodriguez Days Of Future Past Variant),AR
08/19/20,FEB201063,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men Milestones Necrosha TP,$39.99
08/19/20,JUN201205,NBM,Leonardo Da Vinci And The Renaissance Of The World HC,$19.99
08/19/20,APR201948,NBM,Louvre Collection Red Mother With Child HC,$27.99
08/19/20,JUN201221,NON-SPORT UPDATE,Non-Sport Update Volume 31 #4,$5.99
08/19/20,APR201964,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty Go To Hell #3 (Cover A Constanza Oroza),$3.99
08/19/20,APR201965,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty Go To Hell #3 (Cover B Fred Stresing),$3.99
08/19/20,JAN200037,PAPERCUTZ,Loud House (FCBD 2020 Edition),AR
08/19/20,JUL201346,PEGASUS BOOKS,My Captain America A Granddaughter’s Memoir Of A Legendary Comic Book Artist HC,$27.95
08/19/20,APR202016,RED 5 COMICS,Queen Of Cosmos Comix Volume 1 TP,$19.95
08/19/20,JUN201326,SCOUT COMICS,Atlantis Wasn’t Built For Tourists #1,$3.99
08/19/20,JUN201327,SCOUT COMICS,It Eats What Feeds It #2,$3.99
08/19/20,APR202031,SCOUT COMICS,Wretches Volume 1 TP,$19.99
08/19/20,JUN201332,SCOUT COMICS,Yasmeen #2,$3.99
08/19/20,APR202472,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Arifureta From Commonplace To World’s Strongest Light Novel Volume 9 SC,$14.99
08/19/20,APR202459,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Magika Swordsman And Summoner Volume 13 GN,$12.99
08/19/20,APR202463,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,My Room Is A Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 3 GN,$13.99
08/19/20,JUN201686,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Re:Monster Volume 5 GN,$12.99
08/19/20,MAR202478,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Reincarnated As A Sword Volume 3 GN,$12.99
08/19/20,MAR202489,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Skeleton Knight In Another World Light Novel Volume 5 SC,$13.99
08/19/20,MAR202481,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Toradora Volume 9 GN,$12.99
08/19/20,APR202487,SQUARE ENIX MANGA,Suppose A Kid From The Last Dungeon Boonies Moved To A Starter Town Volume 2 GN,$10.99
08/19/20,JUN201391,TITAN COMICS,Adler #3 (Cover A Rian Hughes),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN201392,TITAN COMICS,Adler #3 (Cover B Paul McCaffrey),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN201393,TITAN COMICS,Adler #3 (Cover C Victorian Homage Variant),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN201548,TOKYOPOP,Fox And Little Tanuki Volume 2 GN,$12.99
08/19/20,JUN201547,TOKYOPOP,Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation Volume 2 GN,$12.99
08/19/20,MAR202163,TOON BOOKS,Lost In NYC A Subway Adventure SC,$9.99
08/19/20,JAN200044,UDON ENTERTAINMENT,Street Fighter #100 (Ryu Vs Chun-Li)(FCBD 2020 Edition),AR
08/19/20,JUN201558,UDON ENTERTAINMENT,Street Fighter 2020 Swimsuit Special #1 (Cover A Adam Warren),$4.99
08/19/20,JUN201559,UDON ENTERTAINMENT,Street Fighter 2020 Swimsuit Special #1 (Cover B Jonboy Meyers),$4.99
08/19/20,JUN201560,UDON ENTERTAINMENT,Street Fighter 2020 Swimsuit Special #1 (Cover C Blank Variant),$4.99
08/19/20,JUN201561,UDON ENTERTAINMENT,Street Fighter 2020 Swimsuit Special #1 (Cover D Genzoman),$4.99
08/19/20,FEB202073,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Rai #6 (Cover A Netho Diaz),$3.99
08/19/20,FEB202074,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Rai #6 (Cover B Kano),$3.99
08/19/20,FEB202075,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Rai #6 (Cover C Jason Metcalf),$3.99
08/19/20,FEB202076,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Rai #6 (Cover D Bret Blevins Pre-Order Edition Variant),AR
08/19/20,JUN201448,VAULT COMICS,No One’s Rose #4 (Cover A Alberto Jimenez-Alburquerque),$3.99
08/19/20,APR208349,VAULT COMICS,No One’s Rose #4 (Cover B Adam Gorham),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN201441,VAULT COMICS,Shadow Service #1 (Cover A Corin Howell & Triona Farrell),$3.99
08/19/20,JUN201442,VAULT COMICS,Shadow Service #1 (Cover B Tim Daniel & Nathan Gooden),$3.99
08/19/20,APR208353,VAULT COMICS,Shadow Service #1 (Cover C Rebekah Isaacs),$3.99
08/19/20,MAR202309,VERTICAL COMICS,Bakemonogatari Volume 4 GN,$12.95
08/19/20,APR208970,VERTICAL COMICS,Knights Of Sidonia Master Edition Volume 6 GN,$34.95
08/19/20,JUN201589,VIZ MEDIA,Blue Flag Volume 3 GN,$12.99
08/19/20,JUN201592,VIZ MEDIA,Golden Kamuy Volume 17 GN,$12.99
08/19/20,JUN201594,VIZ MEDIA,Ooku The Inner Chambers Volume 17 GN,$12.99
08/19/20,JUN201591,VIZ MEDIA,Urusei Yatsura Volume 7 GN,$19.99
08/19/20,JUN201567,VIZ MEDIA,Venus In The Blind Spot HC,$22.99
08/19/20,JUN201632,YEN ON,Garden Of Words HC,$20.00
08/19/20,JUN201640,YEN ON,Goblin Slayer Light Novel Volume 10 SC,$14.00
08/19/20,JUN201636,YEN ON,Interspecies Reviewers Volume 1 Light Novel SC,$15.00
08/19/20,JUN201604,YEN PRESS,Certain Magical Index Volume 22 GN,$13.00
08/19/20,JUN201600,YEN PRESS,Fiancee Of The Wizard Volume 1 GN,$13.00
08/19/20,JUN201603,YEN PRESS,High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World Volume 8 GN,$13.00
08/19/20,JUN201607,YEN PRESS,Im Great Prince Imhotep Volume 4 GN,$15.00
08/19/20,JUN201612,YEN PRESS,Interspecies Reviewers Volume 4 GN,$13.00
08/19/20,JUN201613,YEN PRESS,Laid-Back Camp Volume 9 GN,$13.00
08/19/20,JUN201625,YEN PRESS,Murcielago Volume 15 GN,$13.00
08/19/20,JUN201629,YEN PRESS,School-Live Volume 12 GN,$13.00
08/19/20,JUN201619,YEN PRESS,Smokin’ Parade Volume 8 GN,$13.00
08/19/20,JUN201627,YEN PRESS,Val X Love Volume 9 GN,$13.00
08/19/20,JUN201617,YEN PRESS,World’s Strongest Rearguard Labyrinth Country’s Novice Seeker Volume 2 GN,$13.00
08/19/20,APR202172,Z2 COMICS,Robot’s Tale Dance Gavin Dance GN,$19.99
08/19/20,MAR202257,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Grimm Fairy Tales Omnibus Trade Paperback Bundle,$64.99
08/19/20,JUL201579,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Grimm Tales Of Terror Volume 1 HC (2nd Printing),$29.99
08/19/20,MAR202244,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Shang #3 (Of 3)(Cover A Riviero),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR202245,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Shang #3 (Of 3)(Cover B Sheldon Goh),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR202246,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Shang #3 (Of 3)(Cover C Michael Dooney),$5.99
08/19/20,MAR202247,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Shang #3 (Of 3)(Cover D Ian Richardson),$5.99
08/19/20,NOV198710,Cards – TOPPS COMPANY,,AR
08/19/20,NOV198711,Cards – TOPPS COMPANY,Topps 2020 Chrome Baseball Trading Card Jumbo Box,AR
08/19/20,DEC198211,Cards – TOPPS COMPANY,Topps 2020 Star Wars Chrome Perspectives Trading Card Box,AR
08/19/20,JUN201913,Merchandise,Aggretsuko Rage Sound 12 Inch Plush,AR
08/19/20,JUN201914,Merchandise,Aggretsuko Red Rage 7 Inch Plush,AR
08/19/20,JUN201915,Merchandise,Aggretsuko Screen Cleaner 3 Inch Plush,AR
08/19/20,JUN198759,Merchandise,Aliens 40th Anniversary Big Chap Ultimate 7 Inch Action Figure,AR
08/19/20,MAY189298,Merchandise,AMC Preacher Jesse Custer Statue,AR
08/19/20,DEC198046,Merchandise,Avengers Video Game 3D Foam Bag Clips 24 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
08/19/20,JAN208591,Merchandise,Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy Chocobo Plush (Knight Version),AR
08/19/20,JUN198761,Merchandise,Conjuring Universe Annabelle 3 Annabelle Ultimate 7 Inch Action Figure,AR
08/19/20,JAN200399,Merchandise,Cyberpunk 2077 Kitsch Puzzle,AR
08/19/20,JAN200400,Merchandise,Cyberpunk 2077 Neokitsch Puzzle,AR
08/19/20,MAR202983,Merchandise,DC Comics Wonder Woman 1984 Spiral Notebook,AR
08/19/20,FEB202413,Merchandise,DC Gallery Comic Metal Batman PVC Statue,AR
08/19/20,MAR202527,Merchandise,DC Heroes Joker Bam T-Shirt LG,AR
08/19/20,MAR202528,Merchandise,DC Heroes Joker Bam T-Shirt XL,AR
08/19/20,JUN199059,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Super Master Stars Gogeta Figure,AR
08/19/20,AUG199097,Merchandise,Dragon Quest Bring Arts Toughie Action Figure,AR
08/19/20,AUG199098,Merchandise,Dragon Quest Bring Arts Toughie Action Figure (Armourer Version),AR
08/19/20,OCT198817,Merchandise,Fate Stay Night Heavens Feel EXQ Sakura Matou Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198376,Merchandise,Final Fantasy Chocobo Character Figure Mug,AR
08/19/20,NOV198852,Merchandise,Final Fantasy Fluffy Fluffy Chocobo Plush,AR
08/19/20,NOV198853,Merchandise,Final Fantasy Fluffy Fluffy Moogle Plush,AR
08/19/20,OCT198432,Merchandise,Funko Plush Bananya Series 2,AR
08/19/20,OCT198134,Merchandise,Godzilla 1984 Toho Sakai Model Collection Godzilla 11in PVC Figure,AR
08/19/20,NOV198813,Merchandise,Godzilla Classic Series 2 3D Foam Bag Clip 24 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
08/19/20,JUN201916,Merchandise,Gudetama In A Waffle 6 Inch Plush,AR
08/19/20,JUN201917,Merchandise,Gudetama In Avocado 9 Inch Plush,AR
08/19/20,JUN201918,Merchandise,Gudetama Inside-Out 5.5 Inch Plush,AR
08/19/20,APR202588,Merchandise,Harley Quinn II Mad Love T-Shirt LG,AR
08/19/20,APR202587,Merchandise,Harley Quinn II Mad Love T-Shirt MED,AR
08/19/20,APR202586,Merchandise,Harley Quinn II Mad Love T-Shirt SM,AR
08/19/20,APR202589,Merchandise,Harley Quinn II Mad Love T-Shirt XL,AR
08/19/20,APR202590,Merchandise,Harley Quinn II Mad Love T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/19/20,APR202583,Merchandise,Harley Quinn Mad Love T-Shirt LG,AR
08/19/20,APR202582,Merchandise,Harley Quinn Mad Love T-Shirt MED,AR
08/19/20,APR202581,Merchandise,Harley Quinn Mad Love T-Shirt SM,AR
08/19/20,APR202584,Merchandise,Harley Quinn Mad Love T-Shirt XL,AR
08/19/20,APR202585,Merchandise,Harley Quinn Mad Love T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/19/20,JUN201920,Merchandise,Hello Kitty Chococat 6 Inch Plush,AR
08/19/20,JUN201921,Merchandise,Hello Kitty Keroppi 6 Inch Plush,AR
08/19/20,JUN201922,Merchandise,Hello Kitty Mermaid Kitty 6 Inch Plush,AR
08/19/20,FEB208594,Merchandise,John Wick Pencil Enamel Pin,AR
08/19/20,NOV198129,Merchandise,Kingdom Hearts Shadow Plush Action Doll,AR
08/19/20,DEC192337,Merchandise,Legends In 3D Movie Bruce Lee 1/2 Scale Bust,AR
08/19/20,DEC192339,Merchandise,Marvel Animated Elektra Statue,AR
08/19/20,NOV192334,Merchandise,Marvel Premier Vision Statue,AR
08/19/20,NOV198784,Merchandise,Masters Of The Universe 3D Foam Bag Clip 24 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
08/19/20,JAN208350,Merchandise,Mechagodzilla Gigantic Series 19 Inch PVC Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT192541,Merchandise,Mortal Kombat 11 Gallery Sub-Zero PVC Statue,AR
08/19/20,AUG198658,Merchandise,Mystery Minis Wonder Woman 1984 12 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
08/19/20,MAR202706,Merchandise,Nun Valak 8 Inch Retro Action Figure,AR
08/19/20,JUL198691,Merchandise,One-12 Collective DC Supreme Knight Batman Action Figure,AR
08/19/20,NOV198726,Merchandise,One-12 Collective Previews Exclusive Spider-Man Stealth Suit Action Figure,AR
08/19/20,JUN208009,Merchandise,Persona5 Cu-Poche Hero Phantom Thief Version Action Figure,AR
08/19/20,APR208827,Merchandise,Phunny It Pennywise Hugme 16 Inch Plush,AR
08/19/20,OCT198446,Merchandise,POP Animation Dragon Ball Super Caulifla Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198447,Merchandise,POP Animation Dragon Ball Super Future Mai Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198448,Merchandise,POP Animation Dragon Ball Super Gohan Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198449,Merchandise,POP Animation Dragon Ball Super Hercule Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198450,Merchandise,POP Animation Dragon Ball Super Super Saiyan Kale Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,JUN198189,Merchandise,POP Animation Hunter X Hunter Killya Leorio Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,JUN198190,Merchandise,POP Animation Hunter X Hunter Killya Zoldyck Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,JUN198191,Merchandise,POP Animation Hunter X Hunter Kurapika Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198455,Merchandise,POP Animation Legend Of Korra Mako Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198460,Merchandise,POP Animation Masters Of The Universe Sorceress Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198462,Merchandise,POP Animation Masters Of The Universe Tung Lashor Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198469,Merchandise,POP Animation Wallace And Gromit Gromit Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,SEP198786,Merchandise,POP Animation Yu-Gi-Oh Yugi Mutou Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,AUG198685,Merchandise,POP Anime One-Punch Man S2 Casual Saitama Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,AUG198692,Merchandise,POP Deluxe Star Wars Luke On Tauntaun Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198474,Merchandise,POP Disney Great Mouse Detective Olivia Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198478,Merchandise,POP Disney Soul 22 Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198479,Merchandise,POP Disney Soul Grinning 22 Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198481,Merchandise,POP Disney Soul Joe Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198482,Merchandise,POP Disney Soul POP 5 Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198483,Merchandise,POP Disney Soul POP 6 Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198484,Merchandise,POP Disney Soul POP 7 Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198480,Merchandise,POP Disney Soul Soul Joe Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,NOV198259,Merchandise,POP Games Fortnite Blackheart Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,NOV198260,Merchandise,POP Games Fortnite Galaxy Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,NOV198264,Merchandise,POP Games Fortnite Ultimaknight Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198486,Merchandise,POP Games Pokemon S3 Cubone,AR
08/19/20,OCT198487,Merchandise,POP Games Pokemon S3 Growlithe,AR
08/19/20,OCT198488,Merchandise,POP Games Pokemon S3 Pikachu,AR
08/19/20,OCT198485,Merchandise,POP Games Pokemon S3 Rattata,AR
08/19/20,SEP198800,Merchandise,POP Harry Potter Voldemort With Nagini 10 Inch Figure,AR
08/19/20,AUG198721,Merchandise,POP Icons Farrah Fawcett Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,SEP198803,Merchandise,POP Moment Inuyasha Vs Sesshomaru,AR
08/19/20,SEP198820,Merchandise,POP Movies Romy And Michele Michele Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,SEP198821,Merchandise,POP Movies Romy And Michele Romy Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT199158,Merchandise,POP Premiere League Football POP Chelsea Kepa Arrizabalaga,AR
08/19/20,AUG198780,Merchandise,POP Rocks Motorhead Lemmy Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,AUG198781,Merchandise,POP Rocks Motorhead Warpig Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,APR208210,Merchandise,POP Spider-Man Imposter Vinyl 2 Pack Figure,AR
08/19/20,OCT198549,Merchandise,POP Sports U.S. Women Soccer Alex Morgan Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,NOV198292,Merchandise,POP Town Back To The Future Doc With Clocktower Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,SEP198840,Merchandise,POP TV Schitt’s Creek Alexis Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,SEP198841,Merchandise,POP TV Schitt’s Creek David Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,SEP198843,Merchandise,POP TV Schitt’s Creek Moira Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,AUG198788,Merchandise,POP Wonder Woman 1984 POP 3 Vinyl Figure,AR
08/19/20,JAN208494,Merchandise,Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dragon Dagger,AR
08/19/20,FEB208098,Merchandise,Power Rangers Lord Drakkon Enamel Pin,AR
08/19/20,FEB202406,Merchandise,Predator 2 Gallery Hunter PVC Statue,AR
08/19/20,MAR203011,Merchandise,Sesame Street Cookie Monster Star Series Enamel Pin,AR
08/19/20,MAR203012,Merchandise,Sesame Street Oscar The Grouch Star Series Enamel Pin,AR
08/19/20,MAR203013,Merchandise,Sesame Street Super Grover Star Series Enamel Pin,AR
08/19/20,SEP198874,Merchandise,Star Wars Black Force FX Asajj Ventress Lightsaber,AR
08/19/20,SEP198875,Merchandise,Star Wars Black Force FX Kit Fisto Lightsaber,AR
08/19/20,FEB208607,Merchandise,Star Wars Black Series Carbonized Boba Fett 6 Inch Action Figure,AR
08/19/20,JUN202334,Merchandise,Star Wars Death Star Metal Wall Hook,AR
08/19/20,DEC192331,Merchandise,Star Wars Legends In 3D Mandalorian 1/2 Scale Bust,AR
08/19/20,OCT192540,Merchandise,Star Wars Premier Collection Rey Dreamer Statue,AR
08/19/20,JUN202338,Merchandise,Star Wars The Mandalorian Cute Bounty Two Sided Wood Sign,AR
08/19/20,JUN202337,Merchandise,Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Chunky Wood Block,AR
08/19/20,JUN202339,Merchandise,Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Nap Two Sided Wood Sign,AR
08/19/20,JUN208010,Merchandise,Street Fighter Karin Bishoujo Statue,AR
08/19/20,DEC198662,Merchandise,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles In Time Series 2 7 Inch Action Figure Assortment,AR
08/19/20,JUN208011,Merchandise,Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jun Kazama Bishoujo Statue,AR
08/19/20,JAN208523,Merchandise,Transformers Generations Studio Series Leader Action Figure Assortment 202002,AR
08/19/20,APR202511,Merchandise,Vintage DC Comics 2021 Wall Calendar,AR
08/19/20,APR202512,Merchandise,Vintage DC Comics Batman 2021 Wall Calendar,AR
08/19/20,APR202513,Merchandise,Vintage DC Comics Flash 2021 Wall Calendar,AR
08/19/20,APR202514,Merchandise,Vintage DC Comics Superman 2021 Wall Calendar,AR
08/19/20,APR202515,Merchandise,Vintage DC Comics Wonder Woman 2021 Wall Calendar,AR
08/19/20,APR202498,Merchandise,Vintage Sci Fi 2021 Wall Calendar,AR
08/19/20,DEC198402,Merchandise,Vinyl Soda Batfink Vinyl Figure With Chase,AR
08/19/20,DEC198406,Merchandise,Vinyl Soda DC Wonder Woman Vinyl Figure With Chase,AR
08/19/20,DEC198410,Merchandise,Vinyl Soda Green Hornet Kato Vinyl Figure With Chase,AR
08/19/20,DEC198414,Merchandise,Vinyl Soda Hanna Barbera Peter Potamus Vinyl Figure With Chase,AR

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