ComicList: Manga for 12/10/2008

by Jeff

Our friends at MangaCast write After yesterday’s shojo for seinen post, I thought it would be a good idea to recommend some seinen for the shoujo out there. Strong strapping men tickle your fancy Black Lagoon and Blade of the Immortal should work for you. Forbidden romances are mixed in with sports action in One Pound Gospel. And two young women destroy a city for the man they love in Excel Saga…

Gold Digger Sourcebook #22 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $3.95

Blade of the Immortal TP Vol 20 Demon Lair, $19.95
Blood Plus GN Vol 4 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $10.95

Venus In Love Vol 5, $9.99

Blue Sheep Reverie GN Vol 1 (of 2), $12.95
Sea View GN, $12.95
Secret Moon Novel, $8.95
White Brand GN, $12.95

Bat Manga Secret History Of Batman In Japan HC, $60.00

Gurren Lagan Nia Portraits SC, $35.75
Hobby Japan #60 (Dec 2008), $12.99
Juno Romantica Illustration Collection, $43.49
Megami Nov 2008, $14.99
Newtype Nov 2008, $11.99

Anima GN Vol 10 (of 10), $9.99
Gakuen Alice GN Vol 5 (of 15), $9.99
Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol 4 (of 6), $19.99
Jyu Oh Sei GN Vol 2 (of 3), $14.99
Me & My Brothers GN Vol 6 (of 9), $9.99
Princess Ai Prism Of Midnight Dawn GN Vol 1 (of 3), $10.99
Sgt Frog GN Vol 16 (of 16), $9.99

Tezukas Black Jack HC Vol 2 (Previews Exclusive), $24.95

Battle Angel Alita Last Order TP Vol 10, $9.99
Black Lagoon GN Vol 3, $12.99
Boys Over Flowers TP Vol 33, $9.99
Excel Saga TP Vol 18, $9.99
Gimmick GN Vol 4, $9.99
Law Of Ueki TP Vol 15, $9.99
Nightmare Inspector Yumekui Kenbun GN Vol 5, $9.99
O Parts Hunter TP Vol 13, $9.99
One Pound Gospel GN Vol 4 (2nd Edition), $9.99
Zatch Bell GN Vol 22, $9.99

Anima GN, $12.95

Yen Plus Magazine #6 (Vol 2 #1)(Jan 2009), $8.99

Otaku USA #10, $5.99

ComicList: Manga for Wednesday, December 10, 2008, by Charles LePage.

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