ComicList: Manga for 08/11/2010

by Jeff

may101174 ComicList: Manga for 08/11/2010Our friends at MangaCast write “A little late but the NMRL is back with two familiar voices joining me!! WOOHOO! But is it me or does the list just seem so much shorter and sadder now…”

Code Geass Queen Volume 1 GN, $10.99
Gurren Lagann Volume 5 GN (resolicited), $10.99

Shinjuku HC (2nd printing)(per Dark Horse), $29.99f

Cold Light GN, $8.95
Mamiya Doll House GN, $12.95

Dorohedoro Volume 2 GN, $12.99
Gente Volume 1 The People Of Ristorante Paradiso TP, $12.99
Gestalt Volume 8 GN, $9.99
Naoki Urasawa 20th Century Boys Volume 10 GN, $12.99
Ooku The Inner Chambers Volume 4 GN, $12.99
Vagabond Volume 32 TP, $9.95

Black God Volume 10 TP, $11.99
Goong Volume 9 The Royal Palace GN (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $18.99
Gossip Girl Volume 1 For Your Eyes Only GN, $12.99
Higurashi When They Cry Volume 8 Time Killing Arc Part 2 GN, $11.99
Maximum Ride The Manga Volume 3 TP, $12.99
Moon Boy Volume 8 GN (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $10.99
One Thousand And One Nights Volume 11 GN (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $10.99
Sarasah Volume 5 GN (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $10.99
Sumomomo Momomo Volume 5 The Strongest Bride On Earth TP, $10.99
Sundome Volume 7 GN, $12.99

Otaku USA Magazine October 2010 (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $5.99

ComicList: Manga for Wednesday, August 11, 2020, by Charles LePage.

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My thanks to MangaCast for their weekly manga filtering and comments.

PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores. Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong. To find a local comic book shop, please browse The Master List of Comic Book & Trading Card Stores.

image-2026746-10732720 ComicList: Manga for 08/11/2010

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