ComicList: Manga for 08/04/2010

by Jeff

may101179 ComicList: Manga for 08/04/2010Our friends at MangaCast write “It’s been a while…Heh, I guess “a while” might be an exaggeration at this point. But let me see if this can work out again with a little retweaking and maybe some help from some friends (old and new). Either way I’ll kick this off with a look at this week’s comics and let’s take it from there.”

TITLE, ISSUE NUMBER, PRICE IN U.S. DOLLARS (“AR” means “ask your retailer for the price”)

Voice Or Noise Volume 3 GN (of 3), $14.99

Animal Academy Hakobune Hakusho Volume 5 GN (of 7), $10.99
Gakuen Alice Volume 12 GN (of 19), $10.99
Genju no Seiza Volume 8 GN (of 13), $12.99
Hanako And The Terror Of Allegory Volume 2 GN (of 4), $10.99
KimiKiss Volume 5 GN (of 6), $10.99
Legends Of The Dark Crystal Garthim Wars Volume 2 GN (of 3), $12.99
Qwaser Of Stigmata Volume 1 Holy Wars Ignite GN (of 7), $12.99
Return To Labyrinth Volume 4 GN (of 4), $12.99
Starcraft Ghost Academy Volume 2 GN (of 3), $12.99
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World Volume 3 GN (of 3), $12.99
V.B. Rose Volume 9 GN (of 12), $10.99
Your And My Secret Volume 6 GN (of 6), $10.99

Biomega Volume 3 GN, $12.99
Ikigami The Ultimate Limit Volume 6 GN, $12.99
Inu Yasha Volume 51 TP, $9.99
Inu Yasha Volume 4 GN (VIZBIG Edition), $17.99
Jormungand Volume 4 GN, $12.99
Maoh Juvenile Remix Volume 2 TP, $9.99
Shonen Jump Volume 8 #9 (September 2010), $4.99

Black God Volume 9 TP, $11.99

Hobby Japan June 2010, $12.99
Newtype May 2010, $13.99

ComicList: Manga for Wednesday, August 4, 2020, by Charles LePage.

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My thanks to MangaCast for their weekly manga filtering and comments.

PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores. Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong. To find a local comic book shop, please browse The Master List of Comic Book & Trading Card Stores.

image-2026746-10732720 ComicList: Manga for 08/04/2010

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