ComicList: Manga for 06/03/2009

by Jeff

feb094402f ComicList: Manga for 06/03/2009Our friends at MangaCast write Great turnout this week and nice size list to boot. Personally there really is only one title to pick up…Samurai Harem. But I will likely get copies of Slam Dunk, SunDome and Black God as well.

TITLE, ISSUE NUMBER, PRICE IN U.S. DOLLARS (“AR” means “ask your retailer for the price”)

Pirates Vs Ninjas It Takes A Pillage Pocket Manga TP, $14.95

Shaman Warrior TP Vol 7, $12.95

Ballad Of A Shinigami TP Vol 1, $9.99
Moon Child TP Vol 13, $9.99

Tsubasa GN Vol 21 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $10.99

Mijeong GN, $19.95

Avalon Warlock Diaries GN Vol 1 (of 3)(Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $6.95
Inukami GN Vol 3 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $9.99
Kashimashi Omnibus TP Vol 1 (of 2)(Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $14.99
Venus Versus Virus GN Vol 6 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $9.99

Jyu Oh Sei GN Vol 3 (of 3)(resolicited), $14.99
Samurai Harem Asu No Yoichi GN Vol 1 (of 7), $12.99

Tezukas Black Jack TP Vol 5 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $16.95

Baby & Me GN Vol 14, $8.99
Eyeshield 21 TP Vol 26, $7.99
Happy Happy Clover GN Vol 2, $7.99
Honey & Clover GN Vol 6, $8.99
Hoshin Engi TP Vol 13, $7.99
Knights Of The Zodiac TP Vol 26, $7.95
Legend Of Zelda GN Vol 5, $7.99
Lets Find Pokemon Crystal SC, $11.99
Magic Touch GN Vol 2, $8.99
Mixed Vegetables GN Vol 4, $8.99
Monkey High GN Vol 6, $8.99
Muhyo & Rojis Bureau Of Supernatural Investigation TP Vol 11, $7.99
NORA Last Chronicle Of Devildom GN Vol 5, $7.99
One Piece TP Vol 21, $7.95
Ouran High School Host Club TP Vol 12, $8.99
Pokemon Adventures TP Vol 1 (2nd Edition), $7.99
Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Adventure GN Vol 4, $7.99
Ral Omega Grad GN Vol 4, $7.99
Rasetsu GN Vol 1, $8.99
Rosario + Vampire GN Vol 7, $7.99
Shaman King TP Vol 22, $7.95
Slam Dunk GN Vol 4, $7.99
St Dragon Girl GN Vol 3, $8.99
Tail Of The Moon Prequel TP The Other Hanzo (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $8.99
Wild Ones GN Vol 7, $8.99
Yu Gi Oh GX GN Vol 3, $7.99

Black God TP Vol 6, $10.99
Cirque Du Freak GN Vol 1, $10.99
Sundome GN Vol 4 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $12.99
Welcome To Wakaba Soh GN Vol 1, $10.99
Yen Plus Magazine #12 (Vol 2 #7)(July 2009), $8.99

ComicList: Manga for Wednesday, June 3, 2009, by Charles LePage.

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