ComicList: Manga for 02/04/2009

by Jeff

Our friends at MangaCast write Walking out the door with luggage in hand… My flight for NY is in 3 hours and I am 65min away from the airport by train. So I will keep this short… BUY Rumi and Akihabara@Deep just because they be good otaku training! Go buy Kiichi and the Magic Books because it is a darn good series and needs even more love than all the love its already getting (volume 4 is kinda mind-blowingly good). And check out Happy Happy Clover… Come on peeps BUNNIES!! Later!

Akihabara At Deep GN Vol 2, $11.99
Fujoshi Rumi GN Vol 3, $11.99

Gold Digger Maidens Of Twilight #1 (of 4), $3.50

Vampire Hunter D PVC Set, $24.99

Flat Earth Exchange TP Vol 3, $9.99
Kiichi And The Magic Books TP Vol 4, $9.99

Princess Resurrection GN Vol 5, $10.95

.hack//G.U. Novel Terror Of Death Vol 1 (Of 4), $9.99
Battle Royale HC Vol 5 (Of 5)(Ultimate Edition), $24.99

Baby & Me GN Vol 12, $8.99
BODY GN Vol 4, $8.99
D Gray Man GN Vol 12, $7.99
Dragon Drive TP Vol 12 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $7.99
Dragonball Complete Series 16 Vols Box Set, $114.99
Dragonball Z Complete Series 26 Vols Box Set, $185.99
Eyeshield 21 TP Vol 24, $7.99
Happy Happy Clover GN Vol 1 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $7.99
Hikaru No Go TP Vol 14 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $7.95
Hoshin Engi TP Vol 11 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $7.99
Kaze Hikaru GN Vol 12, $8.99
Knights Of The Zodiac TP Vol 25, $7.95
Legend Of Zelda GN Vol 3, $7.99
Magic Touch GN Vol 1, $8.99
Muhyo & Rojis Bureau Of Supernatural Investigation TP Vol 9, $7.99
Naruto TP Vol 34, $7.95
Naruto TP Vol 35 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $7.95
Naruto TP Vol 36 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $7.95
Naruto TP Vol 37 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $7.95
One Piece TP Vol 20, $7.95
Otomen GN Vol 1, $8.99
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Adventure GN Vol 3, $7.99
Ral Omega Grad GN Vol 3, $7.99
Record Of A Fallen Vampire GN Vol 4, $9.99
Rosario + Vampire GN Vol 5, $7.99
Shonen Jump Vol 7 #3 (March 2009), $4.99
Slam Dunk GN Vol 2, $7.99
Tail Of The Moon TP Vol 15, $8.99

Yaoi Gems Bundle, $34.99

Yen Plus Magazine #8 (Vol 2 #3)(Mar 2009), $8.99

ComicList: Manga for Wednesday, February 4, 2009, by Charles LePage.

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