ComicList for 12/04/2008 Plain Text

by Jeff

“adult products (ComicList neither recommends or condones the following titles. Read and use this information at your own risk.)”,,,
12/04/08,”DRAWN OUT PRESS”,”Shirtlifter #3 (adult)”,$10.95
12/04/08,”NBM”,”Chica GN Vol 2 (adult)”,$11.95
12/04/08,”TASCHEN AMERICA LLC”,”Erotica Universalis SC (adult)”,$14.99
12/04/08,”TIME WARNER”,”Playboy Magazine Presents College Girls Jan Feb 2009 (adult)”,$9.99
12/04/08,”TIME WARNER”,”Playboy Magazine Private Coll #75 Nude Playmates (adult)”,$9.99
12/04/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”You Will Fall In Love GN (adult)”,$12.99
12/04/08,”Videos”,”Kana Little Sister CD Rom Game (adult)”,$29.95

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