ComicList for 08/13/2008 Plain Text

by Jeff

ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, August 13, 2008.

ComicList headquarters:

PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores.
Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong.

Items labeled “Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution” are items
being released this week per sources other than Diamond Distribution.

08/13/08,”AC COMICS”,”Crypt of Horror Presents DVD Vol 05 T Is for Terror”,$29.95
08/13/08,”AC COMICS”,”Femforce #144″,$6.95
08/13/08,”ACTION FIGURE NEWS & TOY REVIEW”,”Lees Toy Review #190 (Aug 2008)”,$5.95
08/13/08,”ADVENTURE HOUSE”,”High Adventure #100 (Double Issue)”,$14.95
08/13/08,”ADVENTURE HOUSE”,”Phantom Detective Nov 1935 Replica Edition”,$14.95
08/13/08,”ADVENTURE HOUSE”,”Planet Stories Summer 1949 Replica Edition”,$14.95
08/13/08,”AIT/PLANET LAR”,”Black Diamond Get In The Car And Go TP”,$19.95
08/13/08,”AMAZE INK/SLAVE LABOR GRAPHICS”,”Nightmares & Fairy Tales TP Vol 04″,$14.95
08/13/08,”ARCANA STUDIO”,”Burn #4 (of 6)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”ARCANA STUDIO”,”Clockwork Girl HC”,$14.95
08/13/08,”ARCANA STUDIO”,”Helen Killer #4 (of 4)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”ARCHAIA STUDIOS PRESS”,”Sisterhood #3 (of 3)”,$3.50
08/13/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Archie & Friends #122″,$2.25
08/13/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Archie Double Digest #191″,$3.69
08/13/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Jughead And Friends Digest #29″,$2.49
08/13/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Sonic The Hedgehog #191″,$2.25
08/13/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Anna Mercury Bust”,$64.99
08/13/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Night Of The Living Dead Annual #1 (Triple Cast Signed Cover)”,”$24.99″
08/13/08,”BIG FINISH”,”Doctor Who Short Trips Destination Prague HC”,$25.00
08/13/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Cthulhu Tales #4 (Cover A)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Cthulhu Tales #4 (Cover B)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Fall Of Cthulhu Cover Gallery (Cover B)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Fall Of Cthulhu Godwar #1 (of 4)(Cover A)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Fall Of Cthulhu Godwar #1 (of 4)(Cover B)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Scream Queen #3 (of 5)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Station #2 (of 5)(resolicited)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”CARTOON BOOKS”,”Bone Boxed Set #1 Books 1-3″,$26.96
08/13/08,”CATASTROPHIC COMICS”,”Sparks #3 (of 8)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”CINEBOOK”,”Largo Winch TP Vol 02 Takeover Bid”,$19.95
08/13/08,”CINEBOOK”,”Yoko Tsuno TP Vol 03 Prey & The Ghost”,$11.95
08/13/08,”COMIC SHOP NEWS INC”,”Comic Shop News #1104″,”AR”
08/13/08,”DANGEROUS INK PUBLISHING”,”Dangerous Ink Magazine #4″,$6.00
08/13/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Blood Plus GN Vol 03″,$10.95
08/13/08,”DARK HORSE”,”BPRD The Warning #2 (of 5)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Goon #27″,$2.99
08/13/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Hellboy The Crooked Man #2 (of 3)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Oh My Goddess TP Vol 30″,$10.95
08/13/08,”DARK HORSE”,”X Omnibus TP Vol 02″,$24.95
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”100 Bullets #94″,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Absolute League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen The Black Dossier HC”,$99.00
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Action Comics #868″,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Batman #679 (Batman R.I.P.)(Incentive Tony Daniel Variant Cover)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Batman #679 (Batman R.I.P.)(Regular Alex Ross Cover)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Batman Confidential #20″,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Batman Strikes #48″,$2.25
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Booster Gold #11″,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Checkmate #29″,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Chuck #3 (of 6)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Deathblow And Then You Live TP”,$19.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Final Crisis Requiem #1 (2nd Printing)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Final Crisis Revelations #1 (of 5)(Character/Story Sliver covers)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Final Crisis Rogues Revenge #1 (of 3)(2nd Printing)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Gen 13 #21 (Worlds End Tie-In)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Green Arrow Black Canary #11″,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Green Lantern Corps #27″,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Justice League International HC Vol 02″,$24.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Legion Of Super Heroes In The 31st Century #17″,$2.25
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”MAD Magazine #493″,$4.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Millennium TP”,$19.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Robin Year One TP (New Printing)”,$14.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Simon Dark #11″,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Simon Dark What Simon Does TP”,$14.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Supergirl Beyond Good And Evil TP”,$17.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Testament TP Vol 04 Exodus”,$14.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Tiny Titans #7″,$2.25
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Trinity #11″,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Two Flowers For The Dragon Vol 02″,$9.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Wonder Woman #23″,$2.99
08/13/08,”DC COMICS”,”Young Liars #6″,$2.99
08/13/08,”DESPERADO PUBLISHING”,”Antoine Sharp The Atheist Vol 2 #1 (Regular Edition)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”DESPERADO PUBLISHING”,”Necessary Evil #7″,$3.99
08/13/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Mercy Sparx #0″,$0.99
08/13/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Worlds Of Dungeons & Dragons #3 (Balan Cover A)”,$5.50
08/13/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Worlds Of Dungeons & Dragons #3 (Beatty Cover B)”,$9.50
08/13/08,”DK PUBLISHING CO”,”Hulk The Incredible Guide HC (Revised Edition)”,$24.99
08/13/08,”DYNAMIC FORCES”,”Spike #1 (Dynamic Forces Exclusive Alternate Cover)”,$14.99
08/13/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Brothers In Arms #3 (Davide Fabbri/Stjepan Sejic covers)”,$3.50
08/13/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Lone Ranger #12″,$3.50
08/13/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Zorro #6 (Matt Wagner/Ryan Sook covers)”,$3.50
08/13/08,”EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS LTD”,”Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine #70 (Carnage)”,$12.00
08/13/08,”EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS LTD”,”Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine #71 (Quicksilver)”,$12.00
08/13/08,”EYE WITNESS INC”,”Eye Witness GN Vol 03 Rise Of The Apostle”,$13.99
08/13/08,”FANFARE/PONENT MON”,”Disappearance Diary GN (resolicited)”,$22.99
08/13/08,”FANTAGRAPHICS”,”Delphine #3 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$7.95
08/13/08,”FANTAGRAPHICS”,”Grotesque #2 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$7.95
08/13/08,”FANTAGRAPHICS”,”Mineshaft #22″,$6.95
08/13/08,”FANTAGRAPHICS”,”MOME Vol 12 GN (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$14.99
08/13/08,”FANTAGRAPHICS”,”So Thats Where The Demented Wented Rory Hayes SC (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$22.99
08/13/08,”FANTAGRAPHICS”,”Tales Designed To Thrizzle #4 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$4.50
08/13/08,”FIRST SECOND”,”Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard SC (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$16.95
08/13/08,”FUTURE PUBLISHING LTD”,”SFX #172″,$9.99
08/13/08,”GEMSTONE PUBLISHING”,”Uncle Scrooge #378″,$7.99
08/13/08,”GEMSTONE PUBLISHING”,”Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #693″,$7.99
08/13/08,”GRAPHIC-SHA”,”Complete Guide To Special Effects Makeup”,$22.99
08/13/08,”HAPPY MEDIUM”,”Sci Fi & Fantasy Modeller Presents Modelling 21st Century”,$26.95
08/13/08,”HAPPY MEDIUM”,”Sci Fi & Fantasy Modeller Vol 10″,$26.95
08/13/08,”HARPER COLLINS”,”500 Essential Graphic Novels SC”,$24.95
08/13/08,”HOLIDAY MEDIA”,”Gothic Beauty Magazine #26″,$4.95
08/13/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Angel After The Fall #11 (Alex Garner Virgin/Stephen Mooney/regular covers)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Doctor Who #6 (Regular Nick Roche/Incentive Photo Variant covers)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Everybodys Dead #5″,$3.99
08/13/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Galaxy Quest Global Warning #1″,$3.99
08/13/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Igor Movie Adaptation #1 (of 4)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Igor Movie Adaptation TP”,$17.99
08/13/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Igor Movie Prequel TP”,$17.99
08/13/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Mack Bolan The Executioner Devils Tools #5 (of 5)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Transformers Animated Arrival #1 (Incentive Marcelo Matere Variant/regular covers)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Transformers Best Of The UK Time Wars #1 (Incentive Retro Art Variant/Regular Dan Khanna covers)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Transformers Movie Sequel Reign Of Starscream #4 (Regular Alex Milne/Regular James Raiz/Incentive Photo Variant covers)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Welcome To Hoxford #1″,$3.99
08/13/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Broken Trinity Darkness (One Shot)(Jeffrey Spokes Cover B)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Broken Trinity Darkness (One Shot)(Jorge Lucas Cover A)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Firebreather Series #2″,$2.99
08/13/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Frank Frazettas Dracula Meets The Wolf-Man (Frank Frazetta/Francesco Francavilla covers)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Frank Frazettas Dracula Meets The Wolf-Man (Incentive Nat Jones Sketch Variant Cover)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Golly #1″,$2.99
08/13/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Hyperkinetic #2 (of 4)(Howard M Shum/Matteo Scalera covers)”,$3.50
08/13/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”McFarlanes Sports NHL Action Figure Assortment Series 19″,”AR”
08/13/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Spawn #181″,$2.95
08/13/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”TMP MLB Mariano Rivera Coll Ed Action Figure”,”AR”
08/13/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Transhuman #3 (of 4)”,$3.50
08/13/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Walking Dead #51″,$2.99
08/13/08,”JACK LAKE PRODUCTIONS”,”Classics Illustrated Call Of The Wild”,$9.99
08/13/08,”JACK LAKE PRODUCTIONS”,”Classics Illustrated Journey To The Center Of The Earth”,$9.99
08/13/08,”JACK LAKE PRODUCTIONS”,”Classics Illustrated Romeo & Juliet”,$9.99
08/13/08,”JACK LAKE PRODUCTIONS”,”Classics Illustrated Roughrider”,$14.99
08/13/08,”JACK LAKE PRODUCTIONS”,”Classics Illustrated Time Machine”,$9.99
08/13/08,”LOCUS MAGAZINE”,”Locus #571″,$6.95
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Amazing Spider-Girl #23″,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Amazing Spider-Man #567″,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Astonishing X-Men #25 (2nd Printing Simone Bianchi Variant Cover)(X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Astonishing X-Men #26 (X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Captain Britain and MI 13 #3 (2nd Printing Leonard Kirk Variant Cover)(Secret Invasion Tie-In)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Captain Britain And MI 13 #4 (Secret Invasion Tie-In)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Daredevil By Brubaker Saga Sampler”,”AR”
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Fantastic Four #559″,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Genext #4 (of 5)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Halo Uprising #3 (of 4)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Hulk Chronicles WWH #2″,$4.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Invincible Iron Man #3 (2nd Printing Salvador Larroca Variant Cover)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Last Defenders #6 (of 6)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Adventures Hulk #14″,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Adventures Hulk TP Vol 03 Strongest Digest”,$7.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #42″,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Illustrated Premiere HC Picture Of Dorian Gray”,$19.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Moon Knight Premiere HC Vol 03 God & Country”,$19.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”New Exiles TP Vol 01 New Life New Gambit”,$15.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”New X-Men By Morrison Ultimate Collection TP Book 02″,$34.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Punisher #60″,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe (New Printing)(Regular Dougie Braithwaite Cover)”,$4.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe (New Printing)(Variant Skull Cover)”,$4.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Secret Invasion #5 (of 8)(Incentive Leinil Francis Yu Sketch Variant Cover)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Secret Invasion #5 (of 8)(Incentive Leinil Francis Yu Variant Cover)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Secret Invasion #5 (of 8)(Regular Gabriele Dell Otto Cover)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Secret Invasion Inhumans #1 (of 4)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Secret Invasion Runaways Young Avengers #2 (of 3)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Secret Invasion Thor #1 (of 3)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Secret Invasion X-Men #1 (of 4)(X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Spider-Man TP Kravens Last Hunt”,$14.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Spider-Man TP One More Day (Book Market Joe Quesada Cover)”,$19.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Spider-Man TP One More Day (Direct Market Marko Djurdjevic Cover)”,$19.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Thunderbolts By Ellis HC Vol 02 Caged Angels”,$19.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Ultimatum Promo Postcards”,”AR”
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Universal War One #2 (of 6)”,$5.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Wolverine TP Get Mystique”,$10.99
08/13/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Men Origins Jean Grey”,$3.99
08/13/08,”MOONSTONE”,”Buckaroo Banzai The Prequel #1 (of 2)(Matt Haley Incentive Variant Cover)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”MOONSTONE”,”Buckaroo Banzai The Prequel #1 (of 2)(Regular Palumbo Cover)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”NBM”,”Treasury Of 20th Century Vol 01 Murder Of Lindbergh Child”,$15.95
08/13/08,”PANINI PUBLISHING”,”Dr Who Magazine #398″,$7.99
08/13/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Bionicle GN Vol 02 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$7.95
08/13/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Bionicle HC Vol 02 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$12.95
08/13/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Nancy Drew GN Vol 14 Sleight Of Dan”,$7.95
08/13/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Nancy Drew HC Vol 14 Sleight Of Dan”,$12.95
08/13/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Tales From The Crypt GN Vol 04 Crypt Keeping It Real (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$7.95
08/13/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Tales From The Crypt HC Vol 04 Crypt Keeping It Real (Collecters Edition)(Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$12.95
08/13/08,”PEARL PRESS”,”John Buscema Life In Sketches SC”,$24.95
08/13/08,”PLATINUM STUDIOS”,”I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates Outerspace #2 (of 6)”,$3.99
08/13/08,”RADICAL PUBLISHING”,”Freedom Formula #1 (Human/Robot covers)”,$2.99
08/13/08,”RANDOM HOUSE”,”Boys Of Steel The Creators Of Superman HC (Young Reader)”,$16.99
08/13/08,”REBELLION”,”2000 AD #1595″,$4.50
08/13/08,”REBELLION”,”Judge Dredd Complete Case Files TP Vol 10″,$31.00
08/13/08,”RED 5 COMICS”,”Atomic Robo Dogs Of War #1 (of 5)”,$2.95
08/13/08,”RUNNING PRESS”,”Mammoth Book Of Best Crime Comics TP”,$17.95
08/13/08,”RUNNING PRESS”,”Whack A Zombie Kit”,$6.95
08/13/08,”SIMON & SCHUSTER”,”Star Trek Myriad Universes SC Echoes”,$16.00
08/13/08,”SOARING PENGUIN”,”From The Tomb #25″,$7.95
08/13/08,”TITAN”,”Smallville Magazine #28 (Newsstand Edition)”,$6.99
08/13/08,”TITAN”,”Smallville Magazine #28 (Previews Exclusive Edition)”,$6.99
08/13/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Dengeki Figure Otomegumi Navi 04″,$19.99
08/13/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Fusion Works Gundam Ultimate File”,$48.99
08/13/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Girls Magic Akemi Takada Art Book”,$88.99
08/13/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Gothic & Lolita Bible #28″,$25.99
08/13/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Groundwork Of Gurren Lagann Book 01″,$58.99
08/13/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Gundam Plastic Model Yearbook 2008″,$39.99
08/13/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Hobby Japan #56 (Aug 2008)”,$12.99
08/13/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Kaso Costume Kantan Seisaku Book”,$23.99
08/13/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Megami Jul 2008″,$14.99
08/13/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Mitsukazu Mihara Coffin Of Fools Postcards”,$45.99
08/13/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Newtype Jul 2008″,$10.99
08/13/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Tattoo Design Book Dragons & Animals”,$35.99
08/13/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Toru Kanamori SF Art Original Sketches”,$54.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Bizenghast The Novel Vol 01 (of 3)”,$9.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Cherry Juice GN Vol 04 (of 4)”,$9.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Doors Of Chaos GN Vol 02 (of 3)”,$9.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Element Line GN Vol 02 (of 5)”,$9.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”GTO Early Years Shonan Junai Gumi GN Vol 08 (of 15)”,$12.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”I Doll GN Vol 02 (of 4)”,$9.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Jyu Oh Sei GN”,$14.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Love Attack GN Vol 03 (of 8)”,$9.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Mamotte Shugogetten GN Vol 02 (of 10)”,$12.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Peace Maker GN Vol 04 (of 5)”,$9.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Samurai Champloo Complete 2 Vol Series”,$14.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Starcraft Frontline GN Vol 01 (of 3)”,$10.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Too Long GN”,$9.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Trinity Blood GN Vol 07 (of 9)”,$9.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Vampire Doll Guilt Na Zan GN Vol 05 (of 5)”,$9.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”VB Rose GN Vol 03 (of 11)”,$9.99
08/13/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Warcraft Legends GN Vol 01 (of 4)”,$10.99
08/13/08,”TOP SHELF PRODUCTIONS”,”From Shadow Of Northern Lights TP”,$19.95
08/13/08,”TUNDRA PUBLISHING”,”Kidnapped GN”,$11.95
08/13/08,”TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING”,”Modern Masters SC Vol 17 Lee Weeks”,$14.95
08/13/08,”VANGUARD PRODUCTIONS”,”Paintings Of J Allen St John HC (Deluxe Edition)”,$59.95
08/13/08,”VANGUARD PRODUCTIONS”,”Paintings Of J Allen St John HC (Regular Edition)”,$34.95
08/13/08,”VIPER COMICS”,”Middleman Collected Series Indispensability Compendium SC”,$19.95
08/13/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Blade Of The Warrior Kshatriya #1″,$2.99
08/13/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Ramayan 3392 Ad Reloaded #8″,$2.99
08/13/08,”VITAL SOUNDS”,”Asian Cult Cinema #59 (Sep 2008)(Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$6.00
08/13/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Black Lagoon GN Vol 01″,$12.99
08/13/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Boys Over Flowers TP Vol 31″,$9.99
08/13/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Flame Of Recca TP Vol 28″,$9.99
08/13/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Gimmick GN Vol 02″,$9.99
08/13/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Hayate Combat Butler TP Vol 08″,$9.99
08/13/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Inu Yasha Ani Manga GN Vol 28″,$11.99
08/13/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Law Of Ueki TP Vol 13″,$9.99
08/13/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Nightmare Inspector Yumekui Kenbun GN Vol 03″,$9.99
08/13/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”One Pound Gospel GN Vol 02 (2nd Edition)”,$9.99
08/13/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Record Of A Fallen Vampire GN Vol 02″,$9.99
08/13/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Zatch Bell GN Vol 20″,$9.99
08/13/08,”WATSON GUPTILL PUBLICATIONS”,”Manga For The Beginner”,$21.95
08/13/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Invincible Iron Man #1 (Quesada Variant Cover CGC 9.8)”,”AR”
08/13/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Toyfare #134 (Mattel Skeletor Cover)”,$4.99
08/13/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Antique Gift Shop GN Vol 05 (resolicited)”,$10.99
08/13/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Comic GN Vol 03 (resolicited)”,$10.99
08/13/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Forest Of Gray City GN Vol 02 (resolicited)”,$10.99
08/13/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Legend GN Vol 03 (resolicited)”,$10.99
08/13/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Yen Plus Magazine #2 (Sept 2008)”,$8.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Amazing Spider-Man 2009 16 Month Poster Calendar”,$12.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Amazing Spider-Man 2009 16 Month Wall Calendar”,$12.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Chuck Norris 2009 16 Month Wall Calendar”,$12.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Classic Speed Racer 2009 16 Month Wall Calendar”,$12.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Emily The Strange 2009 Wall Calendar”,$12.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Fullmetal Alchemist 2009 Wall Calendar”,$13.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Futurama 2009 Wall Calendar”,$13.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Halo 2009 16 Month Wall Calendar”,$12.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Iron Man Movie 2009 16 Month Wall Calendar”,$12.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”JRR Tolkien 2009 Wall Calendar”,$14.95
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Marvel Heroes 2009 Page A Day Calendar”,$12.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Nbx 2009 16 Month Wall Calendar”,$12.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Olivia 2009 Wall Calendar”,$13.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Pokemon 2009 16 Month Wall Calendar”,$12.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Star Wars Clone Wars 2009 16 Month Mini Calendar”,$3.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Star Wars Clone Wars 2009 16 Month Wall Calendar”,$12.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Star Wars Clone Wars 2009 DVD Wall Calendar”,$14.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Star Wars From Concept To Screen 2009 Oversize Wall Calendar”,$15.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Star Wars Saga 2009 16 Month Wall Calendar”,$12.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Transformers 2009 16 Month Wall Calendar”,$12.99
08/13/08,”Calendars”,”Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy 2009 Wall Calendar”,$13.99
08/13/08,”Cards – PLAYOFF CORP”,”Donruss 2008 Threads NFL Trading Card Box”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Cards – PRESS PASS INC”,”Press Pass 2008 09 Basketball Trading Card Box”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Cards – TOPPS”,”Topps 2008 Cubs Team Edition MLB Trading Card Set”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Cards – TOPPS”,”Topps 2008 Mets Team Edition MLB Trading Card Set”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Cards – TOPPS”,”Topps 2008 Red Sox Team Edition MLB Trading Card Set”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Cards – TOPPS”,”Topps 2008 Stadium Club NFL T/C Box”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Cards – TOPPS”,”Topps 2008 Tigers Team Edition MLB Trading Card Set”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Cards – TOPPS”,”Topps 2008 Yankees Team Edition MLB Trading Card Set”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Cards – UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT”,”Upper Deck 2008 09 Victory NHL Trading Card Box”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Cards – UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT”,”Upper Deck 2008 NFL Hobby Trading Card Box”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Cards – UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT”,”Upper Deck 2008 NFL Retail Trading Card Box”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Games – ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS”,”Game Of Thrones Lcg Calling Banners Deck”,$9.95
08/13/08,”Games – FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC”,”WH40K Dark Heresy RPG Updated Edition”,$59.95
08/13/08,”Games – FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC”,”WH40K Dark Heresy RPG Updated Edition”,$59.95
08/13/08,”Games – TWILIGHT CREATIONS INC”,”Humans Board Game”,$34.99
08/13/08,”Games – UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT”,”Yu Gi Oh TCG 5ds Starter Deck Dis”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Games – UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT”,”Yu Gi Oh TCG Premium Pack 2 Dis”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Games – USAOPOLY”,”Beatles Collectors Ed Monopoly”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Games – WIZARDS OF THE COAST”,”Heroscape LG Expansion 2 Asst”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Videos”,”DC Super Heroes Filmation Adv DVD”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Videos”,”Phantom of the Opera DVD Ult Ed”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Videos”,”Robin Hood BBC TV DVD Season 02″,”AR”
08/13/08,”Videos”,”Tek War Com Coll DVD”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Videos”,”The Restless DVD”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Videos”,”Transformers Cybertron Ult Coll DVD Box Set”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Art Of Shunya Yamashita Angela Fine Art Bust”,$79.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Barbie Famous Friends Batgirl Doll”,$49.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Captain America Super Deformed Plush”,$10.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Dark Knight Batpod”,$34.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”DC Classic Cover Wall Scroll 12 Pc Asst”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”DC Comics Tin Bank 12 Pc Asst”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Dimebag II Ltd Ed Sculpture”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Vol. 2 Action Figure Assortment”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Freddie Mercury Ltd Ed Sculpture”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”George Rr Martin Song of Ice & Fire Bust Asst”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Hello Kitty Roll Bag 12 Pc Asst”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Hot Wheels Speed Racer Mach 5 Collector Car”,$39.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Hot Wheels Speed Racer Mach 6 Collector Car”,$39.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Hulk Back Buddy”,$44.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Hulk Super Deformed Plush”,$10.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Lenox Cinderella Wedding Day Cake Topper”,$145.00
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Lenox Pixies Perfection”,$30.00
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”LOTL Sleestak Bobble Head”,$11.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Marvel Miniature Alliance Venom Pvc Figure”,$2.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Mechanical Chain Base 010″,$13.50
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Monty Python Coconut Talking Keychain”,$11.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Pirates Of The Caribbean Barbossa Artfx Statue”,$119.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Pokemon Series 17 Figural Keychain 12 Pc Assortment”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”South Park Butters Talking Bobblehead”,$11.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”South Park Cartman Talking Bobblehead”,$11.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”South Park Timmy Talking Bobblehead”,$11.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Spider-Man Back Buddy”,$44.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Spider-Man Super Deformed Plush”,$10.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Trek (The Original Series) Cloth Retro Action Figure Assortment Series 4 Scotty & Keeper”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Wars A New Hope Ltd Ed Playing Cards”,$24.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Wars Heroes & Villians Playing Card 12 Pk Dis”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Wars Poster Playing Cards 12 Pk Dis”,”AR”
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Wars Trefoil Playing Card 3 Pack”,$24.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Storm Super Deformed Plush”,$10.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Thor Super Deformed Plush”,$10.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Transformers Galvatron Mini Head Bust”,$45.00
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Transformers Shockwave Bust”,$60.00
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Transformers Soundblaster & Ratbat Bust”,$60.00
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Venom Super Deformed Plush”,$10.99
08/13/08,”Merchandise”,”Wolverine Super Deformed Plush”,$10.99

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