ComicList for 08/06/2008 Plain Text

by Jeff

ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, August 6, 2008.

ComicList headquarters:

PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores.
Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong.

Items labeled “Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution” are items
being released this week per sources other than Diamond Distribution.

08/06/08,”ABSTRACT STUDIO”,”Terry Moores Echo #5″,$3.50
08/06/08,”ACTION FIGURE NEWS & TOY REVIEW”,”Lees Toy Review #190 (Aug 2008)(Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$5.95
08/06/08,”ANTARCTIC PRESS”,”Ninja High School #162″,$2.99
08/06/08,”ARCANA STUDIO”,”Dead Men Tell No Tales TP”,$14.95
08/06/08,”ARCHAIA STUDIOS PRESS”,”Bond Of Saint Marcel #1 (of 6)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”ARCHAIA STUDIOS PRESS”,”Killer #7 (of 10)”,$3.95
08/06/08,”ARCHAIA STUDIOS PRESS”,”Okko Cycle Of Earth #1 (of 4)”,$3.95
08/06/08,”ARCHAIA STUDIOS PRESS”,”Sisterhood #2 (of 3)”,$3.50
08/06/08,”ARCHAIA STUDIOS PRESS”,”Titanium Rain #1 (of 12)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Betty & Veronica Double Digest #163″,$3.69
08/06/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Betty #175″,$2.25
08/06/08,”ARGO PRESS”,”Charlton Spotlight Magazine #6 (Summer Fall 2008)”,$7.95
08/06/08,”ASPEN ENTERTAINMENT”,”Fathom #1 (Ale Garza Cover A)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”ASPEN ENTERTAINMENT”,”Fathom #1 (Incentive Michael Turner & Peter Steigerwald Cover D)”,”AR”
08/06/08,”ASPEN ENTERTAINMENT”,”Fathom #1 (J Scott Campbell Cover B)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”ASPEN ENTERTAINMENT”,”Fathom #1 (Michael Turner Cover C)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”ATTAKUS AMERICA”,”Augustin Sketchbook”,$31.99
08/06/08,”ATTAKUS AMERICA”,”Bellamy Sketchbook”,$31.99
08/06/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Crossed #0 (of 9)”,$1.00
08/06/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Crossed #0 (of 9)(Incentive Red Crossed Cover)”,”AR”
08/06/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Crossed #0 (of 9)(Wrap Cover)”,$1.00
08/06/08,”BIG CITY COMICS”,”Dragon Cross #7″,$3.25
08/06/08,”BIG CITY COMICS”,”Tempest #7″,$3.25
08/06/08,”BIG CITY COMICS”,”Totem #7″,$3.25
08/06/08,”BLOOMSBURY”,”Rapunzels Revenge HC (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$18.99
08/06/08,”BLOOMSBURY”,”Rapunzels Revenge SC (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$14.99
08/06/08,”BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS”,”Gearz #2″,$3.99
08/06/08,”BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS”,”Ray Harryhausen Flying Saucers Vs Earth #4 (of 4)”,$3.99
08/06/08,”BLURRED BOOKS”,”Blurred Vision GN Vol 04″,$14.95
08/06/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Cthulhu Tales TP Vol 01″,$15.99
08/06/08,”CHECKER BOOK PUBLISHING GROUP”,”Negation TP Vol 04 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$17.95
08/06/08,”COMIC SHOP NEWS INC”,”Comic Shop News #1103″,”AR”
08/06/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Buffy the Vampire Slayer #17 (Season Eight)(Jo Chen/Georges Jeanty covers)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Creepy Archives HC Vol 01″,$49.95
08/06/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Grendel God & The Devil TP”,$29.95
08/06/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Jim Silke Bettie Page Portfolio”,$19.99
08/06/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Mask Omnibus TP Vol 01″,$24.95
08/06/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Star Wars Dark Times TP Vol 02 Parallels”,$17.95
08/06/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Usagi Yojimbo HC Vol 22 Tomoes Story (Limited Edition)”,$59.95
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Army @ Love The Art Of War #1 (Of 6)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Authority #1 (Worlds End Tie-In)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Countdown Arena TP”,$17.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Detective Comics #847 (Batman R.I.P.)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”DMZ TP Vol 05 The Hidden War”,$12.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Final Crisis #1 (Directors Cut Special)”,$4.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Final Crisis #3 (of 7)(Character/Story Sliver covers)”,$3.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Flash The Wild Wests HC”,$24.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”GL Sinestro Corps Secret Files #1 Poster”,$7.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”GL Sinestro Corps Secret Files #1 Poster Prepack”,$39.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Harley Quinn 13 Inch Collector Figure”,$79.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Hawkman Special #1″,$3.50
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Hellblazer Presents Chas The Knowledge #2 (of 5)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”House Of Mystery #4″,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Infinity Inc #12″,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Jack Of Fables #24″,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Joker 13 Inch Deluxe Collector Figure”,$89.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Jonah Hex #34″,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Justice Society Of America #11 Poster”,$7.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Justice Society of America #11 Poster Prepack”,$39.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Looney Tunes #165″,$2.25
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Manhunter #33″,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Nightwing #147 (Batman R.I.P.)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Robin #176 (Batman R.I.P.)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Showcase Presents House Of Secrets TP Vol 01″,$16.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Storming Paradise #2 (of 6)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Supergirl #32″,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Tenjho Tenge TP Vol 17″,$9.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Tor #4 (of 6)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Trinity #10″,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Vertigo Double Shot #1 (House Of Mystery/Young Liars)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”Vinyl Underground #11″,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”War That Time Forgot #4 (of 12)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”DC COMICS”,”World Of Warcraft HC Vol 01″,$19.99
08/06/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”Hell Girl GN Vol 03″,$10.95
08/06/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”Kasumi GN Vol 01″,$10.95
08/06/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”Kitchen Princess GN Vol 07″,$10.95
08/06/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Demonwars Vol 2 Demon Spirit #2 (of 3)(Gopez Cover B)”,$9.50
08/06/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Demonwars Vol 2 Demon Spirit #2 (of 3)(Seeley Cover A)”,$5.50
08/06/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Hack Slash Series #14 (Jenny Frison Cover B)”,$3.50
08/06/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Hack Slash Series #14 (Tim Seeley Cover A)”,$3.50
08/06/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Rest #0″,$0.99
08/06/08,”DIGITAL WEBBING”,”Visions Of Bloodrayne (Limited Edition)”,$12.99
08/06/08,”DK PUBLISHING”,”Star Wars Ultimate Blueprints Collection Boxed Set (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$19.95
08/06/08,”DMF COMICS”,”Soul Stealer GN Vol 01″,$19.99
08/06/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Army Of Darkness Long Road Home #11 (Fabiano Neves/Stjepan Sejic covers)”,$3.50
08/06/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Boys #21″,$2.99
08/06/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Red Sonja #36 (Carlos Rafael/Mel Rubi/Pablo Marcos covers)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”FANTASY PRONE”,”United Free Worlds #2 (of 6)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”FUSION PUBLISHING”,”Geek Monthly Vol 2 #9″,$5.99
08/06/08,”GEMSTONE PUBLISHING”,”Big Big Overstreet Price Guide Vol 38″,$37.00
08/06/08,”GEMSTONE PUBLISHING”,”Uncle Scrooge #377″,$7.99
08/06/08,”GEMSTONE PUBLISHING”,”Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #692″,$7.99
08/06/08,”GEMSTONE PUBLISHING”,”Walt Disneys Vacation Parade #5″,$9.95
08/06/08,”GREAT BIG COMICS”,”Voyages Of Shebuccaneer #2 (of 3)”,$3.99
08/06/08,”HARPER COLLINS”,”X Files 2008 Movie Novelization MMPB”,$7.99
08/06/08,”HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE”,”Heavy Metal #118 (July 2008)”,$5.99
08/06/08,”HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE”,”Massive Swerve SC”,$19.95
08/06/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Complete Zombies Vs Robots TP”,$19.99
08/06/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Doctor Who Classics #9 (Dave Gibbons Retro Art/Charlie Kirchoff covers)”,$3.99
08/06/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Dreamland Chronicles IDW #2 (Scott Christian Sava/Mike Kunkel covers)”,$3.99
08/06/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”FX #6 (of 6)”,$3.99
08/06/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Igor Movie Prequel #4″,$3.99
08/06/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Spike After The Fall #2 (of 4)”,$3.99
08/06/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Star Trek Assignment Earth #4″,$3.99
08/06/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Star Trek The Next Generation Intelligence Gathering TP”,$19.99
08/06/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Transformers Movie Prequel Saga Of The Allspark #2″,$3.99
08/06/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Amory Wars II #3 (of 5)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Brit TP Vol 02 AWOL”,$14.99
08/06/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Invincible #50 (2nd Printing)”,$4.99
08/06/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Jack Staff #18″,$3.50
08/06/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Runes Of Ragnan TP”,$14.99
08/06/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Special Forces #3 (of 6)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Sword #10 “,$2.99
08/06/08,”KENZER AND COMPANY”,”Knights Of The Dinner Table Special Edition Last Man Standing”,$3.49
08/06/08,”KITBUILDERS”,”Kitbuilders Magazine #60″,$8.00
08/06/08,”MANUSCRIPT PRESS”,”Comics Revue #268″,$6.95
08/06/08,”MARRS MEDIA”,”Rue Morgue Magazine #81″,$8.95
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Amazing Spider-Man Family #1″,$4.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Amazing Spider-Man Green Goblin Ross Poster”,$7.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Avengers Invaders #4 (of 12)(Incentive Alan Davis Variant Cover)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Avengers Invaders #4 (of 12)(Regular Alex Ross Cover)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Cable #6 (Incentive Monkey Variant Cover)”,$3.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Cable #6 (Regular Adi Granov Cover)(X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In)”,$3.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Criminal 2 #4″,$3.50
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Dead Of Night Featuring Man-Thing TP”,$14.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Essential Man-Thing TP Vol 02″,$16.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Eternals #3″,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Foolkiller TP Fools Paradise”,$17.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Franklin Richards Summer Smackdown”,$3.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Hulk #5 (Ed McGuinness/Olivier Coipel covers)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Invincible Iron Man #4 (Gabriele Dell Otto/Salvador Larroca covers)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Iron Man Viva Las Vegas #2 (of 4)”,$3.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”King Size Spider-Man Summer Special”,$4.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick #6 (of 6)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Illustrated Three Musketeers #3 (of 6)”,$3.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Two-In-One #14″,$4.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”New Exiles #9″,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”NYX No Way Home #1 (of 6)(Incentive Jo Chen Variant Cover)”,$3.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”NYX No Way Home #1 (of 6)(Regular Alina Urusov Cover)”,$3.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Patsy Walker Hellcat #2 (of 5)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Punisher Premiere HC Welcome Back Frank (Book Market Edition)”,$24.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Punisher Premiere HC Welcome Back Frank (Direct Market Edition)”,$24.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Punisher War Journal #22″,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Secret Invasion Front Line #2 (of 5)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Spider-Man J TP Vol 01 Japanese Knights Digest”,$9.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #1 (of 5)(Incentive Adrian Alphona Variant Cover)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #1 (of 5)(Regular Terry Moore Cover)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Spider-Man Magazine #2″,$6.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Twelve #7 (of 12)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Ultimate Origins #3 (of 5)(Alex Maleev/Gabriele Dell Otto covers)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Venom Dark Origin #1 (of 5)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Wolverine Killing Made Simple”,$3.99
08/06/08,”MOONSTONE”,”Avenger Justice Inc Litho (Limited Signed/Numbered)”,$49.00
08/06/08,”MOONSTONE”,”Kolchak Night Stalker Kolchak Papers Litho (Remark)”,$89.00
08/06/08,”MOONSTONE”,”Kolchak The Night Stalker Kolchak Papers Litho (Limited Edition)”,$45.00
08/06/08,”NECK BOLT PUBLISHING”,”Trap Door Maker Phantom Of The Opera Prequel TP”,$19.99
08/06/08,”PENNY FARTHING PRESS”,”Victorian TP Act 04 Self Overcoming”,$19.95
08/06/08,”PICTUREBOX”,”Comics Comics #4 (resolicited)”,$2.95
08/06/08,”PRESTEL PUBLISHING”,”Velvet Hammer Burlesque HC”,$60.00
08/06/08,”RADIO COMIX”,”Furrlough #184″,$3.99
08/06/08,”RANDOM HOUSE”,”Star Wars the Clone Wars HC Book 01″,$20.00
08/06/08,”RAW JUNIOR”,”Stinky GN (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$12.95
08/06/08,”RENAISSANCE PRESS”,”Amelia Rules Funny Stories TP Vol 01″,$4.99
08/06/08,”SANCTUM PRODUCTIONS”,”Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 19″,$12.95
08/06/08,”SANCTUM PRODUCTIONS”,”Shadow Double Novel Vol 20″,$12.95
08/06/08,”STARLOG GROUP”,”Fangoria #276 (Sep 2008)”,$8.99
08/06/08,”STERLING PUBLISHING”,”Eagle Annual HC Best Of 1950s”,$19.95
08/06/08,”STERLING PUBLISHING”,”Trial GN”,$14.95
08/06/08,”SUNDAY PRESS BOOKS”,”Little Nemo In Slumberland HC Many More Splendid Sundays (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$125.00
08/06/08,”TITAN”,”Lost Official Magazine Special #18 (Newsstand Edition)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TITAN”,”Lost Official Magazine Special #18 (Previews Exclusive Edition)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TITAN”,”Star Wars Insider #103 (Newsstand Edition)”,$5.99
08/06/08,”TITAN”,”Star Wars Insider #103 (Previews Exclusive Edition)”,$5.99
08/06/08,”TITAN BOOKS UK”,”Jeff Hawke HC Vol 02 Ambassadors”,$19.95
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Archlord GN Vol 06 (of 6)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Aspirin GN Vol 01 (of 7)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Avatar Cinemanga GN Vol 08 (of 8)”,$7.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Boys Be GN Vol 17 (of 20)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Brave Story GN Vol 05 (of 16)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Chronicles Of The Cursed Sword GN Vol 22 (of 31)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Dark Metro GN Vol 02 (of 3)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Dragon Sister GN Vol 02 (of 4)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Fairies Vidia & The Fairy Crown GN”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Genju No Seiza GN Vol 07 (of 13)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Grenadier GN Vol 07 (of 7)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Hannah Montana Cinemanga GN Vol 05 (of 10)”,$7.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Id Entity GN Vol 12 (of 22)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Initial D GN Vol 31 (of 36)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”King Of Thorn GN Vol 05 (of 6)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Little Queen GN Vol 07 (of 8)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Mysterians GN Vol 01 (of 3)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Platinum Garden GN Vol 07 (of 15)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Tsukuyomi Moon Phase GN Vol 11 (of 13)”,$9.99
08/06/08,”TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING”,”Brickjournal #2″,$8.95
08/06/08,”VERTICAL”,”Guin Saga Manga TP Vol 05 The Marches King (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$12.95
08/06/08,”VIPER COMICS”,”Kid Houdini And The Silver Dollar Misfits GN Vol 01″,$9.95
08/06/08,”VIPER COMICS”,”Vendor GN”,$11.95
08/06/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Beyond #3 (of 5)”,$2.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Baby & Me GN Vol 09″,$8.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Bleach HC Vol 01 (Collectors Edition)”,$19.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo GN Vol 01 (Shonen Jump Edition)”,$7.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”BODY GN Vol 02″,8.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”D Gray Man GN Vol 10″,$7.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Dragon Drive TP Vol 09″,$7.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Eyeshield 21 TP Vol 21″,$7.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Fairy Cube GN Vol 02″,$8.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Gin Tama TP Vol 07 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)”,$7.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Haruka Beyond The Stream of Time GN Vol 02″,$8.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Hoshin Engi TP Vol 08″,$7.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Kaze Hikaru GN Vol 10″,$8.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Muhyo & Rojis Bureau of Supernatural Investigation TP Vol 06″,$7.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Pokemon Ranger & The Temple Of The Sea”,$7.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Rosario Vampire GN Vol 02″,$7.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Shonen Jump #1 HC (5th Anniversary Collectors Edition)”,$24.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Shonen Jump Vol 6 #8 (Sept 08)”,$4.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Short-Tempered Melancholic And Other Stories GN”,$8.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Sugar Princess Skating To Win GN Vol 01″,$8.99
08/06/08,”VIZ MEDIA”,”Tail Of The Moon TP Vol 12″,$8.99
08/06/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Wizard Exclusive Indie Heroclix 2 Pc Set”,”AR”
08/06/08,”WIZARDS OF THE COAST”,”Dragonlance Stonetellers Book 02 Death March”,$6.99
08/06/08,”WIZARDS OF THE COAST”,”Eberron Legacy Dhakaan Book 01 Doom Kings”,$6.99
08/06/08,”WIZARDS OF THE COAST”,”Forgotten Realms Legend Of Drizzt Vol 10 Passage Dawn MMPB”,$7.99
08/06/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Bring It On GN Vol 05 (resolicited)”,$10.99
08/06/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Chocolat GN Vol 05 (resolicited)”,$10.99
08/06/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Croquis Pop GN Vol 01 (resolicited)”,$10.99
08/06/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Cynical Orange GN Vol 04 (resolicited)”,$10.99
08/06/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Kaze No Hana TP Vol 02″,$10.99
08/06/08,”YEN PRESS”,”S S Astro TP Vol 01 Asashio Sogo Teachers Room”,$10.99
08/06/08,”Calendars”,”Boris Vallejo Julie Bell Fantasy 2009 Wall Calendar”,$11.99
08/06/08,”Calendars”,”Dragons By Ed Beard Jr 2009 Wall Calendar”,$13.95
08/06/08,”Calendars”,”Inuyasha 2009 Wall Calendar”,$13.99
08/06/08,”Calendars”,”Smallville 2009 Wall Calendar”,$13.99
08/06/08,”Cards – STUDIO E”,”Conspiracy Files Of Dean Haglund Trading Card Box”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Cards – TOPPS”,”Topps 2008 Triple Threads MLB Trading Card Box”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Cards – TOPPS”,”Topps WWE Ultimate Rivals Trading Card Box”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Cards – UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT”,”Upper Deck 2007 08 Exquisite Collection NBA T/C Box”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Cards – UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT”,”Upper Deck 2008 Goudey MLB Trading Card Box”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Games – BAN DAI”,”Dragon Ball CCG Warriors Return Booster Display”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Games – BAN DAI”,”Dragon Ball CCG Warriors Return Starter Display”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Games – GALE FORCE 9″,”Mechwarrior City Block Set”,$39.99
08/06/08,”Games – GALE FORCE 9″,”Mechwarrior Manufacturing Facility”,$39.99
08/06/08,”Games – GALE FORCE 9″,”Mechwarrior Reactor & Ruins Set”,$39.99
08/06/08,”Games – GALE FORCE 9″,”Mechwarrior Wilderness Terrain Set”,$39.99
08/06/08,”Games – HASBRO”,”Trivial Pursuit Choice”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Games – IMPRESSIONS ADVERTISING AND”,”Dragons Of Kir Board Game”,$31.95
08/06/08,”Games – KENZER AND COMPANY”,”Aces & Eights RPG Rustlers & Townsfolk Npc Folio”,$19.99
08/06/08,”Games – MONGOOSE PUBLISHING”,”Battlefield Evolution Modern Combat SC”,$29.95
08/06/08,”Games – MONGOOSE PUBLISHING”,”Cthulhutech RPG Dark Passions SC”,$19.95
08/06/08,”Games – MONGOOSE PUBLISHING”,”Cthulhutech RPG HC (New Printing)”,$39.95
08/06/08,”Games – MONGOOSE PUBLISHING”,”Traveller RPG Spinward Marches”,$29.95
08/06/08,”Games – PLAYOFF CORP”,”Bleach TCG Bounts Booster Dis”,”AR”
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Batman Hush By Jim Lee T/S LG”,$17.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Batman Hush By Jim Lee T/S XL”,$17.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Batman Hush By Jim Lee T/S XXL”,$20.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Battlestar Galactica So Say We All Blk L/s LG”,$21.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Battlestar Galactica So Say We All Blk L/s MED”,$21.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Battlestar Galactica So Say We All Blk L/s XL”,$21.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Dr Who Dr & Martha Blk T-Shirt LG”,$19.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Dr Who Dr & Martha Blk T-Shirt MED”,$19.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Dr Who Dr & Martha Blk T-Shirt XL”,$19.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy Blk T/S LG”,$17.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy Blk T-Shirt MED”,$17.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy Blk T/S XL”,$17.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy Blk T/S XXL”,$20.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy BPRD Logo T/S LG”,$17.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy BPRD Logo T/S MED”,$17.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy BPRD Logo T/S XL”,$17.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy BPRD Logo T/S XXL”,$20.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy II T/S LG”,$17.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy II T/S MED”,$17.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy II T/S XL”,$17.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy II T/S XXL”,$20.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy Logo with Bones Black T/S LG”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy Logo with Bones Black T/S MED”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy Logo with Bones Black T/S XL”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy Logo with Bones Black T/S XXL”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy Son of a T/S Black LG”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy Son of a T/S Black MED”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy Son of a T/S Black XL”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy Son of a T/S Black XXL”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy vs. Octopus Tan T/S LG”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy vs. Octopus Tan T/S MED”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy vs. Octopus Tan T/S XL”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Hellboy vs. Octopus Tan T/S XXL”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Joker Countdown T/S XL”,$17.95
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Lobster Johnson Logo Black T/S LG”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Lobster Johnson Logo Black T/S MED”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Lobster Johnson Logo Black T/S XL”,$29.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Serenity 2008 Cast Black T/S LG”,$19.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Serenity 2008 Cast Black T/S MED”,$19.99
08/06/08,”T-Shirts”,”Serenity 2008 Cast Black T/S XL”,$19.99
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Aika R 16 Virgin Mission DVD”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Anime Legends Ms Z Gundam DVD Set Coll 02 02″,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Anime Legends Silent Mobius Comp Coll DVD”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Ben 10 Comp DVD Set Season 04″,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Birds Of Prey TV Comp Coll DVD Set”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Drainiac Bacterium DVD 2 Pk”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Freakazoid Comp Coll DVD Set Season 01″,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Hellboy Animated DVD 2 Pk W/ Figure Ltd Ed”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Maria Watches Over Us DVD Box Set Season 01″,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Ms Gundam Seed Destiny TV DVD Movie 01″,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Ms Gundam Seed Destiny TV DVD Movie 01 Ltd Ed W/ Artbox”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Sasami DVD Box Set Season 01″,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”School Rumble DVD Box Set Season 01″,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”South Park DVD Box Set Season 11″,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Stargate Continuum DVD”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”The Batman Comp DVD Set Season 05″,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Tiny Toons Adv Season 1 DVD Set Part 01″,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Tsubasa DVD Vol 07″,”AR”
08/06/08,”Videos”,”Witchblade TV Comp Coll DVD Set”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”24 9pm Jack Bauer 12in Cloth Figure”,$39.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Baby Qee 3.5in Diy Elephant Angel”,$10.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Baby Qee Diy 3.5in Angel Boxeeq White”,$10.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Barbie Doll Muse Assortment”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Big Lebowski Urban Achiever Series 2 Action Figure Assortment”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Bsg Character Dogtag Replicas 7 Pc Asst”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Bsg So Say We All C-handle Mug”,$9.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Buffy the Vampire Slayer Autographed Action Figure Assortment”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”David Horvath Hot Nut Bear 8 In Qee Vinyl Figure”,$50.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Dr Hoffman Toyer 8in Qee”,$60.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Frank Kozik 8in Gid Redrum Bear Qee”,$50.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Harry Potter – Professor McGonagall Bust”,$50.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Indiana Jones Artfx Theater Raiders of the Lost Ark”,$119.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Kei Sawada 6in Cucumouse Figure”,$32.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”King Ghidorah Destroy All Monsters Battlezone Action Figure”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Lord of the Rings Sauron Ringbearer Bust”,$60.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Marvel Miniature Alliance Captain America Pvc Figure”,$2.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Marvel Miniature Alliance Hulk Pvc Figure”,$2.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Marvel Miniature Alliance Spider-Man Pvc Figure”,$2.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Marvel Miniature Alliance Wolverine Pvc Figure”,$2.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Mighty Mouse II Teeny Weeny Mini Maquette”,$74.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Mill Case Standard 50 Ct Pack”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Motorhead Lemmy Kilmister Icon Coll Action Figure (resolicited)”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Msg Trailer Unit Car 001″,$19.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Msg Trailer Unit Car 002″,$19.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Nintendo Ds Cart & Stylus Keychain 12 Pc Assortment”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Patlabor The Movie 2 Hellhound Model Kit”,$45.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Pepa Reverter Barcelona 2.5in Qee Vinyl Fig 3 Pk”,$25.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Pez Hello Kitty 12 Ct Display”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Poe Uglydoll 24 In Plush”,$50.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Pirates of the Caribbean High Sea Elizabeth Swann Doll”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Randy Bowen Odin Statue”,$235.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Rolitoland Safari Series B 2.5 in Vinyl Figure Set”,$18.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Rolitoland Safari Series D 2.5in Vinyl Figure Set”,$18.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Samurai 3000 Black Blade Ninja Sword”,$139.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Serenity Bank Heist Money Pack”,$19.95
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Serenity Blue Sun Travel Wavecards Pack”,$19.95
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Simpsons 2.5in Rosebud Qee Bear 2pk”,$13.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Trek Minimates Series 4 Assortment”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Superman Collectors Costume”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Wars Bounty Hunters Series: Bossk Vinyl Model Kit”,$99.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Wars Bounty Hunters Series: Zuckuss Soft Vinyl Model Kit”,$99.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Stargate Replica Mirror”,$59.95
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Stone Runes”,$15.95
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Super Robot Wars Dygenguar Fine Scale Mod Kit”,$24.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Super Robot Wars Weibritter Fine Scale Mod Kit”,$19.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Tonner Sister Dreary Doll”,”AR”
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Toon Tumblers Dark Phoenix Pint Glass”,$10.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Toon Tumblers Power Man Pint Glass”,$10.99
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”WDCC Hunchback Clopin Figurine”,$150.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”WDCC Hunchback Esmeralda Figurine”,$150.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”WDCC Hunchback Of Notre Dame Opening Title Plaque”,$29.00
08/06/08,”Merchandise”,”Zombie Survival Guide Poster”,$6.99

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