ComicList for 06/25/2008 Plain Text

by Jeff

ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, June 25, 2008.

ComicList headquarters:

PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores.
Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong.
Items ending in “**” are possible releases unconfirmed by Diamond Distribution.

06/25/08,”ABSOLUTE TYRANT”,”Nearly Infamous Zango #3″,$3.50
06/25/08,”ADVENTURE HOUSE”,”Double Action Gang Dec 1937 Replica Edition”,$14.95
06/25/08,”ADVENTURE HOUSE”,”Planet Stories Winter 1947 Replica Edition”,$14.95
06/25/08,”ANTARCTIC PRESS”,”AP How to Draw Manga Supersized TP Vol 03″,$21.95
06/25/08,”ANTARCTIC PRESS”,”Fire & Brimstone #1 (of 3)”,$3.95
06/25/08,”ANTARCTIC PRESS”,”Gold Digger #97″,$2.99
06/25/08,”ANTARCTIC PRESS”,”Gold Digger Sourcebook #18″,$3.95
06/25/08,”ANTARCTIC PRESS”,”Gold Digger Tiffany & Charlotte #1 (of 4)”,$3.50
06/25/08,”ARCANA STUDIO”,”Clockwork Girl #4 (of 4)”,$1.99
06/25/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Archie #586″,$2.25
06/25/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Archie Americana Series TP Vol 08 Best Of 60s Book 2″,$11.95
06/25/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Archie Digest #245″,$2.49
06/25/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Sonic X #34″,$2.25
06/25/08,”ASPEN ENTERTAINMENT”,”Aspen Showcase Aspen Matthews #1 (Ale Garza Cover)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”ASPEN ENTERTAINMENT”,”Aspen Showcase Aspen Matthews #1 (Talent Caldwell Cover)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”ASPIRATIONS MEDIA”,”Tales Of Tralodren Beginning TP”,$16.95
06/25/08,”AURORA PUBLISHING INC”,”Flock Of Angels GN Vol 3 (of 3)”,$10.95
06/25/08,”AURORA PUBLISHING INC”,”I Shall Never Return GN Vol 03 (of 5)”,$12.95
06/25/08,”AURORA PUBLISHING INC”,”Tomcats GN”,$12.95
06/25/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Anna Mercury Art Print #1″,$19.99
06/25/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Night of the Living Dead Art Print #1″,$14.99
06/25/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Night of the Living Dead Art Print #2″,$14.99
06/25/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Night of the Living Dead Art Print #3″,$14.99
06/25/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Night of the Living Dead Original Movie Poster Print”,$14.99
06/25/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”No Hero #0 (of 7)”,$1.00
06/25/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”No Hero #0 (of 7)(Incentive Design Sketch Cover)”,”AR”
06/25/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”No Hero #0 (of 7)(Wrap Cover)”,$1.00
06/25/08,”BASEMENT COMICS/AMRYL ENTERTAINMENT”,”Cavewoman Reloaded #6 (Special Edition)”,”AR”
06/25/08,”BASEMENT COMICS/AMRYL ENTERTAINMENT”,”Cavewoman Reloaded #6″,$3.95
06/25/08,”BONGO”,”Bart Simpson Comics #42″,$2.99
06/25/08,”BROADSWORD COMICS”,”Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose TP Vol 06″,$24.99
06/25/08,”BUYMETOYS.COM”,”Oz Wonderland Chronicles #3 (of 4)(Cover A – Jusko)”,$3.50
06/25/08,”BUYMETOYS.COM”,”Oz Wonderland Chronicles #3 (of 4)(Cover B – Orbik)”,$3.50
06/25/08,”COMIC SHOP NEWS INC”,”Comic Shop News #1097″,”AR”
06/25/08,”COMIC SHOP NEWS INC”,”Comic Shop News Summer Preview”,”AR”
06/25/08,”DABEL BROTHERS PRODUCTIONS LLC”,”Jim Butchers Dresden Files Welcome To The Jungle #3 (of 4)(Adrian Syaif/Chris McGrath covers)”,$3.99
06/25/08,”DARK HORSE”,”BPRD Ectoplasmic Man (One Shot)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Chronicles Of Conan TP Vol 15 Corridor Of Mullah Kajar”,$16.95
06/25/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Conan the Cimmerian #0″,$0.99
06/25/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Fear Agent #22 (1 Against 1 Part 1 Of 6)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Gantz TP Vol 01″,$12.95
06/25/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Indiana Jones Adventures TP Vol 01″,$6.95
06/25/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Oh My Goddess TP Vol 09″,$10.95
06/25/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Pigeons From Hell #3 (Of 4)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Star Wars Dark Times #12 (Vector Part 6)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DAVID’S DOODLES”,”Art Of Animal Character Design HC”,$40.00
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder HC Vol 01″,$24.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Batman Gotham After Midnite #2 (of 12)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Batman Jekyll And Hyde TP”,$14.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Cartoon Network Block Party #46″,$2.25
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Crossing Midnight #19″,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Dark Knight Batman Bust”,$59.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Dark Knight The Joker Bust”,$59.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”DC Universe Special Reign In Hell 80 Page Giant”,$4.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Demo TP”,$19.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Ex Machina HC Vol 01 (Deluxe Edition)”,$29.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Final Crisis #2 (of 7)(Character/Story Silver covers)”,$3.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Green Lantern #32″,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Green Lantern Tales Of The Sinestro Corps HC”,$29.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Huntress Year One #4 (of 6)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Jack Of Fables #23″,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Jack Of Fables TP Vol 03 The Bad Prince”,$14.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”JSA Classified #39″,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Madame Xanadu #1 (Incentive Matt Wagner Variant Cover)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Madame Xanadu #1 (Regular Amy Reeder Hadley Cover)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Moon Child Vol 11″,$9.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Number Of The Beast #6 (of 8)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Programme #12 (of 12)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Secret History Authority Jack Hawksmoor #4 (of 6)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Superman #677 (Incentive Renato Guedes Variant Cover)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Superman #677 (Regular Alex Ross Cover)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Superman Camelot Falls TP Vol 01″,$12.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Supernatural Rising Son #3 (of 6)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Tangent Comics TP Vol 03″,$19.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Teen Titans #60″,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Tower Of The Future Vol 11″,$9.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”Trinity #4″,$2.99
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”World Of Warcraft Draenei Paladin Figure (resolicited)”,”AR”
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”World Of Warcraft Draenei Paladin Master Case (resolicited)”,”AR”
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”World Of Warcraft Series 2 Gnome Warrior Action Figure (resolicited)”,”AR”
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”World Of Warcraft Series 2 Human Warrior Action Figure (resolicited)”,”AR”
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”World Of Warcraft Series 2 Inner Case Assortment (resolicited)”,”AR”
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”World Of Warcraft Series 2 Master Case Assortment (resolicited)”,”AR”
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”World Of Warcraft Series 2 Night Elf Druid Action Figure (resolicited)”,”AR”
06/25/08,”DC COMICS”,”World Of Warcraft Series 2 Troll Priest Action Figure (resolicited)”,”AR”
06/25/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”Alive GN Vol 05**”,$10.95
06/25/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”Kamichama Karin-Chu GN Vol 01**”,$10.95
06/25/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”Le Chevalier dEon GN Vol 05**”,$10.95
06/25/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”Nodame Cantabile GN Vol 14**”,$10.95
06/25/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”Pumpkin Scissors GN Vol 03**”,$10.95
06/25/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”Suzuka GN Vol 08″,$13.95
06/25/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”XXXholic GN Vol 12**”,$10.95
06/25/08,”DENNIS DRUKTENIS PUBLISHING”,”Scary Monsters Magazine #67″,$8.95
06/25/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Worlds Of Dungeons & Dragons #2 (Gopez Cover A)”,$5.50
06/25/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Worlds Of Dungeons & Dragons #2 (Walpole Cover B)”,$9.50
06/25/08,”DIAMOND”,”Game Trade Magazine #101″,”AR”
06/25/08,”DIAMOND”,”Previews Vol XVIII #7 “,”AR”
06/25/08,”DIGITAL MANGA”,”Dont Blame Me GN Vol 02 (of 2)”,$12.95
06/25/08,”DIGITAL MANGA”,”Great Place High School GN**”,$12.95
06/25/08,”DIGITAL MANGA”,”Hero Heel GN Vol 02 (of 3)”,$12.95
06/25/08,”DIGITAL MANGA”,”Hideyuki Kikuchis Vampire Hunter D GN Vol 02″,$12.95
06/25/08,”DIGITAL MANGA”,”Like A Love Comedy Novel”,$8.95
06/25/08,”DIGITAL MANGA”,”Love Recipe GN Vol 02″,$12.95
06/25/08,”DIGITAL MANGA”,”Sleeping With Money Novel”,$8.95
06/25/08,”DMF COMICS INC”,”Silent Leaves The Last Bondsman GN Vol 01″,$9.99
06/25/08,”DR MASTER PUBLICATIONS INC”,”Stellvia TP Vol 1 – 2 Set”,$9.95
06/25/08,”DRAWN AND QUARTERLY”,”Good Bye HC”,$19.95
06/25/08,”DYNAMIC FORCES”,”Avengers Invaders #1 (Dynamic Forces Exclusive Alternate Cover)”,$14.99
06/25/08,”DYNAMIC FORCES”,”Incredible Hulk Ross Litho (Dynamic Forces Limited Edition Signed)”,$159.99
06/25/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Man With No Name #2″,$3.50
06/25/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Project Superpowers #4 (of 7)(Incentive Alex Ross Variant Cover)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Project Superpowers #4 (of 7)(Regular Alex Ross Cover)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”ELEPHANT EATER COMICS”,”And Then One Day #6″,$12.00
06/25/08,”FLESK PUBLICATIONS”,”Prince Valiant Page HC (Deluxe Signed Slipcased Edition)”,$39.95
06/25/08,”FLESK PUBLICATIONS”,”Prince Valiant Page HC”,$29.95
06/25/08,”FULL CIRCLE PUBLICATIONS”,”Thicker Than Blood #2 (of 3)**”,$3.95
06/25/08,”GINGKO PRESS”,”Toygiants HC Silver Edition**”,$49.95
06/25/08,”GRAPHITTI DESIGNS”,”Tales From The Clerks HC (Limited Edition)”,$79.95
06/25/08,”HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS”,”Discworld GN Vol 01 Colour Of Magic & Light Fantastic”,$24.95
06/25/08,”HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE”,”Favole HC Vol 03 Frozen Light**”,$14.95
06/25/08,”HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE”,”Forgotten HC (resolicited)”,$14.95
06/25/08,”HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE”,”Heavy Metal Summer 2008″,$6.95
06/25/08,”HERMES PRESS”,”Andru And Espositos Get Lost TP (resolicited)”,$29.99
06/25/08,”HERO INITIATIVE”,”What If Fantastic Four Tribute To Mike Wieringo”,$4.99
06/25/08,”HIGH SPEED PRODUCTIONS”,”Juxtapoz Vol 15 #7 (Jul 2008)”,$4.99
06/25/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”76 #4 (of 8)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Aletheia #2 (of 3)”,$3.50
06/25/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Darkness #4 (Cover A – Keown)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Darkness #4 (Cover B – Sejic)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Freshmen TP (Limited Signed Edition)”,$39.99
06/25/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Gimoles Secrets Of The Seasons TP”,$14.99
06/25/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Loaded Bible TP Vol 01″,$16.99
06/25/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Pilot Season Alibi #1″,$3.99
06/25/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Proof #9″,$2.99
06/25/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Spawn The Undead TP”,$24.99
06/25/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Vix #1 (of 3)”,$3.50
06/25/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Walking Dead TP Vol 08 Made To Suffer”,$14.99
06/25/08,”KENZER AND COMPANY”,”Knights Of The Dinner Table #140″,$4.99
06/25/08,”MANUSCRIPT PRESS”,”Comics Revue #266″,$6.95
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Angel Revelations #2 (of 5)”,$3.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Avengers Fairy Tales #3 (of 4)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Avengers Initiative #14 (Secret Invasion Tie-In)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Black Panther #37″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Captain America #39″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Captain America The Chosen Premiere HC (Book Market Edition)”,$24.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Captain America The Chosen Premiere HC (Direct Market Variant)”,$24.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Daredevil #108″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Fantastic Four #558″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”House Of M TP Avengers”,$13.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Hulk #4 (Ed McGuinness Variant Cover)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Hulk #4″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Immortal Iron Fist #16″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel 1985 #2 (of 6)”,$3.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #37″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Atlas TP”,$14.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Comics Presents #10″,$3.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick #5 (of 6)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Tales Of Suspense HC Vol 02 (Variant Edition Vol 98)”,$59.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Tales Of Suspense HC Vol 02″,$59.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Previews #59 July 2008″,”AR”
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvels Premiere HC (Direct Market Variant Vol 13)”,$24.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvels Premiere HC”,$24.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Mighty Avengers #15 (Secret Invasion Tie-In)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Ms Marvel #28 (Secret Invasion Tie-In)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Mythos Captain America (resolicited)”,$3.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”New Avengers #42 (Secret Invasion Tie-In)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”New Warriors #13″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Official Handbook Marvel Universe A To Z Premiere HC Vol 03″,$24.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Power Pack Day One #4 (of 4)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Runaways #30″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Secret Invasion Runaways Young Avengers #1 (of 3)(Secret Invasion Tie-In)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”She-Hulk 2 #30″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Soleil Sky Doll #1 (of 3)(2nd Printing Variant)”,$5.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Spider-Man By Ross Poster”,$7.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Thor Ages Of Thunder Reign Of Blood”,$3.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Thunderbolts #121″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Ultimate Spider-Man #123″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Ultimates 3 #4 (of 5)(Incentive Dave Finch Variant Cover)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Ultimates 3 #4 (of 5)(Regular Joe Madureira Cover)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Uncanny X-Men #499 (X-Men Divided We Stand Tie-In)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Wolverine First Class #4″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Wolverine Origins #26″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Men First Class Vol 2 #13″,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Men Legacy #213 (X-Men Divided We Stand Tie-In)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Men Legacy Finch Panorama Poster”,$15.99
06/25/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Young Avengers Presents #6 (of 6)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MC FARLAND & COMPANY INC.”,”Native Americans In Comic Books Critical Study HC”,”AR”
06/25/08,”MERCURY COMICS”,”Atomika #9 (of 12)**”,$2.99
06/25/08,”MOONSTONE”,”Kolchak Tales Night Stalker Of The Living Dead #2 (of 3)”,$3.99
06/25/08,”MOONSTONE”,”Kolchak Tales Night Stalker Of The Living Dead #2 (of 3)(Incentive Variant)”,$3.99
06/25/08,”MOONSTONE”,”Phantom #24 (Checkmate Part 4 of 5)”,$3.99
06/25/08,”NBM”,”Bluesman HC”,$24.95
06/25/08,”NBM”,”Ordinary Victories What Is Precious GN”,$15.95
06/25/08,”ONI PRESS”,”Stephen Colberts Tek Jansen #1 (of 5)(New Printing)”,$3.99
06/25/08,”ONI PRESS”,”Wasteland #18″,$3.50
06/25/08,”POCKET BOOKS”,”Spider City Of Doom SC”,$13.00
06/25/08,”POCKET BOOKS”,”World Of Warcraft Beyond The Dark Portal MMPB”,$7.99
06/25/08,”RADICAL PUBLISHING”,”Caliber #3 (of 5)(Stanley Lau/Tomm Coker covers)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”RADICAL PUBLISHING”,”Hercules #3 (of 5)(John Bolton/Sveltin Velinov covers)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”RED 5 COMICS”,”Neozoic #5″,$2.95
06/25/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”AOI House In Love GN Vol 02 (of 2)”,$9.99
06/25/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”Venus Versus Virus GN Vol 04 (of 5)”,$9.99
06/25/08,”TALCMEDIA PRESS”,”Dreadnought Invasion Six #3 (of 4)”,$3.95
06/25/08,”TITAN”,”Star Trek Magazine #12 (Newsstand Edition)”,$6.99
06/25/08,”TITAN”,”Star Trek Magazine #12 (Previews Exclusive Edition)”,$6.99
06/25/08,”TITAN”,”Stargate Magazine #23″,$6.99
06/25/08,”TITAN”,”Torchwood Magazine #5″,$6.99
06/25/08,”TOMART PUBLICATIONS”,”Tomarts Action Figure Digest #166″,$5.95
06/25/08,”TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING”,”Brickjournal #2**”,$8.95
06/25/08,”TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING”,”Write Now #18″,$6.95
06/25/08,”UDON ENTERTAINMENT CORP”,”Apple Anthology GN Vol 01″,$34.95
06/25/08,”VERTICAL”,”Tezuka Dororo GN Vol 02**”,$13.95
06/25/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Beyond #2 (of 5)”,$2.99
06/25/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Devi TP Vol 04″,$14.99
06/25/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Stranded #5″,$2.99
06/25/08,”WILDSIDE PRESS LLC”,”Realms HC First Year Of Clarkesworld Magazine”,$29.95
06/25/08,”WILDSIDE PRESS LLC”,”Realms SC First Year Of Clarkesworld Magazine”,$13.95
06/25/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Secret Invasion #1 (Online Exclusive Mel Rubi Variant Cover CGC 9.8)”,”AR”
06/25/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Wizard Exclusive DC Heroclix 2 Pc Set”,”AR”
06/25/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Wizard Magazine #202 (Dark Knight Movie Cover)”,$5.99
06/25/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Wizard Magazine #202 (Mcniven Wolverine Cover)”,$5.99
06/25/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Wizard Magazine #202 (Project Superpowers Alex Ross Cover)”,$5.99
06/25/08,”ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Beyond Wonderland #0 (of 6)”,$0.99
06/25/08,”cards – RITTENHOUSE ARCHIVES”,”Incredible Hulk Movie Preview Trading Card Set”,”AR”
06/25/08,”cards – RITTENHOUSE ARCHIVES”,”Stargate SG-1 Season 10 Collectors Album”,”AR”
06/25/08,”cards – TOPPS”,”Topps 2008 Chrome MLB Trading Card Box”,”AR”
06/25/08,”games – SPY ALLEY PARNERS LLP”,”Spy Alley Board Game”,$29.99
06/25/08,”games – TC DIGITAL GAMES LLC”,”Chaotic TCG Silent Sands Booster”,”AR”
06/25/08,”games -TWILIGHT CREATIONS INC”,”Zombies 2nd Ed 3 Mall Walkers”,$14.99
06/25/08,”games -TWILIGHT CREATIONS INC”,”Zombies Bag O Babes”,$9.99
06/25/08,”games – UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT”,”Yu Gi Oh TCG Light Destruction Se Booster”,”AR”
06/25/08,”games – WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING”,”Play Nine Card Game”,”AR”
06/25/08,”games – WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING”,”Wealth Of Nations Board Game”,$49.95
06/25/08,”games – WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING”,”World Of Darkness RPG Dogs Of War”,$24.99
06/25/08,”T-Shirts”,”Witchblade Generations Wizard World Excl T-Shirt LG”,$17.99
06/25/08,”T-Shirts”,”Witchblade Generations Wizard World Excl T-Shirt MED”,$17.99
06/25/08,”T-Shirts”,”Witchblade Generations Wizard World Excl T-Shirt XL”,$17.99
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Comic Book Inking W/ Joe Weems DVD”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Countdown to Wednesday DVD”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Death Note DVD Vol. 05″,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Death Note DVD Vol. 05 Lt Ed W/ Fig”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Desert Punk DVD Box Set Viridian Coll”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Dirty Harry Ult Coll Ed DVD Set Reg Ed”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Dirty Harry Ultimate Coll Ed DVD Box Set Blu Ray”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Doctor Who Dalek Conquests Unabridged Audio CD”,$19.95
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Emma Victorian Romance DVD Box Set Season 01″,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Futurama Movie DVD #2 Beast W/a Billon Backs”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Galaxy Rangers DVD Coll 01″,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Kujibiki Unbalance DVD Vol. 02″,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Lucky Star DVD Vol. 01″,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Lucky Star DVD Vol. 01 Ltd Ed”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Men of Mystery Presents Black Widow DVD”,$24.95
06/25/08,”Videos”,”My Hime Z My Otome DVD Vol. 06″,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Samurai 7 DVD Box Set Viridian Coll”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Smallville Comp DVD Set Season 06 Blu Ray”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Sword & the Stone 45th Aniv Sped Ed DVD”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Videos”,”Timeless Ecstasy Campus / Endless Serenade DVD Dbl Pk”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Alice In Wonderland Classic Alice II Doll”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Alice In Wonderland Humpty Dumpty Doll”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Doll”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit Doll”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Babo Little Ugly”,$9.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Babo Uglydoll”,$19.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Babo Uglydoll 24in Plush”,$50.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Babo Uglydoll Clip On”,$6.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”BSG Scar Cylon Raider Statue”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Classic Alien 18 In Action Figure”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Dark Knight Batman Head Knocker”,$12.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Dark Knight Batman Resin Magnet Set”,$7.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Dark Knight Batman Silhouette Metal Keychain”,$5.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Dark Knight Batman Wall Scroll”,$19.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Dark Knight Joker Head Knocker”,$12.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Dark Knight Joker & Batman Puzzle”,$14.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Dark Knight Joker Wall Scroll”,$19.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Dark Knight Mini Alarm Clock 12 Pc Assortment”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Dark Knight Tin Bank”,$4.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Death Note Trendy Style Messenger Bag”,$32.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Frank Kozik Labbit”,$19.95
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Gears Of War Action Figure Boxed Set”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Gremlins Boxed Set”,$39.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Guitar Hero Carabiner”,$15.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Haruhi Bunny Girls Wall Scroll”,$19.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Hulk Movie Action Figure Assortment 200802″,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Hulk Super Hero Squad Action Figure Assortment 200802″,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Indiana Jones Basic Action Figure Assortment 200805″,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Indiana Jones Vehicle Assortment 200802″,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Jeepers Creepers Bobblehead”,$14.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Jeero Little Ugly”,$9.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Jeero Uglydoll”,$19.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Jeero Uglydoll 24in Plush”,$50.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Jeero Uglydoll Clip On”,$6.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Kiss 20 Inch Spaceman Ltd Ed Plush”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Kiss 20 Inch Starchild Ltd Ed Plush”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Kit Rae Blackjet 8 1/2 in Throwing Knife Set”,$55.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Lady Death Tattoo Flash Series I”,$69.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Life Sized Fone Bone Plush Toy”,$40.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Lord of the Rings Snaga Ringbearer Bust”,$50.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Macross 1/100 Transformable Action Figure Assortment 1″,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Macross 1/100 Transformable Action Figure Assortment 2″,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Mini Munny Mobile”,$29.95
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Minimum Wage Little Ugly”,$9.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Moleskine Large Sketchbook”,$17.95
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Moleskine Pocket Sketchbook”,$12.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Moleskine Pocket Storyboard Notebook”,$12.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Mr Playboy Bobblehead”,$22.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Oh My Goddess Urd W/white Bikini Pvc Figure”,$79.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Peecol Series 1″,$238.80
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Peecol Series 2″,$238.80
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Pooh & Friends Eeyore In A Tub Figurine”,$32.50
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Pooh & Friends Pooh & Piglet In Umbrella Figurine”,$40.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Pooh & Friends Pooh With Birthday Card Figurine”,$35.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Revoltech Gurren Lagann Action Figure”,$23.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Revoltech Toro New Faces Edition Action Figure”,$24.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Simpsons Dancing Disco Inferno Homer”,$30.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Smorkin Mongers Mini Figure Assortment Blind Mystery Box Asst”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Wars Animated Emperor Maquette”,$80.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Wars Vaders Angels Giclee”,$95.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Toon Tumblers Ghost Rider Pint Glass”,$10.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Toon Tumblers Warlock Pint Glass”,$10.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Transformers Figural Keychain 12 Pc Assortment”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Transformers Starscream Coronation Bust”,”AR”
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Tray Little Ugly”,$9.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Tray Uglydoll”,$19.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Tray Uglydoll 24in Plush”,$50.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Tray Uglydoll Clip On”,$6.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Wage Uglydoll”,$19.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Wage Uglydoll 24in Plush”,$50.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Wage Uglydoll Clip On”,$6.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Wedgehead Little Ugly”,$9.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Wedgehead Uglydoll”,$19.99
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Wedgehead Uglydoll 24in Plush”,$50.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Wedgehead Uglydoll Clip On”,$6.00
06/25/08,”Merchandise”,”Wolverine Enameled Cufflinks”,$49.99

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