ComicList for 06/11/2008 Plain Text

by Jeff

ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, June 11, 2008.

ComicList headquarters:

PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores.
Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong.
Items ending in “**” are possible releases unconfirmed by Diamond Distribution.

06/11/08,”9MM BOOKS”,”Son Of Pop HC Ron English Paints His Progeny”,$24.95
06/11/08,”A FIRST SALVO”,”Contract #0″,$0.25
06/11/08,”A.D. VISION”,”PiQ Magazine #3 (July 2008)”,$6.99
06/11/08,”AAM MARKOSIA”,”Boy Who Made Silence #4″,$3.50
06/11/08,”AAM MARKOSIA”,”Eleventh Hour GN Vol 01″,$9.99
06/11/08,”AAM MARKOSIA”,”Lazarus Immortal Coils #1 (of 5)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”ABLAZE MEDIA”,”Peckerwood 24 Minutes GN”,$14.95
06/11/08,”ACCENT UK”,”Robots GN”,$15.99
06/11/08,”ACTION FIGURE NEWS &TOY REVIEW”,”Lees Toy Review #188 (June 2008)”,$5.95
06/11/08,”ADHOUSE BOOKS”,”Superior Showcase #3″,$2.95
06/11/08,”ALTERNA COMICS INC”,”American Terror GN Vol 01 Confession Of A Human Smart Bomb”,$9.95
06/11/08,”ALTERNA COMICS INC”,”Novo GN Vol 01 Birth Of Novo”,$9.95
06/11/08,”AMAZE INK/SLAVE LABOR GRAPHICS”,”Vaistron TP Vol 01″,$12.95
06/11/08,”AMBROSIA PUBLISHING”,”Smuggling Spirits GN Book 02 (of 2)”,$6.95
06/11/08,”ANARCHY STUDIOS/HARRIS COMICS”,”Vampirella Deluxe Art Print David Finch Temptation”,$19.95
06/11/08,”ANTARCTIC PRESS”,”Gold Digger II Pocket Manga Vol 04″,$14.95
06/11/08,”ARCANA STUDIO”,”Burn #2 (of 6)”,$3.95
06/11/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Archie & Friends #120″,$2.25
06/11/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Pals N Gals Double Digest #122″,$3.69
06/11/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Sonic The Hedgehog #189″,$2.25
06/11/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Doktor Sleepless #7 (Incentive Future Warning Sign)”,”AR”
06/11/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Doktor Sleepless #7 (Wrap Cover)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Doktor Sleepless #7″,$3.99
06/11/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Narcopolis #3 (of 4)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Narcopolis #3 (of 4)(Incentive Cover)”,”AR”
06/11/08,”AVATAR PRESS”,”Narcopolis #3 (of 4)(Wrap Cover)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”BASHEER GRAPHIC BOOKS”,”Astro Cityzen SC”,$20.00
06/11/08,”BASHEER GRAPHIC BOOKS”,”Territory SC Vol 06 International Designers”,$14.95
06/11/08,”BASHEER GRAPHIC BOOKS”,”We Love Molly SC”,$20.00
06/11/08,”BLOOMSBURY USA”,”Freddie & Me GN Coming Of Age Bohemian Rhapsody”,$19.99
06/11/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Fall Of Cthulhu #13 (Cover A)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Fall Of Cthulhu #13 (Cover B)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Hero Squared TP Vol 02 Another Fine Mess”,$14.99
06/11/08,”CASTLE RAIN ENTERTAINMENT”,”Jack The Lantern Ghosts Preview (Regular and Incentive Sketch Variant covers)”,$1.95
06/11/08,”CHRONICLE BOOKS”,”Batman Murder At Wayne Manor”,$24.95
06/11/08,”CINEBOOK”,”Clifton TP Vol 05 Jade”,$11.95
06/11/08,”CINEBOOK”,”Green Manor GN Vol 01 Assassins & Gentlemen”,$13.95
06/11/08,”COMIC SHOP NEWS INC”,”Comic Shop News #1095″,”AR”
06/11/08,”DA CAPO PRESS”,”Reading Comics And What They Mean SC”,$16.95
06/11/08,”DABEL BROTHERS PRODUCTIONS LLC”,”Jim Butchers Dresden Files Welcome To The Jungle #1 (of 4)(2nd printing)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Blade Of The Immortal TP Vol 19 Badger Hole”,$19.95
06/11/08,”DARK HORSE”,”BPRD War on Frogs #1″,$2.99
06/11/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Fear Agent #21 (Hatchet Job Part 5 Of 5)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Fluffy HC”,$19.95
06/11/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Goon #25″,$2.99
06/11/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Gungrave Bust”,$49.99
06/11/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Hellboy 3 Piece PVC Set”,$14.99
06/11/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Hellboy Book & Figure Set”,$24.99
06/11/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Journal Domo Flocked”,$14.99
06/11/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Penny Arcade TP Vol 05 The Case Of The Mummys Gold”,$12.95
06/11/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Savage Sword Collection Bust #2 King Kull”,$59.99
06/11/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Star Wars Rebellion #14 (Small Victories Part 4 Of 4)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”100 Bullets #92″,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Absolute Sandman HC Vol 03″,$99.00
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Action Comics #866″,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Batman #676 (Batman R.I.P.)(2nd Printing)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Batman Confidential #18″,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Batman Strikes #46″,$2.25
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Booster Gold #10″,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Burnout”,$9.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Cartoon Network Action Pack #26″,$2.25
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Chuck #1 (of 6)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Dark Knight Batman 1/6 Scale Collector Figure”,$89.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Dark Knight The Joker 1/6 Scale Collector Figure”,$89.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”DC Minimates Wave Eight”,”AR”
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”DC Universe Special Superman Mongul”,$4.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Gotham Underground #9 (of 9)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Green Arrow Black Canary #9″,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Green Lantern Corps #25″,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Huntress Year One #3 (of 6)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Joker The Greatest Stories Ever Told TP”,$19.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Justice League Of America HC Vol 03 Injustice League”,$19.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Legion Of Super Heroes In The 31st Century #15″,$2.25
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Lost Boys Reign Of Frogs #2 (of 4)”,$3.50
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Mad Magazine #491″,$4.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Metamorpho Year One TP”,$14.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Number Of The Beast #5 (of 8)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Programme TP Vol 01″,$17.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Question The Five Books Of Blood HC”,$19.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Salvation Run #7 (Of 7)(Incentive Neal Adams Variant Cover)”,$3.50
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Salvation Run #7 (of 7)(Regular Sean Chen Cover)”,$3.50
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Simon Dark #9″,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Teru Teru X Shonen Vol 02″,$9.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Tiny Titans #5″,$2.25
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Titans #3″,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Trinity #2″,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Vinyl Underground TP Vol 01 Watching The Detectives”,$9.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Will Eisners Spirit Archives HC Vol 24″,$59.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Wonder Woman #21″,$2.99
06/11/08,”DC COMICS”,”Young Liars #4″,$2.99
06/11/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”Negima GN Vol 18″,$10.95
06/11/08,”DENNIS PUBLISHING”,”Fortean Times #237″,$11.25
06/11/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Drafted #8″,$3.50
06/11/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Hack Slash Series #12 (Quinones Cover B)”,$3.50
06/11/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Hack Slash Series #12 (Seeley Cover A)”,$3.50
06/11/08,”DIGITAL MANGA”,”Eternal Love Novel Vol 01 (of 4)”,$8.95
06/11/08,”DIGITAL MANGA”,”Hard Rock GN”,$12.95
06/11/08,”DIGITAL MANGA”,”Loving Gaze GN”,$12.95
06/11/08,”DIGITAL MANGA”,”New Beginnings GN”,$12.95
06/11/08,”DIGITAL MANGA”,”Red Angel GN Vol 01 (of 2)”,$12.95
06/11/08,”DIGITAL MANGA”,”Restart GN”,$12.95
06/11/08,”DIGITAL WEBBING”,”Fist Of Justice #2″,$3.99
06/11/08,”DK PUBLISHING”,”Hulk The Incredible Guide HC (Revised Edition)**”,$24.99
06/11/08,”DYNAMIC FORCES”,”Secret Invasion #1 (Dynamic Forces Signed Edition)”,$29.99
06/11/08,”FUTURE PUBLISHING LTD”,”SFX #170″,$9.70
06/11/08,”GAMES WORKSHOP PUBLISHING”,”Warhammer 40k Brothers Of The Snake MMPB”,$7.99
06/11/08,”GAMES WORKSHOP PUBLISHING”,”Warhammer 40k Storm Of Iron MMPB (New Printing)”,$7.99
06/11/08,”GAMES WORKSHOP PUBLISHING”,”Warhammer Knight Errant MMPB”,$7.99
06/11/08,”GEMSTONE PUBLISHING”,”Uncle Scrooge #376″,$7.99
06/11/08,”GEMSTONE PUBLISHING”,”Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #691″,$7.99
06/11/08,”GEMSTONE PUBLISHING”,”Walt Disneys Spring Fever TP Vol 02″,$9.50
06/11/08,”GREAT BIG COMICS”,”Voyages Of Shebuccaneer #1 (of 3)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”HARPER COLLINS”,”Dark Knight Batman Saves The Day Young Reader**”,$3.99
06/11/08,”HARPER COLLINS”,”Dark Knight Batman Vs The Joker Young Reader**”,$3.99
06/11/08,”HARPER COLLINS”,”Dark Knight Batmans Friends & Foes Young Reader**”,$3.99
06/11/08,”HARPER COLLINS”,”Dark Knight I Am Batman Young Reader**”,$3.99
06/11/08,”HOBBY JAPAN CO. LTD”,”Hobby Japan #54 (June 2008)”,$12.99
06/11/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Angel After The Fall #8 (Brian Miller/Rebecca A Wrigley/David Messina covers)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Complete Little Orphan Annie HC Vol 01″,$39.99
06/11/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Locke & Key #5″,$3.99
06/11/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Silent Hill Sinners Reward #4 (Steph Stamb/Justin Randall covers)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE”,”Illustration Magazine #1 (2nd Printing)”,$15.00
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Amazing Joy Buzzards GN Vol 01 Here Come The Spiders”,$19.99
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Charlatan Ball #1″,$2.50
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Elephantmen #12″,$2.99
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Invincible #50 (Alternate Connecting Cover)”,$4.99
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Invincible #50 (Regular Ryan Ottley Cover)”,$4.99
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Jack Staff #17″,$3.50
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Madman Atomic Comics #9″,$2.99
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Magdalena Daredevil (One Shot)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”McFarlanes MLB Series 22 Figure Assortment”,”AR”
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Pilot Season Lady Pendragon #1″,$3.99
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Red Mass For Mars #1 (of 4)(resolicited)”,$3.50
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Ride TP Vol 02″,$15.99
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Screamland #4 (of 5)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Wildguard Insider #2 (of 3)”,$3.50
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Witchblade #116 (Wizard World LA Exclusive Variant)”,$10.00
06/11/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Witchblade Origins TP Vol 01 Genesis”,$14.99
06/11/08,”INNOVATIVE KIDS”,”Phonics Comics Level 1 Fix It Crew”,$3.99
06/11/08,”INNOVATIVE KIDS”,”Phonics Comics Level 2 Tutu Twins”,$3.99
06/11/08,”INNOVATIVE KIDS”,”Phonics Comics Level 3 Duke And Fang”,$3.99
06/11/08,”IRONORC.COM”,”Warhammer 40K Damnation Crusade #2 (Ironorc Edition)”,$14.99
06/11/08,”IRONORC.COM”,”Warhammer Forge Of War #2 (Ironorc Edition)”,$14.99
06/11/08,”MARRS MEDIA INC”,”Rue Morgue Magazine #79″,$8.95
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Amazing Spider-Girl #21″,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Amazing Spider-Man #562″,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Astonishing X-Men Bianchi Poster”,$7.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Captain America TP Vol 01 Death Of Captain America”,$14.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Captain Britain And MI 13 #2 (Secret Invasion Tie-In)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Civil War Chronicles #12″,$4.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Clandestine #5 (of 5)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Dark Tower Long Road Home #2 (Of 5)(2nd Printing Variant)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Eternals #1 (Daniel Acuna/Olivier Coipel covers)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Eternals #1 (Incentive Daniel Acuna White Variant Cover)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Eternals By Jack Kirby TP Book 01″,$24.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Genext #2 (of 5)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Hulk Raging Thunder”,$3.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Incredible Hercules Against World Premiere HC”,$19.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Invincible Iron Man #1 (2nd Printing Meinerding variant cover)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Invincible Iron Man #1 (2nd Printing Salvador Larroca variant cover)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Iron Man Legacy Of Doom #3 (of 4)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Iron Man Viva Las Vegas #1 (Of 4)(2nd Printing Adi Granov Variant cover)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Last Defenders #4 (of 6)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Adventures Hulk #12″,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Illustrated Three Musketeers #1 (of 6)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Zombies 02 HC”,$19.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Mighty Avengers #13 (2nd Printing Leinil Francis Yu Variant Cover)(Secret Invasion Tie-In)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Moon Knight #19″,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”New Avengers #40 (2nd Printing Jim Cheung Variant Cover)(Secret Invasion Tie-In)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”New Exiles #7″,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”newuniversal shockfront #2 (of 6)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Punisher MAX Little Black Book”,$3.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Secret Invasion #1 (3rd Printing Leinil Francis Yu Variant Cover)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Secret Invasion #2 (2nd Printing Leinil Francis Yu Variant Cover)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Secret Invasion Who Do You Trust”,$3.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Silver Surfer TP In Thy Name”,$10.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Skaar Son Of Hulk #1 (Incentive Julie Bell Variant Cover)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Skaar Son Of Hulk #1 (Ron Garney/Carlo Pagulayan covers)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Sky Doll #2 (of 3)”,$5.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Spider-Man Magazine #1″,$6.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Spider-Man With Great Power #4 (of 5)”,$3.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Twelve #6 (of 12)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Ultimate X-Men HC Vol 08″,$39.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Wolverine TP Enemy Of State Ultimate Collection”,$29.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Force Aint No Dog”,$3.99
06/11/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Men #500 Promo Postcards”,”AR”
06/11/08,”MOONSTONE”,”Captain Action Limited Editon Litho”,$45.00
06/11/08,”MOONSTONE”,”Succubus #1″,$3.99
06/11/08,”ONI PRESS”,”Local #12 (of 12)(resolicited)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”OPEN COURT PUBLISHING”,”Battlestar Galactica And Philosophy SC”,$18.95
06/11/08,”PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC”,”Samarkand Solution”,$12.99
06/11/08,”PANINI PUBLISHING”,”Dr Who Magazine #396″,$7.99
06/11/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Classics Illustrated The Invisible Man”,$9.95
06/11/08,”PENGUIN GROUP”,”Complete Idiots Guide Drawing Manga Shoujo SC”,$19.95
06/11/08,”RANDOM HOUSE”,”Essential Batman Encyclopedia TP**”,$28.00
06/11/08,”RANDOM HOUSE”,”Soon I Will Be Invincible SC**”,$14.95
06/11/08,”REBELLION”,”2000 AD #1587″,$4.50
06/11/08,”REBELLION”,”2000 AD #1588″,$4.50
06/11/08,”REBELLION”,”Judge Dredd Henry Flint Collection TP”,$19.00
06/11/08,”REBELLION”,”Judge Dredd Megazine #272″,$7.50
06/11/08,”REBELLION”,”Slaine The King SC (New Printing)”,$25.50
06/11/08,”SPARKPLUG COMIC BOOKS”,”Reich #3″,$3.00
06/11/08,”ST. MARTINS PRESS”,”Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus TP Vol 01″,$11.99
06/11/08,”ST. MARTINS PRESS”,”Dance In Vampire Bund Vol 01 GN (resolicited)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”ST. MARTINS PRESS”,”Hollow Fields GN Vol 02″,$9.99
06/11/08,”STUDIO 407″,”Night & Fog #1 (of 4)”,$2.75
06/11/08,”TITAN BOOKS UK”,”James Bond TP Paradise Plot”,$19.95
06/11/08,”TITAN”,”Lost Official Magazine #17 (Newsstand Edition)”,$6.99
06/11/08,”TITAN”,”Lost Official Magazine #17 (Previews Exclusive Edition)”,$6.99
06/11/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Finder No Hyouteki Characters Book”,$45.99
06/11/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Gackt Dragon Incarnate HC”,$59.99
06/11/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Girls Girls Girls 2″,$52.99
06/11/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Hagane Bito Naochika Morishita Artworks”,$52.99
06/11/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Megami May 2008″,$14.99
06/11/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Newtype May 2008″,$10.99
06/11/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Shiro Amano Kingdom Heart Artworks W/ Slipcase”,$49.99
06/11/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Symphony HC”,$72.99
06/11/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Tattoo Tribal #32″,$28.99
06/11/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Ultra World Collection”,$55.99
06/11/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Yoshitaka Amano Fairies Illustrated”,$71.99
06/11/08,”TOHAN CORPORATION”,”Yoshitaka Amano Shadow Of Heroes Illustrated”,$39.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Avatar Cinemanga GN Vol 07 (of 8)”,$7.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Beck Mongolian Chop Squad GN Vol 12 (of 19)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Blood Sucker Legend Of Zipangu GN Vol 07 (of 11)”,$10.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Dragon Hunter GN Vol 18 (of 26)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Dragon Knights GN Vol 26 (of 26)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Faeries Landing GN Vol 19 (of 19)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Forget About Love GN Vol 01 (of 7)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”I Wish GN Vol 02 (of 7)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Life GN Vol 09 (of 15)”,$10.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Manga School With Selena Lin Draw Your Own Manga TP”,$14.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Missile Happy GN Vol 03 (of 5)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Recast GN Vol 06 (of 6)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Rising Stars Of Manga UK & Ireland Edition GN Vol 03 (of 7)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Roadsong GN Vol 03 (of 3)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Rure GN Vol 03 (of 6)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Strawberry Marshmallow GN Vol 05 (of 5)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Tactics GN Vol 05 (of 8)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”TOKYOPOP”,”Utopias Avenger GN Vol 05″,$9.99
06/11/08,”TONY LORENZ PRODUCTIONS”,”Pacesetter The George Perez Magazine #9″,$8.95
06/11/08,”TOTALMOJO PRODUCTIONS INC”,”Full Color Guide To Marvel Silver Age Collectibles SC”,$29.95
06/11/08,”TRANSFUZION PUBLISHING”,”Helsing Legacy Born TP”,$15.99
06/11/08,”TRANSFUZION PUBLISHING”,”Raven Chronicles TP Vol 01 Curious Case Of Raven Inc”,$21.99
06/11/08,”TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING”,”Alter Ego #78″,$6.95
06/11/08,”UDON ENTERTAINMENT CORP”,”Dorothy Of Oz GN Vol 03″,$11.95
06/11/08,”ULYSSES PRESS”,”Drawing Dragons SC**”,$21.95
06/11/08,”VILLARD BOOKS”,”Out Of Picture SC Vol 02″,$26.00
06/11/08,”VIPER COMICS”,”Rabid GN”,$11.95
06/11/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Gamekeeper Series 2 #4″,$2.99
06/11/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Linger One Shot”,$5.99
06/11/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Sadhu Wheel Of Destiny #2 (of 5)”,$2.99
06/11/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Boys Over Flowers TP Vol 30″,$9.99
06/11/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Gimmick GN Vol 01″,$9.99
06/11/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Inu Yasha Ani Manga GN Vol 27″,$11.99
06/11/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Law Of Ueki TP Vol 12″,$9.99
06/11/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Nightmare Inspector Yumekui Kenbun GN Vol 02″,$9.99
06/11/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”O Parts Hunter TP Vol 10″,$9.99
06/11/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”One Pound Gospel GN Vol 01 (2nd Edition)”,$9.99
06/11/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Shakugan No Shana TP Vol 03″,$9.99
06/11/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Zatch Bell GN Vol 19″,$9.99
06/11/08,”WILDSIDE PRESS LLC”,”Weird Tales Magazine #349″,$6.99
06/11/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Toyfare #132 (Dark Knight Movie Toys Cover)”,$4.99
06/11/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Wizard Exclusive Marvel Heroclix 4 Pc Set”,”AR”
06/11/08,”WIZARDS OF THE COAST “,”Bronze Dragon Codex”,$9.95
06/11/08,”WIZARDS OF THE COAST “,”Forgotten Realms Ascendancy Of The Last Lady Penitent Book III MMPB**”,$6.99
06/11/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Black God TP Vol 03″,$10.99
06/11/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Sunshine Sketch TP Vol 01″,$10.99
06/11/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Youre So Cool GN Vol 01 (resolicited)”,$10.99
06/11/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Zombie Loan TP Vol 03″,$10.99
06/11/08,”cards – ARTBOX ENTERTAINMENT”,”24 Season 5 Trading Card Box (resolicited)”,”AR”
06/11/08,”cards – SAGE COLLECTIBLES INC”,”Sage 2008 Autographed Football Trading Card Box”,”AR”
06/11/08,”cards – TOP SHELF ENTERPRISES INC”,”TSE 2008 Silly Supermarket Stickers Trading Card Box”,”AR”
06/11/08,”games – ENDLESS GAMES”,”Godfather Trivia Game”,”AR”
06/11/08,”games – FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC”,”Warhammer 40k RPG Inquisitors Handbook”,$44.99
06/11/08,”games – FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC”,”Warhammer 40k RPG Purge The Unclean”,$34.99
06/11/08,”games – HASBRO”,”Cranium Wow Board Game”,”AR”
06/11/08,”games – MONGOOSE PUBLISHING”,”Babylon 5 RPG Lurkers Guide to Starports SC”,$24.95
06/11/08,”games – PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC”,”Gamemastery Flip-mat River Crossing”,$12.99
06/11/08,”games – PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC”,”Gamemastery Map Pack Slums”,$12.99
06/11/08,”games – PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC”,”Pathfinder Module W3 Flight Of The Red Raven”,$12.99
06/11/08,”games – POKEMON USA”,”Pokemon TCG Darkrai Premium Box”,$17.99
06/11/08,”games – UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT”,”Marvel Vs TCG Marvel Universe Booster”,”AR”
06/11/08,”T-Shirts”,”Batman Spotlight T-Shirt LG”,$17.95
06/11/08,”T-Shirts”,”Batman Spotlight T-Shirt MED”,$17.95
06/11/08,”T-Shirts”,”Batman Spotlight T-Shirt XL”,$17.95
06/11/08,”T-Shirts”,”Batman Spotlight T-Shirt XXL”,$20.95
06/11/08,”T-Shirts”,”Joker Choker By Kieth T-Shirt LG”,$17.95
06/11/08,”T-Shirts”,”Joker Choker By Kieth T-Shirt MED”,$17.95
06/11/08,”T-Shirts”,”Joker Choker By Kieth T-Shirt XL”,$17.95
06/11/08,”T-Shirts”,”Joker Choker By Kieth T-Shirt XXL”,$20.95
06/11/08,”Videos”,”Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time DVD Vol 02″,”AR”
06/11/08,”Videos”,”Jericho DVD Box Set Season 02″,”AR”
06/11/08,”Videos”,”Naruto Uncut DVD Box Set Vol 08″,”AR”
06/11/08,”Videos”,”Naruto Uncut DVD Box Set Vol 08 Ltd Ed”,”AR”
06/11/08,”Videos”,”School Rumble Extra Class DVD Ova”,”AR”
06/11/08,”Videos”,”Shuffle DVD Vol 04″,”AR”
06/11/08,”Videos”,”Strawberry Panic DVD Sub Vol 02″,”AR”
06/11/08,”Videos”,”Transformers Animated Transform & Roll Out Movie 2008 DVD”,”AR”
06/11/08,”Videos”,”Xxxholic DVD Vol 03″,”AR”
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Armored Core Delta Fine Scale Model Kit”,$44.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Armored Core Delta Fine Scale Model Kit”,$44.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Batman Over San Prospero By Lee Signed Giclee”,$450.00
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Battlestar Galactica How To Spot A Cylon Poster”,$19.95
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Battlestar Galactica Modern Cylon Raider Statue”,$150.00
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Buffy Claddagh Ring Prop Replica”,$29.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Clannad Kotomi Ichinose Pvc Statue”,$44.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Green Goblin Bobble Head”,$11.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Halo 3 Covenant Weapons Poster”,$6.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Halo 3 Humanity Weapons Poster”,$6.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Halo 3 Master Chief & Troops Poster”,$6.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Halo Chief And Arbiter Fine Art Print On Paper”,$110.00
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Heroes Action Figure Previews Exclusive”,”AR”
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Kull Of Atlantis Statue”,$249.00
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Lady Death Statue”,”AR”
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Lenox Bambi & Friend”,$79.00
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Lenox Bambi & Thumper”,$79.00
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Lenox Cruella De Vil”,$145.00
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Lenox Dalmatian Trio With Cruella”,$29.50
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Lenox Lady And The Tramp”,$95.00
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Lenox Thumper & Chipmunk”,$79.00
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Lizard Bobble Head”,$11.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Mm Peter Parker Flagpole Statue”,$200.00
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”POTC LG Embossed Lunchbox 12 Pc Asst”,”AR”
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Sengoku Rance Uesugi Kenshin Pvc Statue”,$59.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Serenity Blueprints Reference Pack”,$29.95
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”She Dragon Variant Statue”,”AR”
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Shining Wind Kureha Pvc Statue”,$49.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Silver Surfer Galactus Scale Statue”,$75.00
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Simpsons Fun 2009 Wall Calendar”,$13.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Spider-Man Bobble Head”,$11.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Spider-Man LG Embossed Lunchbox 12 Pc Asst”,”AR”
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Spider-Man LG Workmans Carry All 12 Pc Asst”,”AR”
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Wars Lifesize Animated Princess Leia Monument”,”AR”
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Super Robot Wars Arblade Fine Scale Mod Kit”,$34.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Superman Dome Tin Tote”,$13.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Superman Wastepaper Basket”,$9.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Sweeney Todd Razor In Wood Box Prop Replica”,$110.00
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”To Heart2 Ikuno Komaki Pvc Statue”,$49.99
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Ultra Pro Magic The Gathering 3 In Album”,”AR”
06/11/08,”Merchandise”,”Wonder Woman Dome Tin Tote W/salt & Pepper Shakers”,$28.00

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