ComicList for 05/29/2008 Plain Text

by Jeff

ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Thursday, May 29, 2008.

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PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores.
Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong.
Items ending in “**” are possible releases unconfirmed by Diamond Distribution.

05/29/08,”AARDVARK VANAHEIM”,”Judenhass GN”,$4.00
05/29/08,”AC COMICS”,”Best Of The West #67″,$6.95
05/29/08,”ADHOUSE BOOKS”,”Skyscrapers Of The Midwest HC”,$19.95
05/29/08,”AMAZE INK/SLAVE LABOR GRAPHICS”,”Nightmares And Fairy Tales #23″,$3.50
05/29/08,”ANARCHY STUDIOS/HARRIS COMICS”,”Vampirella Quarterly Spring 2008 (Regular Edition Joe Jusko Cover)”,$4.99
05/29/08,”ANARCHY STUDIOS/HARRIS COMICS”,”Vampirella Quarterly Spring 2008 (Regular Edition Stephen Segovia Cover)”,$4.99
05/29/08,”ARCANA STUDIO”,”Helen Killer #2 (of 4)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Archie #585″,$2.25
05/29/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Betty & Veronica Double Digest #161″,$3.69
05/29/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Jughead #189″,$2.25
05/29/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Jughead And Friends Digest #28″,$2.49
05/29/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Sabrina Vol 2 #94″,$2.25
05/29/08,”ARCHIE COMICS”,”Sonic X #33″,$2.25
05/29/08,”ASPEN MLT INC”,”Fathom #0 (Incentive Michael Turner Variant Cover)”,$2.50
05/29/08,”ASPEN MLT INC”,”Fathom #0 (Regular Ale Garza Cover)”,$2.50
05/29/08,”ASPEN MLT INC”,”Fathom Mini Bust Clear Edition Set”,$229.99
05/29/08,”AVATAR PRESS INC”,”Black Summer Litho #1 (Juan Jose Ryp San Diego Edition)”,$19.99
05/29/08,”AVATAR PRESS INC”,”Night Of The Living Dead Filmbook (Signed Edition)”,$14.99
05/29/08,”BIGHEAD PRESS”,”Roswell Texas GN Vol 01″,$12.95
05/29/08,”BLUE LINE ART”,”Sketch Magazine #35″,$5.95
05/29/08,”BONGO”,”Futurama Comics #37″,$2.99
05/29/08,”BONGO”,”Simpsons Summer Shindig #2″,$4.99
05/29/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Salem #1 (of 4)(Cover A)”,$3.99
05/29/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Salem #1 (of 4)(Cover B)”,$3.99
05/29/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Zombie Tales #1 (Cover A)”,$3.99
05/29/08,”BOOM! STUDIOS”,”Zombie Tales #1 (Cover B)”,$3.99
05/29/08,”BROADSWORD COMICS”,”Tarot Litho Collection 6 Pack Vol 3″,$24.99
05/29/08,”BROADSWORD COMICS”,”Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #50″,$2.95
05/29/08,”BROCCOLI INTERNATIONAL USA”,”World Of Disgaea HC**”,$19.99
05/29/08,”COMIC SHOP NEWS INC”,”Comic Shop News #1093″,”AR”
05/29/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Appleseed TP Vol 02 Promethean Unbound (resolicited)(New Printing)”,$14.95
05/29/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Berserk TP Vol 23″,$13.95
05/29/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Emily The Strange II Be All You Can Be #3″,$3.50
05/29/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Hellboy TP Vol 8 Darkness Calls”,$19.95
05/29/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull #2 (Drew Struzan Cover)”,$5.99
05/29/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull #2 (Hugh Fleming Cover)”,$5.99
05/29/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Savage Sword Of Conan TP Vol 3″,$17.95
05/29/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Speak Of The Devil #6 (of 6)”,$3.50
05/29/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Star Wars Dark Times #11 (Vector Part 5)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Star Wars Knights of Old Republic #29 (Exalted Part 1 of 2)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”DARK HORSE”,”Usagi Yojimbo #112″,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Action Comics #865″,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”All New Atom TP Vol 03 The Hunt For Ray Palmer”,$14.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”All Star Superman #11″,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Apothecarius Argentum Vol 05″,$9.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Batman #677 (Incentive Tony Daniel Variant Cover)(Batman R.I.P.)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Batman #677 (Regular Alex Ross Cover)(Batman R.I.P.)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Batman Gotham After Midnite #1 (of 12)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Black Adam The Dark Age TP”,$17.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Blue Beetle #27″,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Cartoon Network Block Party #45″,$2.25
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Comic Book Cover Portfolio #1 Women Of The DCU”,$49.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Countdown To Final Crisis TP Vol 01″,$19.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”DC Universe Zero (2nd Printing)”,$1.00
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Fables #73″,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Final Crisis #1 (of 7)(“”Story”” and “”Character”” covers)”,$3.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Green Lantern #31″,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Heroes SC”,$19.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Huntress Year One #2 (of 6)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Jack Kirbys OMAC One Man Army Corps HC”,$24.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”JSA Classified #38″,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Justice TP Vol 01″,$14.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Legion Of Super Heroes #42″,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Northlanders #6″,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Number Of The Beast #4 (of 6)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Palette Of 12 Secret Colors Vol 03″,$9.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Secret History Of The Authority Jack Hawksmoor #3 (of 6)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Shadowpact #25″,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Starman Omnibus HC Vol 01″,$49.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Superman World Of Krypton TP”,$14.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Supernatural Rising Son #2 (of 6)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Teen Titans #59″,$2.99
05/29/08,”DC COMICS”,”Teen Titans Go #55″,$2.25
05/29/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”Minima GN Vol 02″,$10.95
05/29/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”My Heavenly Hockey Club GN Vol 05″,$10.95
05/29/08,”DEL REY MANGA”,”Reformed GN Vol 01″,$10.95
05/29/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Drafted #7″,$3.50
05/29/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Dragonlance Chronicles Vol 3 #11 (Of 12)(Roberts Cover A)”,$3.50
05/29/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Dragonlance Chronicles Vol 3 #11 (Of 12)(Walpole Cover B)”,$5.50
05/29/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”GI Joe Americas Elite #35″,$3.50
05/29/08,”DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC”,”Proliferating Comiculture (resolicited)”,$9.99
05/29/08,”DIAMOND”,”Game Trade Magazine #100″,”AR”
05/29/08,”DIAMOND”,”Previews Vol XVIII #6″,”AR”
05/29/08,”DK PUBLISHING CO”,”Indiana Jones Ultimate Guide Limited Collectors HC”,$75.00
05/29/08,”DRAWN AND QUARTERLY”,”What It Is HC”,$24.95
05/29/08,”DRUMFISH PRODUCTIONS”,”Sentinels Anthology GN”,$14.95
05/29/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Army Of Darkness Xena Why Not #3 (of 4)(Fabiano Neves/UDON covers)”,$3.50
05/29/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Darkness Vs Eva #3 (of 4)(Brett Booth/Paul Renaud/Edgar Salazar covers)”,$3.50
05/29/08,”DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT”,”New Battlestar Galactica Season Zero #8 (Jackson Herbert/Stjepan Sejic/photo covers)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”FANDEMONIUM BOOKS”,”Stargate SG1 MMPB Vol 12 Do No Harm”,$7.95
05/29/08,”FANTAGRAPHICS”,”Angry Youth Comix #14″,$3.50
05/29/08,”FANTAGRAPHICS”,”Comics Journal #290″,$11.99
05/29/08,”FANTAGRAPHICS”,”Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8 HC**”,$28.95
05/29/08,”FLUIDE GLAMOUR”,”Arthur De Pins Art Book”,$39.99
05/29/08,”HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS”,”Neil Gaiman Dangerous Alphabet HC”,$17.99
05/29/08,”HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS”,”Neil Gaiman Interworld MMPB”,$6.99
05/29/08,”HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS”,”Neil Gaiman M Is For Magic MMPB”,$6.99
05/29/08,”HIGH SPEED PRODUCTIONS”,”Juxtapoz Vol 15 #6 (June 2008)”,$4.99
05/29/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Compleat Next Men TP Vol 01″,$19.99
05/29/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Gene Simmons Zipper #6″,$3.99
05/29/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Mummy Movie Prequel Rise & Fall Of Xangos Ax #2″,$3.99
05/29/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”My Dad HC”,$15.99
05/29/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Rogue Angel Teller Of Tales #4″,$3.99
05/29/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Speed Racer TP Vol 05″,$19.99
05/29/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Star Trek TNG Intelligence Gathering #5 (of 5)”,$3.99
05/29/08,”IDW PUBLISHING”,”Star Trek Year Four Enterprise Experiment #2″,$3.99
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Aletheia #1 (of 3)”,$3.50
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Aphrodite IX Pilot Season #1 Eric Basaldua Lithograph Signed”,$39.99
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Aphrodite IX Pilot Season #1 Eric Basaldua Lithograph”,$29.99
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Astounding Wolf-Man #6″,$2.99
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Crawl Space Xxxombies TP Vol 01**”,$12.99
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Firebreather Series #1″,$2.99
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”McFarlanes Sports NHL Action Figure Assortment Series 18″,”AR”
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus”,$24.99
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Proof #8″,$2.99
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Sorrow TP”,$12.99
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Studio Space HC”,$49.99
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Studio Space SC”,$29.99
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Sword #8″,$2.99
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”True Story Swear To God Archives TP Vol 01″,$19.99
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Warriors of the Zodiac Series 1 Action Figure Assortment”,”AR”
05/29/08,”IMAGE COMICS”,”Witchblade #115 Choi Litho”,$29.99
05/29/08,”JEWISH LIGHTS”,”Rabbi Harvey Rides Again GN”,$16.99
05/29/08,”KING HELL”,”Heartburst & Other Pleasures TP”,$16.95
05/29/08,”LINSNER.COM”,”Dark Ivory #1 (Limited Signed/Numbered Edition)”,$15.00
05/29/08,”LINSNER.COM”,”Dawn Fairy II Digital Print”,$25.00
05/29/08,”LINSNER.COM”,”Phoenix Dawn Digital Print”,$25.00
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Angel Revelations #1 (of 5)”,$3.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Daredevil #107″,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Essential Rampaging Hulk TP Vol 01″,$16.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Excalibur Classic TP Vol 5″,$24.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1 (Incentive Inked Wraparound Variant Cover)”,$4.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1 (Regular John Cassaday Cover)”,$4.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Hulk #3 (2nd Printing Ed McGuinness Variant Cover)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Hulk Poster Book”,$6.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Hulk WWH TP Front Line”,$16.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Immortal Iron Fist #15″,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Immortal Iron Fist Premiere HC Vol 02 Cities Of Heaven”,$24.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”King Size Hulk #1 (Art Adams/Frank Cho “”Top”” covers)”,$4.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel 1985 #1 (of 6)(Regular Jim Cheung “”Heroes”” and “”Villians”” covers)”,$3.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel 1985 #1 (of 6)(Variant Tommy Lee Edwards Cover)”,$3.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #36″,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Adventures Iron Man #13″,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Comics Presents #9″,$3.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick #4 (of 6)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Illustrated Picture Dorian Gray #6 (of 6)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Marvel Previews #58 (June 2008)”,”AR”
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Ms Marvel #27 (Secret Invasion Tie-In)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”New Avengers #41 (Secret Invasion Tie-In)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”New Warriors #12″,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Power Pack Day One #3 (of 4)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”She-Hulk 2 #29″,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Thor #9″,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Ultimate Spider-Man #122″,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Uncanny X-Men #498 (X-Men Divided We Stand Tie-In)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Wolverine First Class #3″,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Wolverine Origins TP Vol 04 Our War”,$14.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Force #4 (Bloody Variant Cover)(X-Men Divided We Stand Tie-In)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Force #4 (Regular Clayton Crain Cover)(X-Men Divided We Stand Tie-In)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Force Legacy of Vengeance One Shot”,$4.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Men First Class Vol 2 #12″,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Men Legacy #212 (X-Men Divided We Stand Tie-In)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”X-Men TP Vol 02 Complete Onslaught Epic”,$29.99
05/29/08,”MARVEL COMICS”,”Young Avengers Presents #5 (of 6)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”MEDIA BLASTERS”,”Gorgeous Life Of Strawberry Chan GN Vol 01″,$11.99
05/29/08,”MICHAEL O’MARA”,”Anything Goes John Barrowman Autobiography HC”,$29.95
05/29/08,”MIRAGE”,”Tales Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #46″,$3.25
05/29/08,”MOONSTONE”,”Templar #1″,$3.99
05/29/08,”NBM”,”Boneyard TP Vol 04 (Color Edition)”,$13.95
05/29/08,”NBM”,”No Pasaran GN Vol 03″,$14.95
05/29/08,”ONI PRESS”,”Resurrection #5″,$3.50
05/29/08,”PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC”,”Downer TP Vol 01 Wandering Monster**”,$14.99
05/29/08,”PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC”,”Zogonia TP Vol 01 Slice Of Death**”,$14.99
05/29/08,”PANTHEON BOOKS”,”La Perdida TP”,$14.00
05/29/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Bionicle GN Vol 1″,$7.95
05/29/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Bionicle HC Vol 1″,$12.95
05/29/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Hardy Boys HC Vol 13 The Deadliest Stunt”,$12.95
05/29/08,”PAPERCUTZ”,”Tales From The Crypt #6″,$3.95
05/29/08,”PRISM COMICS”,”Prism Comics LGBT Guide To Comics Magazine 2008″,$7.95
05/29/08,”PROTOCULTURE”,”Protoculture Addicts #96″,$5.95
05/29/08,”RADICAL PUBLISHING”,”Caliber #2 (of 5)(Stanley Lau/Yasmine Putri covers)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”RADICAL PUBLISHING”,”Hercules #2 (of 5)(Admira Wijaya/Greg Broadmore covers)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”RADICAL PUBLISHING”,”Hercules #2 (of 5)(Incentive Jim Steranko Variant Cover)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”RADIO COMIX”,”Furrlough #182″,$3.99
05/29/08,”RANDOM HOUSE”,”Complete Making Of Indiana Jones SC”,$35.00
05/29/08,”RANDOM HOUSE”,”DC Super Friends Yr Vol 01 Heroes United & Attack Of Robot”,$4.99
05/29/08,”RANDOM HOUSE”,”DC Super Friends Yr Vol 02 Flying High”,$3.99
05/29/08,”RANDOM HOUSE”,”Incredible Hulk MMPB Movie Tie In”,$7.99
05/29/08,”RANDOM HOUSE”,”Indiana Jones And Kingdom Of Crystal Skull HC”,$26.00
05/29/08,”RANDOM HOUSE”,”James Bond HC Devil May Care”,$24.95
05/29/08,”REBELLION”,”2000 AD #1585″,$4.50
05/29/08,”REBELLION”,”2000 AD #1586″,$4.50
05/29/08,”REBELLION”,”2000 AD Extreme Edition #29″,$5.99
05/29/08,”SCHOLASTIC INC”,”Knights Of The Lunch Table GN Vol 01 Dodgeball Chronicles”,$9.99
05/29/08,”SCHOLASTIC INC”,”Pokemon SC Ht Draw Newest Pokemon”,$4.99
05/29/08,”SCHOLASTIC INC”,”Star Wars Last Of The Jedi MMPB #10″,$5.99
05/29/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”Avalon Web Of Magic Novel Vol 03 Cry Of The Wolf**”,$5.95
05/29/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”Ballad Of A Shinigami Vol 1 Light Novel SC (resolicited)”,$7.95
05/29/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”I Otaku GN Vol 02 Struggle In Akihabara (resolicited)**”,$9.99
05/29/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”Kashimashi Manga GN Vol 05″,$10.99
05/29/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”Pita-Ten Vol 1 Light Novel SC (resolicited)”,$7.95
05/29/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”Strawberry Panic Manga GN Vol 02″,$9.99
05/29/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”Strawberry Panic Vol 1 Light Novel SC (resolicited)”,$7.95
05/29/08,”SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC”,”Venus Versus Virus GN Vol 03″,$9.99
05/29/08,”SOFT SKULL PRESS”,”Dead In Desemboque GN**”,$15.95
05/29/08,”SOLO PUBLISHING”,”Cinema Retro #11″,$11.99
05/29/08,”ST. MARTINS PRESS”,”I Otaku GN Vol 02 Struggle In Akihabara (resolicited)”,$9.99
05/29/08,”STARLOG GROUP INC”,”Starlog #367 (July 2008)”,$7.99
05/29/08,”STERLING PUBLISHING”,”Peanuts Classics Ultimate Box Set”,$39.95
05/29/08,”TITAN”,”Heroes Magazine Special #4 (Newsstand Edition)”,$9.99
05/29/08,”TITAN”,”Heroes Magazine Special #4 (Previews Exclusive Edition)”,$9.99
05/29/08,”TITAN”,”Supernatural Magazine #4 (Newsstand Edition)”,$6.99
05/29/08,”TITAN”,”Supernatural Magazine #4 (Previews Exclusive Edition)”,$6.99
05/29/08,”TOP SHELF PRODUCTIONS”,”Johnny Boo HC Vol 01 Best Little Ghost In The World**”,$9.95
05/29/08,”UDON ENTERTAINMENT CORP”,”Street Fighter II Manga GN Vol 2″,$12.95
05/29/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Beyond #1 (of 5)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Dan Dare #6 (of 7)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”India Authentic Lakshmi #13″,$2.99
05/29/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Jenna Jamesons Shadow Hunter #3 (Greg Horn Cover)(resolicited)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Jenna Jamesons Shadow Hunter #3 (Niko Henrichon Cover)(resolicited)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Jimmy Zhingchak One Shot”,$5.99
05/29/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Snakewoman Curse Of The 68 #4 (of 4)”,$2.99
05/29/08,”VIRGIN COMICS LLC”,”Vargav One Shot”,$5.99
05/29/08,”VIZ COMMUNICATIONS”,”Dragon Ball Viz Big Edition GN Vol 01″,$17.99
05/29/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Capt America #34 (Directors Cut Cap Lives Again CGC 9.8)”,”AR”
05/29/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Hulk #1 (Quesada Signed Cover CGC 9.8)”,”AR”
05/29/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Wizard Magazine #201 (Mcniven X-Men Cover)”,$5.99
05/29/08,”WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT”,”Wizard Magazine #201 (Summer Preview Cover)”,$5.99
05/29/08,”YEN PRESS”,”Legend GN Vol 2 (resolicited)”,$10.99
05/29/08,”YEN PRESS”,”One Thousand And One Nights GN Vol 04 (resolicited)”,$10.99
05/29/08,”ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT”,”Return To Wonderland HC”,$24.99
05/29/08,”cards – PRESS PASS INC”,”Elvis Lives T/C Box”,”AR”
05/29/08,”cards – PRESS PASS INC”,”Press Pass 2008 Stealth Racing Trading Card Box”,”AR”
05/29/08,”cards – RITTENHOUSE ARCHIVES”,”Rittenhouse 2008 PBA Bowling Heroes And Legends Trading Card Box”,”AR”
05/29/08,”cards – TOPPS”,”Topps 2008 Rookie Progression NFL Trading Card Box”,”AR”
05/29/08,”cards – UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT”,”Upper Deck 2008 Spx MLB Trading Card Box”,”AR”
05/29/08,”games – ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS”,”Portobello Market Board Game”,$38.00
05/29/08,”games – ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS”,”Stargate SG-1 CCG Rise of the Ori Booster”,”AR”
05/29/08,”games – ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS”,”Stargate SG-1 CCG Rise of the Ori Starter”,”AR”
05/29/08,”games – BAN DAI”,”Naruto CCG: The Chosen – Sealed Booster Box”,”AR”
05/29/08,”games – MAYFAIR GAMES”,”Before The Wind Board Game”,$30.00
05/29/08,”games – MAYFAIR GAMES”,”Pillars Of Earth Board Game”,$49.00
05/29/08,”games – MONGOOSE PUBLISHING”,”Runequest Deluxe”,$39.95
05/29/08,”games – USAOPOLY”,”Animal House Liars Dice Game”,”AR”
05/29/08,”games – USAOPOLY”,”Peanuts Monopoly”,”AR”
05/29/08,”games – WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING”,”Vampire Requiem Kiss of the Succubus”,$19.99
05/29/08,”games – WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING”,”Vtes Twilight Rebellion Launch Kit”,$299.99
05/29/08,”games – WIZKIDS”,”Star Wars Scum & Villainy Pocketmodel TCG 24 Ct Dis”,”AR”
05/29/08,”games – WIZKIDS”,”Star Wars Scum & Villainy Pocketmodel TCG 36 Ct Pdq Dis”,”AR”
05/29/08,”games – WIZKIDS”,”Star Wars Scum & Villainy Pocketmodel TCG Theme Deck Dis”,”AR”
05/29/08,”T-Shirts”,”Black Cat Hoodie XL”,$64.99
05/29/08,”T-Shirts”,”Family Guy Space Battle Blk T-Shirt LG”,$17.99
05/29/08,”T-Shirts”,”Family Guy Space Battle Blk T-Shirt MED”,$17.99
05/29/08,”T-Shirts”,”Family Guy Space Battle Blk T-Shirt XL”,$17.99
05/29/08,”T-Shirts”,”Family Guy Space Battle Blk T-Shirt XXL”,$19.99
05/29/08,”T-Shirts”,”Family Guy Vader Vs Old Ben Red T-Shirt LG”,$17.99
05/29/08,”T-Shirts”,”Family Guy Vader Vs Old Ben Red T-Shirt MED”,$17.99
05/29/08,”T-Shirts”,”Family Guy Vader Vs Old Ben Red T-Shirt XL”,$17.99
05/29/08,”T-Shirts”,”Family Guy Vader Vs Old Ben Red T-Shirt XXL”,$19.99
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Comic Book Layout & Pencilling with Alvin Lee DVD”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Cowboy Bebop Remix Comp Coll DVD Set Anime Leg (resolicited)”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Cutey Honey & Kekko Kamen DVD Dbl Pack”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Devil May Cry Animated Series DVD 02″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Devil May Cry Animated Series DVD 02 W/ Artbox”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Indiana Jones Adventure Coll DVD Box Set”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Jericho DVD Box Set Season 01″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Kanon DVD 04″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Magikano DVD Vol 03″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Moonlight Mile DVD Vol 03″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Muppet Show Spec Ed 4 Disc DVD Set Season 03″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Naruto DVD Vol 24″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”National Treasure 2 Bk of Secrets DVD Spec Ed”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Nerima Daikon Brothers Comp Coll DVD Bx Set”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Perils of Gwendoline Original Theatrical DVD”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Pokemon Season 1 DVD Box Set Part 04″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Popeye the Sailor 1938 1943 Vol 2 DVD Set (resolicited)”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Pumpkin Scissors DVD Vol 04″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Red Vs Blue Blood Gulch Chronicles Comp DVD Set”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Shattered Angels DVD Vol 01″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”The Complete Toxic Avenger DVD Box Set”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”The Wallflower DVD 03″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Tokyo Majin DVD Vol 03″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Welcome to the Nhk DVD 04″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Batman Dark Knight Rapid Fire Utility Belt”,$31.99
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Bill Cole Comic Art Boardz 11×17 25 Ct Pack”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Bill Cole Manga Art Boardz 25 Ct Pack”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Blue Line Pro Comic Strip Art Boards”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Captain America Bobble Head”,$11.99
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”GI Joe 25th Anniversary Action Figure Assortment 200805″,$63.92
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”GI Joe Comic 2 Pack Action Figure Assortment 200804″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Iron Man Movie Action Figure Assortment 200802″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Kit Rae Exotath Sword”,$198.99
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Legend Of Zelda Triforce Belt Buckle”,$12.99
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Littlest Pet Shop Pairs & Portables Assortment 200803″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Naruto 5 Function Digital Watch”,$3.95
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Naruto Gaara 5 Function Digital Watch”,$3.95
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Naruto Kakashi 5 Function Digital Watch”,$3.95
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Naruto Rock Lee 5 Function Digital Watch”,$3.95
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Naruto Sasuke 5 Function Digital Watch”,$3.95
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Night of the Living Dead Beer Mug”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Nintendo Nes Controller Belt Buckle”,$12.99
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Rambo III Signature Ed Knife”,$149.99
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Rocky Xtreme Dform Statue”,$19.95
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Round 5 Mma Figurines Series 1 Assortment”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Space Robot”,$18.00
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Speed Racer Mach 5 Exploded Poster”,$6.99
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Spider-Man Trilogy Heroes Action Figure Assortment 200802″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Trek Twok Death Of Spock 2pk Kirk & Spock Action Figure Set”,$31.98
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Wars Mighty Muggs 6 In Fig Asst 200804″,”AR”
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Star Wars Vader Was Framed Poster”,$6.99
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Thor Bobble Head”,$11.99
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Vision Bobble Head”,$11.99
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Wdcc Jungle Book Figurine Base”,$35.00
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Wdcc Jungle Book Mowgli Figurine”,$99.00
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Wdcc Jungle Book Opening Title Plaque”,$29.00
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Wdcc Jungle Book Village Girl Figurine”,$99.00
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Wizard Of Oz Glinda The Good Witch Doll”,”AR”
05/29/08,”Merchandise”,”Wizard Of Oz Wicked Witch of the West Doll”,”AR”
“adult products (ComicList neither recommends or condones the following titles. Read and use this information at your own risk.)”,,,
05/29/08,”EDICIONES LA CUPULA S A”,”French Kiss #21 (adult)”,$11.95
05/29/08,”LINSNER.COM”,”Sinful Suzi Purple Digital Print (adult)”,$25.00
05/29/08,”TASCHEN AMERICA L.L.C.”,”Eric Stanton SC Dominant Wives & Other Stories (adult)”,$14.99
05/29/08,”TIME WARNER RETAIL SALES & MKT”,”Playboy Magazine Presents College Girls Jul Aug (adult)”,$9.99
05/29/08,”TIME WARNER RETAIL SALES & MKT”,”Playboy Magazine Private Coll #71 Girls with Girls (adult)”,$9.99
05/29/08,”Videos”,”Hentaipalooza DVD Vol 02 (adult)”,”AR”

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