ComicList: Digital Comics New Releases for 12/31/2014

by Jeff

comixology2013 ComicList: Digital Comics New Releases for 12/31/2014ComicList: Digital Comics New Releases for Wednesday, December 31, 2014. This work, a list of the comic books that should be available on digital comics stores and platforms this week, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, and is © 1995-2015 Charles S. LePage.

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Flash Season Zero 9 DC Comics
Stray 1 Action Lab
Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three 14 DC Comics
Larfleeze Vol. 2: The Face of Greed DC Comics
Superman – Action Comics Vol. 5: What Lies Beneath [solicited 12/31] DC Comics
Tales of the Batman: Len Wein DC Comics
Twilight DC Comics
Batman: Arkham Origins DC Comics
Lucifer Book Five DC Comics
Amazing Spider-Man 144 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 145 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 146 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 147 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 148 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 149 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 150 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 151 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 152 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 153 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 154 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 155 Marvel
Avengers 377 Marvel
Avengers 378 Marvel
Avengers 379 Marvel
Avengers 380 Marvel
Avengers 381 Marvel
Avengers 382 Marvel
Avengers 383 Marvel
Avengers 384 Marvel
Avengers 385 Marvel
Avengers 386 Marvel
Avengers 387 Marvel
Avengers 388 Marvel
Avengers 389 Marvel
Avengers 390 Marvel
Avengers 391 Marvel
Avengers 392 Marvel
Avengers 393 Marvel
Avengers 394 Marvel
Avengers 395 Marvel
Avengers 396 Marvel
Avengers 397 Marvel
Avengers 398 Marvel
Avengers 399 Marvel
Nation X 1 Marvel
Nation X 2 Marvel
Nation X 3 Marvel
Nation X 4 Marvel
Orphan Blade 4 Oni
Trinity Blood 12 Viz
Hands Off 1 Viz
Sgt. Frog 1 Viz
ZONE-00 3 Viz
Mouryou Kiden: Legend of the Nymph 2 Viz
Red Wing Delcourt
Star Trek 1 Delcourt
Star Trek 2 Delcourt
Star Trek 3 Delcourt
Uchronie(s) – Epilogue Glenat
Uchronie(s) – New Beijing 1 Glenat
Uchronie(s) – New Beijing 2 Glenat
Uchronie(s) New Byzance 1 Glenat
Uchronie(s) New Byzance 2 Glenat
Uchronie(s) New Byzance 3 Glenat
Uchronie(s) New Dehli 2 Glenat
Uchronie(s) New Harlem 1 Glenat
Uchronie(s) New Harlem 2 Glenat
Uchronie(s) New Harlem 3 Glenat
Uchronie(s) New Moscow 1 Glenat
Uchronie(s) New Moscow 2 Glenat
Le rêve de pierres Glenat
Spawn Origins 3 Panini DE
Spawn Origins 4 Panini DE
Bleach 12 Glénat
Captain Tsubasa 10 Glénat
Docteur Slump 12 Glénat
Dragon Ball 20 Glénat
Dragon Ball 21 Glénat
One Piece 20 Glénat
One Piece 21 Glénat
Reborn 10 Glénat
Pirate Eye: Exiled from Exile 2 Action Lab
All My Ghost 3 Alterna
Fables: A Wolf Among Us 4 DC Comics
Damsels in Excess 4 Aspen
Abigail and the Snowman 1 BOOM! (KaBOOM!)
Fist of Justice Vol. 2 7 7 Digital Webbing
Star Trek/Planet of the Apes 1 1 IDW
East of West 16 Image
X-O Manowar (2012) 31 Valiant
Grimm Fairy Tales: Dark Shaman 3 (of 4) Zenescope
Wonderland 30 Zenescope
Batman Eternal 39 DC Comics
Earth 2: World’s End 13 DC Comics
The New 52: Futures End 35 DC Comics
S.H.I.E.L.D. 1 Marvel
Commando 4734 DC Thomson
Commando 4735 DC Thomson
Commando 4736 DC Thomson
Commando 4737 DC Thomson
Commando 4738 DC Thomson
Commando 4748 DC Thomson
Commando 4750 DC Thomson
Jack Zero: Crackerjack Shot 4 Pander Brothers
Lost 5 Paul Belliveau
Salvage 1 Lykeion
Stalag-X: Blood War 3 3 Gestalt Comics
Mr Unpronounceable and the Sect of the Bleeding Eye Milk Shadow Books
Sons of Fate (Origins) 2 2 Jean-Paul Deshong
First World 1 1 C&W Creations
Andy 1 1 Bohemia Comics
Lionheart Tales 1 1 Not Dead Yet Comics
Spiralmind 1 1 Phi3 Comics
Nemhain 1 1 Dtstories
Garcia Brothers 3 3 Dance Panda Comics
Mathemagick: The War of Flat and Wonder Rosencrantz Comics
Dead Goode 1 1 Solas Comics
Transcat 1 1 Northwest Press
The Bane 2 2 Terminus Comics
The Story of Kokoro 2 2 WG Designs
Gates of Midnight Kymera Press, Inc.
Gods & Undergrads 2 2 Lipstick Kiss Press
The Family Secret 1 1 Space Goat Productions
You Worry Me, Mr. Rodent 1 1 Bloozit Press
Robin Hood: Outlaw of the 21st Century 1 1 Turbo Comics
From Above 4 4 Craig Bruyn
Blinth 1 1 Scattered Comics
Old Dog 1 1 Bad Karma Creative
Westward 9 9 Kinetic Press
Dash 2 2 Northwest Press
The Trouble and Dangerous 3 3 R Squared Studios
11.975 MHz 2 2 Electric City Comix
Micro 1,5 1,5 George Kambadais
New Stuff 7 7 New Leaf
The Harlem Shadow 2 2 RavenHammer Comics
Spaced Out! The Story of Fil & Mantis Drawn To It Studios, LLC
Brainstorm 5 5 FutureDude Entertainment
Five Star Banquet 1 1 James Mar Studio
Before You Go: Halfway There Chromatic Press
Pewfell 5-8 Porfingles Press
Dry Spell 4 Action Lab
War of the Worlds 1 1 Caliber
War of the Worlds 2 2 Caliber
War of the Worlds 3 3 Caliber
War of the Worlds 4 4 Caliber
War of the Worlds 5 5 Caliber
Red Diaries 1 1 Caliber
Red Diaries 2 2 Caliber
Red Diaries 3 3 Caliber
Red Diaries 4 4 Caliber
Dark Green and a Dream of Silver GN DMP
Chow Down Champs GN DMP
Vapor GN Fantagraphics
Cochlea & Eustachia GN Fantagraphics
MASSIVE: Gay Manga and the Men Who Make It GN Fantagraphics
The Playboy’s Passionate Pursuit GN Harlequin
Enticed by His Forgotten Lover GN Harlequin
Wanted by Her Lost Love GN Harlequin
The Millionaire Tycoon’s English Rose GN Harlequin
The Moretti Arrangement GN Harlequin
Flare 32 Heroic
Champions 44 Heroic
Black Enchantress 3 Heroic
Poison Candy Vol. 1 GN TOKYOPOP
Private School GN TOKYOPOP
Grimm Fairy Tales: Quest Collection Zenescope
Astonishing X-Men: Northstar Collection Marvel
X-Men: Bizarre Love Triangle Collection Marvel
X-Men: Blood Of Apocalypse Collection Marvel
X-Men: Day Of The Atom Collection Marvel
X-Men: Decimation – The Day After Collection Marvel
X-Men: Golgotha Collection Marvel
X-Men: Nation X Collection Marvel
X-Men: The Curse Is Broken Collection Marvel
Action Comics (1938-2011) 680 DC Comics
Anarky (1999) 5 DC Comics
Aquaman (1994-2001) 22 DC Comics
Batman and the Outsiders (1983-1987) 31 DC Comics
Catwoman (1993-2001) 82 DC Comics
Challengers of the Unknown (1997-1998) 12 DC Comics
Deathblow (1993-1996) 5 DC Comics
Flash, The (1959-1985) 120 DC Comics
Flash, The (1959-1985) 121 DC Comics
Flash, The (1959-1985) 122 DC Comics
Green Lantern (1990-2004) 117 DC Comics
Justice League of America (1960-1987) 19 DC Comics
Legion of Super-Heroes (1989-2000) 113 DC Comics
Legionnaires (1993-2000) 69 DC Comics
Outsiders (2003-2007) 26 DC Comics
Scooby-Doo (1997-2010) 52 DC Comics
Superman (1987-2006) 71 DC Comics
Team Titans (1992-1994) 8 DC Comics
Team Titans (1992-1994) 9 DC Comics
The Spectre (1992-1998) 14 DC Comics
Wonder Woman (1987-2006) 68 DC Comics
House of Secrets (1996-1998) 9 DC Comics
Codename: Knockout 4 DC Comics
Sensation Comics 21 DC Comics
B & V Friends: Snow Day! Archie
Legends of the Dark Knight 83 DC Comics
Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga 27 DC Comics

ComicList: Digital Comics New Releases for Wednesday, December 31, 2014, by Charles LePage.

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