ComicList celebrates its fifteenth anniversary!

by Jeff

ComicList_Top_Left ComicList celebrates its fifteenth anniversary!ComicList_WeekInReview ComicList celebrates its fifteenth anniversary!What you’ve heard is true: I have made it, by the grace of God, to my fifteenth anniversary putting together new releases lists. Thank you VERY MUCH to everyone who has read and used my lists, and to everyone who helped me make them, including Xeno’s and SunCoast Comics of Jacksonville FL, and Things From Another World. Thank you to everyone who has contributed articles and reviews, starting with columns like the Legion Chat Report, Late Comics Report, Newsarama, all the way to today with Brandon Borzelli’s fantastic Geek Goggle Reviews.

In the form of a minor celebration, we’ve changed some of the graphics on the site, and created some simplified links to our popular features:

And please don’t forget the ComicList Database, the home of of all new releases lists and cancellation lists I made or collected throughout the years:

Now, I know that these days, if something doesn’t exist on the Internet, it’s not real to many people. I wasn’t able to find my very first list, though I’m convinced I posted it to rec.arts.comics.misc. I was able to find my second one:

And I did find discussions about my first one:

We’ve all come quite a ways from the first few weeks when I got my information by calling a local comics shop and listening to a recording the shop owner made detailing that week’s comics.

I leave you with my very first new releases list. Enjoy!

New Releases for Thursday, Jan. 12, 1995.

(I’m hoping to put together a more comprehensive list in the future, but, for today, this will have to do.)

Dark Horse Presents 93
Indiana Jones (Iron Phoenix) 2
Madman Comics 5
Star Wars (Dark Lords) 4

Armorines 11
Bloodshot 27
Harbinger 40
Original Captain Johner and the Aliens 1 and 2
Rai 32
Secret Weapons 20
Turok 23
Visitor 2

Firearm 15
Freex 16
Godwheel 0
Nightman 15
Nightman Annual 1
Prime 18
Strangers Annual 1

Animal 11
Aquaman 6
Babylon5 2
Books of Magic 10
Brooklyn Dreams 2
Catwoman 18
Damage 10
Deathwish 3
Doom Patrol 87
Invisibles 6
Cobalt 9
Lobo 13
Lobo/Deadman (Brave and the Bold)
Metropolis SCU 4
Showcase 95 2
ST:Shadowheart 4

OTHER (The spelling and completeness of this section is questionable!)
Simpsons Comics 7
Evil Arnie Revenge 3
Chains of Chaos 3
Elfquest Blood of Ten Chiefs 14
Lost Universe 2
Primortals 3
Hero Illustrated 20
Return to Macross 17
Warrior Ilrylia 1
Elfquest:Rebels 2

Backlash 3
Bloodstrike 17
Freak Force 13
Shadowhawk 16
Youngblood 10

Bishop 4
Factor-X 1
Ghost Rider 59
Mutants Generation Next 1
Night Thrasher 20
Nightmare 4
Punisher War Zone 37
Rogue 3
Ultra X-Men Collection 4
Weapon X 1
Amazing Spiderman 399
Barbie 51
Captain America 437
Conan Classic 10
Daredevil 338
Guardians of the Galaxy 58
Hulk 2099 4
Little Mermaid 7
Ravage 2099 28
Spiderman Magazine 6
War Machine 12
X-Men Adventures Season Three 1
X-Men The Early Years 11

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