ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 06/15/2011

by Jeff

apr110861 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 06/15/2011ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 06/15/2011

28 Days Later #24, $3.99
Darkwing Duck #13 (Cover A James Silvani), $3.99
Darkwing Duck #13 (Cover B Sabrina Alberghetti), $3.99
Incorruptible Volume 4 TP, $16.99
Malignant Man #3 (Of 4), $3.99
Mickey Mouse #309, $3.99
Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #9 (Cover A Trevor Hairsine), $3.99
Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #9 (Cover B Kalman Andrasofszky), $3.99
Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #9 (Cover C Trevor Hairsine), AR

apr110861 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 06/15/2011
LAST ISSUE! This is it, people. Selena and Clint’s long journey is coming to an end…and you know endings in the 28 DAYS LATER universe do not usually end well. With London burning, Selena and Clint are caught in the middle of the most menacing threat yet… Will this be Selena and Clint’s finest hour…or their last?
apr110896 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 06/15/2011
The Duck Knight has returned, he’s solved the Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, and he’s withstood the F.O.W.L. Disposition. With all these Darkwing epics in the bag, will the purple powerhouse of peace be able to deal with the dreaded One-Shot? Find out this month as Ian Brill and James Silvani continue their critically acclaimed, fan-favorite run on DARKWING DUCK!
apr110875 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 06/15/2011
The Plutonian has been defeated, leaving the world’s most notorious supervillain-turned-superhero, Max Damage, adrift. But Max’s work is never done, and being a superhero in a post-Plutonian world is far more difficult than he imagined…especially with a mentally unstable new sidekick and a new team of reluctant allies…the superhero team the Paradigm! It’s the IRREDEEMABLE / INCORRUPTIBLE crossover you won’t want to miss!
apr110882 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 06/15/2011
What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger! Alan Gates has finally come to grips with the alien parasite that saved his life and now he’s racing to the only place that might have answers…AREA 51! But as Mr. Cancer’s evil continues to spread, will Alan’s otherworldly powers be enough to leave him benign? It’s dark. It’s twisted. And unlike anything else on the stands. This sci-fi thriller can’t be missed!
apr110906 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 06/15/2011
The fans have spoken! This month, celebrate 70 years of WALT DISNEY’S COMICS with a salute to one of the most-requested creators of all time: classic Mickey mastermind Romano Scarpa! Scarpa writes and draws “The Treasure of Venice,” a globetrotting adventure never-before-seen in the U.S. guest starring Goofy, Pete, Phantom Blot, and even Scrooge McDuck! With a never-before-printed in the U.S. cover by legend Marco Rota!
apr110886 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 06/15/2011
New arc! Great jumping-on point for new readers. Stan Lee joined by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, the hottest writing team in comics, pit Soldier Zero against a new menacing threat that has crept in from the world of….STARBORN? Will Soldier Zero be able to save the people he loves AND fight off the villains from another world? Get ready, true believers, because this is the issue you’ll be talking about all year long!

ComicList: BOOM! Studios for Wednesday, June 15, 2011, by Charles LePage.

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