ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/27/2011

by Jeff

feb110852 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/27/2011ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/27/2011

Amory Wars In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth 3 #10 (Of 12), $3.99
Dracula The Company Of Monsters #9, $3.99
Dracula The Company Of Monsters Volume 2 TP, $12.99
Hellraiser #1 (Tim Bradstreet 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Incorruptible #17 (Cover A Garry Brown), $3.99
Incorruptible #17 (Cover B Matteo Scalera), $3.99
Incorruptible #17 (Cover C Garry Brown), AR
Insurrection V3.6 #2, $3.99
Planet Of The Apes #1 (Cover A Karl Richardson), $3.99
Planet Of The Apes #1 (Cover B Carlos Magno), $3.99
Planet Of The Apes #1 (Cover C Karl Richardson ‘Damn Dirty Apes’ Variant), AR
Planet Of The Apes #1 (Chad Hardin Larry’s Comics Variant Cover), AR
Traveler #6 (Cover A Scott Clark), $3.99
Traveler #6 (Cover B Chad Hardin), $3.99
Traveler #6 (Cover C Scott Clark), AR
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #718, $3.99

feb110833 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/27/2011
Claudio cannot deny his prophecy any longer. His team has arrived at Si-Revody, ready to do battle with The Red Army. While Claudio looks for his friend Cecil in this warfare, it may be his companion Al the Killer who is the true menace… From Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez and comics legend Peter David!
feb110837 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/27/2011
BRAND NEW ARC. GREAT FOR NEW READERS! Kurt Busiek continues to bring an incredibly modern spin to the Dracula mythos! As Dracula and Conrad’s fight reaches a fever pitch, Evan enters into an unlikely, and dangerous alliance with Marta and her men. It’s vampire vs. vampire vs. vampire hunters as the ongoing horror series from the mind of Kurt Busiek continues!
feb110838 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/27/2011
He’s back from the dead and starring in a new ongoing horror series from the mind of comics legend Kurt Busiek. A powerful, predatory corporation acquires a valuable asse —Dracula! They think they own him, but no one can own the Son of the Dragon. As Dracula begins to amass a terrifying army, Evan soon discovers Dracula is not the only one out for blood! Imperiled by both his craven, monstrous uncle, and Dracula’s calculating cruelty, Evan must consider making a pact with an enigmatic, deadly force. It’s bloodsuckers vs. bloodsucker, as Busiek brings an incredibly modern spin to the Dracula mythos. Joining Busiek is award-winning author Daryl Gregrory (PANDEMONIUM) and rising star artist Scott Godlewski (CODEBREAKERS). The epic journey continues here, featuring cover art by Ron Salas.
feb110847 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/27/2011
It’s a whole new game for supervillain-turned-superhero Max Damage as he desperately tries to turn the tide of public outcry in the wake of the most challenging fight of his superhero career. But with his original sidekick, Jailbait, back in his life, and the secrets of supposed ally Alana Patel bubbling to the surface, Max will have to call on all of his strength to remain INCORRUPTIBLE. Mark Waid’s hit companion series to the Eisner-nominated IRREDEEMABLE continues in this must-have issue!
feb110844 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/27/2011
The unforgettable new sci-fi epic that asks the question: what makes us human? As the battle for freedom rages on, one clone discovers that sometimes what makes you human is your willingness to fight for what is right. But sometimes that means the loss of the only world you have ever known. Discover a future where life is nearly perfect, but war continues to rage on, setting up the ultimate INSURRECTION!
feb110852 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/27/2011
Get your hands on these damn dirty Apes! Beginning an all-new series that takes place before the original 1968 Planet of the Apes movie in the continuity of the first five films! Ape society has reached a new golden age. But there are ripples of dissent in both the ape and human ranks. Tensions will rise and soon all will be caught in chaos! And amidst all this uncertainty, what is the fate of…The Lawgiver? Written by award-winning novelist Daryl Gregory!
feb110858 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/27/2011
Stan Lee and Mark Waid continue their critically acclaimed time-traveling tour de force! Following the events of last issue, the Traveler becomes the prisoner of Anachronopolis, an otherworldly city where the past and future overlap. More twists and turns through time as revelations about the mysterious Traveler are revealed!
feb110872 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/27/2011
The celebration of 70 years of Walt Disney’s Comics continues with an entire issue of stories never before seen in the United States! Donald finds himself on a Jurassic jaunt in William Van Horn’s “Just in Time,” while Gyro’s inventions spin out of control in “The Invented Inventor!” And how could we forget “Proof Positive,” a rare 1964 Paul Murry story new to our shores? Features a brand-new cover by William Van Horn!

ComicList: BOOM! Studios for Wednesday, April 27, 2011, by Charles LePage.

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