ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/20/2011

by Jeff

feb110851 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/20/2011ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/20/2011

28 Days Later #22, $3.99
Darkwing Duck #11 (Cover A James Silvani), $3.99
Darkwing Duck #11 (Cover B Amy Mebberson), $3.99
Darkwing Duck Volume 2 Crisis On Infinite Darkwings TP, $14.99
Malignant Man #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Trevor Hairsine), $3.99
Malignant Man #1 (Of 4)(Cover B Rael Lyra), $3.99
Mickey Mouse #307, $3.99
Soldier Zero #7 (Cover A Trevor Hairsine), $3.99
Soldier Zero #7 (Cover B Kalman Andrasofszky), $3.99
Soldier Zero #7 (Cover C Trevor Hairsine), AR

feb110832 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/20/2011
Why would Selena enter the hell she escaped more than a year ago? We finally learn the reason Selena agreed to go back to London. But as she searches for closure and Clint is about to finish his story, they both realize their survival depends on one another! If you loved the 28 DAYS LATER movies, this is the comic book you should be reading!
feb110862 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/20/2011
“Revenge” is a dish best served cold, but “Double-Cross” turns out to be a dish best served…with duck? In this epic installment of the Disney Afternoon juggernaut, nothing is as it seems…or is it? Tune in and find out as Part 3 of Darkwing Duck’s “F.O.W.L. Disposition” charges on!
feb110863 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/20/2011
Don’t miss the blockbuster, much-heralded return of Darkwing Duck in this new volume collecting the new arc of the hit ongoing series! Darkwing Duck is back, and back, and back and back some more as the city of St. Canard is under siege by an army of twisted Darkwings under the control of the original deranged Darkwing double, Negaduck, and his new partner in crime, the wicked witch Magica de Spell! How will our hero dispense justice when he’s public enemy number-one?! The Duck Knight has returned so hop aboard for danger and deadly doppelgangers in the epic “Crisis on Infinite Darkwings!”
feb110851 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/20/2011
Alan Gates, a cancer patient with a terminal diagnosis, is resigned to his fate…until he discovers that his tumor is actually a mysterious parasite! Granted a second lease on life and incredible, otherworldly powers, Alan must fight against an evil army buried beneath society’s skin, all the while unlocking the secrets of his forgotten past. Dark, twisted, and unlike anything else on the stands, MALIGNANT MAN is a sci-fi thriller that can’t be missed!
feb110866 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/20/2011
The celebration of 70 years of Walt Disney’s Comics continues here with some of the greatest classic Mickey Mouse stories ever told! This month, experience master Disney artist Bill Wright’s “Jungle Magic,” an epic globetrotting adventure not printed in the US since 1948! Also features the short “Trade Secret” from the inimitable Floyd Gottfredson that was last published in 1932!
feb110854 ComicList: BOOM! Studios for 04/20/2011
Stan Lee’s bestselling series marches on with Paul Cornell, Dan Abnett, and Andy Lanning leading the charge! Soldier Zero is wrongly labeled a menace to society and it’s up to Stewart to clear the name of his alter ego. But will it prove to be too much for him? Find out the answers, true believers, in this issue of Stan Lee’s SOLDIER ZERO!

ComicList: BOOM! Studios for Wednesday, April 20, 2011, by Charles LePage.

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