Comic Collector Live Market Open

by Jeff

With a wish list of over 400 thousand issues and over 36 thousand members-Comic Collector Live has just opened the door to LIVE MARKET.

Now the best place to organize your comic collection is also the best place to shop for those sought after issues to complete your comic book collection! LIVE MARKET is open.

If you’re not registered yet, go to and get the FREE software and then you can set up your very own comic store.

If you’ve been organizing with our software, take a few minutes to open your account and upload your wish list. Comic Collector Live has a notification system that will inform you when a seller has a match for any of the issues on your list.

Comic Collector Live has amassed a database of over 315 thousand comic books and has a full time staff dedicated to approving submissions, change requests, and growing the database. The CCL website has a very active community and offers widgets, wallpaper, and banners to enhance your website or MySpace page.

Log on and start using Comic Collector Live’s LIVE MARKET today.

The Comic Collector Live Team!

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