Comic Trends & the Oddball of the Week Award

by Matt Tuck

0422921D_Instagram-240x300 Comic Trends & the Oddball of the Week AwardBuyers were loving some DC keys this week, with Black Adam’s second appearance and the old favorite, Superman #75, ranking high on the Hottest Comics. Comic Trends and the Oddball of the Week Award, coming up!

The DC keys are nowhere near the level of Marvel’s, but the Snyder Cut of Justice League has definitely spurred interest in the house that Superman built. Even with the novelty of the Snyder Cut wearing off and talk of the Snyderverse looking grim, collectors are still watching those old DC key issues. This week, we have the second appearance of Black Adam, the death of Superman, and the first appearance of Big Barda all cracking the top 100. Here’s more.

Shazam-28-197x300 Comic Trends & the Oddball of the Week Award82. SHAZAM! #28 +918

It is hard to call this a sleeper pick, but Shazam! #28 still flies under the radar. The secret will be out before too much longer as more mainstream fans discover Black Adam thanks to the upcoming movie.

I have no doubt that the film will be a major hit for the DCEU, and it will send collectors on a scavenger hunt for those Black Adam key issues. Considering his first appearance in the Golden Age is hard to find and expensive because of it, then his first Bronze Age and DC appearance will be the next best thing.

Superman-75-Polybag-1-194x300 Comic Trends & the Oddball of the Week Award92. SUPERMAN #75 POLY-BAGGED EDITION +721

Remember back in 1993 when so many of us thought Superman #75 would be worth a million dollars in a couple decades? Maybe it was just me, but cut me a break; I was 14 at the time. Anyway, it still was nice to see the death of Superman getting some respect from buyers this week.  Since this is a “death of” issue, it does not hold a terribly high value, but buyers are consistently buying this 1990s relic.

Mister-Miracle-4-201x300 Comic Trends & the Oddball of the Week Award76. MISTER MIRACLE #4 +923

We were all hoping to see Mister Miracle and his wife, Big Barda, in the New Gods movie, but we will have to wait since the project was canceled.

Still, as the DCEU shifts more toward the Marvel realm of action-comedies and quirky characters, the odds improve for Miracle and Barda coming to the big screen or getting an HBO Max sitcom. Collectors could be banking on that idea since Barda’s first appearance in Mister Miracle #4 rose all the way into the top 100 this week. Thus, landing it on the Comic Trends list.


Spidey-Super-Stories-39-198x300 Comic Trends & the Oddball of the Week Award202. SUPER SPIDEY STORIES #39 +777

You have seen the memes; Thanos rides in his “Thanos-copter” only to be taken to jail by the New York City Police Department. Now you can have the comic that spawned the laughs: Spidey Super Stories #39. This series was aimed at younger audiences, and it even had The Electric Company added to the cover.

Still, seeing a dejected Mad Titan being hauled away in handcuffs is almost as funny as having his name and face on the side of a yellow helicopter. I guess if reality can be whatever he wants, he wanted a Thanos-copter.

Toxic-Avenger-1-194x300 Comic Trends & the Oddball of the Week Award602. THE TOXIC AVENGER #1 +398

I am always surprised at how often I see the Toxic Avenger on the Hottest Comics list. Granted, it doesn’t usually rank above the top 500. Still, there are still plenty of buyers searching for the tongue-in-cheek character’s first appearance.

What has helped its popularity is the movie reboot that is reportedly in development. It even managed to land Peter Dinklage, who rose to fame in Game of Thrones. If the Toxic Avenger movie gets a decent fan following behind it, then Toxic Avenger #1 could suddenly become popular. 

What did you think of this week’s comic trends? Let us know in the comments!

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