Comic Trends & Oddballs: Shadecraft and King Spawn

by Matt Tuck

101121A-300x157 Comic Trends & Oddballs: Shadecraft and King SpawnShadecraft and King Spawn were getting the love from buyers this week, but never count out the subject of so many Marvel rumors, Submariner. Here’s a look at this week’s comic trends and oddballs!

The Hottest Comics ranks the 1,001 top-selling comics from across the Multiverse of eBay. While the top-10 tend to get all the attention, it could pay dividends to be aware of what other comic trends are happening further down the list.

There are also those oddball issues that leave you scratching your head.

Shadecraft-1-195x300 Comic Trends & Oddballs: Shadecraft and King Spawn

69. SHADECRAFT #1 (+930)

Back in March, word spread that Image Comics’ Shadecraft was in for the Netflix treatment. As usual, that gave the issue a quick spike thanks to the live-action apparel. News travels fast and often in the comics community, and Shadecraft fell to the backburner.

This week, buyers showed a renewed interest in the first issue, and that could be a trend going forward. With so many streaming platforms getting into the comic adaptation game, it has opened Hollywood’s doors to many independent properties, and Shadecraft could become the next big streaming hit thanks to that.

Submariner-1-195x300 Comic Trends & Oddballs: Shadecraft and King Spawn80. SUB-MARINER #1 (+920)

All has been quiet in the underwater realm of Atlantis for months now. The last hot gossip that made the rounds was during the summer when Tenoch Huerta supposedly landed the role of Namor for a Submariner movie. Although we were all waiting for official word, that trail went cold, and now we’re back to square one, not knowing when that elusive Namor movie will get made.

Kevin Feige has made it clear that he wants to bring Namor to the MCU, but traversing his complicated film and television rights is the trouble. Nevertheless, collectors were putting their investments into Sub-Mariner #1 this week. 

ASM-31-198x300 Comic Trends & Oddballs: Shadecraft and King Spawn75. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #31 (+123)

The upcoming Spider-Man 2 for PS5 is all the rage in the comics community. While Kraven the Hunter will be the main villain for Peter and Miles, the real treat is going to be Harry Osborn’s ascent to villain status. However, he won’t be the second coming of the Green Goblin as he was in the comics. Instead, Harry will bond with the Venom symbiote to terrorize the two Spider-Men.

That added attention has made ASM #31 even more collectible than it was before. It’s not like it wasn’t already a prized possession. After all, it featured the debut of Gwen Stacy. She has never been more popular, thanks to the movies and the emergence of Spider-Gwen. This just gives buyers one more reason to put this in their collections.

King-Spawn-1-McFarlane-numbered-edition-194x300 Comic Trends & Oddballs: Shadecraft and King Spawn70. KING SPAWN #1 MCFARLANE NUMBERED EDITION (+705)

Todd McFarlane has struck pay dirt with his all-in approach to the new Spawn comics. The icon of Image Comics and the company’s first major hit property, the character has been given a new lease on life this year. After surpassing the 300th issue mark, McFarlane has expanded the title into a broader Spawn Universe.

There are other versions of Spawn getting their own comics, and it has led to the debut of King Spawn. This particular cover features McFarlane’s classic pencils on his title character, and collectors were after that one in droves this week.


Mortal-Kombat-0-1994-196x300 Comic Trends & Oddballs: Shadecraft and King Spawn652. MORTAL KOMBAT #0 (+347)

The market for video game comics used to be next to nothing. These were throwaway comics that were destined for the dollar bin or maybe even lining a birdcage. In recent years, collectors have given these comics a second look.

We’re seeing record sales for the old Nintendo properties’ first appearances at Valiant, and this week Mortal Kombat #0 was making moves inside the Hottest Comics index. These are gaining more respect by the week, and it would be worth your while to check your long boxes for these issues.

What did you think about this week’s comic trends and oddball choice? Let us know in the comments!

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