Comic Trends & Oddballs: Golden Age Goodness

by Matt Tuck

091021C_FB-300x158 Comic Trends & Oddballs: Golden Age GoodnessAn iconic Golden Age team-up and some X-Men issues stealthily moved up the rankings this week. It’s time for Comic Trends & Oddballs.

Each week, GoCollect brings you the biggest movers and shakers from the 1,0001 best-selling single issues across eBay. These rankings are based on sales volume, not fair market value. Understandably, the comics with the most impressive numbers tend to make the most noise, which gets them all the attention. Dig a little deeper, and you will see other important keys rising through the charts.

Superman-76-208x300 Comic Trends & Oddballs: Golden Age Goodness11. SUPERMAN #76 (+988)

A Golden Age classic took the world by storm this week, raking up over 980 positions to situate itself nearly inside the top-10 Hottest Comics. What is special about Superman #76 is that it marked the first meeting between the Earth-One’s Superman and Batman, a pairing that would be the basis for the Justice League in the Silver Age.

Since the 1952 meeting, Superman and Batman have been permanently joined throughout the decades, which makes this one of the more underrated keys for either character.

Uncanny-X-Men-155-195x300 Comic Trends & Oddballs: Golden Age Goodness17. UNCANNY X-MEN #155 (+983)

Before Marvel had the publishing rights to the Alien franchise, there was the Brood. The xenomorph rip-offs have been invading the Marvel Universe since UXM #155 was published in 1982.

The best part about Marvel’s very own xenomorphs has been the covers. From Storm to Wolverine, the alien transformations have stunned audiences for decades. In the recent issues of the X-Men family of comics, the Brood has returned, and it looks like they will be playing a larger role in the near future. That could be why buyers were all over this issue.

Hero-for-hire-1-199x300 Comic Trends & Oddballs: Golden Age Goodness20. HERO FOR HIRE #1 (+979)

There continue to be rumors of a new Luke Cage being cast for the MCU. The gossip sites claim Disney/Marvel is developing a Heroes for Hire series or movie that would put the classic duo of Power Man and Iron Fist together. However, neither actor from the Netflix-verse will reprise their roles, at least, according to the numerous reports circulating online.

That has been enough to rejuvenate the fair market values for both Cage and Danny Rand’s key appearances, beginning with Hero for Hire #1. 

Uncanny-X-Men-120-197x300 Comic Trends & Oddballs: Golden Age Goodness24. X-MEN #120 (+976)

The market fallout from Nathan Fillion’s passing social media comments is still being felt in the collecting circles. A couple weeks ago, The Suicide Squad actor commented on playing Sasquatch in an Alpha Flight movie, going so far as to say he wanted to see the team get a slow-motion Suicide Squad flag shot of their own.

While there has been nothing more to the remarks since then, it has piqued the interest of Alpha Flight fans. That in turn has kept the sales for those early Flight appearances at high levels.


688. CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED JUNIOR #535 TWIN CIRCLE VARIANT (+311) Classics-Illustrated-Junior-535-1-201x300 Comic Trends & Oddballs: Golden Age Goodness

There will always be a market for the Classics Illustrated line of comics. As the name suggests, these comics retold different literary stories. The line was so successful that the publisher expanded to include a Junior imprint with fairy tales and other kid-friendly retellings.

This particular issue features the timeless work of L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz. Why this specific Wizard of Oz comic found its way into the top-1,001 comics, much less inside the top 700, is beyond me. Still, it is always good to see the classics getting attention.

What do you think about this week’s Comic Trends and Oddball picks? Let us know in the comments!

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