Comic Gems in Heritage’s Feb 9 Valentine’s Showcase Auction!

by Lauren Sisselman

020623E-1024x536 Comic Gems in Heritage's Feb 9 Valentine's Showcase Auction!Love is in the air, and Heritage is giving us vintage comic lovers a great early Valentine’s Day gift — a Good Girl Comic-focused showcase! Good Girl Art became popular during the Golden Age of comics, and while the genre dopes still exist today, it is mainly associated with that era of comics. The covers always feature a beautiful woman, and the bodies and stories range from science fiction to teen humor. This is a personal favorite genre of mine, and these are some of my pics for this month’s Showcase Auction!

Archie Comics #46

Screenshot-2023-02-02-215234-192x300 Comic Gems in Heritage's Feb 9 Valentine's Showcase Auction!

As usual, Archie’s eyes are on Veronica! The raven-haired bombshell is one of the most famous comic characters of all time, as is her best friend Betty. While the two girls look exactly the same aside from hair color, Veronica’s sharp attitude makes her stand out more than her sweeter-than-pie friend Betty. Archie $46 features a classic Bob Montana-drawn cover and classic Archie tongue-in-cheek humor. While the focus is on Veronica, there are a number of other girls on the cover — with Archie standing. But knowing Archie, this is more like heaven for him!

This blue label CGC 7.0 has white pages and some noticeable wear along the spine. A blue label 7.0 last sold for $312 in May 2019. By comparison, the one-year average for a blue label 7.5 is $1,080. This book has gained some attention in the past year, so if you’re looking to add this book to your collection, now is the time.

Cow Puncher Comics #2

Screenshot-2023-02-02-215406-189x300 Comic Gems in Heritage's Feb 9 Valentine's Showcase Auction!

Cow Puncher Comics was a series of Western Comics that almost always had a damsel in distress on the cover. This copy of issue #2 features a striking cover by Jack Kamen, with interior art by several artists, including Jack Kirby. The cover counts as a bondage cover, as well as a branding iron that we are to assume, is for the damsel in distress. As always someone is there to save her, but these Golden Age covers can be jarring for newer collectors. Still, this is a sharp and bold cover and still holds up.

This blue label CGC 5.0 with off-white to white pages is a collector’s dream. Cow Puncher Comics are in higher demand than many of its counterparts, with higher grades going for over $10K in auctions. The last time a blue label 5.0 was sold was in January 2015 for $415. Since these books don’t pop up too often, it’s a fair assumption that this will likely go for more. This is a great book that could potentially go for a great price.

Rangers Comics #26

Screenshot-2023-02-02-215604-188x300 Comic Gems in Heritage's Feb 9 Valentine's Showcase Auction!

When you think of Good Girl Art, Ranger Comics #26 likely comes to mind. This beautiful World War II cover by Joe Doolin is as good as it gets. It features a dark-haired woman falling from the sky via a parachute, with an enemy plane behind her. But what’s that behind him? A hero on his tail? Golden Age comics during the Second World War rarely reflected how American’s viewed the war as well as the rest of the world,  and are a somber reminder of how comics used to be.

This blue label CGC 7.0 features off-white to white pages, and presents incredibly well. This is one of the higher-demand GGA comics, and prices absolutely reflect that! The one year average for this book is $2,520. By comparison, a blue label CGC 9.6 has a one-year average of $16,800. This is still on the affordable end of Golden Age comics, but for how long is anyone’s guess.

000080221A_Posters_2-Footer Comic Gems in Heritage's Feb 9 Valentine's Showcase Auction!*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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