Comic Foundry’s Tim Leong Interviewed

by Jeff

Publishers Weekly has posted an interview with Comic Foundry editors Tim Leong and Laura Hudson.

After initially being turned down for distribution by Diamond Distribution, the dominant distributor in the comics shop market, the savvy editors of Comic Foundry brought the rejection to the attention of the Internet comics community, and its support convinced Diamond to relent. Comic Foundry went to full color with its second issue and has seen orders increase with every issue. Next step: breaking into the bookstore and newsstand market. PW Comics Week spoke with Comic Foundry editor-in-chief Tim Leong (he’s also art director at Complex magazine) and CF senior editor Laura Hudson (who also contributes to PW Comics Week) about how to publish a smart, funny and beautifully designed magazine about comics that anyone would like to read.

  c2b-foot Comic Foundry's Tim Leong Interviewed

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